Our work There Is No Such Thing as a Conservative-Republican Christian: Jesus is a small-c communist and its Supplement touches upon almost all of the weightier things touched upon in the film Perspective on 9-11 Video Collection.1

This article will focus on material not already covered in that sense.

We will intersperse our commentary.

Points raised in the film may be stated in a clipped fashion (without our necessarily commenting on each of them).

Pearl Harbor

Former director of the CIA, William Casey wrote in his book, The Secret War Against Hitler, that the British had warned the US that a Japanese fleet was sailing toward Pearl Harbor.

Churchill warned his commanders in the Far East of the imminent attack. Roosevelt though deliberately withheld the information from US commanders in the Pacific and at Pearl Harbor.

Republican governor of New York and later presidential nominee Thomas Dewey called for Roosevelt's impeachment during the War for having withheld the attack information and for having systematically provoked Japan.

The Bush/Cheney neocons used that hush-hush pattern of manipulation fitting it to their war for worldly Empire and against the remnant of the Islamic Empire seeking resurgence. Might-makes-right, Mars and Mammon, the gods of war and money, respectively, are the gods of the neocons and false Zionists. They are the gods of others as well. The US and Israeli neocons are far from having a monopoly on worshipping and following after these and other false gods.

Assassination of John F. Kennedy Senior and the American Coup d'état

Papers around the world had detailed biographical information about Lee Harvey Oswald, Kennedy's alleged lone assassin, so quickly after the assassination as to raise more than suspicion. It must be understood that this was 1963. The news wasn't as slow as the Pony Express, but it wasn't the near real-time global coverage we see today. There is no way that anyone could have researched all about Oswald and assembled all that information in that short a time in 1963. The details had to have already been assembled and readied for release before the assassination for newspapers on the other side of the planet to have had that information in time to go to press with it.

We don't know where the Associated Press, United Press International, or Reuters fit into the history. It would have to be thoroughly investigated, something made more difficult by the passing of time.

The point here is that first impressions mattered most to those who carried out the violent overthrow of the duly elected government (despite election cheating of Nixon and Joe Kennedy). John Kennedy was more popular with the voters in general than was Richard Nixon. No one doubts that.

The conspiring traitors wanted to get the story rolling their way before people would have otherwise begun to ask the right questions. They used the habitual conditioning of the masses to readily accept the honesty of journalists, their editors, publishers, corporate owners, and the advertisers and governmental economies not to bring forth deliberate falsehood. That's what the CIA and mass mainstream media did, and do, though together. They spewed out lying propaganda for the psychological, spiritual, and manifest results we reject and oppose for righteousness' sake. This same system is still pumping out falsehood to the conditioned, manipulated, hypnotized masses.

Here's some absolute truth for you. The prince of darkness runs the worldly Empire. The worldly Empire is evil, and those who run the military-industrial complex are possessed by that spirit. That's the unfolding message of truth that is more than implied in The Bible.

The people who make the most money off war and the military-industrial complex hated Kennedy for what he was learning in office and the plans he was undertaking to bring peace. He wasn't yet a saint, but it is to his relative credit that he was in the process of opening his eyes. His was the lesser sin. The militarists, the kleptomaniacs, the sociopaths, the top oligarchs, the money changers, couldn't abide Kennedy's bit of turning to the light. The antichrists murdered him. It was easy for them since they were, and are, conscienceless and unconscious. Jesus was a saint, and yet they publicly murdered Jesus and got away with it they falsely imagined until the spirits made them suffer the consequences of their grave and willful sinning.

In 1961, Kennedy was upset about the rogues in the CIA who forced the Bay of Pigs operation. Remember, Kennedy fired Allen Welsh Dulles as CIA director. Kennedy ordered National Security Action Memos 55, 56, and 57. By these top secret directives, Kennedy sought to take away the CIA's power for peacetime covert paramilitary activities. That's huge! It's part of why they conspired and carried out the violent overthrow of the government of the United States of America.

John F. Kennedy was executing a plan to get all US personnel out of Vietnam by 1965.

Kennedy had signed the nuclear test-ban treaty with the USSR. He was looking to end the Cold War. He was working to be a peacemaker.

Kennedy was not headed toward greater hypocrisy but rather toward that spirit in the Declaration of Independence that if held consistently would mean heaven on earth. The direction toward which he was turning in office was not that government which the people should abolish. No, those who planned and executed the violent overthrow of the representational democracy and republic of the people have set up the government that is headed toward greater hypocrisy and against that spirit in the Declaration of Independence that if held consistently would mean heaven on earth. This is why it is true that they violently overthrew the government of the United States without even claiming just cause as defined in letter and in spirit under the Declaration of Independence. They committed high treason against God and God's people.

Lincoln was right in saying that they can't fool all of the people all of the time. The US government is not in practice a government of, by, and for the people. They cannot fool all of the people that there was no coup or that 9-11 wasn't a false-flag operation at the level of the shadow government within the shadow government.

Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Do we judge and condemn them to hell? No. We sound the warning to them for their sakes and the sakes of the innocent whom they harm. If we didn't have love for them, we wouldn't warn. We warn them despite the fact that they wrongfully hate us for it and some of them would rather murder us than hear the message of real love. Love those who call you enemy.

Greater love hath no one than that he or she lays down this fleshly life for the sake of truth. It is what Jesus did. It was perfect of him. If we all lived in that spirit, there would be no evil, no harm, on earth. Thy kingdom (love, peace, truth) come on earth as it is in heaven.

The Assassination of Martin Luther King, Junior

An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King, by William F. Pepper, lays out the proof that James Earl Ray did not shoot Martin Luther King. It was a broader conspiracy of the Mob, the CIA, the FBI, the US military, Tennessee, Memphis, and the Memphis police. The King family won a suit against these entities. The mainstream media (owned and operated by those who benefit directly from the military-industrial complex) were ordered not to cover either the trial or the verdict.

King was deliberately put in an exposed motel. His usual detail of Memphis Black police officers were not allowed to cover him. The person handed the smoking gun admitted having disposed of it. Three army snipers were used as backup to the actual police department sniper who killed King. They were on two roofs and a water tower overlooking the kill zone. Witnesses saw someone leaving the bushes behind the bar and grill where the owner received the smoking rifle. Ray was seen leaving the area before the shooting. The Memphis Police Department ordered all the bushes removed from behind the bar and grill the next day. The crime scene was thusly deliberately and severely disturbed and contaminated to cover the shooter's tracks.

This was racism at work and much more. As with Kennedy, King was not a saint. He was though working on it. He did though knowingly sacrifice his life for the many as best he was given to comprehend it. We have no doubt that he repented to God for his personal sins.

As with Kennedy, the murdering conspirators relished exposing the sins of their prey while shielding their own much greater sins. Both John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King are higher in the afterlife than are their unrepentant murderers. You can be sure of that.


The Andrews Air Force Base website was changed from 9-11-2001 and before the end of the next day, 9-12-2001. On 9-11, the site reportedly listed a number of fighter jets as stationed at the base. By the end of the day on 9-12, the information was deleted accordingly to independent investigative journalists. Now who and why would anyone order such a change if not for the sake of general perception management (psy-ops)? Nevertheless, after the Pentagon was hit, fighter jets were eventually scrambled from that very air force base to patrol above Washington DC. Therefore, let them hit the Pentagon but don't let anyone hit anything else not part of the top secret plan. Also, make a good show of it to the general population.

How can people such as George Monbiot (the self-styled leftist we covered in the Week in Review for February 25 through March 3, 2007) buy into the incompetency theory (the government's cover story for its false-flag operation)? As we've pointed out elsewhere, the military successfully intercepted sixty-seven planes in a row before 9-11, all within an average time of ten minutes and all according to standard operating procedure. Why is Monbiot unable to wake up out of the trance-state he's in on that? He needs to ask God for smelling salts for his soul. What selfishness is he protecting in his heart? What false gain, what illusion, is he afraid to give up?

George W. Bush admitted to a reporter the morning of 9-11 when he was leaving his hotel that he was aware of the plane having hit the first building in New York.

In the video Painful Deceptions, Eric Hufschmid reminds us about the depth of corruption that has permeated US history: Tammany Hall, 1900; Meat Trust Scandal, 1906; Teapot Dome, 1924; NYC wiretap scandal, 1955; Savings and Loans, 1980's; etc. Of course, he's leaving out many, many incidences of huge corruption.

The editor of Fire Engineering magazine in the January 2002 issue called the FEMA report (concerning the collapses at the WTC) "a half-baked farce."2

The firefighters called for a thorough investigation of the fires and collapses for the sake of firefighters but also of everyone who lives or works in, or owns, etc., high rises (especially newer high rises); however, Bush/Cheney fought against even the one commission that was forced into being by the victims families. That commission was rigged by neocon foxes in the chicken coop to avoid the tough, indicting questions. The so-called scientific reports that finally came out did what Bush did to go to war. He made the intelligence fit the policy. The official scientific and engineering reports forced the data to fit the preconceived (ordered "right answer"). It is exactly what George W. Bush's people requested of the anti-terrorism czar Richard Clarke when they childishly sent back his reports with the note "Wrong answer" and "Do it again." The official reports had to give the "right answers," or people would be fired or worse.

Why is anyone so morally asleep as to accept the official reports when everyone knows the history of all the lying? The answer is selfishness. It's the imperial way. It's the way of Satan on any level from the microcosmic to macrocosmic.

Even with the insistence of "right answers," the official FEMA report admits that FEMA was unable to explain the WTC7 collapse. The fires in WTC7 were small and localized. They were no where near enough to bring down the overbuilt building. We say overbuilt here because building seven had extra large steel frame members since it was sitting over a generating station.

Some people say that if there was a conspiracy other than the official conspiracy version, then the conspirators would have done a perfect job of anticipating every question. No. The conspirators know the concept of diminishing returns. They know what cost-benefit analysis is. They know that there is a point where they don't care. They only need enough willing dupes.

Well, did they miscalculate then concerning 9-11? The truth is that they always miscalculate in the divine sense since they don't factor in the ultimate consequence of the spirit seeing everything they did and are doing. Nothing escapes the spirit, including feeling every feeling. That may sound scary or invasive to you, but actually it's a great thing. It is a great and wonderful thing that the being ultimately in charge of all that is, is righteous. Think about it. Don't you want the ultimate leader to be righteous? We do.

The video Aftermath by GNN says that the US was warned by other countries (which we've written about), but it adds that even the specific week of 9-11 and the Boston airport were mentioned.

Concerning the incompetence theories about not scrambling fighter jets according to standard operating procedure, no officials were reprimanded, demoted, dismissed, or the like. General Meyers was actually promoted to chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Also news to us was that Securacom, which we knew had been supplying the security for the WTC, was also providing security for United Airlines, which was one of the two airlines whose planes were ostensibly hijacked, and for Dulles International Airport, which was also involved on 9-11.

We weren't aware earlier that Bush and Cheney put pressure on Tom Daschle, who was the Democratic Senate majority leader at the time, to limit the Senate investigation into 9-11.

Also, Max Cleland, who sat on the 9-11 Commission, called the commission a scam.

The film, Perspective on 9-11 Video Collection, had one speaker, Ken Jenkins, who was wise to point out that the government has only offered its own conspiracy theory. The official governmental version of what happened is a theory that nineteen members of al Qaeda with no other entities involved conspired and carried out the 9-11 attacks. That is the conspiracy theory offered to the world by the US government. It is no better than the lone-shooter theory of the Warren Commission. It is no better than the Gulf of Tonkin. It is no better than the sinking of the Maine in Cuba. It is no better than all the other lies told throughout history by the imperialists and criminals against God and country and humanity. It's just another lie in the long series of lies from the liar from the beginning.

Reject the lies and the liars. There are no noble lies. All that is untrue is evil. There are no lies in God. God has no secrets from himself. He has no barriers within. His house is not divided. His spirit is one spirit that is the righteous spirit of peace always, of giving and sharing and mercy always, of those truths always.


1 Perspective on 9-11 Video Collection, a video. Snowshoe Documentary Films. 2004. Link. (last accessed: Sunday, March 04, 2007). Return to text body.

2 Bill Manning. "Burning Questions...Need Answers": FE's Bill Manning Calls for Comprehensive Investigation of WTC Collapse. Fire Engineering. January 4, 2002. Link. (last accessed: Sunday, March 04, 2007). Return to text body.


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