Trump went back to caving on Russian "hacking"

He's done this sort of thing on this very issue before. However, he's never totally pinned down on it, as he's never asked the right questions about it.

Trump changed the word "would" to "wouldn't" be Russia (meddling in the US election). That's appeasement. He said he accepts the conclusions of the "intelligence" that Russia meddled. That's appeasement. If you listen to Trump and watch him closely, it is obvious he doesn't believe what he's saying but that he's simply saying it for exactly the wrong reason: the reason suggested to him by the Machiavellian, Andrew Wright, an associate professor at Savannah Law School. If he believed it, he wouldn't keep bringing up the same issues he raised during his campaign.

Vladimir Putin will only trust Trump so far. Mr. Putin has made that very clear all along. He sees the history of the US in its dealings with Russia and doesn't ever want to make the mistake of simply trusting any American President. He'll want everything in writing as never before, and he won't let down his guard while the US remains militarily strong.

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Manbij is living proof Erdogan is lying

Erdogan hates democracy. He hates this: "Emel Dede: We put Manbij back on its feet: Emel Dede is a representative of the Turkmen people in the Manbij Democratic Civil Administration." Manbij is living proof Erdogan is lying that where the YPG liberated a place, the Kurds are dictators. Manbij is living proof Erdogan is lying that the YPG is a terrorist organization. In fact, we all know that Erdogan was aiding IS with border crossings and with illegal oil-exporting and more.

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The timing of attacks on Trump and Russia/Putin spells conspiracy

So, Trump announces he's going to meet with Putin. Mueller announces an indictment of 12 Russian Military personnel.

Trump meets with Putin. The US-neocon-mainstream media (is there a non-neocon-US-mainstream media?) piles on against the positives of that meeting.

Trump stands his ground. The US neocons and "liberals" roll out news on Pussy Riot, Anna Politkovskaya, and Maria Butina.

The thrust is that Pussy Riot was wrong but the punishment was too long. Anna Politkovskaya's killers were caught, prosecuted, and sentenced by the Russian government; however, the person who ordered the killers to kill Anna haven't been identified by Russian law-enforcement. (Has US law-enforcement openly and accurately identified who ordered the assassinations of JFK, MLK, and RFK? I didn't think so.) Maria Butina allegedly cozied up to the NRA too much, and there may be a way to spin that into Russia did it (everything ever alleged against Russia by the neocons).

Meanwhile, the timing of it all spells conspiracy.

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Condemnation of the Bolsheviks

"We truly should have lasting immunity against any ideas and any leaders who call on us to embrace some new, unknown happy future through the destruction of our life, our traditions and our faith," the 71-year-old powerful Church leader said in a possible dig at the opposition to President Vladimir Putin.

That was no dig at Putin. It was a direct condemnation of the Bolsheviks. He was referring to not falling for people coming along trying to lead the Orthodox Christians astray (astray in Kirill's view). He was stating that the Orthodox Church should be permanently immune by law (including secular) from giving up Russian Orthodox teachings.

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Israel is definitely an authoritarian-ultranational state

"Israel passes law to ban groups critical of state, military from schools." Israel may as well add to their religious list of commandments: Thou shalt cover up the truth. Did someone say God gave them the land? How many times was the land taken away from them? How many times were they vomited from the land? What are the rules they must obey to return and not be rejected again? Their Bible is supposed to tell them, but they don't know how to read it.

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Why do the Russian People want to get along with America while so many Americans try to trash Russia?

Read this, and ask yourself why the Russian People want to get along with America and Americans while so many Americans hate Russia and Russians (ethnic bigotry).

When I was young, all of my friends and I talked about how great it would be if the Cold War would end and the United States and Russia could become great friends and allies. Well, Reagan "spent the Russian military under the table" in order to induce the USSR to negotiate. Reagan was friendly (at least on the outside) to Gorbachev, who was extremely receptive to thawing relations and moving toward social democracy for the USSR. Unfortunately, George H.W. Bush presided over the collapse of the Berlin Wall and didn't lift a finger to help Russia through the transition. In fact, he sent in economic rapists. Russia went into a massive, deep, and long economic depression. Russia's crown jewels, it's major industries, were sold for pennies on the dollar to hyper-greedy vultures out for themselves, not the Russian People. Bill Clinton only made matters vastly worse by propping up Yeltsin and by breaking nearly every promise made to Gorbachev. Along came Putin, who literally saved Russia from all of that.

Bill Browder, of US Magnitsky Act infamy, was one of the vultures who ended up in Russia to rape it. He's the person Putin wants Russian prosecutors to be able to question on the record, etc., in exchange for US prosecutors questioning on the record the 12 Russian-military-intelligence members accused by Mueller of hacking the DNC and Podesta. Putin wants the truth to come out on both sides concerning everything. The US neocons are scared to death of that because the real truth will ruin them. Putin knows that (so does Trump), and so should you.

Here we are now with false-propagandists from the CIA everywhere in the US mainstream, neocon-dominated, corporate media, which has censored all dissenting voices on the subject, hammering away, brainwashing Americans into hating Russia, when Russia has been on the receiving end of all the lies and broken deals and has only reacted to American imperialism around the world, but primarily in Georgia, Ukraine, and Syria.

Putin is the best leader Russia has ever had and a much better person than every single one of his detractors in the US with much name recognition in or out of government. Putin is not my enemy. Russia is not my enemy. My enemies are those in the US who fight for American imperialism against those who truly stand up for the poor around the globe. Those enemies aren't the US. They are only a sick part of the US. They are a malignant cancer on the body politic. The body needs to reject that cancer or die.

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U.S. lawmakers urge Google, Facebook to resist Vietnam cybersecurity law but not the same thing in the US

Seventeen U.S. lawmakers have urged the CEOs of Facebook and Google to resist changes stipulated by a new cybersecurity law in Vietnam, which critics say gives the Communist-ruled state more power to crackdown on dissent.

Why don't US lawmakers stand up right here in the US against Facebook and Google and others being pushed into censoring and marginalizing dissenting views by Americans about American policy and practices? Answer: hypocrisy.

Only the neocon view has free rein. Anti-neocon and anti-"liberal" interventionist views have been largely banned, their hits cut way back, their listings relegated to far down in the listings.

A proper investigation would show that it is all the result of an illegal agreement/conspiracy started by the CIA's handlers: neocon and "liberal" interventionist plutocrats.

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Trump has stampeded the Russia haters via the best summit in my lifetime. They are absolutely scared out of their minds.

The Russia haters are totally afraid that because Trump won't cave into them that, that will gain time for the real truth to come out. The haters have been scrambling and now see that they've utterly failed. The more they protest, the more they show their true colors: hysterical empire-builders on behalf of the darkside: the greediest of the greedy.

When I think about just how awful things would be right now had Hillary Clinton won, I feel very relieved.

A lie may go halfway around the globe before the truth gets its pants on, but once the truth does get its pants on and has time to circle the globe (which is faster with every passing day), the liars are exposed for what they are: sick monsters who don't give a damn about what's really right. All they want is their own power over others, power they don't deserve for even a millisecond. They are THE problem. They are sociopaths and psychopaths who've lorded it over the meek for long enough. It's time for them to go, every last one of them, permanently!

If Trump is an instrument in accomplishing that, if he is able to wake up enough for it, then hallelujah! He may not be the second coming, but he will be someone who truly serves it happening.

I didn't like Barack Obama's Presidency, but I did pray for him to see the light. He did catch glimpses. Unfortunately, Trump doesn't see the glimpses Obama finally saw. Trump is still mesmerized by some false notion of "Israel," which the real Israel (Jacob) would puke over were he here and now to see the disgusting things done in his spiritual name (he who wrestles with God, meaning he who wrestles with his own conscience and repents, which Jacob did).

So, what truth has come out and why should people of good will rejoice and not despair? Here's an excellent article by Joe Lauria everyone should share and spread. It's exactly along the same lines I've been pushing for a long time now and did more today before seeing Joe's work.

I must tell you that Trump summit with Putin is the biggest summit in my lifetime. It's the best summit in my lifetime. Nothing else even comes close.

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Kaspersky Lab has gotten a really bad rap by lying neocons

Kaspersky Lab has been one of the best of the best in cyber security. All truly experienced and sincerely ethical hackers know it too. An ethical hacker is someone who hacks for the right reason, to find vulnerabilities to report them ethically and responsibly so entities and software developers and the firms and people who use the products can be protected via patches and updates before the bad guys can exploit or further exploit them and such. Many such hackers make their livings doing it. The best of them study disclosures a great deal to learn from others. They have seen the real history of Kaspersky's direct and relentless involvement in plugging holes and in ethical and responsible disclosure. It's why Kaspersky was used throughout the US government before the neocons and fake-liberal interventionists (US empire builders at all costs) ramped up their false-propaganda attacks on Russia in general.

After exhausting all other possibilities to resolve the issue directly with the Dutch newspaper, we went to a Dutch court to defend our reputation. Fortunately, the judge presiding over the case confirmed today that Kaspersky Lab is due a full and proper rectification, and for that we are very grateful. But the significance of this case doesn’t end there.

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Vladimir Putin is better then Hillary Clinton by a longshot. Find out why I say that.

... not only is Putin’s more traditional conservatism not in line with the rabidly anti-Semitic, Islamophobic and anti-immigrant orientations mobilizing in the West, according to a recent study the actual determinant of such activity is historically contingent with austerity implemented by neo-liberals like Mrs. Clinton.

Are you brainwashed? Are you in a constant state of hypnosis? Read the whole linked article. It's a real eyeopener for those who know zip about Ukraine and Russia, which includes most Americans deliberately kept in the dark and fed a steady diet of lies and false propaganda by the US neocon-dominated "mainstream," dying media.

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