Honey bee colonies have apparently been dying by the tens of thousands across the US by a disease that leaves the bees loaded with foreign fungi, bacteria, and other organisms. Their hives are not then raided by other bees or animals for a couple of weeks. Normally the hive will be overrun when it starts to weaken. In addition, most of the bees fly off to die. These are all unusual.1 It is also a sign of the red sky in the morning, a sign of the times.

The bees are the major pollinators of the earth. They work symbiotically according to God's way for them. The plants need them and they need the plants. We too need them and the plants. However, many humans are at spiritual war against God, against God's natural and spiritual way. This will kill many of us. Ignoring it and doing nothing to rectify it in the right way is killing many souls.

Why is this happening? Why are there so many diseases in animals and insects and plant life? Well, it's all on account of human selfishness.

Law of attraction

Many people may be familiar with something that is promoted by New Agers called the law of attraction. They say it has been the secret of success used by the rich and powerful down through the ages.

What it amounts to is, you receive in accordance with how you think. This is of course correct, only these promoters use it for selfish ends where they don't have to feel any remorse or compassion or guilt, etc. They are getting their reward here and now. They take that as proof that their spiritual approach is correct. Of course, it's from Satan.

It's the exact opposite of the attraction of Jesus Christ.

The law of attraction as put forth by the selfish, doesn't credit God for being the provider. It doesn't know the source of the power that is giving them what they want, and what they want is to have their every selfish desire fulfilled. They want money, power, luxury material possessions, and to be able to do anything they want along sexual lines, etc., with nothing but the most self-satisfying feelings of impunity.

They actually succeed, but it isn't proof of correctness. Avoiding feelings of guilt and shame over wrong-doing is exactly what brings the misery of others. These people think nothing about how many others experience pain and suffering in the creation of the opulence with which these ignorant-attractors surround themselves.

Their method of distinguishing good from bad is by use of hedonism: If it feels "good," you know it's right. Many people have heard it put as "If it feels good, do it." People though are misled by this temptation. Following this hedonistic path can and will lead to all sorts of things that will feel good, as the hedonists define it, but that do destroy the environment and other people, innocent people. It is an extremely deceptive, cruel, meaningless, and directionless philosophy of life. It is mistaking the pleasures of sin for righteousness. It is misdefining "good" and "pleasure." Hedonism, no matter how it is sold, is still unworthy. It is not ultimately beneficial but rather detrimental. It is not benevolent, because it robs the poor to pay the rich. This philosophy of attracting to oneself in hedonism is a fleeting, deceptive, devouring path. To follow that wrong path, one must turn a blind eye to amassing for self. One must rationalize one's self-styled success. This should not feel good but should rather bother the soul, bother the conscience.

One ought not be conscienceless and then imagine that state to be pleasurable. One needs to redefine pleasure back to its original spirit that is taking pleasure only in being beneficial to the innocent, promoting people becoming more and more innocent, as in not guilty, not blameworthy.

You see, hedonism is at fault. This twisted use of the law of attraction comes out of the root of evil that is selfishness. The selfish, false happiness that these people derive is fed by the deprivation of others. However, there is a way to bring bounty and prosperity for all. That is the only right way. No soul need finally reject this path. That's the message of real love.

Even those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit can be forgiven after enough ages, enough time, in the age to come. Jesus lived on the earth in the flesh in the prior age. We are living in the age to come relative to that age. He said that those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit would not be forgiven in his age or in this age, but he didn't say "never." The door will be shut to the spirit, the essence, of evil, but if souls can be divided away from that spirit-essence, those souls will be redeemed that is forgiven in the next age.

The important word here is "if." The important thing to understand is that the hedonistic use of the law of attraction will preclude forever that dividing away from the spirit-essence of evil. So long as one is following the wrong law, that one will not arrive at forgiveness and will, therefore, end up suffering the consequences of selfish, misdefined pleasure.

One ought rather to take pleasure in righteousness. If it feels righteous, morally upright, and beneficial to all, do it. Attract real love that is the magnification of righteousness, morality, true benefit, which benefits all. Don't be misled by the objectors to giving and sharing all for all. They are taking warped and twisted pleasure in disregarding the affliction, distress, grief, and fear in others.

Their way allows the people to be duped by the dark artists of false flags who brought us 9-11 and the wars that they have caused to follow. They brought us the wars before also going back to the beginning.

Their way glorifies the ancient way of manipulating the mind for the sake of those who wish to lord it over others. Their way murdered Jesus in their attempt to kill off righteousness.

We aren't saying that positive thinking is wrong. In fact, it's right. What we're saying is that these people have misdefined what constitutes "positive."

The thoughts and feelings of people need to move to wanting not for self but for all others. Then, and only then, will humanity attract the real good. However, this requires letting go of the need to have feelings of superiority in order to feel well and happy. It requires ending living in the delusional world of getting for self first and foremost that leads to hell after a shameful and unenlightened, un-crediting existence in the here and now.

All those who use the particular spirit suggested by these people to attract will be judge by the standard that sees the utter hypocrisy in their wide path. They are attracting more than they realize or that they don't care about while they selfishly get their rewards in the here and now.

It is that spirit, the spirit of the law of attraction used for purely selfish ends that is manifesting all the pain and suffering and disease, war, and the rest. It is that spirit that is killing the bees. It is that spirit that is blind and insolated to the starvation and homelessness of millions and the daily struggle for survival of billions more. It isn't the fault of those billions in not emulating the blind attractors.

There's nothing secret about all of this. The spirit of Satan versus the spirit of God has been well known for many thousands of years. It's time for humanity and each individual to make the choice. That's what's going on.

Choose giving and sharing in the way of the Christian commons. Help us to bring that forward. Help to attract the real heaven to earth. The dark days will come and pass. Then what we did to bring forth unselfishness in the face of the destructive force of selfishness will be known, remembered, and used. The selfish way will have been rejected, as it must.

Then the bees won't be attacked and they won't sting.


1 Genaro C. Armas. "Mystery Ailment Strikes Honeybees: New Mystery Ailment Devastates Honeybee Industry, Already Hurt by Mite Infestation." AP. ABC News. February 11, 2007. http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory?id=2867049. (last accessed: Monday, February 12, 2007). Return to text body.

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