Dzerzhinsky was the first head of the Cheka (became the KGB), which was the Russian Communist's official terrorist arm. The monster, Vladimir Lenin, had the Cheka set up to enforce false communism in Russia and the Soviet Union. It murdered millions, perhaps tens of millions.

It was just as all secret police down through the ages right up to the present. The Nazis had their Gestapo. The US has its secret goon squads. Israel has its Mossad.

Dzerzhinsky is particularly instructive for the neocons, the false Zionists.

Jesus called for mercy. The false Zionists call for mercilessness. Think about it.

Consider the similarities between Michael Ledeen and his ilk and Felix Dzerzhinsky. Ledeen and the other neocons want a blitz toward total war on Islam without mercy. Dzerzhinsky said, "We stand for organized terror.... We will make our hearts cruel, hard and immovable, so that no mercy will enter them, and so that they will not quiver at the sight of a sea of enemy blood."1

You see, their hearts are one in evil hardheartedness. Don't follow them. They lead to hell.

Putin too is resuscitating Dzerzhinsky and Communism (large-c). According to William F. Jasper, Putin attempted, "along with Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, to restore the giant statue of Dzerzhinsky to its former place of honor in Moscow's Lubyanka Square."

This is in line with George W. Bush's (supposedly on the right) and Tony Blair's (supposedly on the left) drives toward fascism.

The bankers are behind all of the sleight of hand. The bankers have been playing chess with the world since they conjured up money.

Understand that the bankers are not for small-c communism. They are for the monarchy of the bankers with the top banker being the chief absolute monarch. This absolute monarch will be declared a living god-man not as a son of the real God but as the manifestation of the Lucifer spirit, the rebellious fallen angel of darkness, the son of Satan, the false god of this worldly world.

Also, many of those who are calling themselves libertarians in the US are masking bloodline obsessions. They are closet racists. It is important to sort out the so-called libertarians, the racists from the more decent hearted. Don't lump all libertarians together, just as it is wrong to lump all one-worlders together.

The real one-worlders want to be completely accountable to the people. The false one-worlders, such as Robert Zoellick, want to be accountable only to themselves.2 They don't care about the people. They play people off each other. Anyone who dissents is labeled a populist protectionist.3


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