Does Trump now win because of no collusion, or is the neocon/liberal-interventionist damned lie finally out of the way so we can beat him the way we should already have?

A number of people are saying that Trump is now assured reelection because Mueller's report states Mueller found no collusion and Mueller didn't feel he had a case against Trump for obstruction.

The powers that be in the Democratic Party have made clear they aren't going to push for impeachment on other allegations already raised.

Trump is happy, but should he be? Maybe he's just putting on a happy face but is crossing his fingers the Democrats don't wise up and fight him the way they could if they were smart enough and take him down. Personally, I think he's more than a bit carried away and being dimwitted about it.

With the Mueller report turned in and the Attorney General having over viewed it for the salient, operative parts and having come to the conclusion that a case for obstruction couldn't stand up because Trump's intent was clearly ambiguous (a point I made from the start) and with the AG certainly telling the truth, the Democrats need to drop the whole matter, swallow their fool's errand, and start looking at Trump as he is and for what he's really done that merits, no, demands impeachment and removal from office: war crimes!

In addition, the Democrats must drop the whole "Russia, Russia, Russia" narrative about hacking. They didn't do it. The same liars who brought us the collusion "facts" brought us the hacking "facts." We know Julian Assange has said he knows it wasn't Russia that was the source. Craig Murray has published outright that he received the leaked materials directly and passed them to WikiLeaks. Craig has made clear that it was not the Russians. The hand off happened right here in the US and face-to-face.

The professional neocon liars heading the "intelligence community" at the time have a very long history of being caught lying, lying, and lying, even about their admissions of lying. They want enough time to go by that memories fade so they can twist history. The problem for them with that is we live in the Internet Age, and people save things where they can't be wiped (the way Hillary's team wiped her illegally used personal server in her basement).

The sooner all the Rachel Maddow dizziness ends, the better. The sooner we start examining and ripping to shreds Trump's economic, environmental, and international-relations travesties, the sooner a principled progressive will be sitting in the Oval Office as President of the United States of America.

I don't care if that person is a Jew or a woman or black, brown, white, or pink with purple polka dots. I care that the person is honest, so won't lie to us about anything, ever, no matter what, and won't conceal things that we need to know so we may make truly informed democratic decisions. I want someone who is for peace first, always. I want someone who cares more about the quality of everyone's life (even people in prison) than about money. There's plenty more I could add, but anyone starting with those qualities will almost always get things vastly more right than any President who's ever occupied the office.

Let the best person win. If that would be an old, white, male, gentile, I couldn't care less. If that would be a young, brown, female, fill-in-the-blank, I couldn't care less. I don't care which "segment" hasn't been President yet. I only care about who's best for the job right now!

Who's going to push through as much democratic socialism of the real kind as possible?

We do not have a monetary constraint. We have a vision deficit that can, and must, be corrected. We need ideas, equipment, materials, and human work. Price inflation comes when supply can't meet demand. We need to plan supply for what is demanded not by dollars being held out to the suppliers but by democratic votes saying what we want. First come the votes, then come the dollars to pay for the ideas, equipment, materials, human work, and then final purchasing of the voted for, demanded goods and services. The money comes from ourselves, from our government we own. It's created without borrowing it from anyone.

All I've done is substitute votes for dollars. Instead the old saying "money talks," it would be "votes talk."

When we factor in a guaranteed living income well above the current poverty line, when we factor in free medical, free college, free grad school, and a number of other things that could be and should be free, votes would talk more and more relative to final purchasing. Money ends up simply being a democratic authorization for producers to produce what's needed and wanted.

We'll all end up engaged in the entire effort organizing and improving how to balance things and how to adjust for unforeseen circumstances, just the way business people do, only we won't go out of business until we vote to drop something.

The sky is the limit isn't even good enough to express the possibilities and potential.

There are naysayers pooh-poohing this. I say they need to stop being negative and rather start cooperating and helping. We need to come together to pull this off. We have to be one for all, and all for one.

Once we show good success, the whole world will join in. We'll see a healing planet in every way. We'll see more prosperity than thought possible. Every single person on the Earth will be much, much richer and without having to have money to be that.

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Pence falsely imagines he'll be able to keep getting away with his nonsense about Israel and AIPAC

Look, gone are the days when Democrats would cower and not speak up against right-wing Zionist Israelis slaughtering Palestinians by the thousand so those Zionist could steal and keep the land those Palestinians were born on as theirs when there were no Jews there claiming it wasn't the Palestinians' land. The Jews who were there, were living in peace with the Arabs. They weren't being persecuted by the Arabs. It's been the newcomer Jews who mostly showed up after WWII from Europe who really started causing all the trouble. There had been Zionists who arrived before the war, but not in the numbers necessary to start a war and terrorize the Arabs in to fleeing to become refugees (but with the international right of return).

The more Pence makes the kind of statements he just made, the more he'll be called out for supporting the slaughter and theft. What's he going to claim, God gave the land to Netanyahu to do with as he wishes including murdering Arabs for not simply self-exiling from the land their ancestors have been on since so far back nobody really knows how long?

Bring it on, Pence. The American people need to hear the unvarnished truth about the ethnic cleansing of Palestine: the Nakba. The more they hear it, the weaker you'll become, the weaker AIPAC will become, the weaker the right-wing monsters calling themselves Zionists will become, and the stronger the real Jews will become.

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"... the Venezuelan people who overwhelmingly support interim President Juan Guaido." What idiot said that?

Most Venezuelans know exactly what's really going on, and they hate it. They know the US is attempting an illegal overthrow of Maduro. They're very aware of all the blatant lies being told to the American people by the Trump-Pence fascist, oil-thieving mafia. The US actions have only made Maduro's support stronger in Venezuela. If Guaido could get 40% of the national vote, he'd be lucky. Frankly, under Venezuelan law, he belongs behind bars for treason against the constitution.

The US doesn't like it that Russia is helping Maduro ward off a US attack. I'm with Russia against the neocon mafia. Russia has wisely learned because of Syria not to wait. China has a clue on it too, but China's not as savvy as Russia.

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Iran can wait out Trump

The only reason Trump has problems with Iran is because Trump's a mammon worshiper. He loves money above peace. He wants Iran's oil for the money. It's the only reason he supports Israel. He's leveraging Israel so he can get his hands on the regions oil and gas for the money. He supports Israel so rich Zionists will donate to him and spend money on his Trump organization things. Money is Trump's god.

So, most Democrats supported the deal Obama made with Iran. I called for Obama to cut a deal with Iran long before there was even a hint Obama was even thinking about negotiating anything with Iran.

Iran has not sought nuclear weapons. It has not violated the Obama deal.

Any Democratic candidate for President doesn't stand a chance without agreeing to keep to the deal.

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Bill Clintons buddies, the KLA, doesn't like the truth in Kosovo

Ramush Haradinaj, was an officer in the KLA, a proven terrorist organization. He was considered their best terrorist, the most ruthless and barbaric. He fires a Serbian woman for telling the truth: "The NATO alliance committed a deliberately planned genocide against a sovereign country that fought Albanian terrorism inside its own borders." Here's the report showing what she said and what he did about it: "Kosovo PM fires deputy minister over comments about NATO."

The US has whitewashed the whole thing.

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Video: "20th anniversary of NATO's 'humanitarian' bombing campaign in Yugoslavia" brought to the world by the lying snake, Bill Clinton

The Clinton led destruction of Yugoslavia was 100% fascist-capitalist destruction of socialism that was working and working well. It was not at all about human rights or humanitarianism or anything of the like. In fact, Clinton fully backed proven terrorists against keeping Yugoslavia together. Clinton deliberately lied about what was happening and why. He covered for the terrorists. All of it was just one of Clinton's many brazen imperialist acts all of which only served to make the world a much worse place than it would otherwise have been. He was and remains a lying snake, and I'm sorry I ever gave him the benefit of the doubt.

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Video: Venezuela Update: UN Human Rights Report, More Sanctions

Trump has made quite clear that what he wants is control over, ownership of, Venezuela's oil. Trump is being an oil-stealing imperialist. He likes to toss out the term shameful and disgraceful. However, he doesn't like looking in the mirror while thinking about his utter hypocrisy and his gigantic crimes done and crimes planned yet to be carried out.

UN Human Rights Commissioner presented a critical report on Venezuela, which the government denounced for ignoring opposition violence. Meanwhile, the Trump administration introduced even more sanctions on the economically reeling country.

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Why is Matt Taibbi a naïve media-ethicist on Russiagate?

Matt Taibbi is nothing if not an ethicist. He is also, however, naïve. I'll explain below why I say that. First, some Taibbi:

The story hyped from the start was espionage: a secret relationship between the Trump campaign and Russian spooks who’d helped him win the election.

The betrayal narrative was not reported as metaphor. It was not “Trump likes the Russians so much, he might as well be a spy for them.” It was literal spying, treason, and election-fixing – crimes so severe, former NSA employee John Schindler told reporters, Trump “will die in jail.”

In the early months of this scandal, the New York Times said Trump’s campaign had “repeated contacts” with Russian intelligence; the Wall Street Journal told us our spy agencies were withholding intelligence from the new President out of fear he was compromised; news leaked out our spy chiefs had even told other countries like Israel not to share their intel with us, because the Russians might have “leverages of pressure” on Trump.

CNN told us Trump officials had been in “constant contact” with “Russians known to U.S. intelligence,” and the former director of the CIA, who’d helped kick-start the investigation that led to Mueller’s probe, said the President was guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” committing acts “nothing short of treasonous.”

Hillary Clinton insisted Russians “could not have known how to weaponize” political ads unless they’d been “guided” by Americans. Asked if she meant Trump, she said, “It’s pretty hard not to.” Harry Reid similarly said he had “no doubt” that the Trump campaign was “in on the deal” to help Russians with the leak.

None of this has been walked back. To be clear, if Trump were being blackmailed by Russian agencies like the FSB or the GRU, if he had any kind of relationship with Russian intelligence, that would soar over the “overwhelming and bipartisan” standard, and Nancy Pelosi would be damning torpedoes for impeachment right now.

There was never real gray area here. Either Trump is a compromised foreign agent, or he isn’t. If he isn’t, news outlets once again swallowed a massive disinformation campaign, only this error is many orders of magnitude more stupid than any in the recent past, WMD included. Honest reporters like ABC’s Terry Moran understand: Mueller coming back empty-handed on collusion means a “reckoning for the media.”

Of course, there won’t be such a reckoning. (There never is). But there should be. We broke every written and unwritten rule in pursuit of this story, starting with the prohibition on reporting things we can’t confirm.
The sequence of events in that second week of January, 2017 will now need to be heavily re-examined. We now know, from his own testimony, that former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper had some kind of role in helping CNN do its report, presumably by confirming part of the story, perhaps through an intermediary or two (there is some controversy over whom exactly was contacted, and when).
The Steele report was the Magna Carta of #Russiagate. It provided the implied context for thousands of news stories to come, yet no journalist was ever able to confirm its most salacious allegations: the five year cultivation plan, the blackmail, the bribe from Sechin, the Prague trip, the pee romp, etc. In metaphorical terms, we were unable to independently produce Steele’s results in the lab. Failure to reckon with this corrupted the narrative from the start.
Another painful practice that became common was failing to confront your own sources when news dispositive to what they’ve told you pops up. The omnipresent Clapper told Chuck Todd on March 5, 2017, without equivocation, that there had been no FISA application involving Trump or his campaign. “I can deny it,” he said.

It soon after came out this wasn’t true. The FBI had a FISA warrant on Carter Page. This was not a small misstatement by Clapper, because his appearance came a day after Trump claimed in a tweet he’d had his “wires tapped.” Trump was widely ridiculed for this claim, perhaps appropriately so, but in addition to the Page news, it later came out there had been a FISA warrant of Paul Manafort as well, during which time Trump may have been the subject of “incidental” surveillance.

Whether or not this was meaningful, or whether these warrants were justified, are separate questions. The important thing is, Clapper either lied to Todd, or else he somehow didn’t know the FBI had obtained these warrants. The latter seems absurd and unlikely. Either way, Todd ought to been peeved and demanded an explanation. Instead, he had Clapper back on again within months and gave him the usual softball routine, never confronting him about the issue.

Reporters repeatedly got burned and didn’t squawk about it. Where are the outraged stories about all the scads of anonymous “people familiar with the matter” who put reporters in awkward spots in the last years? Why isn’t McClatchy demanding the heads of whatever “four people with knowledge” convinced them to double down on the Cohen-in-Prague story?

Why isn’t every reporter who used “New Knowledge” as a source about salacious Russian troll stories out for their heads (or the heads of the congressional sources who passed this stuff on), after reports they faked Russian trolling? How is it possible NBC and other outlets continued to use New Knowledge as a source in stories identifying antiwar Democrat Tulsi Gabbard as a Russian-backed candidate?

How do the Guardian’s editors not already have Harding’s head in a vice for hanging them out to dry on the most dubious un-retracted story in modern history – the tale that the most watched human on earth, Julian Assange, had somehow been visited in the Ecuadorian embassy by Paul Manafort without leaving any record? I’d be dragging Harding’s “well placed source” into the office and beating him with a hose until he handed them something that would pass for corroborating evidence.
I didn’t really address the case that Russia hacked the DNC, content to stipulate it for now. I was told early on that this piece of the story seemed “solid,” but even that assertion has remained un-bolstered since then, still based on an “assessment” by those same intelligence services that always had issues, including the use of things like RT’s “anti-American” coverage of fracking as part of its case. The government didn’t even examine the DNC’s server, the kind of detail that used to make reporters nervous.

We won’t know how much of any of this to take seriously until the press gets out of bed with the security services and looks at this whole series of events all over again with fresh eyes, as journalists, not political actors. That means being open to asking what went wrong with this story, in addition to focusing so much energy on Trump and Russia.

Those were snippets from Matt Taibbi's very long but very well-documented article, "It's official: Russiagate is this generation's WMD."

So, why did I say Matt's naïve? He somehow still thinks the mainstream media can write the truth, can write what it wants, can investigate what it wants, etc. Honestly, for as bright as Matt is, it's a real head scratcher. How can he not know that the mainstream media is owned and controlled by the people who want that mainstream media to put out exactly what that mainstream media puts out and that any deviation without prior approval is verboten? As for the so-called alternative outlets that marched in lockstep with the mainstream concerning Russiagate and often even led the pack, well that comes down firstly to Zionism. Zionists hate Russia and don't let ethics get in the way. Once you realize that, the rest falls into place.

You see, I don't agree with Trump on pretty much anything but that Hillary would have made an even worse choice. However, I'm totally opposed to Russiagate as a means to bring him down and always have been. Matt and I are close but still far apart at the same time due to what I say is Matt's naivety.

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Venezuela: International labor versus US fascist-imperialists (neocons)

On the same day as Guaidó declared himself president, the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas released a harsh statement:

“We condemn the unilateral decision adopted today, January 23, by a group of governments of the region, notably led by the USA, to ignore the legitimacy of the government of President Maduro and to recognize the self-proclaimed ’president of the transition’, representative Juan Guaidó.”

Calls for Dialog

The Trade Union Confederation of the Americas is calling upon the government of Venezuela and the opposition to seek out dialog, and for the international community to support this, but also calls the support for Guaidó “a grave act of interference and intervention in the internal affairs of a sovereign country, setting back the region to times we thought belonged to the past, in which coups d’état and military dictatorships were instigated.”

Many national trade union confederations have taken the same position. South Africa’s largest confederations, Cosatu and Saftu, condemn what they both call a “coup attempt.”

Trade unions in Canada are protesting the government’s decision to recognize Guaidó. The trade union confederation CLC writes that it supports “the Venezuelan people’s right to peaceful self-determination.”

The country’s largest trade union, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, states that Canada “has chosen to side with Donald Trump and US foreign policy,” while the Canadian Union of Postal Workers calls the Canadian standpoint “deeply disturbing” and “ in direct violation of international law.”

The global union IndustriALL condemns the acknowledgement of Guaidó and “also rejects the external boycott, which has clear political and economic motives that violate Venezuela’s sovereignty.” [Source]

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Korea: Is it President John Bolton or President Trump? It appears it's Bolton. It's entirely Trump's fault. He's been Boltoned over by buffoonery beyond his own.

The unification communique signed in 2018 by Moon, the president of the South, and Kim, the leader of the North, refers to a moment of “great historic transformation.” It goes on to itemize specific steps for confidence building and underscores a vision of peace, trilateral meetings with the U.S., the reunification of families, joint economic-development and regular contacts between the leaders of the two countries.

This all goes far beyond general concepts Trump was willing to sign in the communique following his first meeting with North Korea leader Kim. Their second abruptly ended without a communique and cross talk.

Several speakers at the Korean Advocacy Days conference noted that the influence of war hawk John Bolton, Trump’s national security advisor, dramatically changed the dynamic of the summit in Hanoi. As long as Bolton and his long-standing group of regime-change allies in the Contract for a New American Century remain in [control of] the White House, Trump’s goal of reaching an agreement with North Korea will be stymied. [~ Ann Wright, Source]

If Kim and Moon continue on unifying whether President Bolton likes it or not, Bolton will threaten Moon and South Korea with "the heaviest economic sanctions the world has ever seen, blah, blah, blah."

Here's what Kim and Moon should do, call Bolton's bluff, not that sanctions wouldn't appear but that Moon could then expose the US neocons in ways never dreamed of before. He could take his case to the entire world. Even Europe would agree.

Korea is divided because others divided it. The US used Korea as the launching ground for a war on China, which didn't pan out because US President Harry Truman wouldn't allow General Douglas MacArthur to use atomic bombs on North Korea and China.

Of course, Truman was right. MacArthur would have started WWIII if allowed free rein. Also, MacArthur's prophecy concerning Europe's takeover by the USSR, etc., did not pan out.

The Korean War was horrendous and should never have been started by the US, but Truman did prevent at least tens of millions more lives (perhaps hundreds) from being lost by stopping MacArthur.

Moon could take his case to the world. Korea's reunification is a matter for the Koreans to decide, not the US administration. Moon could rally the rest of the world over the issue to finally stand up in unison against US bullying (and that's exactly what it is: greedy Americans bullying for money). He could go so far as to call for the US to be sanctioned until the US stops all of its regime-change efforts everywhere and starts acting like a civilized nation.

Moon could make clear that either the whole rest of the world fights an economic war against the US or faces a hot WWIII caused by the US.

The timing couldn't be better because of the rise of progressivism in the US, especially concerning international relations. Kim and Moon need to realize that their actions, their continuing on with their initial efforts, will only boost the efforts of the US progressives on international relations. Coming together is the key to everything.

Don't blow this opportunity to stop the US neocon movement dead in its tracks without firing a single bullet or exploding a single bomb or the like.

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