Newly-Elected Progressives Confront AIPAC Test

The question now is whether some of those new faces in Congress, who carried the progressive torch in the campaigns, have the courage of a Kucinich on Israeli matters. Will any of them break the taboo against speaking for Palestine or against AIPAC? Their silence regarding the on-going Israeli assault on Gaza so far is deafening.


"One successful method has been conflating any criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism. This tactic has been most effective in discouraging U.S. politicians from opposing Israel." That's a litmus test for me. Any politician who caves in and agrees with the idea that opposing "Israel" (the political-Zionist Project) is anti-Semitic gets scratched off my list for being completely unworthy. I would never vote for such a person under any circumstances.

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Concerning Jim Acosta, CNN is barking up a tree

“The President and White House possess the same broad discretion to regulate access to the White House for journalists (and other members of the public) that they possess to select which journalists receive interviews, or which journalists they acknowledge at press conferences,” Justice Department lawyers said in a court filing.


They are completely correct about that.

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How many more California-wildfire lies do you want to hear?

Cigarette smoking doesn't cause cancer. Coal, oil, and gas burning doesn't cause global warming, doesn't cause wildfires, doesn't destroy property, doesn't kill people. How many more lies do you want to hear?

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Making war, war, war is all these idiots ever talk about

An idiotic "bipartisan congressional panel" wants more and more and more money to throw at moronic, greedy war contractors.

Try making peace for a change. Try telling the truth for a change.

Russia wouldn't even be building up its military if it hadn't been for US threats against it, lies about it, lies to it, and broken promises made to it.

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Rehbogen didn't know anything about any gas chamber even while he confessed his sins. You think he's lying?

"Rehbogen said he was unaware of a gas chamber in the camp ...."

Please note the title of the linked article: "Former SS guard testifies he was aware of camp conditions." That title deliberately avoided the most important thing, which I just covered here.

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Macron and Trump are destroying Atlanticism. Bring our troops home.

Macron and Trump are showing the inherent weakness of NATO.

If the Europeans want to defend themselves, let them.

The US shouldn't have entered either world war.

It's time to end the plutocrats' militarism of the US.

The military is only serving the plutocrats, not the American People, not themselves.

It's time to make total-disarmament deals globally.

It's time to establish peace.

The Devil will fight against it but finally lose to peace via peace, not war.

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How does one carry out terrorist attacks against Israel?

The Nazis invaded France in WWII. There was a French resistance aided by the US. When the Nazis were targeted in France, were those terrorist attacks against the Nazis or just attacks? Sure, Nazis might have been terrified, but the object was to beat the Nazis and to send them back to Germany because those Nazis had no business invading and controlling France.

So, right-wing, fascist, racist Zionists invaded Palestine, occupied Palestine, and have refused to leave. Certain people in Lebanon aid the Palestinian resistance. What's the difference?

Don't tell me the difference is that the Nazis gassed people in concentration camps. There would have been a French resistance with US aid regardless of gassing (alleged or not).

So, what's the difference?

Don't forget, the Nazis claimed that the war reparations from WWI were unjust. They were right about that, but that didn't excuse invading France. There were other ways, better ways, of trying to fix things.

Don't tell me the Jews had a right to the Palestinians' lands. The Palestinians were already there before the Zionists showed up. The Palestinians had been there all along. The Romans didn't drive out the Arabs and their ancestors. They drove out the Jews.

You think the Jews had a right to return and take over? How did they acquire that right? If they can have that right, who can't?

It sure sounds like nothing but might makes right, which, of course, it doesn't.

Along comes Donald Trump, who sucks up to the right-wing Jews because of Trump's New York City real estate connections with the huge Jewish population there. He'd be smarter to turn American Jews against the right-wing, anti-democratic, murderous, land-thieving, unjustified Zionists and their illegitimate state of Israel. He should be for justice, not money.

Look at how he's handling the Saudis. They buy US weapons by the tens of billions, so they don't get slapped around. They invest heavily in the US, so they don't get slapped around. They'll get a slap on the wrist because they've been caught out killing the mildest of dissenters and slaughtering Houthis, who simply want to be out from under, who simply want a real democracy. They aren't "Islamists."

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We have a socialist medical-system in the US. It's called the Veterans Health Administration, and it has worked very well.

Veterans Health Administration is the largest integrated healthcare system in the country. The author of "Wounds of War” says It is a model we can draw upon for the country, but the corporate media deems the VHA as a failure that should be privatized. Why?


Greedy capitalists want to skim profits off the VHA and ruin it rather than giving it even more and better funding.

We need to have socialized medicine in the US and take greed completely out of the picture. Greed is Hell!

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Things Dictators say: Zhirinovsky steals the show (Video)

It was interesting to find that Vladimir Zhirinovsky voices many things that Vladimir Putin is accused of doing or saying, but this tends to go unnoticed. Imagine the furor in mainstream media if the Russian president entertained such ideas; giving himself a new title from the President to "Tsar", adopting a new flag and anthem, naming and shaming pro-American politicians of the early 1990s, openly declaring Imperial ambitions, calling to level the attackers in Eastern Ukraine and moving further South, threatening the Baltic states with annihilation in the event of war, petitioning for a Minister of Propaganda, allowing the Taliban to continue their reign in Afghanistan and so on.

So, next time you read of Putin's tyranny - just be glad it is not Zhirinovsky in charge of the nuclear codes!


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Macron is a nationalist anti-nationalist and patriot anti-patriot. Is that clear?

Good points:

If and when a former Rothschild banker starts telling us what the words in our respective languages actually mean, beware. ...
... Xi Jinping is going out of his way to claim China is opening up its economy. That makes him a globalist, right? And globalists can only be nationalists, according to Macron, never patriots? Can we get someone to ask Xi how he sees this? And what about Vladimir Putin? Russia’s been bounced off the global stage through sanctions and allegations, but perhaps he would still like to be a globalist. So is Putin a nationalist or a patriot? Asking for a friend.

Again, according to Macron, you can’t be both. You think about that. What are you?


I know what Macron was trying to say. He was doing it by using very selective, very contextual connotations of the terms nationalism and patriotism. I don't think it worked. It sure didn't work for me. It came across more as doublespeak.

Are there anti-racist nationalists and anti-racist patriots? Are there anti-war nationalists and anti-war patriots? The answer is yes to both questions. Does Macron agree? If not, why not? If yes, why did he say what he did other than to muddy the waters while putting others down in his own mind?

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