Germany and France were really savaged by WWI and WWII. England suffered severe bombing. All the nations of Europe suffered. Therefore, they and the US wanted to do what was seen as necessary to avoid war. They decided to move toward integration. This began with the various major multinational treaties. It included the failed League of Nations in the aftermath of WWI. Then came the United Nations after WWII. Now we see the European Union. We see NAFTA as a response and the proposed union of Canada, the United States, and Mexico. We see the African Union struggling. We see the beginnings of the movement to union in South America. The list is long and wide. That's the traditional historical view.

However, what is deliberately missing is that the elitists, the money people, have started all the wars in order to cause this movement to federation that they intend to fully control from the top down.

The European Union for instance is not functioning as a representative democracy.1 It is not a republic, despite outward appearances. The leaders are handpicked from a narrow spectrum designed to give the illusion of diversity.

No, the people are being funneled into accepting the open dictatorship of the oligarchs, the mammon worshippers, the Goldfingers of the world.

Bankers, usurers, worst shepherds, worst stewards, rejecters of the new commandment, rejecters of freewill choice and non-coercive and the new system
Strait way for the Lord of real peace, love, and truth

These bankers, these usurers, are the last people on the planet who should rule it. They are the worst shepherds and the worst stewards. They must be rejected as the leadership. Greed must be rejected as the guiding system. The love of money must be rejected as the provider. The rejecters of Jesus and the new commandment must themselves be rejected.

This rejection must be the freewill choice of each person. It must be non-coercive rejection. The people must simply stop following the bankers and must setup the new system that is restorative of the real meaning of words, making the way strait (strictly and rigidly righteous) for the Lord of real peace, love, and truth.

Reject the usurers. Let them turn, repent, and atone.

This group is steadily and deliberately whittling away at basic rights.

The banking oligarchs are moving to kill, among other things, the following:

  • Juries
  • Habeas corpus
  • The presumption of innocents
  • The protection against double jeopardy
  • Probable cause
  • Due process
  • Discovery of evidence
  • Being faced by one's accusers
  • Knowing the charges against one
  • Public trials
  • The prohibition of hearsay and innuendo and torture
  • Protest
  • Dissent
  • Free political speech
  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom of the press
  • Freedom of association (voluntary association or disassociation, including segregation on any grounds)

Understand here that we are only speaking here about the steps being taken by the globalists to undermine portions of the false spectrum for the sake of those globalists gaining absolute monarchical power for themselves. We are not suggesting that the so-called classical liberals were correct. They too were hypocritical. They to deliberately avoided, deliberately censored, the real message of Jesus Christ.

Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement

Right now, Angela Merkel of Germany is openly promoting TAFTA, a Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement. Well, the Americans are currently in a cold civil war over the rights that the EU is killing. The Bush administration has been working strenuously to effect those changes, killing those rights, in anticipation of the merger of Europe and the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) (the beginnings of the union of Canada, the United States, and Mexico).2 This movement is not accountable to democratically elected representation.3 Bush as also been doing the bidding of the international financiers in promoting the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).

This is why Bush and the other European-banker's minions hate Hugo Chavez so much. Chavez wants an independent, public central bank of South America. This would effectively cut out the parasites in Europe and the US. Their going to do everything they can to undercut this move. If they have to, in their eyes, they'll murder him. He knows it.

They scream that he is authoritarian, but who shines that same light back on them? They are authoritarian. The people don't have a free choice not to be under their control. That is because the people don't take that freewill choice to stand with God and not the greedy bankers.

As we have said, it isn't a question of whether or not unity. There will be unity. First though, the bankers will give it their all to force it and fail miserably. Then will come the grassroots, pacifist unity, the real kind.

First though, we must go through the exposure of all the corruption and everyone will have to choose. To paraphrase Bush's statement, you're either with God or you're with Satan. You're either with God or you're with the bankers. That's it.

The bankers have been running a confidence game on the whole of humanity. They are flimflam men and women. They are impostors selling nonsense and rubbish. They will be brought low.

The Europe Union is about bureaucratic regulation without democratic representation. It is the Napoleonic legal system.

If Europe wants to join with the United States, will the United States move in the direction of Napoleonic law as George W. Bush has been doing, or will Europe and America move back, and beyond, what America had at its founding?

Will the people continue to fall for the set-up terror attacks, the false-flag operations, or will they put a stop to it all?


1 Phillip Day. The Real Face of the European Union, a video documentary. 2004. Link. (last accessed: Saturday, February 03, 2007). Return to text body.

2 We don't subscribe to every aspect of the tone of the cited article, but the movement to fascism is real. Unity is real only when it's righteously based. The movement to fascism is not based on righteousness. It is coercive. It is harmful. It is further enslaving. It is a ruse. It is for dupes. It is hypnotic. Wake up!

Steven Yates. "United States of North America." The New American. May 1, 2006. Link. (last accessed: Sunday, February 04, 2007). Return to text body.

3 The cited article is from a reactionary source; however, the fact that this process is not being done under any oversight is nevertheless correct. These agreements (treaties) are not being put to the legislature for ratification. They are being done not simply in the name of foreign policy but rather by decree. The common people have no say no matter how indirect. These same policies will be pushed regardless of which party is put into office. The international financiers and bankers will see to it that those who win so-called elections fall within the spectrum acceptable to those bankers.

"THE NEW WORLD DISORDER: U.S., Mexico, Canada 'harmonizing' policies North American deep cooperation on many fronts already under way, reveals new official publication." January 15, 2007. Link. (last accessed: Sunday, February 04, 2007). Return to text body.

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