The value of the Euro has been going up relative to the US Dollar. The Yen and Yuan meanwhile have been kept from truly floating by Japan and China respectively. This will change. The Yen and Yuan will both rise against the Dollar. The Dollars value will drop even more.

Foreign governments will scramble to dump (convert) their petrodollar holdings. There will be a run on the dollar. Iraq tried it, and Saddam paid for it. Russia has done it. Iran and Venezuela have threatened it. China and others are already increasing their diversification of currency holdings.

The buying power of American consumers will drop. Inflation will be a strong pressure. The Fed will raise interest rates. The economy will slow. Foreclosures will rise. Bankruptcies will rise. Unemployment will rise just when people need even lower-paying jobs. Investor metal prices will rise, and those who stole the US gold will profit nicely at the expense of the rest.

You can thank, among others, most every US president for this.

This is all a deliberate seesawing of the global economy. The rich get relatively richer by it. They anticipate it. They set it up and do their insider-investing in advance accordingly.

The tax cuts for the wealthy have simply meant that it now takes more than two fulltime incomes to do what it took only one to do two generations ago.

One remedy is to soak the rich with taxes until the relative net income of the rich is back to where it was in the early 1950's. Rather than making hundreds of times what the frontline worker makes, they would be back to making about four or five times that amount. This would mean that the rest of society would generally share through governmental programs all that is now being hoarded by the ultra-rich. Free college and post-graduate education, free medical care, free mass transit, and many other things would be possible. Try getting that through the Congress without being assassinated by the banker's hit men.

Another way is for the stockholders to demand for the sake of the general society that the compensation to managers and executives be capped at that fourfold level. Then, a flatter tax where the revenue goes primarily to everything other than the military would be more feasible. It wouldn't go through either though. The stockholders are vested in the military-industrial complex. The greedy would just scheme the destruction of the plan.

There are many ways to attempt to skin a cat as they say, but skinning the cat isn't the task at hand. Doing away with greed, violence, and depravity in the heart of each person is the only avenue. The cumulative, magnifying effect of that is the only solution.

Look the reason the poor are getting poorer and the middle class is shrinking is because the rich are hoarding more. When the rich point to China a few decades ago or Cuba now to say that there are no rich there so why are they poor, the rich conveniently leave out the trading blockades they had on China and have on Cuba now. If Cuba had been allowed to just trade freely, it would not be poor. Even still, Cuba's poorest are better off than America's poorest. Think about that.

Why do America's poor and middle class support the ultra-rich who are raping them non-stop? Why don't they see that the ultra-rich are nothing but parasites bound and determined to stop all fairness and justice?

Support the Real Liberal Christian Church in bringing forth the Christian commons. Together, we can do away with usury and profiting at the expense of others and replace those evils with the giving and sharing economy called for by Jesus Christ.

Tom Usher

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