The US economy is tanking. The real estate market is collapsing. The stock market is over leveraged. The dollar is propped up by nothing but the promise of US military adventures including hiring mercenaries on borrowed/deficit spending. Foreign central banks are slowly divesting of the US dollar, fearing a run on the dollar but not wanting to be caught holding the dollar if and when a run does occur. Jobs and factories keep leaving the US while inflation continues to eat away. Meanwhile, the US consumer-confidence index is rising.

People have their heads buried in the sand. They just don't know yet that the neocons are running the country into the dirt with their greed, violence, imperialism, unilateralism, preventative wars and other illegal, Godless ways.

These serpents are looking forward to curtailing civil liberties for the sake of fascist world Empire. They love doing away with Constitutional rights. They are itching to declare Marshal Law, to nationalize all law-enforcement, and to put US troops on the streets fully armed with a license to kill preventatively and preemptively. They are looking for slowly ratcheting up the fear of citizens that they are being attacked from without and within by enemies of the so-called state (the state here being the kleptocrats, usurers, fascist, self-styled intellectuals). They are building their tent city concentration camps. They are doing their practice runs with operations such as Falcon in which the US Justice Department conducted a national arrest operation of more than thirty thousand people about most of whom we know nothing about where they've been taken and what has been done to them.

Where is the news media on this? Where are the 5-W's in any in-depth follow-up?

We already know that Bush and his evil followers torture people. We know they deny them habeas corpus rights. We know that they hate the Posse Comitatus Act. We know that a bunch of US Nazis imported a bunch of German Nazis after WWII, who were allowed to run secret projects and to even openly run governmental projects.

Where were the famed Nazi-war-criminal hunters when it came time to look right in the US government? We know that in Europe, much of the original planning by the Nazis is coming about. We know that the Bush family was deeply sympathetic with Nazi philosophy, eugenics, racism, and the rest.

David Ray Griffin is right and so are the others who speak about the history of US violence and imperialism. The US is the central horn right now of the biblical Beast and the president is its head. It is crouched over anything that will give birth to real Christianity just waiting to kill it the moment it attempts to show any ray of righteousness to the people of the world.

Well, we need the Christian commons. It is the only way. We need the land to provide for all, not the factory, corporate, polluting, evil-steward farm holders. Help us to bring forth the real kingdom of God on earth, the real bounty, not robbing from the many to pay the few, but not robbing from any yet giving to the many. Help us to help others to help yet others, ad infinitum.

God bless everyone in the universe.

Tom Usher

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