Electric cars were touted in the 1990's by General Motors and others. However, General Motors stop pursuing them, because they say there was not adequate demand. The cruising range was around one hundred miles, and the charging time was around eight hours. They recalled all their leased-out cars and crushed and shredded them along with all the new (unused) cars they had on their show lots. The reason given was that they would not be continuing a replacement-parts program and it was a safety issue.

It is great to see that California enthusiasts didn't give up on the promise of electric cars. Hobbyists have produced cars that are extremely powerful, very fast, and have cruising ranges of three hundred miles.1 Charging times have been reduced as well.

Our main objection to electric cars at the time was that electricity came primarily from the grid and the grid was dependent upon nuclear and carbon-based generating plants. In a thoughtful and intelligent answer to that important consideration, California began developing free, solar recharging covered-parking lots. The carport roofs were covered by solar panels. That was a great idea on the part of green-minded souls and would have been the solution to the nuclear waste and air-pollution problems with recharging from the grid. Of course, many of us were calling for the grid itself to be solar driven.

However, as we have seen with Tesla's plan to give free electrical energy to the people, people such as J. P. Morgan and the other robber barons couldn't charge the people in that case and, therefore, couldn't selfishly enrich themselves at the expense of even the poorest of the poor. It is ever so, which means that behind the scenes at General Motors, there were forces at work that did to the General Motors research and development plans what J. P. Morgan did to Tesla's R&D and for exactly the same reason.

Well, solar electrical-panel costs are falling. When coupled with electric cars, the whole cycle is vastly cleaner and safer than hydrogen fuel-cell technology.

Older cars can be retrofitted relatively easily with electric motors and batteries too.

This is something the Real Liberal Christian Church will keep in mind when it comes time to handle transportation and farm equipment. It would seem that solar panels and electric motors could drive tractors for instants.


1 EV-1 :Who Killed The Electric Car? OPEC? US Govt?, a video. Dateline [Australia]. . (last accessed: Wednesday, February 07, 2007). Return to text body.

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