WikiLeaks Disputes That Assange Sought Russian Visa, Slams AP "Assange Letter" As Fake

Mr. Assange did not apply for such a visa at any time or author the document. The source is document fabricator & paid FBI informant Sigurdur Thordarson who was sentenced to prison for fabricating docs impersonating Assange, multiple frauds & pedophilllia.


I wouldn't care if Assange had sought a visa to travel to Russia. If the US neocons were to try to lock up every American who's received a travel visa to Russia, there'd be a violent revolution if needs be and all those neocons would lose their heads, so to speak, maybe literally. People do get fed up. Neocons are always too stupid to back off and shut up, though.

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Is Latin America Still the US’s “Backyard”?

... Washington’s political playbook in Latin America can be summarized as follows: coddle the governments and movements that support US economic, security, and foreign policy objectives and try to eradicate those that don’t.


That sounds good to most Americans on the surface, but a closer look reveals that the nations that fall into line with the US lean toward fascism while those that don't fall into line lean anti-fascist and in many cases pro-democratic.

Lies, sanctions, and funding fascists are the main means the US tries to get its way.

Read the article.

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Syria: Erdogan knows he can't afford to screw this up

None of this is up to the terrorists at all.

It is completely clear what Russia and Turkey will do to clear the zone of terrorists. They will both force any such entities from the area. They will first simply tell them to leave or else. If they don't leave, they will be driven out militarily. It's not complicated. Frankly, the terrorists wouldn't stand even the tiniest chance without Turkey giving any cover at all.

Right now, Erdogan is concerned with two things. He wants the war refugees in Turkey and Europe to decrease, not increase. He also wants to establish a strong enough front line to deter any Kurdish movement across Turkey's border without Turkey's permission.

He wants both of those things with the blessing of both the US and Russia. It is doable, but he'll have to be on his best behavior to get it done. He will not be able to turn around and attack the YPG and SDF. Besides, I believe Assad and the SDF will come to some peaceful and reasonable deal that the US and Russia and Iran and Hezbollah will all accept. Even Israel will begrudgingly accept it all.

Putin's objective has always been totally clear. He wants regional stability reestablished with a strong Russian indicator that Russia will not allow any terrorist buildup anywhere that will threaten Russia, Russia being so close to the area.

If Trump has any brains on the matter, he will listen to Putin and dismiss the neocon noise in the US.

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The US neocons can butt the hell out. The Syrian People alone shall decide their form of government & leader.

Just to be clear, Putin just sowed it up. He won. It's checkmate. Any opposition would have to turn the table over with the whole world watching. Who'd back that "player," that sore loser?

I don't care if the sore loser is the US run by maniac neocons or not, I would not go along with any so-called US government ruining the peace prospects for Syria. I don't care what guise it would come under either. The Syrian People alone shall democratically decide their constitutional form of government and their leader. The US government (the US neocons) can butt the hell out.

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Israel made a huge, huge miscalculation using a Russian military aircraft as a plane shield against the Syrians

"Hiding behind the Russian aircraft, the Israeli pilots put it in the line of fire of Syrian anti-aircraft systems. As a result, the Il-20 ... was shot down by the (Syrian) S-200 missile system," the ministry's Konashenkov said.


Putin has now warned Netanyahu, just as he warned Erdogan earlier after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet at the border between Turkey and Syria.

I believe if Israeli jets put any Russian military in Syria in such a position again, Israeli flights will be targeted thereafter. If the systems now in Syria prove incapable of downing those jets, new Russian systems will be deployed and used that will have the capability, will be used, and will down Israeli jets that violate the clear rules established by Putin.

Any such outcome will be entirely Israel's fault, and the US had better be prepared to simply tell the Israelis not to make such mistakes, as the US will not come to their aid in such circumstances and will not threaten Russia over Russian actions described.

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Relax, Trump's tariff war with Xi of China is going swimmingly

Please note that certain global-capitalist plutocrats represented by the "Chamber of Commerce" are panicking while US markets know full well that Trump and the US are winning, and will win, the tariff war between Trump and Xi.


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Trump: Declassified Russia probe papers expose 'bad things'

Wow, this article is really straining to spin.

Contrary to all the hyperbolic arm-waving in the article, the single most important question is whether there has been a hard or soft coup attempt to overthrow the government, which here means overthrowing the administration in the person of Donald Trump. It is a fundamental Constitutional issue that outweighs every single "worry" raised in the article.

In addition, Trump's objective of declassifying the information for the purpose of exposing any such coup can be fully done without exposing anyone to the worries raised.

I have always maintained that the entire Russiagate narrative was conjured up out of thin air for the sole purpose of bringing down Donald Trump. If I'm proved right, then a coup will have been proven.

Furthermore, everyone targeted and charged and/or convicted based upon the fraudulent proximate cause of the whole thing conjured up in entirely bad faith should have all such charges and convictions set aside on well-established technical Constitutional grounds.

As for punishing the coup plotters, I leave that to others to decide, but charging, convicting, and sentencing should be done.

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Venezuela doubles down on Chinese money to reverse crisis

This is pretty much exactly what I said Maduro should do given Venezuela's current situation.

As for the comment at the end of the article, "The Chinese companies alone have neither the muscle nor the size to prop up production," it's completely wrong. The Chinese companies have the Chinese government's full blessing and will be backed by the government in order to pull it off. The real question is how much economic damage Trump is doing, and will yet do, to China overall.

Anyway, it's a shame that oil is still what any people on the earth have to rely upon. We could certainly do better and in very short order if the world were lead by intelligent enough people. Unfortunately, greed is allowed.

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Putin's move with Erdogan concerning Idlib is very clever and wise

UPDATES at bottom:

For now, by cutting a demilitarized-zone deal with Erdogan, Putin has removed the opportunity for US neocons to conjure up a major pretext for the Western imperial axis to attack Syria.

What Putin can do now, if Assad will grasp the concept (he's capable), is negotiate all the major players into the position that removes all support for jihadis in Syria trying to overthrow Assad, cause all foreign entities not invited by Syria to remain to withdraw from Syria, and cause the YPG Kurds and other Syrian Democratic Forces to make a solid deal with the Syrian government. In short, he can bring a great deal of peace to the area.

Assad had already said that Iran would not be staying. Turkey's only stated reason for being there is because it fears the YPG and PKK having too much growth opportunity. The US already knows regime change is not going to happen. All the powers have agreed that the groups linked to al Qaeda can't be supported militarily much longer. Israel would get its wish that the Iranians go home. Hezbollah would return to Lebanon too.

What wouldn't change though is that Syria would still be a full-blown sovereign nation with its own choice for President of Syria. The Syrians would decide who could come to and go from Syria, not the US and not the Israelis.

Putin has always pushed for reconciliation rather than slaughtering people. Assad has clearly gone along with that and appears to like the consequences. This move with Erdogan simply builds upon that platform, provided the terrorist jihadis do agree to return to civilian life under the Syrian government's rule. The foreign jihadis who invaded Syria would have to be welcomed back in their own countries.

It's all a big if, but this is all certainly a wise move on Putin's part.

UPDATE: Hey, I wrote my post above and published it and then ran into this video on RT with a pretty solid analysis by Joshua Landis of the University of Oklahoma.

Russia and Turkey have agreed a “demilitarized zone” between militants and government troops in Syria’s Idlib, President Vladimir Putin said after hours-long talks with Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan focused on solving the crisis.


UPDATE: Syria and Iran are fully on board. That's no surprise. Erdogan has bought some time and breathing room and a tiny bit of credibility but has a very long way to go to redeem Turkey and himself, if that's even possible with him.

One thing this demonstrates is that Putin's level of diplomacy is magnitudes of order higher than anything exercised by the US since the Kennedy administration at its best.

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Washington’s Long War on Syria Isn’t About to End, but Trump isn't as stupid or crazy as most people think

Washington’s objection to the Assad government is of a piece with its fierce opposition to Nasser’s Egypt, Saddam’s Iraq, and Gaddafi’s Libya. All these governments pursued the Arab socialist project of breaking the control of the region’s wealth by the Western oil companies and their Arab Petains in order to direct it to the uplift of Arabs. While the Western-backed emirs, kings and sultans built pharaonic palaces and lived lives of luxury in exchange for allowing Western oil corporations to pile up a Himalaya of profits, their subjects wallowed in poverty. Meanwhile, in Iraq, during the 1970s, the Arab socialists used their country’s oil wealth to build a Golden Age.

In Libya, Muamar Gaddafi, inspired by Nasser’s Arab socialism, built a society beyond the dreams of his compatriots who had lived lives of stark under-privilege under the Western-imposed King Idris I. In Syria and Egypt, Arab socialists implemented social reforms to uplift the poor, and asserted the right of women to equality. At the same time, they brought large parts of the economy under public control and implemented plans to overcome the economic legacy of colonialism. In Egypt, the president Gamal Abdel Nasser, the most popular Arab since the Prophet Mohamed, lived in the modest house he occupied as an army colonel, while sending his children to public school. He threatened the West by proclaiming the democratic slogan “Arab oil for Arabs”. All these governments were assisted ably by the Soviet Union. Syria’s government stands in this tradition.

It is the only Arab socialist government that has withstood the anti-democratic designs of Washington, Israel and the Saudi kings, to bring the entire Arab world, from the Atlantic to the Gulf, under their uncontested domination.


I'm down with that but am far from certain Trump will do what the article suggests for the simple reason that he won't want to overly test Putin (and Xi for that matter). He'll keep the US hand in the "game" and will bluff here and there but won't try to toss the table and outdraw everyone in the room. He wouldn't make it out alive and neither would Israel. Yes, the US is powerful and Israel has nukes, but Russia and China also have nukes and the means to rain them down on both the US and Israel and all their allies.

So, unless Trump is ready to sacrifice the entire planet and quite possibly the continuation of our species, he'll not do it.

What is completely clear is that Russia has already established its own "never again" and its Samson-moment red line. Russia will not undergo regime change via the US. China is a bit different solely because Xi isn't remotely as bright as Putin in such matters. Xi doesn't have the love of his people the way Putin does. Yes, Putin has some ups and downs in popular opinion in Russia, but the downs are not very much on the question of whether he saved Russia from the US-back predators within. He did. There's no doubt about it. He has organizational skills and business acumen and flair. His people know it. It's obvious. He wrested Russia from the grave of an extremely deep depression and has kept it afloat and progressing in the face of US unwarranted sanctions and more.

What's more and whether you like it or not, Trump senses all of this better than all the people surrounding him, which isn't saying much considering he's surrounded by neocon and liberal-interventionist numbskulls.

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