This operation is still what one would call in the vernacular a "one-man shop." I'm a male, so it isn't sexist to put it that way. If the first other human being to join the Real Liberal Christian Church is a female, then it will be a two-person shop. Besides, this Church means both males and females when it refers to human kind or humanity and the like. We aren't sexist. We don't discriminate on the basis of gender, only spirit. We don't contrive social roles including based on physical gender. We do though believe that function follows form just as form has followed spirit.

We believe that this is the ultimate message of Jesus Christ that we have been, are, and become the spirit we assume and that simultaneously subsumes us. We can rise above even the fleshly form to become wholly spirit as spirit is meant from the perspective of the here and now at the time of this writing. Tangibility is a relative thing after all since all things are only on account of God's consciousness anyway.

There is a reason though why women have breasts that ordinarily, without any artificiality, produce mother's milk for nursing babies. There is nothing wrong with being different as males from females. Only when selfishness (harm) enters in does anything become wrong, including when this plane of existence is viewed relative to the highest heaven. Flesh without harm is not then inherently evil. That is why Jesus could and did manifest (was flesh; incarnate) the truly divine that is righteous. There was no harm in him even though he was born of a woman.

Harm is whatever stymies the real heaven from coming forth on earth or in human society, wherever it ends up in the cosmos or existence on any plane. Jesus did the opposite of stymieing that spirit. Had the world dropped everything to follow his heart, we would be living in heaven. We would have been born into it. If you doubt that, you are hardhearted and part of the problem rather than the solution.

Of course, when I say I am a "one-man shop," I don't mean to imply that I can do anything alone. I cannot, and I'm not alone. Only those who do not believe in the spirit think they can be alone.

Well, we didn't begin this article with the intention of digressing concerning sexism and the other subjects we touched on. Our purpose though is served by that lead-in.

Being a one-man shop, we cannot keep up the pace of covering and commenting on all the news noted in the mainstream and alternative news sources. Even with an army of thousands, we couldn't do it. Nor is it the highest priority at all times.

It is important to the extent that it aids souls in seeing that from which they should turn away and that toward which they should be turning. In this sense then there is other news.

That other news is whatever the Church does to bring forth. I must prioritize as currently a "one-person" operation under God. Spiritually, I know there are others out there who already share the spirit with me. The conflating path is going to open up for us. That is what the Plan of the Church is all about. That is what Jesus always had in mind and on as lofty a level as we can conceive, and then some, on into infinity. Jesus never put a limit on righteousness and neither ought we.

God is infinitely good. That's no paradox. That's the absolute truth.

The point here is that the scope of news coverage and commentary will ebb and flow as the spirit moves us in terms of priorities.

The commercial interests, those entities that put selfish profit first, do everything they can to get people to change the channel to them and to keep them there. We aren't competing with them. Hearts that once they have been given the Word reject it to go over to watch FOX for instance were never of the fold if they stay there. The prodigal son returned of his own conscience moved by the Holy Spirit. He was never Satan's you see. However, his father and brother didn't go fetch him but rather his father relied upon the good seeds he had planted in his son's heart that germinated and blossomed when the hard lessons were pouring forth in his son's life.

The real seeds sowed by the real Church must be seen as being so important to cultivate that hearts will not be tricked away to waste away with the likes of FOX and the other messengers of wickedness. FOX is far from the only messenger spewing deceit and hardheartedness. Also, we aren't saying that FOX doesn't offer up some truth in the form of half-truths. They are wittingly hypocritical though. They know they are about the business of deception.

So, if our output isn't steady, it is because there are other things going on. We must spend time on more than just Internet news output. We are in the end about bringing forth the Real Christian Commons and not about complaining without offering the solution.

The solution takes hands-on work. It is time consuming. It must be worked under set priorities. The "News" section of the Church's Internet presence is only one aspect of the total set of priorities.

If you visit our site, rather than be disappointed in what you might otherwise consider inadequate coverage, consider how you can be part of the solution. What can you do to help? What can you do to support?

Visit our "Plan" page on this Internet site. Visit and revisit our "Support" page. Be a self-starter rather than just a consumer in the typical American sense. Roll up your sleeves with us.

Contribute in everyway you are able. That's what the original Church did. That's why this Church is that Church.

The members of that Church shared all in common. Everything came in according to ability. The rich members, and there were rich members, shared the wealth, all the wealth. The poor reaped and contributed in turn whatever they were able. They were enabled by this.

The powers that be though hated it and did everything they could to stamp it out, thwart it, etc.

The Jews and the Romans persecuted and persecuted and persecuted the real Christians. Finally, the Beast under its clever emperor co-opted and twisted the faith to his personal, worldly ambitious ends.

Well, it is now time for the real Church to reassert itself through each and all of us coming together as one in the spirit of this truth.

We must bring forth a new nation of which Jesus spoke. We must bring forth.

To do that, we must feed the lambs and sheep of the Christian fold in body and spirit while also loving those who call us enemy.

We must exemplify the New Commandment in full faith and knowledge (certainty) in the promise of God that awaits those who turn away from selfishness and to unselfishness, to being as "wise" as the artful Constantine I, but as harmless as the dove.

That's what the Plan of the Church is. The first Church shared all. Then it was taken up into heaven and rightly so. Those who have remained behind all these centuries fell away from sharing all. They did not make sharing all their way of life. The first Church sold everything, all the land holdings of the Church members and parted the proceeds as each had immediate need. It was enough to last them until their tribulation that was the time of persecution and the attack of Rome upon Israel, leveling its temple until no stone was left upon another with their lifetimes, exactly as prophesied by Yahoshua the Messiah, Jesus the Christ, pointed to by the earlier prophets in the law, the scripture.

Well, we will share but we will take over the earth for God and heaven. All will become the commons. All will be respected. None will take more than his or her fair share of the inheritance. This will be enforced by the enlightened and fully formed conscience of each and all. Humanity will metamorphose, convert, within that will bring forth without, everywhere, through and though.

This will happen. It is our destiny, divine Providence. It is God's will. God provides. God is provisioning. That's where the concept of divine Providence comes from. God cares. God is circumspect beyond our comprehension.

This is not what we have in the form of shepherds and stewards over the worldly world. Either they are plotting and conniving enough to maneuver and facilitate and turn a pretend blind eye to those who would attack them so those self-styled leaders could have a pretext for increasing their military-industrial Empire or they are the most incompetent people in high places in the history of the planet, given the eyes and ears at their disposal (technology, etc.). Either way, they must go. We know though that they feign the incompetence of others, of underlings. They cleverly designate scapegoats. They are incompetent nevertheless. It is a combination of the two.

People will think that if we think we could do a better job, why don't we run for the office. Well, we know that no one can do the right thing from within that doomed house. It is inherently divided and the falsehood that is its foundation will crumble away, which we want to happen even while we want no harm to come to anyone. It is the inevitable outcome due to the hardhearted who have proven themselves beyond reach of the clear and plain words of truth. So be it. They will suffer consequences while the oppressed are freed out from under them. Pray that they still are granted the opportunity to turn and to rise in righteousness out of that bottomless pit, that purging lake of fire, that outer darkness, wherever they find themselves after this life in this flesh and into that spiritual greater, deeper state of death, falsehood. Pray that they will yet see the light and turn to stay. It is what we want for ourselves for righteousness' sake. To so pray is the Golden Rule. We want those in heaven to pray for us don't we? Yes, of course we do. Can we do less for those who won't turn in this life? Pray for their souls. Pray for universal salvation.

So far, we've worked to prepare enough depth of information to this website to satisfy a wealth of anticipated questions. Now we must divide our time with other aspects of the Plan. Therefore, bear with us. Support this effort. Bear your cross with us. Tithe or better if you are able. Do whatever you are moved to do by the Spirit. Come in with realistic expectations. They say Rome wasn't built in a day. Well, look at how long the spirit of Jesus Christ has been at work in this world sowing the real seeds while the enemy has been sowing the proverbial choking, thorn bushes.

Come in with the mindset that patience, perseverance, real work, dedication, and faith (no doubt) will see this through, by God.

Jesus worked. Did you think he didn't? It was work that he was doing. He was paid for it too. He received what was needed for the flesh body and soul and spirit, because he sought righteousness first, just as he said you and I must likewise do.

Christianity isn't for the lazy. It takes zeal, enthusiasm, action, to get to where it doesn't take work. When God provided bread for the five thousand, then it wasn't work. It was reward for earlier action that was turning in the right direction and having full faith, confidence, trust, and love in God.

That's where we need to go. We need to get ready and to travel to that spiritual place and beyond.

To start that, we must do what Jesus said the Church must do that is feed his lambs and sheep. To do that, we must want to do it. We must give the five loaves we have, all that there is. All we have. Then that spirit will be magnified by God. We show God first, and God will show us simultaneously. Again, it's no paradox. It is the real way things are and work. It's a great thing we are allowed to earn.

Thank you for understanding and for bearing with us as we cast our bread upon the waters.


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And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free. (Matthew 17:24-26)

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