You're a fool to believe a word that comes out of the mouths of Trump, Pence, and Pompeo concerning Venezuela

The article put everything upside down. It ended with what it should have started with:

A senior US official told The Associated Press on Sunday that President Donald Trump's administration was considering imposing crippling oil sanctions on Venezuela, potentially adding to the sweeping sanctions already imposed on the country by Washington.

Oil revenues account for about 95 percent of Venezuela's export earnings, according to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

Maduro has accused the US and its allies of waging "economic war" on Venezuela, saying the measures imposed by Washington were an attempt to force Venezuela to default on its debt.

The country's GDP has dropped by 45 percent since Maduro took office, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Furthermore, it should have sought Maduro's teams response to allegations made by the US government.

The fact is that absolutely none of the political upheaval would have happened had the US not been trying to strangle Venezuela all along. Obama really revved it up. Next to his Libya disaster, Venezuela ranks as his worst foreign-policy error.

Venezuela fell on hard times because of the Saudis and OPEC over producing oil so that oil prices tanked. The US fracking industry almost came to a stop. It did stop expanding and even pulled rigs.

Other than that, Venezuela was not in financial trouble. The poor were getting richer and richer. That's why the CIA led the attack on Venezuela to try to force Venezuela back into the fascist fold controlled by the US hyper-greedy plutocracy.

That's the truth in a nutshell. Trump, Pence, and Pompeo are simply full of it. They are liars every bit as much as the Bush-43 crowd was. You're a fool to believe a word that comes out of their mouths concerning Venezuela.

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Ken Livingstone is out because the "New anti-Semitism" is economic leftism

"Finally, Corbyn has done the right thing and got Livingstone out of the Labour Party." Hogwash!

The "New anti-Semitism" is telling the truth.

Ken Livingstone wasn't and isn't and anti-Semite. He told the truth about Hitler. Who doesn't know that?

Shame on Labour for caving into the Neocons, who never admit to Jewish Israel's war crimes and land stealing and ethnic cleansing and ethnocratic dreams of Jewish Supremacy.

Livingstone is out but Netanyahu has the US and can mow down unarmed Gazans who want to return to their ancestral homeland, which is their internationally legal right.

To Hell with ethnocentric Israel! They either change or go to the doom of their own making.

You should also know that Livingstone was targeted for economic reasons even more than for supposed anti-Semitism. Ken is an radical economic leftist. The Neocons wanted to tarnish him even if by lies and distortions to slow the movement to economic leftism.

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Starting with Iran, Hail Trump? Not a chance.

Here's the deal concerning Mike Pompeo and especially Donald Trump concerning Iran. Trump was used to "dealing" with people in business he didn't control in circumstances where he didn't have to face them over and over and over and over....

Foreign Policy in the current world is different and is different for the US than it was at the end of WWII. US power has been going down relative to the rest of the world ever since about 1950. I don't mean nuclear-weapons power. I mean overall power.

So, now we have a resurrected Russia, not quite as powerful as the Soviet Union but closing in on that very quickly, particularly in terms of weapons systems and organizational skills. Putin has organizational skills that are more highly honed than that of any Soviet leader, including Stalin.

We have a China the economy of which is almost on par with the US in many ways. China has a much larger population, so figuring wealth per person is misleading.

Then we have the EU (and UK because of Brexit). The EU's economy rivals the US economy for sure.

Add in India, which is still rather nonaligned, and Japan, which may not want to fall into line with the US if North and South Korea can get together in peace, and you have quite a large possible power based from which to stop taking orders from US Presidents.

Yes, the US can round up some "allies" for almost anything, but it is wearing thin with the EU and especially France that the US acts as if it can simply still boss the entire planet around the way it could after the collapse of the USSR and before the rise of China.

Furthermore, it is abundantly clear that the US is trying to boss the world in ways that are perfectly in line with Netanyahu's agenda and nearly nobody else's. The Saudis' MBS is trying to calculate it all and fall on the winning side while thoroughly weakening the Shiite theocracy of Iran, and there are other Saudi "allies" willing to go along to some degree, although carefully so far; however, that doesn't represent enough clout to shut down the Russians and Chinese and France if determined to not go along with cutting off Iran to force Iran into being totally dominated by the US government run by the Neocons.

Look, Iran is in Syria not because Iran has had designs on recreating the Persian Empire but because of what the numbskull George W. Bush did in attacking, invading, and occupying Iraq and because of everything that's happened ever since concerning the "Axis of Evil" list. It's also why Russia is in Syria.

Trump claims going into Iraq was stupid, but then he follows Bush-43's lead like a lapdog.

What does Trump really want? Does he want to be Caesar? I think so. Will he get there? Not a chance.

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The Cold War Culture War is anti-truth

... the problem boils down to this: American policy and media elites have become distracted by what probably ought to be third- or fourth-order considerations regarding Russian domestic affairs, issues that are ultimately for Russians, not Americans, to contend with. In other words, identity politics and culture wars have their place—within domestic contexts.37 But the idea that American customs and mores can be imposed on Russia from the outside is a fantasy, and a dangerous one at that. Still more, efforts on the part of the U.S. government to do so are likely to be counterproductive: they will only put a target on the backs of those we say we wish to help.

And so, within the context of U.S.-Russia relations, identity politics should have no place. It has only contributed to the deterioration of relations between the world’s two nuclear superpowers, who, if they treated each other in normal diplomatic terms, could become—not necessarily allies—but, at a very minimum, partners in addressing certain shared challenges such as nuclear non-proliferation and terrorism.

Anyone who wants to gin up a war with Russia for the sake of promoting homosexuality better understand that approach will backfire.

I've been saying ever since Russiagate started that for many in the US, promoting homosexuality is exactly what the whole Russiagate narrative is about.

This is why I divorce economic leftism from the identity politics of the illiberal "left."

I've seen that the idea of economic radicalism and social conservatism (really moderation) is catching on. I've been there for decades now.

I'm more than fine with democracy so long as it's fully informed, and I know that much of the identity-politics movement is largely based upon made up nonsense. Some people calling themselves social conservatives don't understand the truth either. That's why I said "moderation." What I'm saying is that we need a true discussion, not a shouting down. It's not appropriate that we bend to the wishes of those who simply don't want to hear what will prove them wrong. Truth must be the highest goal, or we'll self-destruct.

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Joined at the hip: Taking down Russiagate-narrative promoters means impeaching Russia-hacking-narrative promoters too

With the wheels set in motion last week seemingly align with Congressional requests and the OIG mandate, and the upcoming OIG report likely to serve as a foundational opinion, the DOJ will finally be empowered to move forward with an impartially appointed Special Counsel.

That's in reference to the Hillary Clinton emails and more. See: "IG Horowitz Finds FBI, DOJ Broke Law In Clinton Probe, Refers To Prosecutor For Criminal Charges."

I have to say that the grounds for investigating Clinton and the whole deep-state apparatus, which came together around her to keep Trump out of office and then to try to remove him, are much more compelling than anything ever alleged as evidence for Trump-Russia collusion. It's amazing how long it has taken anyone to force the issue.

However, that is not the most important thing in this whole affair. The most important thing is that the Clinton deep-state used two main weapons against Trump: Russian-hacking allegations and the Steele Dossier. The hacking allegations were by far the most highly pushed outside the tabloid press. So, if the Trump deep-state (what, you didn't know there is one?) takes down the Clinton deep-state via taking down everything surrounding the Steele Dossier and everything else just short of addressing the hacking allegations, then the Trump deep-state (also Zionist right along with the Clinton deep-state) will have impeached everyone, including those who alleged the Russian hacking. The Trump deep-state is scared to death about that because they want the Democratic establishment to be beaten to death but don't want Trump left being able to take the heat off Russia. They know Trump's a Zionist, but they know they can't predict or control Trump, who will do what's best for Trump in Trump's eyes, even if that means throwing the so-called "Jewish State of Israel" under the bus.

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Dirty tricks: Papadopoulos was not the beginning for the fake story that's Russiagate

Dirty tricks still abound. If you trust the dirty-tricksters, you're part of the problem.

Not Glenn Greenwald's best writing, rather redundant; but, he does point out the most important aspects.

“The professor’s interactions with Trump advisers began a few weeks before the opening of the investigation, when Page met the professor at the British symposium,” the Post reported. While it’s not rare for the FBI to gather information before formally opening an investigation, Halper’s earlier snooping does call into question the accuracy of the NYT’s claim that it was the drunken Papadopoulos ramblings that first prompted the FBI’s interest in these possible connections. And it suggests that CIA operatives, apparently working with at least some factions within the FBI, were trying to gather information about the Trump campaign earlier than had been previously reported.
Whatever else is true, the CIA operative and FBI informant used to gather information on the Trump campaign in the 2016 campaign has, for weeks, been falsely depicted as a sensitive intelligence asset rather than what he actually is: a long-time CIA operative with extensive links to the Bush family who was responsible for a dirty and likely illegal spying operation in the 1980 presidential election. For that reason, it’s easy to understand why many people in Washington were so desperate to conceal his identity, but that desperation had nothing to do with the lofty and noble concerns for national security they claimed were motivating them.

This is interesting too:

... CIA operative, Stefan Halper.

Four decades ago, Halper was responsible for a long-forgotten spying scandal involving the 1980 election, in which the Reagan campaign – using CIA officials managed by Halper, reportedly under the direction of former CIA Director and then-Vice-Presidential candidate George H.W. Bush – got caught running a spying operation from inside the Carter administration. The plot involved CIA operatives passing classified information about Carter’s foreign policy to Reagan campaign officials in order to ensure the Reagan campaign knew of any foreign policy decisions that Carter was considering.

Russiagate began in someone's dirty-trickster mind. It was conjured up for US Neocon-imperialist Russiaphobia reasons, nothing more.

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Iranian film, fighting IS in Syria: "Damascus Time"

This is an Iranian film about fighting IS in Syria. It's called, "Damascus Time." It's rather intense, to say the least.

The city of Palmyra in eastern Syria has fallen to ISIS and they have surrounded the airport in a nearby city where many of the wounded people and also the last defenders of the airport await their emergency evacuation. A young pilot has to risk his life and reach the airport in order to help evacuate these people while they are under direct ISIS fire. A close confrontation with ISIS fighters determines their fate in a dramatic turn of events.

Warning: This is war:

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CIA Masterstroke (which libertarians love) for Venezuela: Covertly sabotage socialism, blame socialism for the result

"The US is Meddling in Venezuelan Election." Wow, if the Russians were to meddle in our elections to the same degree, we'd shortly all be speaking Russian without choice.

The history in the article concerning Central and South America at the hands of US imperialism is accurate. You won't see it listed in the US-corporate-mainstream media. That media's owners want you ignorant and too stupid to find out the truth for yourself.

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Daniel Lazare does a very nice job of summing up the whole Russiagate nonsense

I totally agree, have all along:

... while Trump is wrong about many things, on this one subject he happens to be right. The press, the intelligence community, and the Democrats have all gone off the deep end in search of a Russia connection that doesn’t exist. They misled their readers, they made fools of themselves, and they committed a crime against journalism. And now they’re trying to dodge the blame.

Daniel Lazare does a very nice job of summing up the whole Russiagate nonsense.

By the way, Consortium News is one of the sites that was targeted by PropOrNot, which damage has still not been undone.

It's why I've called for nonprofit search and social to replace the monetized versions controlled by those who are behind the Russiagate narrative and who are totally anti-democratic, totally anti-economic left.

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On U.S. Imperialism, Capitalism and Fascism


The U.S. public has become immune to its government killing millions of Koreans, Vietnamese, Afghans, and Arabs, as long as it does not interrupt with the public’s busy daily lives. The opportunity costs to the American people is costing them universal healthcare, affordable higher education, modern mass transportation, modern infrastructure and economic security in old age; but the public does not seem to notice, and cannot connect the dots. They still think that the U.S. has the highest standard of living in the world. The reality is that the U.S. comes in at about 19th on everything from the infant mortality rate to high speed internet; except military spending and political prisoners at which the U.S. is number one.
... Capitalism leads to monopoly, monopoly leads to imperialism and imperialism leads to war. Capitalism also leads to inequality. Inequality and democracy cannot coexist forever because there are limits to expansion and growth. To preserve inequality requires fascism and a police state. Democracy can only thrive if there is more equality. Eventually, choices will be made between fascism or democracy, and between capitalism or something else?

Source: "On U.S. Imperialism, Capitalism and Fascism."

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