Why I back Russia: "Blowback: An Inside Look at How US-Funded Fascists in Ukraine Mentor US White Supremacists"

This is why I totally favor Russia over Ukraine and Putin over Poroshenko.

Max's article is excellent, and he has a book in him about Ukraine. It's only an article, so he couldn't go into everything. He has touched on pretty much everything if you take all of his articles together.

Ukraine has nearly outlawed Russian culture in Ukraine. Russian was removed as an official language even though a huge percentage of the population speaks Russian as a first language. They also outlawed the Communist Party. The Communist Party is legal in Russia and the second most powerful. The Russian Communist Party is democratic, not dictatorial. The US sent snipers into Kiev during the fascist riots so those snipers would shoot people on both sides in order to ramp up the violence, which the West blamed entirely on the Viktor Yanukovych administration at the time. Of course, all of this has been heavily censored in the West. It's standard US operating procedure: back those who are worse then those you're trying to take out. Do that until someone agrees to be America's puppet. It's all of, by, and for US plutocracy, not for spreading democracy but its opposite.

So, yes, if war breaks out between Ukraine and Russia, which I don't want to happen but which Ukraine will cause (with US backing), I won't care if it is stated US foreign and military policy to back the fascists against Russia, I'll be hoping Russia wins completely, crushes the ethnocrats, and institutes full democracy in Ukraine, which should be merged with Russia as one nation.

I hate war, but when it comes, I'll know who's had the greater sin in causing it: The United States of America for backing racist fascists.

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Only the tip of the iceberg of threats: "Free speech threat seen in prosecuting WikiLeaks' Assange"

"The First Amendment doesn't use the word 'journalism' and it doesn't apply only to journalists. The First Amendment protects anyone who publishes information, regardless of whether they carry the mantle of journalism," she ["Elizabeth Goitein, who co-directs the Liberty and National Security Program at the Brennan Center in New York"] said.

She's absolutely right about that. What's more, nothing WikiLeaks published should have remained secret. In fact, what WikiLeaks published needed to be published so the People could see the illegalities being done by the so-called government of the People. What the People need to do is throw the bums out (the plutocrats' minions). They need to clear the house. They need a clean sweep. They need to ordain and establish what they've never had: national full-democracy, transparency and all!

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US to accuse Iran of violating chemical weapons treaty

"The finding is based on recent intelligence, according to the officials who were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity." Whose "intelligence," the Zionist Project's? Never touch the stuff. It will make you drunk on blood.

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The neoconservatization of Donald Trump, just money, or is that the same thing? "US promises Ukraine to fight Russian pipeline to Germany"

"The United States will never accept Russia's attempted annexation of Crimea ...." Donald Trump is allowing himself to be totally neoconned.

Trump once said that Crimea is Russian, which it is.

Anyway, Trump is fighting for liquefied natural gas exports from the US rather than for Ukrainian "sovereignty" over Russian Crimea. We all know that.

How much money does the Trump empire have invested in US LNG? What's his vested interest? What's his conflict of interest?

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Let's flesh out the propaganda sentence to make it real: "WikiLeaks' Assange faces charges; lawyer says he'd fight"

... include thousands of military and State Department cables from Army Pvt. Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning, secret CIA hacking tools, and most recently and notoriously, Democratic emails that were published in the weeks before the 2016 presidential election ....


... thousands of military and State Department cables from Army Pvt. Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning and videos showing clear war crimes by the US against civilians and journalists in Iraq trying to save lives and trying to cover the illegal war started under completely false pretenses by the George W. Bush administration resulting in hundreds of thousands of lives lost and millions of war refugees and concerning which war crimes no US official responsible has been held to account.

... secret CIA hacking tools illegally used by the CIA and NSA against US citizens communicating solely with other US citizens all within the US proper.

... Democratic emails showing clearly illegal political activity designed to steal the Democratic Presidential Primary and that were published in the weeks before the 2016 presidential election.

Thank you, WikiLeaks for doing what the US-corporate-mainstream media won't do because they work for the plutocrats while you, WikiLeaks, work on behalf of the People.

The utterly owned US-corporate-mainstream media is the enemy of the People but not in any sense in the way suggested by Donald Trump, who is also the enemy of the People. If he weren't, he'd not allow one hair on Assange's head to be touched. He give him a medal instead.

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Trump has gone full-on right-wing-Zionist land theft: "US opposes UN resolution upholding Syria's right to Golan"

"... the atrocities the Syrian regime continues to commit prove its lack of fitness to govern anyone." Oh, you mean like shooting unarmed teenagers in the back from thousands of yards away, teens who only want the land back that was stolen from their grandparents? Oh, of course, that's not the Syrian regime but the Zionist Project that recently did that while Nikki Haley didn't say a single word against it because, well, Nikki Haley is a ......

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Newly-Elected Progressives Confront AIPAC Test

The question now is whether some of those new faces in Congress, who carried the progressive torch in the campaigns, have the courage of a Kucinich on Israeli matters. Will any of them break the taboo against speaking for Palestine or against AIPAC? Their silence regarding the on-going Israeli assault on Gaza so far is deafening.


"One successful method has been conflating any criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism. This tactic has been most effective in discouraging U.S. politicians from opposing Israel." That's a litmus test for me. Any politician who caves in and agrees with the idea that opposing "Israel" (the political-Zionist Project) is anti-Semitic gets scratched off my list for being completely unworthy. I would never vote for such a person under any circumstances.

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Concerning Jim Acosta, CNN is barking up a tree

β€œThe President and White House possess the same broad discretion to regulate access to the White House for journalists (and other members of the public) that they possess to select which journalists receive interviews, or which journalists they acknowledge at press conferences,” Justice Department lawyers said in a court filing.


They are completely correct about that.

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How many more California-wildfire lies do you want to hear?

Cigarette smoking doesn't cause cancer. Coal, oil, and gas burning doesn't cause global warming, doesn't cause wildfires, doesn't destroy property, doesn't kill people. How many more lies do you want to hear?

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Making war, war, war is all these idiots ever talk about

An idiotic "bipartisan congressional panel" wants more and more and more money to throw at moronic, greedy war contractors.

Try making peace for a change. Try telling the truth for a change.

Russia wouldn't even be building up its military if it hadn't been for US threats against it, lies about it, lies to it, and broken promises made to it.

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