America is allegedly a constitutional, representative, democratic, republic federation. The Bill of Rights, which constitutes the first ten amendments to the constitution, was intended to protect the right of the minority. The checks and balances and the constitutional hurdles for amendment were also intended to prevent the tyranny of any one branch of the government and of the majority.

When we say that America is a democracy, we simply mean that people may vote for representatives and for executives and judges and initiatives and referenda, etc. We do not mean a direct and pure democracy that is each person voting on each law and that the strict majority rules.

Unfortunately, the economic system prevents the spirit of the law from prevailing. The economic system has been subverted by foreign infiltration, foreign influences and demands.

The banking and currency system is abhorrent and an anathema to the spirit of the intended system of government.

People must come to understand that Jesus was, and is, a small-c communist, meaning he is for giving and sharing but not coercing the people to do it but rather that the people's hearts be moved to have mercy and pity upon each other.

The current economy of America is completely controlled by the bankers. It is not free. The bankers will decide who rises and who is allowed to remain up.

This is an oligarchy.

Jesus on the other hand, leads us beyond the mundane. This is as entering another world, because it is another world. The door to this world opens as the people become unanimous in the spirit of mercy.

In this real new world that is not what the bankers have in mind at all, there is no violence. There is no need to protect anyone from anyone, because no one does any harm to anyone else. Everyone is as harmless as a dove, but very wise.

This spirit is magnified by working together. There is a metamorphosis of the entire species. Then money is not needed. There are no more wars. There are no armies. No one is surveilling others to enforce anything, because everyone loves goodness. There are no locks. There are no secrets. All is love and peace. It is a blessed state of being.

Tom Usher

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