Caving to atheist Chinese "authorities," Roman Catholic Church shows lack of spiritual apostolic-succession

This is completely anti-Christ:

... new bishops first will be proposed by members of local Catholic communities together with Chinese authorities.

The "Chinese authorities" will be authorities handpicked by the admittedly atheist Chinese Communist Party dictatorship.

Once again, the Roman Catholic Church has shown its lack of spiritual apostolic-succession.

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Google claims alternative sites coming up much lower in search results & not at all in news is all a mere coincidence?

Google has never manipulated its search results or modified any of its products to promote a particular political ideology ....


Perhaps they think "promote" doesn't include manipulating search results to reduce the visibility of particular political ideologies or positions on particular issues.

There is zero doubt that shortly after PropOrNot issued its list of websites to ban, the search ranking on Google search for those sites went way down. How does Google explain that?

Also, why did the sites disappear from Google News? Many of the sites were in my Google News because I specifically added them to my news results. They disappeared from my news and could not be added back. In fact, Google removed my ability to choose sites with much granularity at all. I dropped using Google News as a direct result of all of it.

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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is such an utter liar when it comes to Venezuela

The only thing the US government is doing vis-a-vis Venezuela is supporting fascists. The US government is doing that solely to benefit the US plutocrats who own the US government and will continue owning and controlling it until the People of the United States rise up and takeover and establish democracy that permanently bans plutocracy.

The plutocrats are trying to make life more and more miserable in Venezuela. The plutocrats don't give a damn about the ordinary people of Venezuela. They only care about taking a huge cut of any money flowing in, through, and out of the Venezuelan economy. If regular Venezuelans have zero say, those plutocrats couldn't care less. In fact, they want the ordinary Venezuelans to have zero say.

Mike Pompeo is nothing but a brown-nosing liar: in short, a creep.

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The New Anti-Semitism Isn't New & Isn't Anti-Semitism: Dimitri Lascaris v. Michael Levitt, Anthony Housefather, Justin Trudeau, et al.

Lately, with the attempt to redefine political criticism of Israel as "the new antisemitism," some organizations and groups have crossed the line. ...
... I make a point of saying that political Zionism began as a liberation movement against European antisemitism, and that it became a colonial-racist movement the second it saw Palestine as exclusively Jewish, as a place where rights could be doled out depending on upbringing, religion, and birthplace.
... Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, your constituents are watching. You are welcome to stand with Israel/ עם ישראל, as you should with all minorities in this country, for we are all guests on Turtle Island. But when you stand with the Trump-like racist government of Benjamin Netanyahu בנימין נתניהו, you are saying to your constituents that you will support repressive regimes and their advocates at the cost of democracy in Canada.

Going after Dimitri on Twitter is a weak, pathetic move not worthy of a leader.


"Alt-Right March for Israel, Human Rights Activist Smeared as Anti-Semitic":

In Canada, Dimitri Lascaris called on B'Nai Brith to disavow a white supremacist who called for Trudeau's execution. He then found himself accused of being an anti-Semite.

The claim of anti-Semitism centers on that Dimitri Lascaris believes and states that certain right-wing-Zionist-supporting Jews in Canada's Parliament are more loyal to right-wing Zionist, ethnocratic Israel than to Canada. Watch the video and listen to Dimitri's reason for holding that position about the two MP's.

The so-called new definition (fake) of anti-Semitism was given out with examples of "anti-Semitism" that includes the accusation of being an Israel-firster, which the two Canadian MP's, Michael Levitt and Anthony Housefather, clearly are, as being an accusation inherently anti-Semitic.


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Trump speaks like a mouse on it & acts like one too: "EXCLUSIVE: Trump says exposing 'corrupt' FBI probe could be 'crowning achievement' of presidency"

“One of the things I’m disappointed in is that the judges in FISA didn’t, don’t seem to have done anything about it. I’m very disappointed in that Now, I may be wrong because, maybe as we sit here and talk, maybe they’re well into it. We just don’t know that because I purposely have not chosen to get involved,” Trump said.


He's soooo slow on some things while he's wildly fast on others. I said ages ago that the most critical question of all is exactly what questions the FISA Court asked concerning the FBI's "evidence" supposedly supporting the request to that court. If I were the President, I'd have all of the Court's documents concerning the decision to let the FBI go ahead.

Trump has also been extremely remiss in not taking John Brennan's "Russia did it" report and raking it over the coals. If I were the President, I'd have my own people go over all the claims made supposedly supporting the disclaimered "findings" because those findings are ridiculous on their face.

There was never any valid reason to suspect the Russians any more than suspect nearly anyone else with the ability to pull off what happened, which includes more thousands of hackers than I'd even care to contemplate.

The entire Russiagate narrative rests on the hacking allegations and Steele Dossier. Those were the spins that got the frenzy worked up to allow the Clintonites to attack under the cover of law.

Trump is also way to shy. Why hasn't he said it's been an attempted coup? What's he afraid of. He can be as wild as wild can be on things where he should be more tempered and then be as timid as a mouse where he should be roaring like a lion and acting like one too.

For crying out loud, he's the President of the United States. If anybody has tried to overthrow the government via illegal means, what kind of authority does he think he lacks to take them to task?

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Due to anti-democracy: There Are Nearly 1,000 Chemicals in Our Food That Have Never Been Tested for Safety

What are the benefits of these chemicals versus their risks? Food manufacturers would argue that food additives and chemical-laden packaging extend shelf life, keep food production costs down, and enhance flavors; chemical manufacturers would argue that their various pesticides and herbicides protect crops and help farmers. But at what cost?

“When you allow a system to develop where every baby born in this country has literally well over 100 manufactured chemicals in their body—most of which have never been tested,” Zoeller says, “You have to ask, what does that say about our society?”


If we were to live in a real democracy, of course the People would vote into law that no chemicals would be introduced into our foods before being independently tested by government labs and found safe according to the standards also set by the People via their votes.

Unfortunately, we don't live in a true democracy but rather a plutocracy where the rich do what the hell they want and can get away with, which is often almost anything.

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Iran: Pompeo's demands are Israel's commands

Among Pompeo's demands was the release of Americans jailed by Tehran, an end to its nuclear and missile programs and for Iran to withdraw its forces and end financial support for sides in the conflicts in Syria and Yemen.


What exactly has Iran done that it isn't entitled to nuclear power, missiles, and to choose which sides to support in Syria and Yemen?

It isn't a US proposal. It's an Israeli proposal.

How about if Israel gives up its nuclear weapons and missiles; stops attacking its neighbors; gets the Hell out of the West Bank entirely; follows international law by allowing all Palestinian war refugees to return to their lands, villages, and homes; and gives everyone an equal vote with zero ethnocratic overrides? Maybe if Israel were to agree to all of that, Iran might contemplate the Israeli proposal hiding behind the US ostensible "treaty" offer.

The US is fronting the Israeli proposal because the US is targeting Russia and then China. Everyone who knows much of anything about geopolitics knows it too.

The US wants it all, but so does Israel. Someone will inherit a burned out cinder in need of resurrection. It won't be the right-wing Zionists. It won't be US neocons, who are pretending not to be right-wing Zionist Israel-firsters.

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WikiLeaks Disputes That Assange Sought Russian Visa, Slams AP "Assange Letter" As Fake

Mr. Assange did not apply for such a visa at any time or author the document. The source is document fabricator & paid FBI informant Sigurdur Thordarson who was sentenced to prison for fabricating docs impersonating Assange, multiple frauds & pedophilllia.


I wouldn't care if Assange had sought a visa to travel to Russia. If the US neocons were to try to lock up every American who's received a travel visa to Russia, there'd be a violent revolution if needs be and all those neocons would lose their heads, so to speak, maybe literally. People do get fed up. Neocons are always too stupid to back off and shut up, though.

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Is Latin America Still the US’s “Backyard”?

... Washington’s political playbook in Latin America can be summarized as follows: coddle the governments and movements that support US economic, security, and foreign policy objectives and try to eradicate those that don’t.


That sounds good to most Americans on the surface, but a closer look reveals that the nations that fall into line with the US lean toward fascism while those that don't fall into line lean anti-fascist and in many cases pro-democratic.

Lies, sanctions, and funding fascists are the main means the US tries to get its way.

Read the article.

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Syria: Erdogan knows he can't afford to screw this up

None of this is up to the terrorists at all.

It is completely clear what Russia and Turkey will do to clear the zone of terrorists. They will both force any such entities from the area. They will first simply tell them to leave or else. If they don't leave, they will be driven out militarily. It's not complicated. Frankly, the terrorists wouldn't stand even the tiniest chance without Turkey giving any cover at all.

Right now, Erdogan is concerned with two things. He wants the war refugees in Turkey and Europe to decrease, not increase. He also wants to establish a strong enough front line to deter any Kurdish movement across Turkey's border without Turkey's permission.

He wants both of those things with the blessing of both the US and Russia. It is doable, but he'll have to be on his best behavior to get it done. He will not be able to turn around and attack the YPG and SDF. Besides, I believe Assad and the SDF will come to some peaceful and reasonable deal that the US and Russia and Iran and Hezbollah will all accept. Even Israel will begrudgingly accept it all.

Putin's objective has always been totally clear. He wants regional stability reestablished with a strong Russian indicator that Russia will not allow any terrorist buildup anywhere that will threaten Russia, Russia being so close to the area.

If Trump has any brains on the matter, he will listen to Putin and dismiss the neocon noise in the US.

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