Thank God that there are Jews who are standing up to the neocons and false Zionists around the world.

Historian Tony Judt denounced the government of Israel as "arrogant, aggressive, anachronistic, infantile...immoral." Tony Lerman, head of the think tank, Institute of Jewish Policy Research, has said that Israel should be replaced with a Jewish-Arab state. Now that's the anti-racist view that God wants. Also, the British group, Independent Jewish Voices, is making clear that the false Zionists don't speak for them.1 These are excellent developments and part of the saving grace of the descendants of Jacob.

The false-conservative nationalists are losing the argument and it's making them very nervous. Their cover is being blown thanks to the movement of the Holy Spirit.

This movement is going to grow and grow until Israel cannot be a racist state anymore.

Add these developments to the work of professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt and to Jimmy Carter's book and Norman Finkelstein's work and the picture really starts to become clear. The tide of history is on the side of truth that the current state of Israel was, and is, built upon the evil designs of radical evil.

We know the terrorist history, and we know the abominable treatment of the Palestinians (despite the Palestinians' own error in not turning to Christ.)

Sanity will prevail.


1 Ned Temko. "Furore over Jewish critics' challenge to state of Israel." The Observer. February 4, 2007.,,2005739,00.html. (last accessed: Saturday, February 10, 2007). Return to text body.

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