The monsters in the White House want to privatize the highways. They want them all to be toll roads run by corporations so that the rich will get richer off the already poor and the shrinking middle class. They also want the traffic to run faster for the rich who will be able to afford the tolls that the White House wants to go up when traffic becomes heavier.

They are saying, "Clear the way for the rich. Stand back. Do as you're told. You can wait. You're not greedy and ruthless enough to seize power, so you're unimportant. You don't matter."

The evil spirits possessing these people are going to be put back in hell by God, and the antichrist souls who cling to them are going with them.

Such will be the salvation of the rest of humanity that will finally be free of the greedy monsters.

The administration argued that congestion pricing is already used by many providers of goods and services: movie theaters charge more for tickets in the evening than they do at midday, just as ski resorts raise lift prices on weekends. Similarly, airlines boost prices on tickets during peak travel seasons and taxi cabs raise fares during the rush hour.1

Notice that those examples are all in the private sectors. They want to do away with public highways. It's a terrible idea. It's just another in a long series of false-conservative proposals to make the un-level field even more lopsided in favor of the already over-privileged.

These people are so selfish, it makes people sick, literally. Their minds are so diseased with evil selfishness. You cannot trust anything they want?


1 Tom Doggett. "White House slams carpooling, new road fees better." Reuters. February 12, 2007. Link. (last accessed: Wednesday, February 14, 2007). Return to text body.

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