The Real ID law, which is to go into effect in the US in May 2008, is one more step in the disintegration of anonymity. We are entering the era of the universal-locator device of Star Trek, only the universal-locator device will end up being you. It will start with RFID-type technologies (Radio Frequency Identification chips) and will gradually change to all sorts of other technologies including just sniffing your DNA through any thickness of walls.

You are prevented from committing a crime; however, in the wrong hands, and there are plenty of those in high places, you are prevented from committing any acts not sanctioned by the power that will be, including acts of lovingkindness. You are also compelled to commit acts of abomination.

This is just the beginning of where science and technology in the hands of the evil spirit are taking humanity.

The people are going to have to come to a universally accepted and spiritual position concerning technology with such awful potential, potential beyond the current imagination, worse than the worst nightmare.

Tom Usher

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