Liberty Bound is the name of a video documentary.1 In that documentary, Christine Rose makes the following observations about Hitler:
  1. Not elected by a majority vote
  2. His legitimacy was disputed
  3. Many people considered him a simpleton
  4. His arrogance infuriated many foreign leaders and citizens of Germany
  5. He proclaimed the Reichstag fire was a terrorist act
  6. He proclaimed an all out war on terrorism
  7. The terrorists he identified as the Jews from the Middle East
  8. He passed legislation to fight terrorism and to fight Judaism
  9. The legislation took away constitutional rights of free speech, privacy, and habeas corpus
  10. The police could intercept mail and wiretap phones
  11. Those labeled as suspected terrorists could be held without charges and without access to attorneys
  12. Police could use warrantless sneak-and-peak tactics
  13. He rallied patriotism toward the "homeland"
  14. The flag was everywhere
  15. He said, "An evil exists that threatens every man, woman, and child of this great nation. We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our homeland."
  16. He then created the secret police-the Gestapo

These points are why people refer to George W. Bush as Hitlerian.

All these tactics have been used by George W. Bush.


1 Christine Rose. Liberty Bound, a video documentary. Blue Moose Films. 2004. . (last accessed: Tuesday, January 30, 2007). Return to text body.


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    • Thomas

      This has got to be the most worthless laundry list I've read. You wasted your time and money on a Poli-Sci degree. Anyone can be this lazy, but it takes someone truly indoctrinated to have a degree and think they're making valid points. And most of this is downright stupid:
      14. The flag was everywhere

      Many are just silly:
      13. He rallied patriotism toward the "homeland"

      What? As opposed to patriotism towards the Soviet Union?

      No wonder Liberal Christians are dying. You're too indoctrinated to think. You should have deleted your article.

      I've noticed you didn't post a SINGLE law. Here's some real facts:
      * Lauded the Green-Wing of the Nazi party as the "forebears of National Socialism"with highest honors in 1933. (Blood and Soil was Official Doctrine in 1930)
      * Create Affirmative Action for Germans in 1933.
      * The Sturm Abteilung led by your openly gay Liberal hero grew to 4,500,000 members by 1933.
      * Ban Christian prayer in schools in 1935.
      * Ban handguns in 1938.

      Ah yes! Those tree-hugging, affirmative action loving, prayer banning, gun banning, gay pride RIGHT-wingers? What?

      May I interest you in the Nazi Master Plan? You should read an original document once in your life. You'll find out how Liberal these Nazi Christians are. They're doing exactly what Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Obama's Marxist spiritual advisor Reverend Jim Wallis.

      Here's a scan of the original documents from the Nuremberg Trials:

      This is the part about the churches. This is the same thing Van Jones is doing. These are your Wrights and Wallises.

      It's good that you're not luke warm, but Liberalism is hellbent on destroying the Body of Christ.

      • Yours, "Thomas," is one of the dumbest replies I've seen on this site in years. I had begun to think that people were actually looking around this site first before jumping to all sorts of asinine and false conclusions. Well, hopefully you are the exception that makes the rule.

        You saw the word "liberal" and took a dive. Try reading on this site what "liberal" means on this site.

        Yes, I'm being rough on you right back because you're an elephant in a china shop.

        Nevertheless, perhaps you'll be blessed by it and repent of your sloppy, misguided, and misleading attack. I sincerely hope so.

        Of course, people who can even manage a pathetic "Oops, I'm sorry" are a rare breed these days.

        First of all, it's a list from someone else's work.

        Moving along, there's nothing stupid about realizing the inherent danger in nationalism reflected in over flag-waving. It, among other sins, is extremely egotistical, which since you are unaware or don't care, is anti-Christ.

        Many are just silly:
        13. He rallied patriotism toward the "homeland"

        What? As opposed to patriotism towards the Soviet Union?

        For someone who barged in here throwing around the term "silly," among others, you sure are slow on the ball.

        "Homeland" (the term) is the operative point. There was no American "Homeland." We never used that term until some Nazi type(s) decided to name a federal department "Homeland." Christine Rose's point has zero to do with patriotism, per se. Although, unlike you, she's smart enough to know when "patriotism" becomes rabid.

        Your list of "laws" is not relevant to Christine's point nor mine in posting her's.

        Ah yes! Those tree-hugging, affirmative action loving, prayer banning, gun banning, gay pride RIGHT-wingers? What?

        The issue was not solely with aspects of right or left in the Bush and Hitler administrations. The issue was, and is, with exactly those things were each was wrong and their similarities.

        You should read an original document once in your life.

        Do you realize how stupid it is for you to have said that? Where do you think you are? This isn't a playground. Bluntly, what the hell do you know about what I've read and haven't read? You're being nothing short of an arrogant ass here.

        They're doing exactly what Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Obama's Marxist spiritual advisor Reverend Jim Wallis.

        That's not a sentence.

        Try searching on "Wright" and "Wallis" and "Jones" on this site and elsewhere that I've written on their subjects. I don't completely agree or disagree with them. The same holds for Michelle Bachman, Tim Pawlenty, and others. Check out this recent post of mine and eat your words.

        If I were what you claim of me, I'd be very popular. However, I've been termed "disgusting" by "liberals" who subsequently have censored and even banned me. Figure it out if you have the brains you claim that I don't.

        I won't share my prayers with you here. You'll have to figure it out.

    • By the way, have you read the book: "George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography," by Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin? I have. You should.

      Tarpley and Chaitkin are right on about the Bush family's Nazi collaboration, to say the least.

      In addition, are you living under rock such that you are unaware of the homosexuality of the Bohemian Grove, to which both Bush-41 and 43 are members? Do you know what Richard Nixon had to say about it? "It is the most faggy, God-damned thing you could ever imagine." Bush father and son had great times there.

      Hitler had the homosexuals killed in, among other events, The Night of the Long Knives. Get it?

      You should also be made aware that George W. Bush, while he was governor of Texas, had an openly male-homosexual couple stay at the governors mansion with him. They were his friends and financial supporters until Bush was informed that he wouldn't be able to sway the Christian-right unless he were to distance himself from those good buddies.

      Don't tell me you've never heard of the Franklin Pedophile case and how it was tied in directly with George H. W. Bush and his administration. People were murdered over that. People were given life sentences in solitary confinement just to shut them up.

      I don't know all the details about it. No one does. I do know though that there was a massive cover-up.

      Now, what were you saying?