As of right now, the Federal judiciary is saying that the US military under the executive branch may act outside all legal constraints.

Under the Military Commissions Act of 2006, the military may imprison anyone for anything for as long as it likes including while torturing them. That makes the US military the clear enemy of God, as if it wasn't already, as if any military isn't and hasn't always been.

What a sick, depraved so-called law this Military Commissions Act of 2006 is. Who could ever pledge allegiance to that unless he or she were possessed by demons?

Today, the middle class and poor are deliberately being made poorer so that they will be funneled into the military. Youth have joined the military for the most selfish of reasons. They join with the prospect of financial and educational benefits. They do this knowing full well that they are being hired not to fight for their country but to fight for kleptocrats and selfish liars.

No one ever has the legal right to torture anyone. No one ever has the legal right to hold anyone without just, fair, moral cause. Habeas corpus applies to everyone. No one may be restrained without cause. Everyone has the right to be released from unfair restraint. The military-industrial complex seeks to deny this right to anyone it wants. It seeks to gain the sanctioning of the body politic. They seek it so that everyone will be guilty along with them in their theft of the just inheritance of others.

Son of man, prophesy against them. Pronounce woe upon their evil system. Break the inheritance of sin. Only God is capable of meting out justice, and the US military is not God, is not on God's side.

We know that the US military did everything it could to lure Saddam Hussein, to provoke him into firing on the US. He never obliged. We know that the US is setting up Iran the same way. The military neocons are just itching for the Iranians to give the military any pretext to attack. We know that the US military is setting up false-flag operations concerning Iran. We know they have their agents provocateurs throughout Iran and Iraq and elsewhere in the world creating more so-called terrorists who are really often people driven to self-defense.

We see the system labeling all sorts of crimes as having terroristic overtones, such as drug trafficking, marriage fraud, and immigration violations. In this way, the military may be called out against all the enemies of the kleptocrats, oligarchs, and false Zionists, etc., without and within, foreign and domestic, whether evil or righteous.

Now, the kleptomaniacs will call for a hard clampdown with the military when the US economy bombs, when there are more "terrorists" attacks, when there is a political movement to turn the tables against the kleptomaniacs.

They punish those who defy them, but they will be punished. They will receive their own standard.

We know it is oil. We know it isn't representative democracy. We know it is "divide and conquer." Always redraw the maps of others. Keep them off balance. We know that it is selfishness. We know that it is lying, saying that selfishness is not at the heart of every problem known to humanity. We know that it is a war of words. It has been since the beginning of human language. We know it is about the potential for runaway global warming and its consequences if nothing is done.1 We know that it is sacred environmentalism that is good stewardship and real conservatism (conservation) and real good shepherding.

ExxonMobil runs the White House. It runs the US military. The so-called laws are designed to allow ExxonMobil and other corporations under the fascists to continue raping the land and people. These same liars are duping the people who call themselves Fundamentalists. They are denying global warming. They are denying global dimming. They are denying that Empire is their goal. They denied cancer from tobacco (these are the same greedy, selfish liars). They have been denying that God is an environmentalist (created the environment). They are denying evolution, even though God created evolution. We are after all to evolve into enlightened beings as the children of God.

Buy sellout so-called expert scientists who are public-relations people. Use shell games with front organizations. Give the front groups scientific-sounding names. Perception management is ExxonMobil's plan. It's psy-ops.

Everything the military-industrial complex does is a direct and unmistakable violation of divine law. They must repent and atone or suffer the consequences of their own making.


1 The cited video does a good job of echoing much of what others have been writing about for some time now.

The Denial Machine, a video documentary. CBC. . (last accessed: Wednesday, February 21, 2007). Return to text body.

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