Why the Democratic Party leaning right to get votes has always been a huge mistake

Anoa Changa is bright!

I think Anoa's too soft on what constitutes progressivism and just how hard and far to pull everything to the economic left; otherwise, I think she's got it.

The video embed should start at 9:55 because it's longish and I don't want people giving up listening and miss this last segment.

Transparency is the answer. The wicked get away with being wicked by concealing what they're up to.

If you want to watch the whole thing (informative) and aren't sure how to do that, here's the link: "Democrats in Georgia Make History Nominating Stacy Abrams for Governor."

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Nikki Haley has the right to express herself but shouldn't be the US Ambassador to the UN

I've been sick for a very long time of neocons having any power whatsoever. They all need to be permanently removed from all positions of power.

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Syria, Iran, North Korea: Trump saying he was against the Iraq War is sure ringing hollow

Khamenei's terms put the three European powers in a bind. They have tried to reassure Washington that it would be possible to renegotiate the current deal to curtail Iran's ballistic missile program or its aggressive foreign policy in the Middle East.

Well, they were stupid to have done that.

When the deal was brokered, Iran rejected expanding the deal to cover all missiles. They were simply not going to design a missile to carry a nuclear-weapons payload. They never agreed to not producing missiles to carry conventional warheads. It was all quite clear that insisting on what Trump is trying to do now would have resulted in no deal at all.

If Trump and his sidekicks keep pushing Iran and keep trash talking North Korea and threatening it, Trump will succeed in creating a bloc against the US which will agree to cooperate much more against the US then Trump imagines possible.

Trump has surrounded himself with incredibly superficial thinkers on foreign policy and geopolitics. If he's not careful, he'll get himself into what he wanted to avoid: world war that would devastate the US and ruin the planet for ages.

He was supposed to be better than Hillary on foreign policy. He won't be in short order if he keeps it up. At the rate he's going, he may as well have run as a flat-out Neocon.

Being against the Iraq War is sure ringing hollow right now. What do you think Xi and Putin are thinking about how much they can trust Trump?

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US Sanctions on Iran and Venezuela: Illegal and Counterproductive

I totally agree with the exception of being surprised by the US-corporate-mainstream media.

The Trump administration imposed new sanctions on both Iran and on Venezuela this week, which are both aimed at regime change, but in the case of Iran media and other countries are resisting them, while in Venezuela's case they are not being questioned, explains CEPR's Mark Weisbrot

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Democracy in Chains: The Radical Right’s Stealth Attack on American Democracy

Capitalism and democracy are incompatible.

In part one, Nancy Maclean reveals Nobel-prize winning economist James M. Buchanan as the architect of the Koch Brothers' secret campaign to undermine public education, unions and to reshape America.

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I love Eva K. Bartlett: Interview on Syria Insider: Dismantling Media Lies On Syria, Chemical Weapons, the White Helmets

This is one amazing young woman.

While in Syria, I gave an interview on Syria Insider. I've since added corresponding footage or photos to the video, to highlight some of the points I made.

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Excellent discussion on the current Flotilla and BDS: Freedom Flotilla Sets Sail for Gaza after The Great March of Return

I have ideas for the next flotilla but won't post them on the open Internet but only shared them with the right people via encrypted communications.

Activists Yudit Ilany and Heather Milton-Lightening explain why Israel’s blockade of Gaza must end

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Taiwan is not a part of China

"What's at stake is that we're allowing a revisionist regime with a terrible track record on freedom of speech to dictate what we say and write in our own countries," said J. Michael Cole, a Taipei-based senior fellow with the China Policy Institute and the University of Nottingham's Taiwan studies program. "If Beijing does not encounter red lines, it can only keep asking for more."

"Airlines caving to China's demands despite White House protest."

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Want to read an extremely intelligent and knowledgeable woman?

"Antifa or Antiwar: Leftist Exclusionism Against the Quest for Peace," by Diana Johnstone. Consortium News. May 21, 2018.

I am thoroughly impressed. The point is that people are entitled to pick and choose the aspects of any ideology they want. Picking one doesn't mean endorsing the package. Frankly, it's not so much picking an aspect but simply having an overlapping view.

As for the targets of her most excellent article, they falsely imagine that they can lump everyone together who opposes Zionism with unwittingly facilitating supporting libertarian economics and clamping down on sexual anarchy (anything-goes liberalism, which isn't freedom but slavery).

They don't like Putin primarily because Putin doesn't march in "Gay Pride" parades. Therefore, he's somehow homophobic and dangerous.

The fact is that homosexuals are not rounded up, tortured, imprisoned, or executed in Russia for being homosexual. Putin simply wants no act-out decadence on the streets, which acting out he sees as undermining the fabric of society. He wants to maintain the traditional definition of marriage and to maintain the traditional families that result, not punish homosexuals. That's the Russian People's right to believe no matter how much identity-politics Americans think the rights of homosexuals outweighs it.

I don't think the jury is still out on what liberal culture has done to the US; but, for those who think everything that's recently happened will necessarily turn out fine, a shock finally awaits.

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Scientists Revise Their Understanding of Novichok After it Fails to Produce the Lethal Effects They Expected

This you need to read. It puts a whole new spin on it. "Scientists Revise Their Understanding of Novichok After it Fails to Produce the Lethal Effects They Expected."

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