In order to make such things as toll roads, congestion-zone fees, and other user fees fairer, make them exactly proportionate with the gross income of the user. When a multibillionaire uses a toll road, why should that person pay the same amount as someone who will have to cut back on groceries just to use the road to get to work? Make the toll of the billionaires be felt by that billionaire somewhat more in line with how much such tolls will be felt by the poor and middle classes.

The same should apply to all taxes. Make them all exactly proportionate with gross income (no deductions).

Now, there are those who will say that this would nullify the whole point of being incentivized by greed. Well, we aren't in favor of toll roads or taxes; however, the billionaires and multimillionaires would still have much discretionary money left over to own their bigger houses and eat in their more expensive restaurants, etc. It would though make supporting the general infrastructure a more egalitarian proposition.

Naturally, the rich in general will be adamantly opposed to this idea since it isn't selfish enough to suit their selfish desires at the expense of the poor and even destitute.

Since it is offered though, if they won't move in the egalitarian direction even though they know it is more correct, they will be held to account (in this life or the next) under their own selfish and hypocritical standard.

Tom Usher

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