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It's about oil
The trend-line for discovering new oil has been going down since the 1970's.

The growth rate in consumption has been out pacing new discoveries. It now stand at a factor of three, and that trend is accelerating at about six percent per year.

The only forces that can alter the inevitable results includes a rapidly rising price of energy that would make it cost-effective to being other sources on line such as heavy oil, shale oil, deep-water oil, tar sands, coal liquefaction and gasification, nuclear, and all the alternative energy possibilities that have been systematically held down for the sake of those greedy and selfish power-players in the oil exploration, refining, etc., industry.

Peak oil

Fifty percent of known oil-producing nations have already reached or passed the peak in their ability to supply oil. There are nations that are discovering oil, but it is finite. At the rate of consumption and considering the rate of increase in consumption, the global capacity to pump and supply oil will peak. It will be down hill thereafter estimated at about three percent per year concerning cheap non-heavy oil.

This of course, doesn't speak to the issue of climatic devastation by burning all that oil. Without a way of sequestering the introduction of excessive carbon into the atmosphere or without shifting to clean energy, not only will the world suffer economically but the climate will radically worsen and mass starvation and death by disease and other upheavals will exterminate billions. Is that the plan? It's the plan of some.

Important for Real Liberal Christians to understand

The most important thing for would-be Real Liberal Christians to understand is the figure given by Richard Heinberg who says that currently (February 2007), the human race is expending about ten calories of energy to produce one calorie of food. The ten calories of energy are primarily coming from crude oil. When it is gone, without a different energy source, food production will have to be done by the population. It is our intention to be agrarian again as soon as possible while mixing in clean, sustainable energy to assist us in bringing forth the real abundance.

We must not lose sight of the fact that the fertilizers and pesticides used to mass produce on factory farms comes largely from the petrochemical industry. This is in addition to the fuel for tractors and harvesters and trucks for transportation and refrigeration in transit, etc.

We must also keep in mind all the environmental problems associated with plastics from the oil industry and with the harmful side effects of drugs and many of the chemicals that come out of the petrochemical industry.

Economic growth and the economic system has been built up on oil. It started with the robber barons and in particular John D. Rockefeller in the US and spread to the rest of the planet. Coal continued to be used but was supplanted as the main energy provider. Hydroelectric was brought on line, but there are limits with the huge dams and their environmental problems too.

The economy must shift away from oil, because it is running out and because it is dirty.

We, the Church, must bring about this shift to include a shift from selfishness itself that caused the mess to begin with, selfishness being the driving force, the driving spirit, of the likes of the John D. Rockefellers of the world.

Money will try to go somewhere other than oil. It will push into all the other possibilities. Those corporations with their vested interests in their expertise in certain industries that already have a huge foothold in the current economy will beckon investors. Such is the case being made now for nuclear-fission, breeder reactors (breeding plutonium as fuel itself), and coal-plant corporations. Of course, nuclear is a huge mining and waste-storage issue and coal is a mining and air-pollution and warming issue. Such is also the case with factory-farming corporations that are pushing for biofuels, which strain the land, depend upon oil, and take food out of the mouths of animals and people.

Thank God for the so-called alarmists who are frightening people into moving on these issues now. It is the Holy Spirit moving us, whether the masses see that yet or not. The people should have moved in the 1960's and especially by the 1970's, but they chose selfishness, political so-called conservatism (false conservatism, nothing conservationist of God's garden earth about them).

Now, Bush/Cheney know all of this is true, but they deceive the people by withholding information, manipulating information, and lying to the people all for the selfish sakes of the Bush/Cheney ilk. There are millions of people whose industry is to do this deceiving. Millions of them are completely duped. To this day, there are legions of them naysaying global, human caused, climate change.

They call peak oil a theory. It is no theory. It is impossible to be a theory. The only way that it would be a theory is if the earth were producing oil at the rate we use it. That's ridiculous. Nevertheless, that is exactly what the EU energy commissioner, Andris Piebalgs, said in February of 2006. Now that's just plain deceptive, stupid, or uninformed. We know he isn't uninformed. Also, it is stupid but only in the sense that its stupid to be deceptive about it. He's in the position he's in because of the energy powers that be and those powers are dominated by oil. Oil wants its run for as long as possible while it's superrich position themselves out of sight to dominate the next energy industry. They want to have a meter on it always. There is to be no free energy for all the people.

The Real Church is the exact opposite of that.

Rather investing in the status quo, invest in that which will bring forth in real abundance for the sake of the many. Invest ethically and for the future of all those who are likeminded, in the body of Christ, Christ-minded.

In the interim, the US has embarked under Bush/Cheney upon a global hot war for resources. It is selfishness stimulated by the whole neocon/false Zionists expansionist/imperialist agenda.

In order to start this war without telling the American people that the war is for purely selfish, greedy reasons, the US shadow government within the US shadow government concocted 9/11 as the Pearl Harbor of our time. Pearl Harbor too was deliberately brought on by the US government for the sake of US global Imperial ambitions and to deny others, Japan and Germany and later Russia and now China.

There is no doubt about it that 9/11 was both allowed to happen and set up to give Bush/Cheney and the neocons the cover, plausible deniability (truly implausible, actually impossible). They need a Pearl Harbor, so they created one. It took decades working while they were in and out of office, but they did it collective, secretly, and compartmentally. Now they don't want anyone looking into it to expose it.

They had to steal the oil and they wanted a cover story, a pretense. 9/11 was that cover story, the pretense, the pretext, the false-flag operation to grab coveted trillions and trillions of dollars worth of resources around the planet for Empire-the New American Century.

Cheney said the following in 1999, before he was vice president and while he was the head of Halliburton (oil)

By 2010, we will need on the order of an additional fifty million barrels of oil per day....So, where is that oil going to come from?

The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's where the prize ultimately lies.

You will notice that the 2010 date is the date most peak-oil experts estimate as the peak give or take five years and barring some huge new discovery of light crude.

At time, he was also a member of the Project for the New American Century that said the US needs a new Pearl Harbor. They planned how to make that happen and put their plan into action.

9/11 false flag: Start of the Worldwide Attack Matrix

First they had to guarantee (steal) the upcoming presidential election, which they did. Then they had to put all their people in the right positions, which they did. Then they had to marginalize everyone who wouldn't agree with them, which they did. Then they executed 9/11. Then they shut down civil liberties. Then they had a war of distraction, letting Osama bin Laden go in Afghanistan and airlifting his al Qaeda to Pakistan.

Destabilize, divide abroad, suppress within, and conquer

That means, al Qaeda at its top, is CIA, owned and operated by the oligarchs. This is destabilize, divide abroad, suppress within, and conquer. It means they have done and will continue to do the same things against real Christianity. It is an ages-old method of subversion. The oligarch are subverts against God and must fall by the truth, by exposure so we may end the cycle that works to pull us all down.

Then they invaded Iraq. Then they attacked Lebanon under a pretext. Israel apparently had done more cross-border raids and kidnappings than had Lebanon. Then they invaded Somalia by proxy. Now they're going to instigate regime change in Iran and elsewhere such as Sudan and Venezuela and anywhere else that there is oil. They will prevent and block China and they will gun for Russia if it doesn't open up to them, which Putin has refused to do.

This is the CIA's Worldwide Attack Matrix which mirrors the Pentagon planners, especially Paul Wolfowitz's 1992 Defense Planning Guidance being unfolded by the imperialists, the oligarchs. They'll attack sixty to eighty countries through all manner of means and methods.

Threatening Russia

The current locating of a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe is exactly as Putin has described it. It is a warning to Putin. It is a threat. We (Bush/Cheney, any Republican president) will hit you if you make a move we can't tolerate, any move to block us in our move to total ownership of the planet and the universe.

The US is being watched by more powerful forces

Well, the US may think of itself as the global superpower but there are more powerful powers in the universe-vastly more powerful. The US is being watched and measured against the standard of truth. The more powerful will only put up with so much from the US. Watch and see.

Surrounding Iran

The US invaded Afghanistan. Now there are some eleven military bases right in the region that the US has either recently built or expanded. The ones farthest north clearly threaten both Russia and China most. The Russians have put pressure on their former republics to disallow the US. It has worked to some degree but at a terrible cost to the people of those areas, not that they would be well off under a US controlled regime. We've seem the numerous US puppet monstrous dictators around the world over the years.

Those eleven bases were to the right of Iran.

Then they built or enhanced twelve more bases on account of Iraq, which is to the left of Iran. Iran is nearly surrounded.

The US is currently upping the arms of Israel and the US bases and bringing in three aircraft carrier task-force groups and numerous other weapons.

They are flanking the Persian Gulf and Caspian Basin (that Bill Clinton designated as being of strategic importance to the US, just as Jimmy Carter had said about the Persian Gulf in his Carter Doctrine: To go to war with anyone who dared block the flow of oil to the US-in other words, "No more embargos allowed" in addition to other things), where the oil is that Cheney called the "prize" the Empire will win by warfare.

Terrible role models for children

That's a terrible message to send the children of the world: If you can take it, it's right. Then they wonder why the children are so confused. Even the adults can't tell the difference between right and wrong.

9/11 war games

As for the day of 9/11, we have reported on the war games going on. Well there were apparently even more than first reported.

Vigilant Guardian

Northern Vigilance

Northern Guardian

Crown Vigilance

Vigilant Warrior

Global Guardian

Apollo Guardian

Amalgam Warrior

Amalgam Virgo

Tripod II, NYC

Timely Alert

NRO Plane Crash Drill

Operation Northern Watch

Some of these fit into others. These were designed to have all the fighter jets in the Northeastern US be far and away from the scenes of the crimes and to confuse and delay any preventative measures. Also, remember that Dick Cheney was in charge that day, not George W. Bush, and that no missiles were fired to protect the Pentagon.

No steel-frame building fire collapses

We've also mentioned the February 2005 fire that engulfed and gutted a steel frame high rise in Madrid, Spain. That steel frame, despite a fire that made the 9/11 fires look like a candle next to a roaring bonfire, did not fall. Yet, WTC7 came down with only a few relative small fires that the fire department commander claimed that they were not sure they were going to be able to contain. Who was he? Whom did he know? What has happened with him since: Promotions, medals, raises, consulting contracts?

We aren't prejudging him. It just all bears looking into.

Controlled demolition

With the sensitivity of what was in that building, one would have assumed that it would have been fitted with redundant water and halon fire-extinguisher systems throughout anyway. We haven't heard about either of those systems concerning WTC7. Apparently, the building had generators. What was the damage to those if any? That building was not hit by anything but debris from the towers and was the only other building to fall. Yet it was the most sensitive building at the entire center. It came down exactly like a controlled-demolition job. Was it?

Conspiracy deniers

Are we calling this a conspiracy? Absolutely we are calling it a conspiracy. We are calling for people to stop being conspiracy deniers. Denying this conspiracy is every bit as bad as denying that the Jews were incinerated by the Nazis. In fact, the same mentality that drove the Nazis drove 9/11 within the US. It is not ironic that the terrorists who formed the current false-Zionist state of Israel were right in there with them. Mossad was integrally involved.

Who will oppose them?

So, who will oppose them? Can Europe oppose them if the US controls the Middle Eastern oil? Where would Europe turn for its own oil? The only major source close by is Russia. Would Russia squeeze Europe for more profits? Would Europe go to war with Russia to get at Russia's oil? Can China opposed them? It's why China is looking everywhere in Africa and Latin America for oil contracts. However, the US is already working to block China in Africa, in a sort of Carter doctrine of Africa, and will turn on Latin America when the time comes. Latin America is the Empire's backyard, and the Monroe doctrine is still very much in place.

We oppose them

We will oppose them by changing the economy from greedy and competitive to beneficent and cooperative. We can form our own investment pool as the Church treasury and obtain the land to employ and to feed both the people and Church members as we wean off usurious loans and oil. We don't have to wait for governments or financiers or big businesses. We don't have to work for the oligarchs. We can wean the world. That's what the division of which Jesus spoke is all about. We are a separate house. They are the greedy, violent, and depraved. We are the unselfish, humanitarian, peaceful, and pure-directed.



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