Black Lives Matter and, contrary to claims of many White "liberals" in Congress, Black Minds Work without Russian "meddling"

The city's police chief and lead prosecutor both lost their jobs after the McDonald shooting, one in a series of fatal encounters between US police and African Americans, who formed the Black Lives Matter movement in response.


To hear many of the "liberal" White people in the US Congress, you'd think Putin formed Black Lives Matter to sow discord and to undermine our democracy.

Maybe Black people should be insulted enough to start a movement called "Black Minds Work."

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Buzzfeed, Question Time & the purpose of Fake News

So, in the last 2 months both Buzzfeed and The Guardian have issued “BREAKING NEWS” stories that made bold claims, but were not backed up with any evidence. Both these stories were shown to be untrue in less than 24 hours.

Anonymous sources are a common area here – both stories rely exclusively on the word of “unnamed sources” from either “the intelligence services” or “government agencies”. Anonymous sources are the batarangs on the propagandist’s utility belt. Flexible, simple, timeless.

Anonymity allows government agencies to leak misinformation on purpose, without hurting their credibility. It allows newspapers to control public opinion without having any actual facts on hand. It allows intelligence agencies to plant narratives they may want to revisit, or to give targets of blackmail operations a warning. And, most obviously, it allows journalists to simply make stuff up.

I don’t know which specific class these two stories fall into – but I do know it’s one or all of them.

So we come to the question of motive: BuzzFeed and The Guardian must have known there was no evidence to back up their assertions (yet, anyway). They must know the “significant minority” of the population who believe “conspiracy theories about their own government” will research and refute these claims.

So why publish them?

Well, in the Guardian’s case, every story demonising Assange discredits WikiLeaks’ future output, whilst also softening public sympathy for Assange in preparation for potential extradition of to the US. All the mainstream press have turned on WikiLeaks, but The Guardian – for some reason – has a particularly strong institutional axe to grind with WikiLeaks, and specifically Julian Assange.

Similarly, every “Russia bad!” story primes the public to accept increased defence spending, increased control of the internet by the government and increased social media censorship. It is very much the gift that keeps on giving in that regard.


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The CIA and FBI are running Facebook whether Facebook will admit it or not

Facebook is now completely under the thumb of Big Brother: "Facebook closes hundreds of 'inauthentic' Russia-linked pages." Sure, sure.

Facebook takes its marching orders from neocons.

Facebook knows that if Facebook doesn't do what it's told, the neocon network of plutocrats will take Facebook down all the way to the ground.

Mark Zuckerberg has joined the tribe, not that he didn't always know that day would come. They let him rise knowing they'd end up co-opting Facebook as a false-propaganda tool for the Empire. That's what they do.

Mark was "warm and fuzzy" and in it to become astronomically rich from advertising revenue and selling views (which was even a ripoff from the beginning). In other words, he's a greedy sellout, if he ever had any morals.

So, do you log into Facebook everyday to post your "personal" thoughts, which only furthers the plutocrats rule over you?

If you think it's any different at Google or Twitter or any of the other "major" social/search entities, you're dreaming.

The day of being able to do any truth-telling on those platforms is long since over.

The only thing to do is not use them for anything but use them for free to gain for yourself (for the right cause) rather than be used.

The day will come quite soon when that won't even be possible or even desirable to even try to keep doing.

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Evil Israelis deliberately shoot and wound 14 in Gaza

Fourteen Palestinians were wounded by Israeli fire in new clashes along the Gaza border Friday, said the health ministry in the Hamas-run enclave, rocked by ongoing weekly protests.

The ministry said the 14 were shot, including two medics ....
An Israeli army spokeswoman said approximately 14,000 Palestinians took part in "riots" along the border, with protesters "burning tyres and hurling rocks at (Israeli) soldiers".


The Gazans want to reverse the ethnic-cleansing and land theft that the right-wing, racist Zionists have been doing there almost since they first step foot back in Palestine. And it's for those monsters, those Zionists, that the US is pushing everybody all over the place in the Middle East and elsewhere. What a stupid, anti-Christ nation is the USA right now. Are you listening, Donald Trump? Can you hear? Do you comprehend?

If Jesus's deeds had been seen as, and followed as, the guiding light for the whole area and world, we'd all be living in peace and prosperity.

The Gazans need to renounce violence and stop throwing rocks and burning tires and all the rest. Yes, the Zionists are the instigators; however, the Gazans will never get world public opinion entirely on their side until they stop returning evil for evil. They've just been wasting time and losing more lives uselessly by being counter-productive.

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The opposite of bright: Europe's patience with Iran wears thin, tiptoes toward Trump (right-wing Zionism)

France, Britain and Germany are playing with fire. Iran will walk away from all deals if pushed. They haven't wanted, and still don't want, nuclear weapons; but, if pushed, they'll develop a whole new class of conventional weapons with Russia and China and others that will be just as effective, just not planet poisoning.

Federica Mogherini is the only one who shows any sense and integrity. She's the only one I trust in that European group.

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Coupsters: "BuzzFeed, citing two unidentified law enforcement officials ....": Congress to probe whether Trump told lawyer Cohen to lie

BuzzFeed, citing two unidentified law enforcement officials ....


Trump should hunt the dogs down as national-security risks: coupsters. I'm not overstating it. They are trying to illegally overthrow the government of the US. They are subverting the US Constitution. The nation is in a mess and Constitutional crisis right now. If we are ever to have a democracy, this should not be allowed to stand. We have a Presidency. The President has a sworn duty. We don't need weakness. We need decisive action. The case is clear: has been from the start.

The Hillary Clinton Campaign and the DNC, colluding with Russians, have misused the government of the US in extremely egregious and illegal ways to topple the duly elected President of the US.

I don't agree with Donald Trump's economics or his views on the environment, but he is the President. Clinton is treating the US as if it is her personal empire: a banana republic answerable to her. She's doing it because she puts her own wealth, power, and control above all else. She's doing it because she wants to get back at people for embarrassing her over her husband, who did "have sexual relations with that woman," not that, that was grounds for removal from office.

This country is infantile. It is corrupt through-and-through. The exceptions to corruption prove the rule.

The People need to rise up and take power legally, non-violently! It can be done but only if they have the will to do what's right. They must take power away from the superrich and give it to themselves where it belongs. This is real Christian doctrine.

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Marzieh Hashemi, of Iran's "Press TV," was no flight risk -- treated very shabbily

Federal law allows judges to order witnesses to be detained if the government can prove that their testimony has extraordinary value for a criminal case and that they would be a flight risk and unlikely to respond to a subpoena.


Marzieh Hashemi, of Iran's "Press TV," was no flight risk. If asked to testify, she would have asked questions but would likely have done it without much fanfare. As it is, she was treated very shabbily. It doesn't bode well for how Americans in other countries should expect to be treated.

I don't agree with her religion or with the Iranian government's Islamic theocracy, but I've watched her for perhaps hundreds of hours all told and she only ever impressed me as someone interested in treating others decently regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, etc.

I have no doubt whatsoever that right-wing Zionists/neocons are behind her mistreatment.

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Erdogan is the one who broke the ceasefire between his forces and the PKK

The US-mainstream-corporatist media always say the following:

Turkey views the YPG as an extension of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which has waged a 34-year insurgency in Turkey ....


It's a broken record. They leave out the details that matter. They do that on purpose because, even though they don't like Erdogan, they hate the economic ideology of the PKK even more. Here's what they don't tell you. That's only scratching the surface too. The PKK went so far as to renounce violence at the top. In addition, Erdogan attacked the Kurds over and over and did so ruthlessly. It was terrible but wasn't even covered by the US media. Erdogan wiped out whole villages, but the US media acted like it wasn't even happening.

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To Schumer: Your buddy, Netanyahu, is Satan on steroids relative to Putin; however, you call Putin a thug while remaining silent about Netanyahu's sheer evil

"Forty-two Republican senators chose today to stand with Vladimir Putin," Schumer said in a statement. "I’m extremely disappointed that many of my Republican colleagues are too afraid of breaking with President Trump to stand up to a thug."


Schumer, you're on the devil's side. You better wise up.

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The only thing shameful regarding the Malaysian ban on fake-Israel athletes is fake Israel

Right-wing Zionists in the fake Israel rob, beat, murder, and steal the land right out from under Palestinians and then turn around and whine like babies when a country calls them on it. Those Zionists are unrivaled in the world when it comes to shamelessly twisting the truth into lies to shield themselves. They still have most of the world cowed because of money. Zionists with tons of ill-gotten gains are the problem.

Plenty of Jews know all of that and will say it and do say it. Young Jews are growing courage to face down the right-wing liars, the right-wing monsters, who deserve much worse than BDS and should thank their lucky stars that there are people who are infinitely better than they are who will make the final decisions.

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