Blatant hypocrisy
We find it amazing that people can be so knowingly hypocritical and still keep their high positions. We find it amazing that the people don't bring such people down.

It is one thing to be working on sorting out hypocrisy in order personally and publicly to better avoid it, but it is another thing to engage in blatant hypocrisy knowing full well that it is completely obvious to the entire world.

World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz has accused Chinese banks of ignoring human rights and environmental standards in Africa. He warned that the Chinese surge in lending could fuel corruption and debt burdens.1

This fits the old expression "the kettle calling the pot black." The US and World Bank, which the US controls and which US-taxpayer dollars funds in large measure, have systematically ignored human rights and environmental standards and fueled corruption and debt burdens.

Wolfowitz's policies and practices as president of the World Bank have resulted in no dramatic shift in that system. As the saying goes, "Who's he kidding?"

Wolfowitz has only attempted to improved the cover for the World Bank. He has upped their propaganda and psy-ops approach. Eighty percent of World Bank loans are now to be spent on health, education, and infrastructure. However, that infrastructure must be aimed at improving foreign ownership and neoliberal trade. A good example is funding from the World Bank to build oil pipelines where the proceeds of the oil never reach the poor. They reach corrupt government officials or the executives and shareholders of the multinational oil companies who put Wolfowitz into his position at the World Bank.

This is the same Wolfowitz who couched the neocon and false Zionists ambitions in terms of the idealism of bringing democracy to the world. He worked hand in glove with all the members of the Project for the New American Century. Wolfowitz is an imperialist, not a representational, egalitarian democrat by any stretch of the imagination.

China's imperialism

Oh, were not saying that Wolfowitz is wrong that China is "ignoring human rights and environmental standards in Africa" and that "the Chinese surge in lending could fuel corruption and debt burdens." We'll go further by changing his word "could" to "is" fueling "corruption and debt burdens." What's happening is that China's imperialism is simply a rawer version of US imperialism.

China is in a mad dash for growth fueled by that growth. It is embarked upon colonialism for the first time in the history of the Chinese Empire. Historically, China was the huge and powerful nation in its region (the superpower) that strove to keep invaders out and to whom the surrounding nations paid homage. China fought at its borders. It was not as the British Empire and European colonial powers and then the US. It was as Russia, it did not leapfrog about the glove to extend empire.

That's all changed now though due to oil, gas, and other resources wanted for fueling China's unsustainable carbon-fuel-consumption curve.

Unfair trading

Now China and the US and to a lesser degree Britain and France are engaged in a sinister game of which nation can use which dictator in Africa for the sake of resource contracts and what counter-balancing strategies, etc. That's what it's all about: Trading (unfair trading) in a constant self-centered game of king of the hill. This is trading that never benefits the people of the area unless a populist seizes control and arms himself to the teeth from a diversity of arms sources and better yet, manufactures the weapons in-house, as Russia and China do. Unfortunately, such requirements ruin other things, such as open borders. That's due to the fear of infiltration of counter-revolutionaries bent upon killing egalitarianism.

US government damns the good and backs the bad

The US government (the group of usurpers) knows exactly who the peaceful egalitarians are, but they intentionally facilitate evil entities to suppress those rightful shepherds and stewards while they, the US, just back whoever will give US big-business the most license to rape the given nation (land and people).

What is happening in Africa and elsewhere is the same old game only with China as a new player with exponential-growth ambitions.

Chad and Idriss Déby

A microcosm of the heightening hegemonic game is Chad.2 The president of Chad, Idriss Déby, declared himself president for life (dictator for life). Chad, a former French colony, borders the Darfur region of Sudan, another dictatorship and a former colony of Britain. France and China backed Déby against the wishes of Paul Wolfowitz and the neocons. However, many, but not all, of those who want to oust Déby are of course egalitarians. Well, Déby simply labels all of them terrorists (Islamists).

The US neocons will have to find a way of dethroning Déby to install a non-egalitarian dictator who will side with the US against Chinese ambitions.

In the interim, Wolfowitz easily backed off the requirement for pipeline proceeds to go to social needs.3 Now those proceeds go for weapons for Déby's regime. Déby is after all a French trained general who has shown his military expertise in the past and is now supposedly fighting the so-called Islamists. He is now a calculating ally in the war on terror, playing China off the US. Does he know what he's doing?

Worldwide Attack Matrix

The US is not stretched too thin, and it is not preoccupied with Iraq. It can conduct a Worldwide Attack Matrix. It is showing that it is getting ready for just that. It has been ratcheting up all over the world. Just as other nations work to undermine it, the US moves that much faster to get the pieces in place.

The money will back the US

Don't be fooled, if push comes to shove, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan will side with the US over Russia, China, India, and Brazil, etc. Therefore, moving from petrodollars to Euros won't help if total war breaks out, for which the neocons are working day and night.


Israel sees the whole of the Middle East coming under its control as a proxy for the American Empire. Then it will work on getting out from under the US. It's already done a wicked job of steering US foreign policy via campaign financing and concentrated control of the media and lobbying, etc.

Guns and butter

Déby has though called for Chad's share of the oil proceeds to go from some twelve to sixty percent. That's a change on the order of Chavez in Venezuela. If they were taking in that sixty percent, perhaps Déby thinks Chad could afford guns and butter. That's what Chavez believes for Venezuela, and that's what the US seeks to prevent everywhere in the world.

Only the US may have both the guns and the butter (butter for the rich and guns for the military and US weapons dealers).

Chemtrails: Stealthy weapon of thieves exposed

Also, understand that the US has been manipulating the global atmosphere via particulate matter dispersed from military jets especially in the US Southwest so that, among other things including to lessen global warming, the Sahara desert will expand to the South. This happens by virtue of reflecting heat back to space in a global-dimming campaign before it can heat the ground. A consequence is less evaporation, hence less natural clouding. Another consequence is less ground heating, hence less alteration in wind currents. That's what caused the droughts in Africa that murdered millions and ruined economies including in Chad.

The weather patterns (wind currents) that normally brought rain were broken by the US government and its military-industrial complex. That's not all this program of particulate matter in the atmosphere is about.

It is also about signals transmission and direct-energy weaponry and testing chemicals on an uninformed non-consenting American and world population. (See our article on Global Dimming; also see footnotes4 & 5 . Disclaimer: We don't endorse everything on these sites. They do contain important facts however. Let the Holy Spirit of truth help you discern.)

Owning the weather: HAARP

These developments are linked with the US Military's stated objective of "owning the weather." They are built off the initial work of Nikola Tesla and have resulted in the HAARP ionospheric heater and concentrator/targeting equipment. With HAARP, the US military seeks to harness the power of all the lightning bolts of the earth at once and to be able to target that. Such power in unbridled, reckless, and depraved hands cannot be allowed. HAARP and facilities like it are unhealthful even at lower energy levels for communicating with submarines.

Dr. Kanavy noted the "large amount of data, both animal experimental and human clinical, to support the existence of chronic, non-thermal effects." These effects include behavioral aberrations, neural network perturbations, fetal (embryonic) tissue damage (inducing birth defects), cataractogenesis (cataracts), altered blood chemistry, metabolic changes and suppression of the endocrine and immune systems. There were also cases of sudden and unexplained mutations in frogs and wildlife in the radiation paths of ELF (extremely low frequency; radio frequency below 300 hertz) installations. It was only a matter of time before the public outcry would prohibit ELF transmitters.6

What should have happened

Consider that if carbon fuels had been eliminated, as they should have been already and would have been had we started in earnest when it was foolproof in the 1960's that they would lead to global warming, then both carbon dioxide and particulate matter would have been tiny compared to now. Had the US further embarked upon throwing its industriousness behind intelligent programs, the Sahara would not be growing but would have receded.

The growing desert is forcing Chad to depend more and more on oil exports. This is a death cycle created by the US, whose Chevron and ExxonMobil are dominant players. However, Chad has been turning to China to cut better deals for Chad. Chad had been keeping only twelve and a half percent of the oil revenue for the Chadian government. This move has garnered increased taxes from the US corporation Chevron.

Global-dimming campaign

The US has used this global-dimming campaign deliberately to caused droughts in Africa to starve and dislocate the African population and to keep the Blacks down. It has been part of the long-term, racist, strategy of the American Empire (with the silent acquiescence of other nations and all of the mainstream US media and politicians) to harm, weaken, destroy, and control Africa.

US is moving in

Now that a band across Africa has been identified as a huge oil and gas region, the US is quickly moving in militarily under the pretext of a global war on terrorism against militant jihadist the US created by its reprehensible behavior in the world and to bleed and topple the Soviet Union.

That's what US troops are for. It has been that way since the first frontier wars started on the East coast of the US against the indigenous peoples. They are the muscle for US corporations paid for out of general revenue income taxes on the poor and middle class of America. They are definitely not for spreading good. They are tools (pawns) for spreading evil, oligarchy.

India will attempt to jump in

This evil gambit is being played in the Middle East, other parts of Asia, and in Latin America as well. Also, India isn't going to remain behind in these activities. It too is experiencing huge growth that will require huge fuel consumption.

This is all of what Paul Wolfowitz and the other neocons predicted even before the fall of the Berlin Wall, since they, the neocons, were deeply engaged in the evil, imperial stratagems rather than looking for ways to promote real world freedom that is uncoerced (freewill; conscience) egalitarianism, free of greed, violence, and impure feelings, etc.

Propaganda cover

All the talk of democracy, liberty, freedom, openness, etc., is a cover for colonialism, imperialism, militarism, control, suppression, oppression, dictation, etc., by any means necessary to achieve it, including rape, torture, false imprisonment, and summary execution.

This whole way must be brought to an end. The door needs to be closed and locked and disappeared forever. Satan must be defeated in the hearts and minds of the entire human population.

The Host of Heaven are watching.


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