Monday, February 26, 2007
Israel Seeks OK to Use Iraqi Airspace for Possible Iran Attack

The Daily Telegraph is reporting Israel is seeking permission to fly fighter jets through Iraqi air space in case the Israeli government decides to attack Iran. Three Arab countries — Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates - have reportedly told the United States that they would not object to Israel using their airspace.

This is posturing. It is an intentional leak for a calculated effect. It is just a variable thrown at Iran to add to the confusion in Tehran. Israel would be risking US military aid to Israel. It would be risking AIPAC influence in Washington. It would be risking increasing anti-Zionism in the US and around the world. Some possessed souls in Israel want to take that risk. They need to be told that God is against them.

800 Contractors & Mercenaries Killed in Iraq War

Newly released Pentagon statistics show nearly 800 civilian contractors and mercenaries have been killed since the start of the Iraq war. Another thirty-three hundred contractors sustained injuries serious enough to require four or more days off the job. There are now 120,000 contractors in Iraq.

For a more accurate picture of the cost of war, those numbers must to be added to military losses and casualties.

16 Million Americans Now in Deep Poverty

The number of Americans living in deep or severe poverty has reached nearly 16 million. A new analysis by the McClatchy Newspapers found that the number of severely poor Americans grew by 26 percent since 2000. During this time period, the share of national income going to corporate profits has dwarfed the amount going to wages and salaries.

This is disgusting. The leadership in this nation is mean-spirited and miserly. They are terribly immodest in their desire for their own gain, but they are stingy and barren toward the poor.

U.S. Rejects International Call to Ban Cluster Bombs

The United States has rejected an international call to ban the use of cluster bombs. On Friday 46 countries agreed in Oslo to develop a new international treaty to ban the use of cluster munitions by 2008. The United States, Russia, Israel, and China chose not to attend the conference. U.S. allies Romania, Poland and Japan attended the conference but refused to sign the Oslo Declaration.

Those who are opposed to banning cluster bombs will be sitting on them in hell when they go off.

Court: Canada Can't Indefinitely Detain Terror Suspects

Meanwhile Canada's Supreme Court has declared that it is unconstitutional for the government to indefinitely detain foreign terror suspects. The Canadian government has been holding five Muslim men for years under the so-called security certificate program.

Good for them, and shame on the US.

U.S. Attorney in Michigan Resigns

In Michigan, U.S. Attorney Margaret Chiara has announced her resignation. She refused to elaborate on her departure but some believe she was forced to step down by the Bush administration. At least seven federal prosecutors have resigned in recent months in what some have described as a political purge. All of the resignations have occurred since Congress passed an obscure provision in the USA Patriot Act that allows the U.S. attorney general to name replacements to open U.S. attorney posts without Senate confirmation.

The USA Patriot Act should never have passed and should never have been renewed.

The US attorney general is protecting neocons and false Zionists by removing Democratic US attorneys in the middle of cases against corrupt Republicans. It's the same old story as with the Nixon administration's favors to Dick Nixon's Mob pals.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Iraq Cabinet OKs New Oil Law

The Iraqi cabinet has approved a draft of a new oil law that will open up the country's vast oil reserves to foreign [US primarily] companies. The legislation also calls for Iraq's regions and ethnic groups to share oil revenues.

This is what the whole war was about: Getting US oil industry control over oil fields. Cheney called it the prize. It is the loot, the booty, the spoils of war (theft). The Iraqi people have had no say in the matter. Where's the democracy? Where's the freedom? It's a puppet dictatorship.

Americans Underestimate Number of Iraqis Killed in War

A new poll by the Associated Press has found that Americans are keenly aware of how many U.S. forces have lost their lives in Iraq but they woefully underestimate the number of Iraqi civilians who have been killed. Half of Americans polled said they thought fewer than ten thousand Iraqis had died since the Iraq war began. The actual death toll is far higher. Researchers from Johns Hopkins estimate about 655,000 Iraqis have died as a consequence of the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Propaganda at work, psy-ops, perception management, that's what this is all about. How deliberately ignorant are the Americans who "thought fewer than ten thousand Iraqis had died since the Iraq war began"?

By the way, the figure of 655,000 is old. There have been many deaths since that figure was first released. It was only an estimate of the deaths at the time that the pollsters said could really have been as high as 900,000. Let's not forget the millions of refugees while were at it.

U.S. Opens New Prison to Hold Mostly Arab Muslims

The Washington Post is reporting the Justice Department has quietly opened a new prison unit in Terre Haute, Indiana designed to hold mostly Arab Muslim prisoners. The jail operates under special rules restricting the ability of prisoners to communicate with the outside world. All telephone calls and mail are monitored, the number of phone calls is limited, and visits are restricted to a total of four hours per month. All prison conversations must be conducted in English unless otherwise negotiated. The Iraqi-born doctor Rafil Dhafir from upstate New York is among the prisoners being held. He is serving a 22-year sentence for violating the Iraqi sanctions by sending aid to Iraq through his charity Help the Needy. Five members of the so-called "Lackawanna Six" are also being held in the Indiana prison. Only two non-Muslims are being held at the jail.

Of course, this shows that the US is at war with Islam. Muslims are the new boogiemen, replacing the "socialists." It's all for the sake of the military-industrial complex. That's what people are dying and killing for. That's what the kleptomaniacs, the oligarchs, the financiers/usurers, have conjured up, working both (all) sides of the evil.

Israel Seeks More U.S. Military Aid

A high-level Israeli delegation is in Washington this week to ask the Bush administration to give Israel more money in military aid. Israel currently receives $2.4 billion in military aid annually - more than any other country. Israeli officials are hoping for extra aid in part to compensate for the cost of last summer's 34-day Lebanon war.

The fascist, false Zionists want US taxpayers to cover Israel's hellish attack on Lebanon. God's law says to hell with that. Any money should be going toward peacemaking only!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007
ICC Announces Darfur War Crimes Suspects

The International Criminal Court has unveiled the names of suspected war criminals in Sudan who have played a role in the mass killings in Darfur. Named on Tuesday were Sudanese government minister Ahmed Muhammed Harun and another man accused of being a militia leader. ICC chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo made the announcement from The Hague.

The court though hasn't named Bush/Cheney, et al. It is hypocrisy and cowardice.

McConnell Names Chavez in Global Threat Hearing

Back on Capital Hill, newly appointed Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Speaking in a hearing on global threats, McConnell singled out Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell: "In Venezuela, Chavez [referring to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez] is using his popularity to undercut the opposition and eliminate checks on his authority. He is among the most strident anti-American leaders anywhere in the world and will continue to try to undercut U.S. influence in Latin America and internationally."

Mike McConnell is against the common people of Venezuela. He's a liar by what he deliberately leaves out of his assessments. Chavez and Venezuela are vastly less authoritarian than Bush and the US. Chavez is a democratic populist. He is building a grassroots democracy in Venezuela. The little people have a growing voice under Chavez, and Mike McConnell and his dark-spirited masters hate it. We don't agree with Chavez's militarism, but we understand that, that militarism is to counter the much more violent and aggressive US.

Bush administration secretly funding al-Qaeda

The Bush administration, with Saudi Arabia, is secretly funding radical Sunni groups - some with ties to al-Qaeda - to counter Shiite groups backed by Iran.

Of course, this is always the case. The oligarchs always fund the various sides of every war. They make huge amounts of money for themselves while steering the fearful world toward their Satanic vision.

Thursday, March 1, 2007
Review: 90% of US Casualties in Sunni Areas

Meanwhile a review of American casualties in Iraq has further undercut the Bush administration's claim that Iran is supplying bombs to Shiite insurgents that have targeted US troops. McClatchy Newspapers is reporting ninety percent of US casualties have come in Sunni areas. Some of those deaths were caused by explosively formed projectiles — or EFP's. The administration had suggested the EFP's were being used almost exclusively by Iranian-backed Shiite groups.

This speaks for itself. Iranian Shiites are just on a long list of US targets. The Sunnis will follow. Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, they're all dreaming. The whole world is dreaming. The US wants it all. The weaponization of outer space is the US plan. No one below will be safe or free if the US military has its way. They will all open up their resources and markets to US exploitation and dominance or be targeted from space and elsewise.

Census: 750,000 Homeless in US

A new census has estimated the nation's homeless population at three-quarters of a million people. The Department of Housing and Urban Development says that's about 300,000 more than the number of available beds in shelters and temporary housing. Around sixty-percent of the homeless population are people of color.

The number of Americans living in deep or severe poverty has reached nearly 16 million.

As we wrote above, "This is disgusting. The leadership in this nation is mean-spirited and miserly. They are terribly immodest in their desire for their own gain, but they are stingy and barren toward the poor."

The kingdom of God must be given over to a new nation bringing forth the fruits worthy thereof.

Friday, March 2, 2007
No Shift in US Middle East Strategy, Only Tactics

The US has announced that it will take part in a regional conference with Iran and Syria. Many in the mainstream media are suggesting that this means that the Baker/Hamilton proposal is being adopted. All that's really going on is setting up an excuse that the US tried to negotiate before it bombs Iran. It's the same thing that happened when Colin Powell went to the UN in the lead-up to the war on Baghdad: All falsehood. Powell called his own presentation "bullsh_t."

The stories being put out by the US propaganda machine hasn't changed in substance. It's still excrement.

There will be ultimatums, just as there were ultimatums concerning Iraq. There will be accusations that will never be substantiated, just as with Iraq.

All that's happening is that the US is threatening Iran and the whole world. Either submit to the Empire or be attacked. It has ever been so. It's imperialism. The US is saying what all Western Empires have said. We have a stronger military, so you open up to us and submit or we force you to open. We'll kill all of you to get our way. Might makes right.

Every such Empire has fallen, and this one is no different in that regard.

Appeals Court Dismisses Abuse Suit

Khaled el-Masri was "extraordinarily rendered" by the CIA to one of its secret prisons near Kabul, Afghanistan. He was tortured, among other things. The US appeals court has ruled that he can't sue, because a trial would reveal state secrets.

All that's going on here is protecting US monsters from embarrassment and exposure of their war crimes.

The decision of the judges is antichrist in action.

BBC Said WTC7 Collapsed Before It Was Brought Down

A video has surfaced showing the BBC reporting that WTC7 had collapsed; however, the building is clearly shown still standing in the background. 9-11 Truth Movement members are suggesting that the story was given to the reporter who ran with it too soon. As she was speaking live to the BBC anchor, the signal to her was "lost." Some people believe the signal was cut off or blocked or jammed when it was realized that she was reporting on what had not yet happened. Video

The video has apparently been uploaded to both youtube.com and Google video several times each only to be removed by both entities. That is more than suspicious behavior. If the reports of You Tube and Google video services are correct, people at both entities are officially attempting to censor the video. They don't want people to be considering the possible implications what with all the other (the preponderance of) evidence concerning 9-11 as a false-flag operation to some degree.

Some people who uploaded a copy of the video called the video a hoax perpetrated by 9-11 Truth Movement leader Alex Jones. This is a non-credible charge.

Former FBI Agent Wants Oklahoma Bombing Case Reopened

The BBC reports the following:

[T]he FBI interviewed 24 people who claimed to have seen McVeigh in Oklahoma City with someone else on the morning of the attack, yet the only known accomplice of McVeigh, Terry Nichols, was at home in Kansas over 200 miles away on that day. The FBI's investigation concluded that the eyewitnesses were unreliable. However, Danny Coulson says they were "extremely credible" and had no reason to make it up.


Mr Coulson also says that FBI headquarters closed down part of their own investigation into a white separatist community called Elohim City, which conspiracy theorists believe was involved in the attack, with government knowledge.

Mr Coulson said: "It wasn't until after I had left the investigation, some months later, that I know FBI headquarters told them to close down the investigation in Elohim City which has some very significant connections to Mr McVeigh and previous bombing attempts.

"Never in my career did I have FBI headquarters tell me not to investigate something."

USDA Backs Production of Rice With Human Genes

The Washington Post reported today that USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) "has given a preliminary green light for the first commercial production of a food crop engineered to contain human genes."1

The genes will cause the rice plant to produce human-immune-system proteins ostensibly to produce anti-diarrhea drugs to be put into foods. That may sound good on the surface; however, as we have seen with other crops, genes migrate from field to field. There is no way right now for these spiritually retarded people to prevent the genes from doing this. As utterly obtuse as it sounds on the part of judges, we've seen Canadian farmers whose farms have been invaded by GM crops, against their will and desire, be sued by GM seed companies and lose for patent infringement.

It's time for a peaceful revolution in Canada. Any judge or judicial system that would so rule needs to be overturned, just as Jesus cleansed the temple by overthrowing the tables of the usurers, speculators, and animal-sacrifice industrialists. It is an illegitimate system on its face. It is of, by, and for the insane rich and their mad scientists and self-styled intellectual analysts.

Remember that Mad Cow disease stemmed from human beings forcing vegetarian cows to cannibalize their own kind. Now these people want plants to handle mammalian genes without realizing from their own science that God's evolutionary-design system bred these distinct life forms over millions of years working toward an ecologically sound fit for the particular circumstances. Now, along comes some scientist hired out to the greediest and most short-sighted people on the planet (in this case, Sacramento, California-based Ventria Bioscience), which scientists, with a little knowledge (very little knowledge), imagine they can anticipate all the negative consequences of their utterly selfish approach to getting rich quick. In fact, most of them are resigned to dying and leaving the mess to the next generations anyway. In their false-conservative, capitalist mentality, they just want to get theirs now (private, special privilege and advantage) off the duped public whom they are brainwashing into falsely imagining that this hyper, short-sighted science/technology will be able to outrace all the problems it has been creating since its anti-God, testing, and tempting inception.

On Wednesday, the Agriculture Department published its draft environmental assessment, which concluded that the project posed no undue risks. The public can comment until March 30 [2007].

Also on Wednesday, the agency revealed that a type of rice seed in Arkansas had become contaminated with a different variety of genetically engineered rice, LL62, that was never released for marketing. The error was discovered in the course of an ongoing investigation into the widespread contamination of U.S. rice by yet another gene-altered variety, LL601, which has seriously disrupted rice exports.

Those problems, along with the previous discovery of unapproved, gene-altered StarLink corn in food and the accidental release of crops that had been engineered to make a vaccine for pig diarrhea, undermine the USDA's credibility, critics said.

That's putting it too mildly. The USDA is in the hip pocket of the greedy. It's a revolving door for the greedy and selfish. We aren't saying that everyone working for the USDA is leaning in such an evil direction, but the unselfish people at the USDA aren't running the place. It's the ones at the top who are up to no good.

Greed is ruining everything. Destroy them who destroy the Earth. That's the prophecy. We witness to it. It's coming. Repent or go to hell.

Democrats Blowing It, as Usual

The Democrats in Congress are playing it smart by playing it safe, they think. They don't understand the meaning of the words "smart" and "safe." They aren't stopping the neocons. They're playing political games. Where's the leadership? Well, one cannot expect real leadership from those who don't understand that the system is irreparably broken, that the house is inherently divided, that the capitalist system is doomed to utter failure, and that the world Empire is going to collapse, thank God.

Who can stop the neocons but the failure of the neocons own plan? They will be subjected to their own insane, antichrist standard in hell if they don't repent. No coercion is ever going to solve the problem. God is perfect not because anyone coerced God into it. God is love, peace, and those truths, because God freely chooses them as really being the only way to be. This is no paradox in the divine language of the revelation.

Argentina Rejects IMF Role in Debt Payment

In Argentina, President Nestor Kirchner has announced his government will reject any involvement of the International Monetary Fund in Argentina's debt payment. Kirchner made the comments during his state of the union address.

Argentinian President Nestor Kirchner: "In the Paris Club they tell us: 'You must have an agreement with the International (Monetary) Fund to be able to pay the debt.' We say to them: 'Sirs, we are sovereign. We want to pay the debt but no way in hell are we going to make an agreement again with the IMF."

The IMF helped push through a series of economic policies that many believe helped bring Argentina's economy to collapse in 2001.

Kirchner is correct not to make another agreement with the IMF. The IMF was a terrible idea right from the start. It was never about getting any nation out of poverty. It was always about the imperialist moving in and deliberately avoiding developing the nations in any way other than that would enrich those imperialists. The IMF and World Bank are evil. The more nations reject them the better. Let Argentina be seen as the right example to the nations of the world vis-à-vis the IMF.

General Wesley Clark

Wesley Clark did an extensive interview with Amy Goodman of DemocracyNow. In it, he mentioned several things

Several of note dramatically showed Clark's dangerous mentality.

Concerning first lieutenant Ehren Watada, Clark said that the Iraq War is legal. Watada's defense is that that war is mundanely illegal. Clark is in error on that. Watada is absolutely correct that a war started and so-called authorized as a direct result of deliberate lies by the chief executive is illegal under the mundane law.

Secondly, Clark emphasized that there are always unintended consequences of the use of force. Well, more importantly is that there are intended consequences. The so-called "fog of war" is factored into the anticipated consequences by the monied interests. They don't care about any of that fog just so long as they come out on top, which they always do. They lend the money for the war. They reap the profits. Those are the intended consequences. Clark did not address that.

He made very clear that he's no pacifist. He hasn't seen that light.

Now, Amy Goodman either didn't ask him or it simply wasn't part of what she aired. Clark wasn't asked about his statement that the Jewish Lobby had been called upon from Israel to drumbeat in the US Congress for war against Iran and that then he was castigated by Abe Foxman, the director of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith for making "anti-Semitic" remarks. Clark quickly retracted his statement and apologized. However, he was completely right the first time. All Clark had done was read the Israeli press accounts. Those accounts were not targeted at the general US population, and he violated Foxman's propaganda rules. Retraction was caving into pressure. Foxman would have been sure to see to it that Clark would receive no campaign financing from false Zionist sources. Foxman would also have been sure to see to it that Clark would be lambasted by the mainstream media if he entered the presidential race without having first caved in.

Is he a better man than George W. Bush? He speaks in ways that make him sound less dangerous or reckless. However, he's no real Christian. He doesn't follow Jesus Christ's real teachings and life example. He isn't someone I'm going to follow anywhere. Ultimately, he's on the wrong side.

Saturday, March 03, 2007
The President's Private Army

It used to be that the CIA was the president's private army to do with as he alone decided without any oversight by Congress or the press. That's changed. Now the U.S. military's Joint Special Operations Command is completely in that camp as well. Their budget and operations are top secret. This is all the doing of Donald Rumsfeld and Cheney and the neocons in general. It is all diametrically in opposition to the letter and spirit of the Frank Church Committee that turned the spotlight on the so-called intelligence community run amok.

The imperial presidency is more a reality right now than at any other time in the history of the US Empire. Unless the Supreme Court properly interprets the US Constitution, George W. Bush can label anyone (US citizens or not) an enemy combatant (enemy of the state; an enemy of the military-industrial complex, etc.) and cause that person to disappear without a trace, be imprisoned, tortured, and murdered all without any due process of law. That's the power of the ancient monarchs who would simply say, "Off with his head."

That's not a republic. The republic is dead. The Empire has come out of the closet, and the CIA and Joint Special Operations Command and the FBI, and on and on, are all serving at the sole command of the president who could cause another false-flag operation and then declare martial law, thereby suspending even the illusion of any remaining constitutional rights and putting the US military on every street in the US. After all, George W. Bush called the document he swore to preserve, protect, and defend "just a goddamned piece of paper."

Doug Thompson, publisher of Capitol Hill Blue, says he's talked to three people present last month [November 2005] when Republican Congressional leaders met with President Bush in the Oval Office to talk about renewing the Patriot Act. ... All three GOP politicians quote their president as saying: "Stop throwing the Constitution in my face! It's just a goddamned piece of paper!"2

Don't forget that if Aaron Russo is to be believed that a Rockefeller told him long before 9-11 that the US would be faking a hunt for al Qaeda in the caves of Afghanistan, George W. Bush most assuredly presided over looking the other way while the whole 9-11 plan was executed for the sake of establishing a firmer grip by the imperial presidency.

An empire is not a republic. It is not a representative democracy. It is an empire with an emperor, even if for only four years at a stretch. How long will term limits last? How long will the system wait before a so-called president with his fascist supporters causes the people to imagine that they are being attacked by other than those under the ultimate control of that president who then declares himself "president for life" (dictator, emperor for life, god on earth)? Then what do you think will happen to the US and the world?

The 9/11 conspiracy theories are a coward's cult?

That's the allegation of George Monbiot.3 This story is currently making the rounds of the 9-11 Truth Movement. Monbiot's main thrust is that 9-11 conspiracy theories are diverting attention away from "real" causes such as the environment. He points to the video Loose Change as a prime example of nutty conspiracy theorizing.

Well, as we've written elsewhere, we don't subscribe to the no-plane theory concerning the Pentagon hit. We also don't believe that a plane didn't go down in Pennsylvania. We do though take much more seriously that the testing on the steel construction and fire don't support the official theory of what caused the twin towers to fall. We also take much more seriously the history of goading potential enemies, false-flag operations, lies and conveniently looking the other way concerning attacks, etc. We also take much more seriously the power and collective mind-set of the ultra wealthy to pull off and cover up the coup d'état against John F. Kennedy. Does Monbiot subscribe to the ridiculous "magic bullet" fabrication? Does he doubt the USS Liberty incident? Does he doubt the lie that was the Gulf of Tonkin? Does he doubt the evidence about the FBI knowing the intent of the Japanese and the orders from Washington not to leak it to those in command at Pearl Harbor? Does he doubt the illegality of the Federal Reserve Act in the US?

[Update (a little "equal time for opposing, new views"): Happy Thanksgiving & 49th Anniversary of John F. Kennedy's Assassination Via the "Magic Bullet"]

He said the following:

I believe that they were criminally negligent in failing to respond to intelligence about a potential attack by al-Qaida, and that they have sought to disguise their incompetence by classifying crucial documents.

I believe, too, that the Bush government seized the opportunity provided by the attacks to pursue a longstanding plan to invade Iraq and reshape the Middle East, knowing full well that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11.

He claims to have looked at all the evidence, yet this is as far as he's prepared to go? It is nothing short of amazing if he's not intending to be disingenuous. Doesn't he understand that no matter how evil he thinks the prince of this world is that that prince is always darker than he, Monbiot, can imagine?

I believe that George Bush is surrounded by some of the most scheming, devious, ruthless men to have found their way into government since the days of the Borgias.

Since the days of any regime anywhere in the history of human kind is the real answer.

He says they were "criminally negligent." Does he mean willfully criminally negligent, with foreknowledge, or does he simply mean incompetently criminally negligent? We say willfully. He used the word "incompetence." That gives him away as a dupe. He doesn't understand that on the level at which those global politicians are playing, there is always a master on the order of a Bobby Fisher at his best. These people are using the most sophisticated computer programs and hardware that are self-instructing to bring forth their global Empire. Monbiot hasn't a clue as to the depth of depravity of these people. It is either that or he really is a fake who has knowingly sold out. After all, there really are "leftwing gatekeepers" (false liberals) despite the fact that many Libertarians can be rabid racists and hyper nationalists in sheep's clothing. Half-truths are still half true.

To qualify as a true opponent of the Bush regime, you must also now believe that it is capable of magic. It could blast the Pentagon with a cruise missile while persuading hundreds of onlookers that they saw a plane. It could wire every floor of the twin towers with explosives without attracting attention and prime the charges (though planes had ploughed through the middle of the sequence) to drop each tower in a perfectly timed collapse. It could make Flight 93 disappear into thin air, and somehow ensure that the relatives of the passengers collaborated with the deception. It could recruit tens of thousands of conspirators to participate in these great crimes and induce them all to have kept their mouths shut, for ever.

In other words, you must believe that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and their pals are all-knowing, all-seeing and all-powerful, despite the fact that they were incapable of faking either weapons of mass destruction or any evidence at Ground Zero that Saddam Hussein was responsible. You must believe that the impression of cackhandedness and incompetence they have managed to project since taking office is a front. Otherwise you are a traitor and a spy.

No. You are a traitor to honesty though when you accept the 9-11 Commission as more then enough. Considering all the questions that were deliberately left unanswered, you are a traitor to honesty when you don't call for thorough criminal-type investigations. It was first and foremost a crime scene was it not? Have computer controlled wireless devices been ruled out? Has autopilot guiding the planes the way cruise missiles are guided to with a few meters at most been ruled out? Why is "nothing off the table" when it comes to attacking Iran yet everything is off the table when it comes to investigating the crime of 9-11? Why is the 9-11 Commission to be left as just another Warren Commission hatchet job on the entire world?

Now, we understand frustration concerning the environment and other issues; however, he doesn't seem to realize that the same people who are degrading the entire planet are those who are the military-industrial complex that doesn't even blink when it kills hundreds of thousands and believes that hundreds of thousands and even hundreds of millions of Americans are expendable for the sake of US imperial hegemony over the world and universe really.

You can't get rid of some evil and be fine. All of it must go.

What Monbiot doesn't understand is that the Holy Spirit is outing the Empire and the emperor and his entire ilk concerning their entire ideology. Perhaps Monbiot has something against the Holy Spirit. He better turn if he does before it is too late for him.

The 9-11 Truth Movement contains a wide range of unanswered questions, some too far-fetched. It is though a necessary movement. Only when the people come to understand just how sinister is the global plan of the demonic minded will they turn to God knowing God in stark contrast to Satan's selfishness. Only then will the remnant be unselfish and, therefore, on the right path eternally.

In all these cases you will find wild supposition raised to the status of incontrovertible fact, rumour and confusion transformed into evidence, selective editing, the citation of fake experts, the dismissal of real ones.

It is incontrovertible fact that the 9-11 Commission avoided about eighty percent of the questions of the immediate families of those lost in the attacks. The "rumor and confusion transformed into evidence" is really just the mountain of the deliberately unanswered questions. "Selective editing" is most assuredly a problem on both sides. That's what the entire false spectrum of right to left is built upon. As for the "citation of fake experts" and "the dismissal of real ones," that's unfair subjectivity.

Monbiot hates the global-warming naysayers; yet, don't they produce so-called "real" experts? Didn't the Tobacco Institute produce "real" experts? Can't the US shadow government within the US shadow government produce "real" experts in the same vein? Yes, of course they can and do.

Why does he think the lies end exactly where he, Monbiot, sees them as ending? It strikes us as very arrogant. Those of the 9-11 Truth Movement who are the honest ones within that movement remain open to honest answers. They aren't arrogant. They aren't claiming to have all the answers. They are claiming that there is a cover-up. Monbiot calls certain people idiots. Well, it is idiotic not to see that there is a cover-up; yet, Monbiot doesn't call for reopening investigations and to make them thorough with nothing off the table until it has been removed by reasonable "proof."

Investigating the Death of Diana, princess of Wales

Dodi's Fayed's father, Mohamed al Fayed, wants private letters written by prince Philip, the duke of Edinburgh, to Diana to be exposed to the public. Mohamed al Fayed's spokesman also said, "There were eighteen eye-witnesses and none of them has been seen, let alone interviewed."

That's awful that eighteen eye-witnesses were never interviewed. It sure sounds like a cover-up just on that single aspect alone. Many people suspect that Diana was murdered for the sake of the British so-called royal family.

EPA Proposes New Diesel Standards to Reduce Pollution

The US Environmental Protection Agency wants to cut particulates from diesel trains and ships by as much as ninety percent by 2030.

Well, "by as much as" means it will be less. Also, particulates are important to cut, but this leaves diesel on the table when it should be coming off as rapidly as possible. Diesel is a greenhouse gas emitter. Global warming is a huge problem as is peak oil. The sooner the world faces up to the real issue the better. Switching over as quickly as possible to non-carbon fuels will take care of particulates, greenhouse gases, and the issue of peak oil. It will also take oil off the table for military action.

The Empire is totally wrong to be going after oil sources. It should concentrate on developing clean, renewal fuels the technology concerning which it should then give to the whole world free of charge. It should do the right thing for once. It isn't possible though.

Those who run the Empire are incapable of doing the right thing. They hate God and Jesus after all.


1 Rick Weiss. "USDA Backs Production of Rice With Human Genes." Washington Post. March 2, 2007. Link. (last accessed: Saturday, March 03, 2007). Return to text body.

2 Gary Leupp. Bush and the Constitution: "Just a Goddamned Piece of Paper." CounterPunch. December 14, 2005. Link. (last accessed: Saturday, March 03, 2007). Return to text body.

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