FOX'S "24"

It has only been relatively recently that there has been a huge upsurge in news and documentary oriented video on the Internet. The ability of more common people to make videos and upload them to so-far free (even advertising free) servers has been a boom to the dissemination of, if not absolute truth, at least things that show the redeeming quality of truth seeking.

Well, without a television and without a television tuner on the computer, channel surfing has not been a distraction. At the same time though, without a TV, one is less aware of the specific details of the soul-destroying propaganda pumped out by the likes of the FOX network.

It was only within the last month that I saw my first reference anywhere to the FOX Network program entitled "24". I saw it in reference to the renewal of the show and the exorbitant salary paid to the so-called star. The headlines also pronounced the show a "hit." Having never been drawn to anything approaching FOX-minded "entertainment," I didn't delve into any of the articles. All I knew was that if it was coming out of FOX and was a "hit," it had to be spiritually unhealthy.

Well, the bad news was put in my face yesterday by the alternative news program "Democracy Now."1 The program "24" turned out to be much sicker than I had suspected. The premise of the program according to the "Democracy Now" segment is that each episode, the main character uses torture to force people to divulge a terrorist plot that had he not extracted via torture would have resulted in the deaths of many. This formula, according to "Democracy Now's" guests, has been repeated without deviation for five years: Drumbeating by demons into the minds of naïve, gullible, and sadomasochistic-leaning viewers that torture cannot be ruled out.

The existence of this program and its sinister, depraved, antichrist plot clearly shows the deep, irreconcilable divide in the US. How could such a show exist without a moral outcry against it strong enough to dissuade anyone from supporting such a show or its sponsors?

The American public has been so numbed to the pull of satanic minds that such an outcry didn't occur. It wasn't allowed onto the mainstream media. It didn't build any momentum. It is only now becoming visible on alternative news on the Internet.

As all real Christians know, mainstream media is owned and operated by kleptomaniac, capitalist, oligarchs bent upon the total decay of the public. One need only think back to the totally reprehensible program "The Sopranos" by HBO, if memory serves. I had the great fortune never to subject myself to more than a few minutes of that program in my life, just long enough to realize that it was the glorification of abject evil. I always felt a similar distain for the "hit" movies that made up the "God Father" series. I saw plenty of war, gangster, and cowboy movies in my early youth though.

In retrospect, I realize that the profit-motive of the movie studios was not about defeating gangsterism but rather in using temptation to drive ticket sales always with mixed messages. The so-called good guys would usually prevail, but real Christianity was rarely offered as an alternative lifestyle. The real good guys were rescued by those willing to resort to ruthless and wrathful means. Well, FOX's "24" is just more of that antichrist message only with darkness even more magnified.

Thankfully, there are those who are now being moved by the Holy Spirit to expose this wicked program.

The debate about the program and torture in general often centers on the fact that it doesn't work. What is meant by doesn't work is that the so-called information given out by those subjected to torture is unreliable; hence it rarely results in saving the innocent.

We know that arm-twisting often enters a child's life very early on. All means designed to negatively force others to say particular things are torturous to some degree. Force here is contextual. The movement of the Holy Spirit is not wrathful, not negative, not toward corruption and death, not toward falsehood, the unreal. It is the appeal of truth that is harmless love, unselfish love. Wrath is temptation. "24" tempts the spirit to evil. It is evil tempting more evil. It is falsehood.

The coercion of "24" is not punishment after the fact. It is punishment where there is usually no fact. That's why torture yields falsehood. All the innocent ones tortured are corrupted by the evil spirit that takes sick pleasure in damaging others. Only the overcoming spirit can be put whole again.

In any case, coercion adds to the cumulative effect of harm. It is evil no matter how it is couched. FOX's "24" rationalizes such evil by planting the seeds that it is a necessary lesser evil to save the greater innocent. However, by contributing to evil, evil is magnified. This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that since the US invasion of Baghdad in the so-called War on Terrorism, acts that have been defined as terrorism have increased six fold. Had the truth of peace and love been magnified instead, acts of terrorism would have dropped. Hence, "24" is increasing evil in the world. It is the devil tempting the viewers to do exactly the wrong thing for the sake of the liars who run the system of stealing the inheritance of others.

It is leading people astray, into greater apostasy. It is Satan planting the seeds of the tares for the great harvest. FOX is utter evil. It above all the networks is Satan's network. It is the voice from hell beckoning people into sin. No one should watch FOX. FOX should disappear, and it will. All of Rupert Murdoch's business should disappear. He's spewing putrefaction. Nothing good is allowed to come out of FOX. On FOX, good is an error and any ray of light is immediately blocked out.

As for "24," it used to be that all torturing was understood as the evil that it is. Now, rotten minds have planted seeds and more minds are developing with the rot at their cores. One thinks back to the first time that it was generally revealed that Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard professor of satanic, secular law, was arguing for legalizing torture. That came straight out of Israel that itself was forced from within to change its front. Israeli "official" position is against torture. Who's investigating the current treatment of Palestinians who are routinely kidnapped by the Israelis?

Dershowitz is mentally ill. He is spiritually possessed by the devil. That's why he is apparently lauded on FOX and by the neocons, false Zionists, as their debating champion in the campaign to paint the secular state of Israel as good and anything in opposition as bad. I've watched him "debate." He's terrible at it. He doesn't debate. He is a master at interrupting. What he spews is harmful. No one should listen to him. His positions are completely the opposition of God's desire for humanity. Dershowitz and FOX are voices against God's call for mercy and not sacrifice.

Who out there will tell the boldfaced lie that Dershowitz and FOX are not against mercy. Woe to those liars.

In both 1996 and 1997, there were no prime-time TV scenes containing torture, according to the Parents Television Council, which keeps a programming database. In 2003, there were 228 such scenes, the PTC said. The count was over 100 in both 2004 and 2005.


Human Rights First's ultimate desire is to drive home the idea that torture by Americans should never be tolerated.

"We would never try to censor anybody," Savitt [Jill Savitt, director of public programs, Human Rights First] said. "We would never tell Hollywood what to do, but we are trying to tell them what legal interrogation looks like. If it makes them pause, that's a bonus."2

"We would never tell Hollywood what to do." That's not informing Hollywood that it's spewing evil. It isn't clear and plain. Where's the message of Jesus Christ?


1 "Is Torture on Hit Fox TV Show "24" Encouraging US Soldiers to Abuse Detainees?" February 22, 2007. Link. (last accessed: Saturday, February 24, 2007). Return to text body.

2 David Bauder. "Group says torture on TV influences interrogators." Associated Press. Reprinted by Times Argus. February 24, 2007. Link. (last accessed: Saturday, February 24, 2007). Return to text body.


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