I mentioned global dimming in the work Supplement: There is No Such Thing as a Conservative-Republican Christian: Jesus is a small-c communist. Global dimming is the reduction of sunlight caused by particulate matter in the atmosphere. There are many sources of the matter. Forest fires, volcanoes, smoke stacks, and dust storms are but a few. Unfiltered emissions from internal combustion engines is another. This dimming cools the atmosphere. That cooling causes radical shifts in the air currents. This effect works at odds with to some degree and in conjunction with global warming to throw the weather patterns into greater pattern changes in shorter time spans.

One of the ways the US government has been attempting to mitigate the effects of global warming caused by the overuse of carbon-based fuels is by the scientific application of jet vapor trails or chemtrails as they are now called. The military has sent its jets crisscrossing the skies in the US to supplement the commercial jet haze and to layout a calculated artificial cloud-cover haze that reflects the heat of the sun back out to space so that that sunlight doesn't heat up the ground and atmosphere.

This may sound good, but such efforts have lead to increase drought and starvation in Africa primarily where the normally heated air used to cause more dependable monsoons. Millions of people died due to the particulate pollution of Russia, England, the US, and other industrial polluters.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, and more and more people are becoming aware of all these things, the US suggestion for reflecting sunlight back to space before it can heat the atmosphere may be evaluated on a more informed basis.

Reflecting sunlight is a stupid stopgap measure. What the US and other nations need to do is to have a crash cooperative effort to dramatically cut greenhouse gases and particulate pollution at the same time. All competition must be curtailed in this effort. Only completely cooperation will properly succeed.

In addition to greatly lessening the trend in global warming and eventually stabilizing it at a harmonious level, the move away from oil and coal, etc., would move the nations away from war over those resources.

The effort to clean the atmosphere would be needed practice in cooperation. It would also open the door to many things that have never been considered. People would be working on an unselfish basis. Jobs that never existed would be created in clean endeavors. The same mentality brought to bear in correcting the global warming and dimming problem could be brought to bear on the freshwater problem and all the other problems facing humanity.

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