A Marxian critique: hyper-trans-identity-political-correctness toxicity

I waved this red flag (no pun intended), years and years ago. I raised it over the "born that way" meme, which meme was based entirely on deliberately faked data. At the time, the pattern was obvious and that it would lead to exactly the situation described in the quote below and, more thoroughly, in the complete article.

We have yet to be openly confronted by the pedophiles (who are simply waiting for their "time" after the extreme-trans "community" gets its complete way). After that will come the bestial.

Naturally, each step was denied by the step's advocates before each full-on assault. "Give them and inch, and they'll take a mile" simply informed the advocates to insist they'd never ask for even another inch.

The whole edifice is built lie upon lie. It is confusion and deception, including self-deception on the advocates' part because they don't want to struggle against the temptations to further fracturing. They'd rather cave in and then die, falsely imagining that, that "death" is literally permanent unconsciousness, permanent reprieve from responsibility and accountability for their choices.

Society isn't doing itself or any member any favor going down that path. Rather, we should be reinforcing in each other the desire to withstand all temptations to such fracturing. We don't call it wholesome for nothing. Unjustified comfort now means greater suffering later: better to face and overcome inner demons (regardless of their sources) while they're relatively weaker than they otherwise will be.

Trans identified males are biological males who think of themselves as females. Trans identified females are biological females who think of themselves as males. No democratic-minded person questions the right of everyone, including transgender individuals, to their own beliefs, behaviors and lifestyle preferences, free from bigotry or discrimination.

But extreme transgender ideology goes a step further.

It demands not only support for the civil rights of trans people but insists that everyone must also embrace the beliefs of trans extremists.

Not only is the imposition of the belief of one group a violation of the democratic rights of others, this particular belief has negative implications for the rights of women, gays, lesbians and children ....
Marxism, the philosophical underpinning for the socialist left, relies heavily on historical materialism. That is, the idea that there are tangible, physical reasons for what we observe in the development and interaction of societies and classes of people within those societies.

This makes it all the more astonishing when some socialists so thoroughly reject biology and material reality in their analysis of transgender ideology and its effect on other oppressed groups.

The left’s abdication on this issue – especially the misdirection of the socialist left – is a gift to the right, as it allows those on the right to pose as the sane ones. The socialist left bears particular responsibility because it presents itself as a collection of thoughtful, considered leaders.

All the more tragic, then, is the fact that this new McCarthyism, which disingenuously wraps itself in the mantle of “woke” leftism, could never have taken hold if the real left had spoken out clearly and forcefully from the start.

At this point, it remains to be seen whether the left will correct its error or be bypassed by the multitudes who will surely punish those who tried to gaslight them into rejecting material reality.

Are You Now or Have You Ever Been a Believer in Biological Sex? How the left shares the blame for neo-McCarthyism

The anti-conversion-change-effort "community" has been deliberately lying by omission from the beginning

The Creation and Inflation of Prevalence Statistics: The Case of “Conversion Therapy,” by Christopher H. Rosik, Ph.D.:

Should anyone have enough curiosity to ask, “How does Born Perfect NC define conversion therapy?” that person would discover the following:

Conversion therapy, also referred to as “reparative therapy,” is the practice of attempting to change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Techniques can range from extreme electroshock treatments or institutionalization to “counseling” services based on pseudoscience (Born Perfect NC, n.d.).

If citing such statistics is an example of the William Institute’s objectivity and rigor, then they appear to set a very low bar indeed for these standards. That professional change-allowing therapies do not use electroshock or other aversive and coercive practices is well-known with the LGBT academic community, as was recently acknowledged by the acclaimed LGBT legal advocate and University of Utah College of Law professor Clifford Rosky, who stated to the gay press (“Watered down anti-conversion therapy bill,” 2019), “Licensed therapists haven’t been doing electric shock therapy and adversant [sic] practices in decades.” Thus, when one digs into the facts of this polling, the real story is not that 90% of North Carolinians support banning conversion therapy for minors. No one I know would support such practices as they are depicted. The real story of an impartial and honest accounting about this polling, one free of advocacy objectives, is that 10% of respondents apparently support institutionalized electroshock treatments of sexual minority minors. In a less politically contaminated environment, scholars such as those affiliated with the Williams Institute would seek out and align with Alliance professionals to jointly counter such public sentiment. However, by uncritically adopting this polling for advocacy purposes, the Williams Institute seems to have engaged in sloppy science at best or, at worst, a conscious effort to manipulate public opinion about change-allowing talk therapies through their use of a prejudicial and deceptive Born Perfect NC survey. Their independent inquiry and research appears to include independence from exposure to alternate critical perspectives that could have identified and constrained such excesses, which are common to groupthink and confirmation bias dynamics.

There's nothing even remotely Christian about Trump's "Christians"

You can read this to get a sense: 'Evangelicals for Trump' was an awful display by supposed citizens of the Kingdom of God.

So-called Christian-neocons and Christian-Zionists are still pretending Jesus will carry out Moses-type genocide. These ignorant people, who think they are Christians, are in worse shape than atheists who are opposed to US imperialism: global, violent, plutocratic, corporate-capitalist takeover. Those atheists will enter Heaven before them.

PC Police: "A UK judge ruled that it is legal to fire workers for saying that transgender women are not real women"

It's very difficult to say where the line is drawn or lines are drawn both actually and legally.

There are intersexed people. There's no doubt about it.

However, there are people who are not intersexed at all who mentally only think of themselves as other than what their non-intersexed biology says about them. There also those who think of themselves as intersexed also when their biology says they are not.

Of course, the question arises concerning where biology and mental states start and end. Aren't mental states biological in nature?

Nevertheless, the judge claiming that a non-intersexed woman, a non-trans woman, can be fired for believing that mental states are not biological is ludicrous. The biological versus mental/mind philosophical debate is as old as philosophy itself and is not a settled debate.

If we don't allow people to debate things that are still up in the air or even re-debate things that appear settled, we're being very, very stupid and shortsighted. After all, toeing the line is not how modern science was even formed and we don't even know where physics and spirit begin and end either.

The judge appears to be claiming to be omniscient.

What's a real woman, a person who is clearly not at all intersexed or the opposite of the person's biological markers, all of them, and only has a feeling of being in the wrong body? If so, why do we even use the prefix "trans"?

What is a person with all, and only, the traditional biological markers who doesn't have any such feelings?

Is the first not different from the second? Yes, and it's why the prefix.

Some people say "real men don't eat quiche." Are we going to fire them for it? I'm not, even though I don't agree with them.

Anyway, here's the article that spurred this post: A UK judge ruled that it is legal to fire workers for saying that transgender women are not real women

"It would be interesting to see what their definition of transphobic is." University drops feminist artist’s talk after ‘transphobic claims’

"It would be interesting to see what their definition of transphobic is." That's exactly right.

University drops feminist artist’s talk after ‘transphobic claims’

“I don’t believe I’ve said anything transphobic,” says artist Rachel Ara after Oxford Brookes University dropped her scheduled talk.

No room for not being a gender-identity-authoritarian dictatorship by those loosely throwing around the label Nazi

Ms Harrison, who has lived as a transgender woman for two decades, said she shares Ms Forstater’s ‘gender critical’ beliefs and has been labelled a "Nazi facilitator" and "scum" for expressing them.

“The process of having surgery or hormone treatment cannot ultimately transform your sex,” Ms Harrison told the tribinal. “Every cell in my body has male chromosomes. I have a prostate. These things cannot be completely deconstructed. It is not possible to be biologically female. But that does not mean I can’t live a fulfilling life being treated as a woman.”

Why is this person not allowed to have that belief? Why is the person called a Nazi for apparently simply believing the obvious that one can't currently completely transform one's gender and that there is more to gender than what one simply thinks about oneself at any given moment in terms of "identity"?

Source: "Transgender people who agree with using terms 'men' and 'women' too afraid to speak out, tribunal hears"

Blatantly misleading statements in support of "American Medical Association announces support for U.S. ban on conversion therapy"

This awful article lumps all things that have ever been called "conversion therapy" together, as if licensed doctors still bleed patients.

It is important to keep in mind that there are therapies that require a patient's or client's completely noncoerced consent. In such practices, the individual wants the professional assistance. No "physical means" are used.

As with many psychological processes that have nothing to do with homosexuality, clients can experience mental discomfort when facing various issues, etc. There is no requirement for those other processes to be discomfort-free.

In addition, thousands and thousands of people have gone through the therapy and are glad they did.

To pass a law banning all such therapy would be telling people that they can't obtain professional assistance with their unwanted same-sex attraction, which attraction is often solely the result of homosexual molestation and subsequent confusion because of what's term sexual imprinting. Sexual stimulation against one's will is still exciting sexual nerves that are supposed to be pleasure only, not mixed with molestation. The confusion concerning attraction is perfectly understandable, and children and adults should not be told that the confusion is "normal" or "healthy" or anything of the sort.

Therefore, the American Medical Association is being extremely stupid on this matter. It is being politically driven, not science-based. I condemn their action.

We may never know for certain how the apartment bombings (and some strange as yet unexplained KGB activities in another building in Ryazan) came to pass, but I am convinced Putin was not the prime mover

Very interesting:

The Chechens, Sunni Muslims with a history of fiercely resisting the Russians in the 19th century, under their leader, the Imam Shamil (actually a Dagestani), as the Russian Empire subjugated the Caucasus, were a disturbing presence in European Russia in the 1990s. Chechens ran the Mercedes dealership in Petersburg, where lots of stolen vehicles changed hands, but very few if any new ones. During the first war, they targeted me personally, on account of the position taken by the U.S. Government in support of Russia’s territorial integrity. Right after the bombings of the two apartment buildings, our Defense Attache in Moscow reported that the inhabitants of at least one of the buildings were dependents of military personnel. It seemed to me then, as now, that Vladimir Putin would never had sanctioned the sacrifice of those innocent people in pursuit of political goals. But, in my view, there was one person who just might have, and happened to have a connection to the North Caucasus: Boris Berezovsky, who was then serving as National Security Advisor to Yeltsin, or “the Family,” as Yeltsin’s wife and daughter and son-in-law were then known.

The Family was concerned by the prospect of parliamentary elections scheduled for December of 1999, and by the potent alliance recently forged between Yevgeniy Primakov and the mayor of Moscow, Yuriy Luzhkov. They were searching for a way of postponing the elections, and it had occurred to them that the Chechen war and attendant terrorism could provide justification for such a move. In the end, Putin’s campaign proved successful; the Chechens were brought to heel, and Yeltsin abdicated in favor of Putin on New Year’s Eve. We may never know for certain how the apartment bombings (and some strange as yet unexplained KGB activities in another building in Ryazan) came to pass, but I am convinced Putin was not the prime mover.

Page 2: The Key to Understanding Vladimir Putin

I have always doubted Putin ordered it. I think he knows all about it but hasn't done anything publicly that would weaken Russia. Suffice it to say, were anyone to do anything like it now, heads would roll with the public fully aware.

Let me also say that while he lives as well as any billionaire, I don't believe he has amassed a personal fortune at the expense of the people. He deserves his stated income (likely more), and the Russian people should always see to it that he never wants for anything but lives out his life in decent and comfortable surroundings. He saved their nation.

I don't agree with his every move and position, but he is the best leader Russia has ever had and he is no menace to the world.

I'm speaking here in the worldly sense. Spiritually, I still believe everyone should be pacifistic.

Contrary to rumors, Pontius Pilate did not preside over the trial and execution of Jesus Christ. Neither was he Jesus's executioner.

'Lost' Road Built by Christ's Executioner Unearthed

The Jewish Sanhedrin held the trial of Jesus (a fellow Jew), not the Romans. Caiaphas, not Pilate, presided over that trial.

Pontius Pilate interrogated Jesus directly and found no wrongdoing on Jesus's part. Nevertheless, the Sanhedrin demanded Jesus's execution. Pilate washed his hands of the whole affair, but to keep from having an open revolt because of the Sanhedrin's position, he allowed Jesus to be crucified. He was not Jesus's executioner, nor was he even present at the crucifixion.

Why do people always try to blame the Romans? The answer to that is obvious, and you know it.

Guy Standing: NHS Being Privatised by STEALTH, Profits Going to American Companies!

We speak to economist and adviser to the Labour Party, Guy Standing, on his new book ‘Plunder of the Commons: A Manifesto for Sharing Public Wealth’, how Britain’s public resources have been systematically privatised and how harmful this has been for our society, the privatization of water, the NHS and public spaces and why these must be reversed. Guy Standing also details how Boris Johnson as Mayor of London helped to privatise many of London's public spaces.