Kyle "Dusty" Foggo worked for the CIA as it's top administrator. He is accused of steering contracts to his fellow gangster buddy Brent R. Wilkes, a top Republican fundraiser. Wilkes was deeply involved in the Randy "Duke" Cunningham case. Wilkes supplied Cunningham with all sorts of favors, including prostitutes, in exchange for favors in the US Congress, of which Cunningham was a member at the time. Cunningham is now serving eight years.

Carol C. Lam was the US attorney on the Foggo case in San Diego. However, Alberto Gonzales, the US attorney general, has fired her along with a number of other attorneys.1

Do you think it was to protect Foggo?

A neocon lawyer won't handle the case as aggressively as Lam.

We aren't in favor of the ways of the so-called justice system, but we aren't in favor of false-conservative Republicans covering up for unrepentant unatoning criminals.


1 R. Jeffrey Smith. "Former Top CIA Official Indicted: Foggo Accused of Steering Contracts to GOP Fundraiser." Washington Post. February 14, 2007. . (last accessed: Wednesday, February 14, 2007). Return to text body.

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