The film, The Men Who Killed Kennedy,1 is a multi-part film. Parts 1 & 2 are from 1988. Parts 3 through 5 are from 1991, part 6, 1995, and parts 7 through 9, 2003.
Part 1

Part 1 adds some information not covered by John Hankey, whose film we covered in some detail in the work, Supplement: There Is No Such Thing as a Conservative-Republican Christian: Jesus is a small-c communist. Please read that section of that work, since we won't be redundant very much in this article with that work.

The Zapruder film shows that the timing of the supposed first shot allegedly occurred before Lee Harvey Oswald apparently opened the book depository window.

The autopsy photos of the back of the head are not authentic. They are not of John F. Kennedy's head. They show a small hole, whereas much of the back of Kennedy's head was blown open and away. The photos were slipped into the autopsy file replacing the real photos. It was done by powerful forces responsible for murdering Kennedy. The Warren Commission did not address the issue of the fraudulent photos. The Congressional commission, which was fully aware of the photo fraud, did not call doctors who saw the president's head to testify. That's a massive cover-up.

Hankey mentioned that the brain was missing. The Nigel Turner film, The Men Who Killed Kennedy, explains that the brain would have shown the bullet track and would have possibly contained bullet fragments as evidence. Obviously, the conspirators didn't want that evidence available. It would have shown more than one shooter.

Oswald supposedly fired three shots in less than seven seconds. No expert marksman tested has been able to do this.

Hankey mentioned that a bullet fragment hit an officer near the underpass; however, the curbside that had a nick in it was later covered by some material apparently to mask the sign of the bullet. The FBI initially denied the mark but was force to take the curb section for lab analysis. Then it conveniently lost the curb section.

Hankey covered the subject of the magic bullet, but the Turner film adds that the Zapruder film shows that John Connally's right wrist was not near his left thigh. For the magic bullet theory to be correct, his right wrist would have been at his left thigh. With that, the lone assassin theory falls apart.

[Update (a little "equal time for opposing, new views"): Happy Thanksgiving & 49th Anniversary of John F. Kennedy's Assassination Via the "Magic Bullet"]

Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone if he acted at all.

We knew that Jack Ruby was a hood, but we hadn't heard that he had been a runner for Al Capone. This is the same Ruby who worked for Richard Nixon.

Two nightclub entertainers, one of whom worked for Jack Ruby, said that they had been introduced to Lee Harvey Oswald in Jack Ruby's club sitting with Ruby. Remember, Oswald had mob connections in New Orleans.

Also, Ruby had a number of mob visitors he hadn't seen for some twenty years show up in the few weeks before the assassination.

A police officer received a phone call stating that if the police didn't change the plan to move Oswald out through the basement, "we are going to kill him" the caller said. The officer reported the call. Later, the officer recognized the caller's voice as that of Jack Ruby.

Part 2

There is someone standing behind the fence on the grassy knoll. They have dubbed him "badge man." He was captured on an instamatic camera shot from the other side of the street as the president's car went by.

There were several witnesses that people were behind the fence on the grassy knoll. One of the witnesses die in a "mysterious" car wreck a couple of years later. Another man said he was ordered away by someone claiming to be CIA just before the shooting. Yet another man said he saw two men working together and one with a rifle. There were some fifty people who said they believed a shot came from the grassy knoll. Were they given lie-detector tests or just ignored due to the conspiracy?

It begins to appear that the conspirators deliberately involved many possible leads leading in all sorts of misdirecting directions. When one adds to this the undoubted liars who just want to get some notoriety, the conspirators have the added cover of so many different stories circulating.

One independent investigator has put forth that Corsican hit men actually fired the shots. This would nullify the Cuban mafia team that allegedly drove into Dallas and was met by E. Howard Hunt.

The bullet fragments were never subjected to neutron activation analysis.

Part 3

The Warren Commission took evidence that seemed to support the preconceived verdict of a lone shooter in the book depository. Witnesses who said a shot or shots came from the grassy knoll were not asked to testify. Now that's conspiracy.

The doctors who performed the autopsy were career military men who were supervised by plainclothes people in the autopsy room. The doctors were not trained in forensic pathology.

A tray of evidence from the autopsy was disappeared from the evidence room of the national archives.

There was a news reporter at the hospital who talked to Jack Ruby there. That's where the ridiculous magic bullet was found. The Warren Commission ignored the reporter's testimony.

FBI agents were instructed to stop cooperating with the Dallas homicide investigators shortly after the assassination.

A Miami police informant recorded the coup/assassination plot details thirteen days before the Dallas hit. Kennedy visited Miami just before Dallas. The Miami police had changed the president plans enough that he couldn't be hit from an office building with a high-powered rifle. That was the plan laid out on the secret recording made by the police. The right-winger on the tape died in a house fire a few years later. The Warren Commission didn't follow the leads on this at all.

Part 4

The Warren Commission said Oswald smuggled his rifle into the building in a brown paper package. However, even dismantled, the rifle's shortest piece was three feet long. The person who drove Oswald and the package to work said the package was about two feet long. [Maybe Oswald had taking it in, in stages a few pieces at a time.]

A woman who worked at the building said she spoke with Oswald on the second floor moment before the shooting. Why wouldn't Oswald have been upstairs ready for the president to drive by? The important thing to understand here is that the motorcade was six minutes late. Yet, Oswald was down on the second floor. That makes no sense. He would have been up on the sixth floor waiting, not down on the second floor talking.

Ninety seconds after the shooting, Oswald was found in the second floor lunch room by a police office and the building manager. How could he have timed all of this?

Hankey mentioned this next point, but it bears repeating. Oswald's description was given out by the police. However, who could possibly have given the description of a killer no one saw?

A police officer was killed that day supposedly by Oswald; however, ballistics discounted that theory. Also Oswald went into a movie theater at the time the police office was killed many blocks away.

Part 5

Oswald did apparently lie about not having owned any guns. His wife had told the investigators that he did own a rifle.

The four police lineups that were conducted grossly violated the rules for lineups making it obvious that he was the suspect.

The White House did its best to conceal the allegation that Oswald had been in Mexico two months before the assassination seeking Visas from Cuba and Russia.

The official story is that the CIA in Mexico was ordered to stop investigating Oswald's supposed Castro connection.

The House Assassinations Committee found that there was a second shooter on the grassy knoll. What happened? Nothing happened. There was no follow-up. There was no thorough homicide investigation to follow the leads to conclusion. The cover-up was only partially uncovered. The guilty were left free of exposure.

The drawdown of US troops in Vietnam had already begun under Kennedy. The CIA/Mob, the military-industrial complex, the oligarchs, the kleptocrats, wanted Kennedy dead.

As we have written elsewhere, Kennedy was learning in office. He had his personal failings, but he was beginning to see through the lies of the propagandists and warmongers and greedy serpents. He was becoming more and more of a populist. They murdered him for it.

Part 6

A military assassin, Daniel Marvin, trained by the CIA was asked to assassinate the Navy's audio-video specialist, William Pitzer, who had been studying the autopsy film. Later, that naval officer was found in a pool of blood. The Navy claimed he committed suicide. Another trained assassin was asked to do the hit. His name is David H. Vanek, whom the Army claimed was never in the Army. There are records though disputing the Armies official story.

Parts 7 through 9 were not available on line as of the time of this article.


1 Nigel Turner. The Men Who Killed Kennedy Part 1, a video documentary. 1988-2003. . (last accessed: Sunday, February 18, 2007). Return to text body.


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