Feith didn't disagree with the CIA. He made stuff up. He took known garbage and sold it as intelligence. That was his job, and he did it well.

His office was a policy-driven course of derailing all real intelligence. His job was to railroad America into a war based upon all the false pretences he and his group could conjure up. The Pentagon's inspector general may think that's not illegal, but the inspector general is wrong.

The case for war is the most important legal argument, legal case, there is. The legal obligation for taking a nation to war based upon open facts is the highest requirement under the mundane law. To knowingly and willfully lead a nation into war based upon fabricated evidence is the highest crime there is under mundane law.

It's a major crime under the divine law as well, so there's no getting off the hook without repenting, something Douglas Feith is avoiding as if the hope for redemption is the plague rather than his string of lies that continue to this day.

We're guilty of sinning in our lives. The point is to standup finally to say enough, enough sinning from all quarters. Not to do so just perpetuates it. It makes it harder for everyone, the self included.

Feith is just scrambling to avoid being charged with war crimes, something under the mundane law that ought to happen until he repents. There's no presumption of innocents here. He's guilty as charged. If you stood right there watching someone shoot someone in the head, you know he did it. Others may have put him up to it, he may be under a spell, but he still did it.

The question is whether Feith will see the light and stop lying for the sake of his spot in the Empire and for the sake of Israeli imperial ambitions.

Oh, of course he should be allowed to give his evidence to support his contention that he's not lying now. Of course everyone is afforded more rope to hang himself and herself with in the eyes of God. Rather though, he should take the warning and turn before he is so far gone that he cannot find the way not to lose his soul. Right now, he's spiritually dead. He's walking in utter darkness, and misleading and aiding and abetting many others who might otherwise see the light. It's the blind-to-the-truth leading the blind-to-the-truth.

Tom Usher

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