The Bush and Blair governments are saying that the fact that the British are going to drawdown troops in Iraq is a sign of the success that the British have had in Iraq.1 That's a total fabrication. The only reasons the British are drawing down is because 1) they have met with the inevitable failure of their wicked policy 2) so that Blair can make false suggestions of success for the sake of his legacy and 3) so that Britain can just move troops from Iraq to Afghanistan.2 The Tony Blair legacy will be no better than Anthony Eden's legacy concerning Egypt.

Blair is a failure. His policies and practices are a nightmare leading to more nightmares. He has planted the seeds of hell in England. He has had his heart hardened to give the British people what their collective, insufficient standard has brought them and will continue bringing them until they universally repent.

At the same time, the US is "surging" troops in Iraq, which is a euphemism for escalating the conflict. Why then weren't the British troops moved to Baghdad to support the US surge-mission? Why are they being shuffled to Afghanistan? Well, the Afghan War has been becoming more sophisticated technologically. The Mujahideen have been receiving training in the tactics that have been being spread throughout the resistance and empire movements in Islam.

There are terrible instigators on all sides duping the frontline who are doing the dying along with the civilians caught in the war zones.


1 Sheldon Alberts. "U.S. Hails British troop withdrawal: Sign of progress." National Post. February 22, 2007. . (last accessed: Friday, February 23, 2007). Return to text body.

2 Michael Evans. "Britain sends 1,500 more troops to Afghanistan: UK will send reinforcements to southern Afghanistan after Nato allies failed to volunteer to fight the Taleban." Times Online. February 23, 2007. (last accessed: Friday, February 23, 2007). Return to text body.

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