Who gave Britain the right to establish Israel? There are two competing views, both theological.

The first is that God sets up every worldly Empire, hardening hearts, setting up the basest, most mean-spirited, selfish, and inferior men as the heads of those Beasts.

The second is that every worldly Empire is self-authorizing {arrogantly usurping God's position (desire and will)}, rebellious, and willful.

Every Empire has redrawn the map.

The truth is that God desires no political map, no religious map, no economic-system map, no Caste or class map, no worldly Imperial map. It is God's will that there be no political boundaries or barriers, that there truly be one world government (organizing principles and practices) based upon the following, among other things:


Giving and sharing so that none goes without and none has more than needed before all have all that is needed and that even then that all rise equally with the tide; and,

Honesty about human sexuality that the true direction of the design of the human body (when not subjected to the corrupting effects of the evil spirit of sin) is toward monogamous mating for procreation.

Now, Israel demands to be recognized on the basis of a political, religious, economic-system, class, and worldly Imperial map all drawn up by self-authorizing, rebellious, willful souls.

We must remember that all such maps have been drawn by worldly Beast-Empires. There is no political nation-state on the face of the earth that is recognized by the so-called world community of nation-states that is not the result of such drawing.

Does this mean than that Israel ought to be recognized? It means that no nation-state as currently constituted is true, real, correct, or righteous. The maps are illusory. There are no such maps in the real heaven or the real, new earth.

This, of course, conjures up false paradoxical thinking in the minds of many. They immediately become trapped in false logic. They don't comprehend the meaning, the concept, of the term "real" as used in the revelation of Jesus Christ. Their language cannot save them from themselves.

They will say that heaven has levels and that those levels are therefore relative to one another, suggesting that there are classes in heaven. Ah, but this is denial of the infinitely perfect who is God who is in the absolute heaven. This is where God's perspective resides. This is why we are called to evermore righteous rising in the full knowledge of our imperfection (humility). This is why Jesus didn't know in advance the exact hour or day of the temple's destruction and didn't and doesn't know the moment of the second coming or the ultimate salvation or the Day of Judgment or the end of fleshly time; yet, he was infinitely close to the spirit that knows, that moves these things.

Their new world order is falsehood. The real new world order is the opposite of all that they have been and are still building up. Their false new world order will topple. It is top heavy and standing on feet of clay. Its head is conceit. Its heart is deceit.

Tom Usher

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