UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund: formerly United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) report, February 2007:1 & 2

Criteria: Material well-being, family and peer relationships, health and safety, behavior and risks, and children's own sense of well-being (educational and subjective).

Rankings of developed nations from best to worst:

1. Netherlands

2. Sweden

3. Denmark

4. Finland

5. Spain

6. Switzerland

7. Norway

8. Italy

9. Republic of Ireland

10. Belgium

11. Germany

12. Canada

13. Greece

14. Poland

15. Czech Republic

16. France

17. Portugal

18. Austria

19. Hungary

20. United States

21. United Kingdom

With all its money, the US should be first. It would be if the false conservatives and false liberals weren't in charge. The whole world would be number one.

The false conservatives will immediately say UNICEF uses bad criteria. They will blame the citizenry for being too lazy and say that other developed nations are lower than the US.

Well, UNICEF certainly doesn't agree with real Christians as to what constitutes the best upbringing.

Important in such a study and report are the definitions of the terms of the criteria used, the wording of the questions asked, and the interpretation of the data.

Material well-being according to UNICEF could actually mean materialism, which would be a bad thing.

The content of the children's character should be the top factor. All things for them flow from this.

This does show, however, why real Christians need to create the Christian commons (communes) where the children may be raised without all the evil input of the worldly world. They need to be raised under God rather than Satan (the oligarchical prince of this world).


1 "Unicef report: Key points at-a-glance." BBC. Wednesday, February 14, 2007. (last accessed: Tuesday, February 13, 2007 PCT). Return to text body.

2 "UK is accused of failing children." BBC. Wednesday, February 14, 2007. (last accessed: Tuesday, February 13, 2007 PCT). Return to text body.

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