Does Iran have coercive, imperial ambitions, as the Israelites have been saying? Has Iran been supporting groups that hate the current state of Israel? Does Israel have coercive, imperial ambitions, as the Arabs and Persians have been saying? Have Israel and the US been engaging in clandestine operations against Arab and Persian interests? Has the US sided with Israel because of the line concerning Middle East oil, to deny the Russians and Chinese counter to US hegemonic ambitions?

The answer to all of these questions is yes.

Writers can discuss cultural wars and wars of civilizations, and those are parts of the correct viewpoint; however, greed and ego are the evils behind the ambitions.

They all have the same ambition, but the current governments of US and Israel are the most driven by these evil attributes.

Right now, Iran is being threatened in this war for imperial global domination. It is threatening back. This does not excuse Iran. However, the US and the British Empire and the other colonial powers are responsible for having never broken the chains of imperial ambitions. Rather than doing the right thing, they followed on the heels of the Roman Empire, co-opting it, and waged Crusades against the Islamic Empire, which itself had made the exact same mistake of not breaking the chains.

So, this is what the wars are about. They are not about bringing democracy to the Middle East.

The last thing the US wants are a bunch of free, representational democracies in the Middle East and the whole world voting in egalitarian-minded people, which would happen if they weren't interfered with by an intruding Washington.

When the US and Israel attack the nations of the Middle East, understand then that it is greed and egoism that are being manifested out of the hard, cold, small hearts of those responsible. Don't be like them. To be that way is the death of the soul. It leads one's soul into hell fire and damnation, literally. To be their opposite is salvation.

Tom Usher

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