This article is based on the film Death in Rome.1 The film summary states the following:

Aldo Moro, leader of the Christian Democratic Party, regarded as the next president of Italy, was murdered in 1978. Armed with new facts and witness statements, this documentary by award winning directors provides clear proof of state complicity in Moro's assassination.

A secret service colonel who taught ambush techniques was photographed at the scene immediately when it happened. The explanation for his presence was mere coincidence. He was to have lunch at a nearby friend's.

The photos showing the scene and those who were there immediately were confiscated by the authorities who claimed thereafter that they lost the photos.

There was a broadcast thirty minutes before it actually happened that Aldo Moro had been kidnapped. What does that tell you? If it tells you nothing, then you probably buy into the magic bullet theory about the Kennedy assassination. You probably buy into the BBC's program The Conspiracy Files - 911. You probably buy into Bush/Cheney wanting to spread grassroots representational democracy around the globe rather than raw Empire to steal oil and other resources for the sake of more money and power and to oppress and destroy other bloodlines.

[Update (a little "equal time for opposing, new views"): Happy Thanksgiving & 49th Anniversary of John F. Kennedy's Assassination Via the "Magic Bullet"]

People had reported hearing strange noises coming from the apartment where Moro was being held. Moro's captors were amazed when no one came to investigate. Tip after tip was ignored by the authorities. They didn't want Aldo Moro saved. They wanted him dead. Moro was an enemy of the fascists (who very much survived WWII) and the military-industrial complex (the Empire; the Beast).

He was attempting to do the same thing Kennedy was trying to do that was end the Cold War and make peace with Russia, etc. Kennedy was assassinated shortly after he had visited Italy in support of Moro's plan. Both of them paid with their lives for trying to make world peace. The neocons killed them both.

"If you don't give up your plans to bring the Communists into the government, you'll pay a heavy price." That was the threat issued by the US and Henry Kissinger to Moro when Moro was visiting Washington.

The CIA working through the P2 Masonic Lodge had manipulated the Red Brigades into kidnapping and assassinating Aldo Moro.

Nearly all of the governmental people responsible for finding Moro were members of the P2 Lodge. They hated Moro for his egalitarian leanings and peacemaking efforts.

The Mafia knew where he was and reported it, but no action was taken.

There is much more to the background of this story. The history of project Gladio, the despicable CIA stay-behind project for Europe, is directly related. In fact, it was instrumental in this assassination. The CIA convinced the Red Brigades to do it, and other acts of terror, so the CIA and US would have a pretext for the military-industrial Empire. The CIA even carried out acts of terrorism directly and blamed them on so-called extremists for the same reason.

Do you still believe that 9-11 wasn't planned in the bowels of Hydra, the Leviathan, the multi-headed, self-biting, water-serpent Beast; Empire? Notice the "self-biting" nature of the Beast. The heads will bite each other, spear each other, and even kill each other.

The Beast must die.


1 Death in Rome, a video documentary. Michael Busse & Rosa Maria Bobbi. (last accessed: Tuesday, March 06, 2007). Return to text body.

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