Saudi Arabia is the home of Islam. It is where Mohammed started. It is the country of Mecca and Medina.

The Saudi so-called royal family push Wahhabism (a sect of Islam) with their evil trillions from the black poison from hell: Crude oil (made so by the selfish ends to which it is put). They believe in sharia. They fund schools that teach, among other evils, that women are inherently inferior, must be cover from head to toe, may be beaten for disobeying their husbands, may be married off as pre-pubescent girls to old men, and that all those who refuse to come under the rule of Islam must be killed, that those who don't pray to their false god must be hit.

All of their teachings are teachings of force, coercion, violence, superiority. These are the necessary results of the teachings and life example of Mohammed.

Not extremists

This is not extreme Islam. They are real Muslims, part of a false religion under a false god.

The Wahhabi who are taught in the religious universities in Saudi Arabia are sent out into the world to spread their corrupt ideology.

Their preachers lie openly to the public. Behind closed doors and when they think they aren't being investigated, they teach these terrible ideas to Muslims around the world.

We agree with very little of what they preach. It is extremely hardhearted. We especially denounce their calls for violence and coercion and their secrecy and scheming to obey the local laws until jihad is declared and while they preach killing, killing, killing.

The UK's Channel 4 did a program in which their reporter infiltrated Wahhabi mosques in Britain to expose the lies and sinister plan of the global Wahhabists. The program is called Dispatches: Undercover Mosque. On Friday, February 16, 2007, the program was available at the following Internet address: .

We don't agree with the false-liberal slant of the Channel 4 program with its message of political correctness vis-à-vis homosexuality, but the program is still good at showing what the Qur'an teaches.

Remember, the real Christian says homosexuality is an error but that so is stoning and all violence done at the hands of the imperfect (hypocrites). They may not be part of the body, but the coercive standard will be used on all who use it.

All coercive religions/ideologies

You should also notice the exact same mind-set of the Wahhabi in the false Christian Dominionists/Reconstructionists, in the ultra-orthodox false Jews in Israel, in the ultra Hindu nationalists, in Nazism, in large-c Communism, and in all strains where coercion is the means.

The Wahhabi preach against representational democracy. Well, we agree that representational democracy is the attempt to force irreconcilable houses together. Where we differ though with the Wahhabi is what matters. We are universes apart.

We don't want to force anyone. All are told openly, honestly, and as directly as possible what are the choices. All are under freewill to accept or reject. This way, only those who love the truth end up in heaven. Heaven is then free of all strife. Those who reject the truth will have given up the liberation from strife, trading it for enslavement under strife.


All of this may seem to lend credence to the neocon alarmists. Well, the neocons are half-truth artists playing to minds conditioned into half-wittedness. The neocons are a coercive ideology, and its false Zionism is based upon coercive religious tenets for the hardhearted and misdirected.

The answer/solution

It is one thing to point out these things. It is another thing to do the right thing about them. Well, the important thing is to build consistently upon the knowledge that the coercive approach is the guarantor of strife. It creates its own enemies. It creates hardheartedness, which has made the Wahhabi sick in their souls in the first place.

The call is to overcome feelings of insult and rather reflect upon the degree to which one's life-experiences have hardened one. With honest reflection, introspection, and analysis, the heart (the center of emotions) will thaw, soften, and grow in love and peace.

We must understand that the jihadists are confused by life's hardships brought on by the perpetuation of wrong-headedness that is ultimate selfishness.

Mohammed: Illogical

We must tell them clearly that Mohammed learned everything he knew about Jesus from Christianity. He had heard the Gospel message of pacifism. He had heard the words of Jesus as stated in the Gospels. Yet, Mohammed claims to have gone into a cave and come out with the words of an archangel claiming to be Gabriel who told Mohammed that Jesus was a real prophet of God but that the words of Jesus are false that all who will wake up to reality are the children of God.

The Muslims claim pride in logic; yet, look at the illogic of Mohammed's assertions.

Mohammed denies all Muslims their family status with the spirit of God. Jesus though gives all Christians that status. Who was, and is, greater? Do the Muslims actually elevate Mohammed above Jesus? Yes they do, and it is their downfall, their undoing.

Big lie

How did Mohammed get away with this?

There are huge lies that have been and still are being foisted upon humanity by members of the human race. They are the "Big Lies." The biggest is that it was right to end the commons rather than treating it as a sacred gift from God our father.

The terrible stole it. They have been tricking the masses via half-truths and coercion ever since. They have done this to keep those masses half-witted about the false, corrupting, soul-killing path of those thieves, defilers: The truly sacrilegious (apostate; heretics).


Due to these huge lies, Mohammed used the big-lie method to grab for his bloodline and ego, just as have so many other worldly, violent, greedy, depraved empire builders through history. Also, Mohammed was somewhat careful to walk a line of plausible deniability. He denounced certain things in a way that masked his true intentions. He used obvious evils as pretexts for his own greed, aggression, vengeance, and relative sexual confusion.

Depraved seed and fruit exposed

Wahhabi preachers admit that Mohammed practiced marriage as an old man with a prepubescent girl. It is clearly shown on the Channel 4 program. Such activity, the preachers claim, was not abuse or exploitation.

However, God says that it is a manifestation of sexual/spiritual illness. The Wahhabi preachers are excusing it, because they want to be able to practice it openly. They want the law of the world to sanction it. The truth is that all those who do not denounce such selfishness, such defilement, will be blocked from heaven-thank God.

The Wahhabi-like Muslims (there are many sects) are trained, conditioned, hypnotized (under a spell), keeping them (the suggestible by temptation) from looking at these things face on, honestly. They are conditioned to have knee-jerk violent feelings toward anyone who questions or speaks the truth.

Why is this coming out?

The Holy Spirit is exposing the falsehood of the teachings of Mohammed. The spirit is doing that as part of the plan for the salvation of the children of God.

Bush/Cheney, neocons, false Zionists, capitalists, homosexuals, etcetera, are all being exposed. All the false, wide paths that constitute denial of the faith that Jesus Christ exhibited is being exposed.

It is wonderful. It is your opportunity. It is all of our opportunity to make strait the way for God. Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. (Luke 2:14).

Good Samaritanship (the golden rule) and certainty in the provisioning, healing, and saving power of God our father who is love, peace, and truth, these are missing with Islam.


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