Sean Hannity, the FOX News network talking head, said January 31, 2006, that the John Birch Society is "liberal."

Is Hannity correct? Is Sean Hannity liberal? Who's liberal? Who's conservative? Who's conserving what? Is anyone conserving liberalism?

This is what the Real Liberal Christian Church is all about. We know that Isaiah was absolutely correct and that Jesus agreed with him on this. Real liberals bring forth real bounty where there is not harm.

Both Sean Hannity and the John Birch Society (libertarians in the current distorted usage) are speaking from opposite ends of the same erroneous spectrum.

Hannity is a neocon, which is a false conservative. The John Birch Society is comprised of Enlightenment Era false liberals. The Society seeks to conserve (restore) that supposed liberalism, hence they call themselves conservatives. They hold that anyone who is not that kind of conservative, for conserving that kind of liberalism is neither a real liberal or real conservative.1 Hannity's vision of the foundation of America is much more bought off by the bankers, the new monarchs. He's paid to promote a wing of the spectrum held out to the masses as diversity when in fact, as the libertarians and others rightly point out, other voices are censored by the bankers to keep the people in the dark as to the real diversity.

In other words, real Christianity is censored from the mainstream. The message of Jesus is not heard on the mainstream. It will be though. The Holy Spirit will come through whether or not the bankers like it.

The real liberal is for the freewill awareness that the real nature law is that property is the commons that everyone must share and respect to the utmost.

Free markets, free enterprise, laissez faire, will never work where the people are not unified by the central proposition that all is the commons and that the commons must be respected to not only be sustainable but to bring forth in real abundance that is without harm ultimately being, therefore, heaven or the real biblical garden.

We are talking here about love. We are talking here about the golden rule that the so-called classical liberals and the so-called neocons do not follow as the guiding light.


1 Alan Scholl. "Is the John Birch Society 'Liberal'?" John Birch Society. February 1, 2007. . (last accessed: Sunday, February 04, 2007). Return to text body.

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