WWI was about a number of things that all come down to one thing. What is often left out of the historical accounts is the British Empire's shift from coal to oil and the British takeover of Iraqi oil. Regardless, WWI, and all wars, is and are about imperialism in one form or another.

What they weren't doing then and aren't doing now is building representative democracies. They have put in the fix in Iraq so that the will of the people would never be realized. Now the alternatives are between those farthest from the grassroots desires on each end of the phony spectrum. The constitution that the Iraqis wanted was disallowed by the Empires prefect, Paul Bremer.

Some eighteen million people lost their lives in WWI. About half of them were civilians. It was a crime. It was a crime perpetrated by imperialists with ambitions to redraw the map of the world through conquest with the ultimate goal of global domination.

These people had decided that war was the best method for changing the people's perceptions. The imperialists in the US wanted the people to believe that the ambitions of the imperialists was one thing when it was really another. The people didn't want war. They didn't want to dominate the world. The imperialists had to create events in their attempt to change that correct mind-set. This then was the greedy, who were rich enough to pay to have events created, manipulating the perceptions of the masses.

They hired Edward Bernays, Sigmund Freud's nephew, who toyed with the psyches, the souls, of the people en masse. He played with their underlying sexual instincts. He twisted and magnified the people's sexual procreative force to create a perverted lust for what the imperialists were selling. Bernays treated the grassroots as a herd of stupid beasts. He hid what he was doing. Bernays wasn't out to enlighten the people. He was out to control them, to exercise his own ego. Bernays was about enslaving the people, not freeing them with the truth. He did that for the sake of his own wealth and power at the behest of his own masters, the imperialists.

Bernays was a Rasputin, Mesmer, Svengali, Merlin, Simon Magus, of his day. He was a mass hypnotist. He was a spell-binder. He bound the American people under the wicked spell he cast over them, literally.

Bernays was extremely anti-Christ. Jesus came to awaken the people from their stupor. Bernays came to put them further under.

Study it. You will see that we are telling you the truth. Ask God. God will inform you in no uncertain terms that we are telling you the truth. Inform others not from a smug or superior position (for all must be humbled), and watch the power of the spell still at work in many. It is why there are so many dupes still echoing the Bush/Cheney line about Iraq and Iran, etc. They don't realize that they speak double-speak.

They are giving up the freedom to do good! Look at it carefully. Consider it with as much care as you can muster, then ask for more power to take even more care to look and to see and to know and understand. It will come to you.

Consequently, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was merely the pretext for a war that the imperialists were bound and determined to start.

Simply put, the war was caused by selfishness (competition) manifested in myriad forms. It all comes down to bloodline selfishness no matter how one slices it.

This means that imperial ambitions trace back to before the flood, literally, and out into the future until war is abolished not by coercion but by the intelligent and informed freewill choice of all the souls remaining after the final war.

One need only backtrack through history to see the vine and its evil root of selfishness.

Therefore, the current war in Afghanistan and Iraq and the coming widening of the war to include Iran is all part of this continuum.

The current president, George W. Bush, is acting in line with this imperialism. He is not acting in line with Christianity, not even close, not even slightly. Everything about the so-called war on terror is really about bloodline imperial ambitions.

What is consistent about this current drive is that it does not seek in any way to redress grievances. No side is interested in that. Each facet is interested in imposing its will upon all the others.

The real Christian, however, is interested in every facet stopping to realize that what is best is to freely accept the real will of God, which is and always has been, mercy, love, peace, being the absolute truth.

How is the war sold? How is the last war still sold? How are all the wars sold leading up to them and then after them? The rich own the salespeople. They own many historians. They own the media. They control the printing presses and libraries. Through these means, through their grants, through their political-campaign contributions, through the promise of the revolving door, through their contracts, through their lawyers and judges, through their universities, through their think tanks and public-relations firms, etc., they steer the consciousness of the society at-large in the direction that suits the imperial ambitions of the rich.

Working against this is a huge tide that includes all sorts of agendas. Each group or individual puts forth what he or she thinks best no matter how perverse. The question becomes one of which is ultimately best. The Real Liberal Christian Church puts forth that the new commandment is best.

The new commandment is diametrically opposed to the bloodline imperialism that has been going on since the first selfish act of one human toward another. It is diametrically opposed to the idea that survival of the fittest means that coercive brutes are the fittest for existence. In fact, coercive brutes are not even really human, meaning they aren't "wise man."

"Wise man" is the meaning of the name of our species. It is the name we have given ourselves that is the claim to enlightenment that more than suggests divine connection and awareness. We ought to live up to our name.

It must be understood that the elites behind scenes in these doings are aware of these things to varying degrees. They even credit themselves with moving the mass of humanity to the end of the very problems their elitist thinking has caused. It won't work. They really know that too in their hearts. They just cannot overcome themselves, their egos.

They will continue driving the masses into greater and greater enforcement under them (the elitists). They will continue building the police state that they will control and from which they will exempt themselves. It is enslavement no better than the slavery that was going on, on the Southern plantations of the American Deep South. It is an insidious combination of racism and classism.

The elitists of each race and ethnic group and family engage in this by definition. Each one works to convince himself or herself and all others that resistance is futile. They will use whatever means necessary. They also work to create the belief system that will result in their branch or spirit prevailing even if fleetingly. It buys time to open opportunities to try again in the future, and try they do and will.

What differentiates these from real Christianity is that Jesus wasn't stuck believing that his tribe had a lock on entitlement. He saw through that. He realized that righteousness has the lock on entitlement regardless of anything else. It just so happened though that he could see out into the finite future to realize that by virtue of his saying and doing what he said and did, his spirit line and the bloodline would end up being one and the same, meaning they would come together (conflate: be blown together by the Holy, the divine, who is God by definition).

For this, Jesus was murdered by fallen man but resurrected back into eternal life in righteousness by the unfallen spirit who is God.

Now the world is faced with the same choice and it is accelerating toward the inevitable.

What we each do individually and collectively is planting the seeds of what we will each harvest individually and collectively. We will experience the standard we put forth. If we put forth torture, we will be tortured. If we put forth inflicting harm, we will be harmed. If we put forth hypocrisy, we will suffer under hypocrisy. If we put forth love, peace, pacifism, purity, sharing all with all, these truths, and act accordingly (consistently), we will exist in love, peace, purity, sharing all, in consistency.

That is the future.


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And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free. (Matthew 17:24-26)

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