Now the British are planning one camera and sensitive microphone for each passenger seat on every plane. The recorded images and sounds will be reviewed in real time by computer software looking for supposed signs of terrorist behavior.1 This is the thought police in action. A person's criminal thoughts will be registered before the person can commit the crime.

The problem here though is that thought-crimes or sinful thoughts can be overcome. A human being has a God-given right to turn his or her own thoughts away from evil deeds that harm others thereby bringing that person's conscience and consciousness back in line with Godliness before any other human beings ought to interfere with that healthy process.

Of course it would be better were the emotions to never deviate from the perfection that is God. However, there is not one single human being alive who may rightly judge and condemn another without being a complete hypocrite.

The truth is that if such cameras are to be mirrors into the soul, there are no innocent adults and very few children today. What does it mean? Must society commit itself to involuntary restraint? It is better to change the heart. This is why appeals to morality and conscience are still and always will be the only right path.


1 Christopher Leake. "Britain Developing Tiny Camera to Spy on Each Passenger." Airport Business Magazine. February 21, 2007. (last accessed: Tuesday, February 20, 2007). Return to text body.

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