The BBC did a show on the 9-11 conspiracy. It is called The Conspiracy Files 911, available on

We watched the show and found it blatantly hypocritical. The same selecting bits here and bits there that the shows creators accused certain anti-official 9-11 conspiracy theorists of using doing is exactly the method used by the show in attempting to justify the show-creators' points. It was what is called "a straw man attack," which is an argument set up so as to be easily refuted or defeated. That is an antichrist methodology.

It is highly selective and cowardly. It is what Satan did in trying to tempt Jesus into falling down to worship Satan (selfish ego) upon Satan's promises of giving Jesus personal, selfish ownership over all the nations of the world. Jesus refuted Satan by Jesus's seeing the big picture, not just those selected points offered up by the spirit of evil (the spirit out for self first and foremost rather than the spirit of the good shepherd who puts the whole fold before him and even risks and will sacrifice his life for the few or even one of the fold who is lost).

Rather than using Jesus's spirit, these particular BBC creators, facilitated all that is wrong with the Empire. They facilitated the misdirection of souls into subscribing to the Empire's evil goal that Satan promised and the evil means to obtain that goal, which includes murdering the innocent and the messengers of God who tell God's truth about what is right and what is wrong.

What always comes with those who employ the satanic methodology stated above is a bundle of ulterior motives that all boil down to evil. Among the bundle right now includes the ostensibly hidden agenda of the most zealous false Zionists for the establishment of the kingdom of Israel in Old Testament terms. No one needs the Protocols of the Elders of Zion when all one needs to do is read the Old and New Testaments to see that the honest prophets among the historical Jews set down in history (expressly; in writing for posterity) that the descendants of Jacob had collectively broken their part of the covenant with the divine that if and only if they bring forth righteousness, they would inherit the whole of the earth and that the meaning of, the definition of, bringing forth righteousness mandates being "Good Samaritans."

That is what this BBC program is consciously designed to hide. They don't want the people eating at the trough of truth. They want to be the barking dog in the manger who can't partake of the spirit of truth and won't let the oxen eat. In this sense, they do constitute as the Libertarians say "gate keepers." They are self-authorized gate keepers. They won't allow the gates of hell to be closed and the gates of heaven to be opened on earth.

Now, because we've raised the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and because the program deals directly with the rumor that four thousand Jews may have been forewarned by Mossad not to go to the WTC on 9-11, instantly the slur of "anti-Semitism" will be directed at us. This is merely a psychological trigger, a post-hypnotic suggestion, to cause those under their spell to immediately terminate all consideration of every valid point and question raised concerning 9-11 and the worldly Empire condemned in both the Old and New Testaments. Remember, Babylon in The Bible is the literal spirit and the symbol of all worldly Empire with whatever degree of continuity that imperial-selfish spirit has as it moves about the world seeking prey to tempt into that darkness that is selfishness against which Jesus and the real prophets of God stood so bravely.

Now, the label of "anti-Semite" does not stick unless all those prophets were anti-Semites. Of course, the false Zionists are the real anti-Semites, anti-Semitic in that they run counter to the real spirit, as that spirit is defined throughout the Holy Scripture of the real Zionists. Is this a circular argument? Yes, of course it is.

Truth, justice, fundamental fairness, love, peace, all these things are circular. All these things must stand together in consistency. For them not to be circular, they would be open to evil entering the circle, which it cannot without causing corruption, which is proof, in truth, of falsehood that constitutes the very essence of evil. This is why a house with both good and evil can never stand eternally. They must be divided permanently for the house of good to stand. This is why there is a house called the highest heaven where this is already the state of being. This is where the real God is right now and always. Is it a state of imagination?

Don't allow this wording to trick you. The term "imagination" can be used with its different connotations, within different suggested and intended contexts. Can one imagine this highest heaven? When one is contemplating it, is one imagining or is one actually experiencing or both? In the right senses, the answer is both. If the intention is to defeat the Holy Spirit, then the contexts have been set up in the spirit of evil to misdirect souls from working to bring forth on earth as it is in heaven. No matter how consciously or subconsciously undertaken, such misdirecting is always selfish and evil. The more consciously undertaken the greater is the sin and the greater are the evil consequences: The more stripes, the more Satan will punish.

God's system is merciful. God protects the ignorant from Satan's wrath. Evil consequences must follow evil deeds, however; otherwise, there would be no difference between good and evil. There would be no enlightenment. There would be no salvation. There would be no consciousness. There can be no Great Commandment without conscience. Conscience and the Greatest Commandment are one and the same. The New Commandment is the commandment to ultimate conscience. Conscience is the key to real life. The particular BBC program under examination here fails to impart any of this to the people. It is not of this spirit.

The BBC program makes the absolutely valid point that the 9-11 Truth Movement has elements too willing to jump to conclusions in their own zealousness against radical evil that does exist in the world in the form of the worldly Empire spirit. It is important to guard against jumping to such conclusions, but contrary to the slippery approach of the BBC program, some errors within the 9-11 Truth Movement do not thereby impugn the entire concept of questioning the official conspiracy stories of the evil Empire spirit.

Remember, coming to God is not to be instantly perfect. It is to correct errors as those errors are clarified. It is totally wrong to throw out God just because God doesn't make one instantly as perfect as is God. If that were required, then nothing would be illegal. In fact, this is the rationalization used by the Empire in its deepest bowels. Hidden from the masses, the Empire wants to maintain a secret that this life is simply for the taking and that the only rule is might. This is survival of the fittest where the fittest is incorrectly defined by the brute as the most ruthless and brutal who shoves the weak out of the nest to die so he may take more for himself. It is social Darwinism. That is the not-so-secret secret underlying the Empire. Iraq's oil is there as the prize for the taking.

Now, knowing this about the Empire, one might imagine that then all the others in the nest should simply band together to throw out the strongest one who has been bullying the weakest and killing them throwing the fear into the rest. Well, that does happen and will happen again. However, the ultimate solution is the conversion of that one in the nest who is the most possessed by the evil selfish spirit. Then the lion will lie down with the lamb. Then no one will study war anymore.

This is the case, because the very act of banding together to throw the bully out, murdering him, even under the mundane law, leaves the seed of destruction sown for the future. It is not overcoming. Jesus overcame. He didn't plant seeds in his future where the lion will continually kill the lamb, devouring the lamb in his lustful, selfish, appetite. His spirit overcame that manifestation of darkness.

The beast is a nightmare come true. The consciousness of the spirit, of souls, has manifested what is perceived. Change that consciousness to conscience and the manifestation will likewise change.

Unfortunately, the BBC program is teaching and exemplifying the opposite of this Holy Spirit of truth.

Concerning those points they chose to take on, they are very manipulative of the gullible and naïve and those who are willingly duped, even desirous of being duped for a false sense of safety and security in their serpentine governments. It is the ruse they perpetrate by twisting the meaning of "national security." It is the ploy of the gangsters ruling the planet to dupe the people into submission while they rape the planet, impoverish the meek, and hoard for themselves while tens and hundreds and even billions are consciously starved to death and otherwise subjected to being pushed out of the nest. Do you see that? Your eternal soul depends upon your seeing it and turning to righteousness as a consequence.

The BBC show was painfully obvious in its design to support the BBC's show-creators' preconceived position concerning 9-11, not that they themselves believe the position they put forth. They actually know that they set out to justify the evil neocons, the darkest of the worldly Empire builders, those who have continued to bow down to the very satanic spirit Jesus Christ most nobly and summarily rejected in favor of the one true and living real God who is the eternal spirit, unselfishness that is perfection.

The BBC program doesn't have any of the flavor of going wherever the questions lead. It really mirrored journalism on the lowest mainstream level, such as FOX News.

To be honest, which we all should always strived to be, there are plenty of people who claim to be a part of the 9-11 Truth Movement who won't give an inch when valid points are alleged by people questioning certain speculations of the movement. That makes some on both sides doggedly dishonest at heart, not a good thing at all.

From a different source, the following was news to us: Concerning flight 93, it is reported that a one-ton section of an engine was over a mile away (possibly more than two miles) and that light debris was up to eight miles away from the so-called crash site. Now if the plane flew into the ground without first having broken up, how can debris over eight miles away be accounted for? If it broke up high enough above to allow for debris to be eight miles away, what caused that breakup? Also, witnesses said that they saw the plane explode in the sky. Many reported seeing strange military planes flying in the area at the time. Some said they saw a missile hit the plane. That would certainly account for the debris over such a huge area. Of course, it raises the question of why would the military shoot down that plane.

Well, if the passengers actually did takeover the plane and had the so-called terrorists in custody, they all would have had a story to tell if the pilots would have landed the plane. Blowing the plane out of the sky however would assure that no one would live to tell the actual story of what happen on board and it would assure that the "terrorists" would not live to be interrogated either.

To be clear here, the BBC show said that the distance of eight miles was not as the crow flies but rather the distance on the roadway leading from the crash site to the nearby lake, which as the crow flies is about one mile away. Also, two locals were interviewed saying that only very light material from the crash was found in the area, nothing heavy such as an engine part. We don't have any further information about the people who said they saw en explosion in the sky or a strange military plane or planes in the area before the crash.

One should think that with the deep pockets of the BBC the show would have at least stated that many more than just the two who were interviewed were contacted locally and corroborated the information supplied by just those two interviewees. Also, one would expect the BBC to check for local dissenting views and those who allegedly said they saw an explosion and strange planes, etc.

The show's creators just leave too many loose ends.

We will remind people that we have never subscribed to the idea that there wasn't a commercial jet that hit the Pentagon. In fact, the damage to the exterior shows a band of damage was wide as the wings although that band was admittedly just an indentation and color difference and not a hole.

We say that we never subscribed to the idea that a plane cannot nearly disintegrate upon a five hundred mile an hour impact when fully loaded with jet fuel.

We also never subscribed to Mossad having tipped off some four thousand Jews not to go into work at the WTC on 9-11. Although the BBC did not address the tips of others that have never been refuted and information alleged that Mossad was involved with many trained agents active in the US and tailing the "terrorists."

Understand that the nation-state with the most double agents active in the US is Israel. That system along with the Jewish Lobby with its power base also in the mainstream mass-media corporations has been so effective for Israel that when the largest spy ring in US history was caught and exiled (larger than the German or Russian spy rings of WWII and the Cold War), the information was effectively censored from the general American population. That's what has happened concerning Israel.

Make no mistake though. Just because some entities within the US government have gone after Israeli spies and evil-propaganda manipulators in the US does not mean at all that they have effectively shut down Israeli spying and evil manipulation in the US, far from it.

The Israeli/London jazz musician Gilad Atzmon has written an article2 about what he has defined as the new Jewishness and the new religion or the twist in religion upon which it is founded. His writing suggests that the fear of fleshly extinction drives this identity to do irrational things, such as preventative wars where there is no basis to assume an imminent catastrophe. It drives the bloodline (the extended DNA "family"; the tribes) to work doubly hard at infiltrating and turning other nests, the parents of other bloodlines (in this case the Anglo-Saxons of the US superpower) to better assure the Jewish future. The larger point is that this very hyper drive is a self-fulfilling prophecy. By always seeking now to be first on the draw, no one is safe from this irrationality, this criminal insanity.

The unspoken aspect here is the suggestion that this is a long, historical process where the Hebrews have failed to recognize the downward spiraling error. Remember that Abraham erred when he lied about his half sister by concealing that she was also his wife. To be fair here, everyone makes mistakes and it is to the credit of the Hebrews who recorded this error without trying to suggest that it was a good thing that Abraham did. They just recorded it and left it to the honest reader to see that Abraham erred and to forgive him as the deceived king did by not taking Abraham's life for attempting the deception. By the way, the deception was a method of getting the king to give Abraham material wealth. It worked in Egypt, so he tried it again somewhere else but was seen right through. The evil was transparent to the discerning eye. Read it for yourself in The Bible.

Now, such behavior engenders loathing and only serves to potentiate wrath leading to extermination. The message of Jesus though, of course, is against both the initial evil and any temptation to wrath. It is that until one is perfect one better not apply standards that when applied to one would also see that one likewise condemned.

So we say, okay. Abraham made mistakes, but he learned from them and they weren't covered over. They were recorded so we could learn from them to help humanity not repeat them. Unfortunately, covering up has become the perfected art rather than the art of not repeating them.

Jesus ran into this same denial when he pointed out that the prophets didn't heal Israel but healed foreigners instead. When he said it, it really made the Jews mad at him. Think about it.

Is this a call not to support the Jewish people in Israel? No. We support them just as we support the US troops in Iraq and elsewhere. We support their turning to God and away from their present demonic course.

The BBC did acknowledge the irrefutable evidence that Bush/Cheney lied about not having any foreknowledge (warnings) from the CIA and FBI, etc. The BBC called it being "less than full and frank about how much information they did have before al Qaeda attacked." Why the kid gloves? Why not say that they "lied?" Why avoid the word? Well, the BBC's job was to support the official conspiracy reports and to not make Bush/Cheney, et al., look any worse than the BBC had to in covering the story at all.

Now, the BBC just takes everything they were told by the FBI as if it were the Gospel. The al Qaeda members in LA were living in a house owned by an FBI informant who the BBC just flat out stated didn't suspect anything. What exactly did the BBC do to arrive at that conclusion? Did they give the informant a lie-detector test? Did the BBC just accept this without question? We aren't told.

The BBC show really cherry picked those things it could work with without running into stonewalling by the government. To do a good investigative journalistic job, the BBC should have worked on the eighty percent of the questions of the 9-11 victims' family members that were ignored by the 9-11 Commission. Why did the BBC avoid doing that? They couldn't have done their propaganda/perception management job.

The BBC just summarily states that the evidence points to a conspiracy after 9-11, not before. Well, the BBC program did not look into the evidence that points to a conspiracy before. It didn't cover that issue at all. Yet, with an emphatic and authoritative, conditioning and hypnotically suggestive voice they just told their viewers and listeners what they must think.

Well, we totally disagree with the BBC's position. The evidence of a conspiracy to at the very least deliberately make it possible for an attack to occur is gigantic. The BBC just completely ignored the detailed warnings coming in from around the world that were "ignored" by the Bush administration whose wall-to-wall neocons and false Zionists had an express agenda to create the new American Century of total dominance requiring denying all potential rivals the prize that is the Middle East's oil. The BBC just acts as if that's not true. They act as if the worldly Empire builders, the biblical Beast, don't exist.

Well, the neocons have written openly about how great it is that they can openly use the word "Empire" now without being ashamed. Oh, they should be ashamed though, and so should the BBC for doing such a poor job on this show called The Conspiracy Files 911.

I've seen some relatively good-faith effort come out of the BBC. This program was not relatively good-faith effort. It was conceived and executed and aired all in bad faith.

The BBC actually had the audacity to claim that the case ought to be closed based upon their extremely thin attempt in this show. The more the show went on, the worse it became.

Look, if the government would open up and allow and even demand a real, honest, full-blown investigation that would arrive at what it could say definitely and still be honest about those things that are beyond human ability to finally determine, then and only then would the government be acting in reasonable good faith. Right now, including after this awfully shoddy piece by the BBC, the government is not acting in good faith in any areas we can see.

What did this BBC program have to say about all the lies in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq? Nothing. What about the fascistic measures of extraordinary rendition, torture, and doing away with habeas corpus? Nothing.

This program is disgusting. The creators obviously want to lull people to sleep, to make them imagine that their freedom isn't being stolen by megalomaniacs. Obviously, some people at the BBC are imperialists, hook, line, and sinker.

The BBC program stood the truth on its head. It isn't comforting to know that the leadership of the US Empire is evil. It was much more comfortable being a kid thinking that the president was inherently infallible rather than the dark prince of this world for his term, his season. There's no comfort in it. The only comfort is the next step in realizing that since that part of the biblical message has turned out to fit all the exposed lies told by the government (including those that the BBC couldn't deny) then the other part of the biblical message is also true, namely salvation for those who patiently keep possession of their souls that they have been given back upon waking up to the truth of the spirit of the devil possessing the imperialist kleptomaniacs who could end starvation tomorrow but are too greedy and violent and deprave and too full of lies and cover-ups to do it.

What does the BBC have to say about that? Nothing. The makers of the show are themselves too hardhearted, too self-centered, to call the government on it.

The BBC twice said that leaving the case open is "distressing and painful for the families of those who died that day." Where have they been? Don't they know that it was those very families who forced the government to form the 9-11 Commission? If it weren't for those families, George W. Bush would never have had an inquiry. He didn't need one, since he was in on it. He didn't want one, since it just pointed more to that he was in on it. The programmers know that. They just sickeningly used what compassion they could twist in their viewers. It is so transparently demonic. Woe to them who do this and don't openly repent of it. Son of man, prophesy against them.

The BBC has been infiltrated by neocons. That's for sure.

That show really lowered the BBC a number of steps in our estimation. They've done huge damage to their reputation with this program. Many people won't be able to watch anything coming out of the BBC without being on extreme guard for neocon psy-ops. These particular programmers would sell the magic-bullet theory too, one would expect.

Full context of history

The major trick of this show is not looking at 9-11 in the full context of history. This is the standard ploy of those who seek to dupe the people into falsely believing that the serpentine spirit isn't functioning now just as it did in the beginning and just as it did in the time of Jesus Christ. God isn't dead in any sense, and Satan's spirit is still roaming the earth and trying to branch out its rotten tree into the cosmos in very more plainly manifest ways.

You see, without the people being awakened to the fact that selfishness is the root evil, they won't root out selfishness. All those of the selfish spirit, work for that spirit to hide this truth as much as possible. They work at it so hard that they even self-hypnotize about it. "When I reach the count of ten, you'll wake up feeling refreshed, and you won't remember anything that I said while you were under.

"You won't believe that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was carried out as a coup d'état by many people who refused to allow the will of the people through their elected choice to turn away from imperialism and toward peace.

"You won't believe that Washington and president Roosevelt knew the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor and were actually goaded into it by Roosevelt.

"You won't believe that the Gulf of Tonkin was a huge lie foisted on the world by the neocons of the day."

Those are but a tiny fraction of the things that really happened that you are told by the liars at the so-called top (really the bottom of the barrel; the scum of the earth) never happened, even though they are publicly documented for anyone to see.

Now you may see where it is from which the BBC program is coming that denies everything but the official neocon (defined as liar) story. The program was created by neocons (liars all). They are Plutonic "noble liars," an oxymoron. They are oxymoronic souls. They are false: Hardhearted; not to be trusted, ever.

"You'll believe everything the overlords (defined by Jesus in The Bible) tell you about everything. You'll trust them implicitly. No matter how much real history comes out that shows the long pattern of lies right up to the present, you'll believe what you're told that the dark prince of this world is really just protecting you rather than lying, cheating, stealing, killing, destroying, raping, ruining, devouring, and doing all the other evil things."

Oh, but some will protest that surely George W. Bush isn't doing all those things. Well, the dark prince of this worldly world has always used surrogates, proxies, minions, to do his dirty work. Surely you don't expect Satan to get his toenails dirty working the fields. His angels of darkness sow the dark seeds among the people.

George W. Bush knows full well that he is not on the side of God. He knows that by Britney Spears running around with 666 on her head and yelling she's the antichrist, she is really giving a sign about the entire culture.

Is it a publicity stunt? The degree to which there is an element of publicity stunt in it or not doesn't alter that it is a sign of the times.

She has been very misled and misleading and needs to turn and repent, as does everyone. In that sense, all have been antichrist.

George W. Bush should look in the mirror to see the reflection of the demonic spirits at work in his heart to root them out. He is not alone in this. Every president has contributed to this dark spirit. Each has subjected himself to self-delusion, hypnosis magnifying the wrong (selfish) message, learned from the evil spirit from the beginning that tempts everyone born into this world. It is that spirit that we are called to overcome individually and necessarily together ("one").

Where ever two or more are gathered in my name (my spirit), there will I be. That means together. The more the better. The more, the more magnified the light. That's why ultimately, universality of repentance is the path of ultimate salvation. That will be when the very essence of the evil spirit dies in every respect and forever.

The BBC show is serpentine. It is the serpent tempting in the garden—Evil, sheer evil motives.

Most importantly, whether or not the WTC was a controlled-demolition job should not stop a thorough investigation into the depth and scope of Bush/Cheney concerning everything that administration has done. Everyone knows that the intelligence was "cooked" concerning the Iraq War. That alone is reason enough thoroughly to investigate everything about this administration. No stone should be left unturned.

To hell with the evil that is twisting the meaning of "national security" to cover up more evil. Real "national security" is truth. It is not secrets or barriers. It lies in universal repentance, which starts with facing up to the fact of universal sin. To hell with not being ashamed. To hell with not having a collective, fully functioning conscience.

To hell with the worldly Empire

To hell with loyalty to that imperialism. We have no obligation to such imperialism. We never agreed to it. We never voted that in. Nevertheless, such imperialism is of the divided house. No such vote can ever be valid. Even those of the aspects of the Declaration of Independence that are true would have to be publicly, explicitly, and unequivocally renounced in such a vote. It would be against the natural law of God. When did the American people consciously do that? When did they do that while being fully informed? Let the neocons show us that the American people have done that. They cannot.

The people's US Congress should undertake such an investigation and without giving any immunity for testimony. Immunity can come from universal repentance after the witnesses have faced up to their complicity. Everyone is guilty of something. Everyone must be forgiven. Those who won't forgive will be subjected by the spirits to that standard.

Also, the power of the president to pardon people should be repealed. That power has been severely abused, causing much more harm than good.

We aren't advocating for punishment for anyone. We are advocating for the exposure of truth so that there will be a movement to universal repentance. All have sinned grievously. All ought to repent.


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2 Gilad Atzmon. "From Esther to AIPAC." CounterPunch. March 3 / 4, 2007. . (last accessed: Tuesday, March 06, 2007). Return to text body.

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