There are homosexuals who are citing statistics to defend their right to serve openly in the US military. They say there are many other nations allowing it without disintegration. They say that The Bible is merely dogmatic.

Well, first of all, decay is imperceptible to those who are not looking. Also, people are on their best behavior while they work the angles to open the doors. This is a long slippery slope that requires a multi-generational view for most to begin to see the slide.

As for being mere dogma, are the homosexuals saying that there are no health problems that result directly from engaging in homosexual acts? They don't dare make such a claim. That's because homosexuality results in a laundry list of diseases. The alimentary canal is designed for the intake of nutrition and the elimination of waste. It is not designed for sexual intercourse. It was not designed for the friction of sex. It is not a vagina that was specifically designed for sex. With repetitive sex, the anus loses its ability to stay tightly shut when not passing fecal matter. It leaks. Sexual intercourse through the anus is detrimental to health in a number of ways, including mental and spiritual.

Anal cancer rates are much higher for homosexuals and bisexuals. This problem is not corrected by condom use. Without condoms (which is a prevalent practice among homosexuals who usually have multiple partners), there are further huge problems that can impact upon all parties. In addition, condoms are not foolproof. Because of multiple partners, the problems magnify. Monogamy is extremely rare among homosexuals. When oral sex is included, the diseases spread to other areas of the body.

Here are just some of the diseases that are much more prevalent in the homosexual community on account of their behavior:

Anal Cancer

Chlamydia trachomatis


Giardia lamblia

Herpes simplex virus

Human immunodeficiency virus (heterosexuals in Africa have a high incidence due to promiscuity)

Human papilloma virus

Isospora belli



Viral hepatitis types B & C



Anal fissures

Anorectal trauma

Gay bowel syndrome

Colitis may be due to opportunistic infections, as well as to the common pathogens which are frequently encountered in homosexual men. The "gay bowel syndrome" includes traumatic and infectious lesions of the rectum and colon by pathogens such as amoebae, gonococci, salmonellae, shigellae and Campylobacter. In 90% of homosexual men, CT shows an infiltration of the perirectal fat and thickening of the rectal wall." (Radiology in AIDS: Abdominal manifestations." GE Healthcare. Medcyclopaedia.com. last accessed: Wednesday, October 24, 2007.)

See also: "The gay bowel syndrome. A review of colonic and rectal conditions in 200 male homosexuals," by Sohn N, Robilotti JG Jr." The American journal of gastroenterology. May 1977.

Our experience in the management of 260 male homosexuals with colorectal problems is described. The increased incidence of amebiasis, shigellosis and hepatitis, specific and nonspecific protocolitides, venereal disease and anal warts, is emphasized. It is important to recognize homosexual patients and the conditions to which they are predisposed.

Hepatitis A


Human Herpes Virus 8 {Clarification (Made: Wednesday, October 24, 2007, 01:53 PM): Wikipedia: HHV-8:}

Gay and bi-sexual men are more susceptible to infection (through still unknown routes of sexual transmission) whereas the virus is transmitted through non-sexual routes in developing countries.

In America, HHV-8 is found almost exclusively in male homosexuals.

One could just as easily be reading a list of the complications of Agent Orange or some other extreme toxic. Please read this post, then click the link in the footnote to read as much of that report as you can stomach, and then finally return here and begin immediately tithing or better to the Christian cause of bringing forth.

...children have the right to know that if people choose that lifestyle [homosexuality], your chance of being abused in that lifestyle are five times [approximately] more than in a heterosexual lifestyle. ...they are not being taught the truth. They're being educated into what is untrue. They are being put at risk, because the relationships are profoundly unstable [including also on account of, among other things, promiscuity and diseases]. Children deserve better than that. — Rick Fitzgibbons, psychiatrist and director of the Institute for Marital Healing, West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

(See: "Psychiatrist: Gay Curricula Should Conform To Science," by John P. Connolly. The Bulletin. February 12, 2009.)

By quoting Rick Fitzgibbons, the RLCC is not thereby giving a blanket endorsement of all of Rick Fitzgibbons' positions regarding homosexuality. Regardless, his observation as of the time he made his statement, is completely correct that children are being dangerously misled in the schools and by society at-large about homosexuality.

As even a brief overview of this website will show, the Real Liberal Christian Church frowns upon so-called Christians who twist and fabricate to seemingly make a valid point. God hates that. They do the truth no favor by lying and employing obvious and in many cases blatantly deliberate specious, refutable reasoning. If they are going to argue on behalf of Jesus Christ, they better do so with honesty in their hearts. Their deceptive methods only serve the cause of the enemies of Christ (those who would excuse ultimate harm that is the irredeemable position of the satanic spirit). The truth is sufficient. Their deceptive methods make them the enemies of Christs. They make themselves harmful. They supply ammunition to other enemies of Christ. They make themselves of the divided house. It is why they advocate for casting votes in the coercive system where Christ is divided away from governing. They don't know Christ. They are spiritually blind and will fall in the ditch. This is why there are so few Christians in earnest. Earnestness and Christianity are synonymous.

We state here that we do not subscribe to the methods of Paul Cameron and his Family Research Institute (FRI). His work is partial-truth. Understand also though that many of his detractors use partial-truth to counter his partial-truths.

As Christians, we are interested in the whole truth.

Cameron is so bad that he is a better advocate for homosexuality than against it. Does he have a hidden agenda? Is he in place to mislead on behalf of homosexuality by making anti-homosexuality appear to be the sole territory of the stupid? Is he there to detract from the real truth that homosexuality is harmful and that, that is shown even scientifically? We know this is the case. The satanic spirit has put Cameron right where he is spouting misleading statements. There is no doubt about it. It is self-evident.

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Matthew 10:16.

We don't subscribe to the self-styled Fundamentalist (misnomer) worldview. They are wrong. They have and will never bring forth. Science insists upon evidence from testing. Christ wrought evidence from faith. The two are diametrically opposed with the exception that science can measure the fruit of beliefs and unbelief. We don't see much fruit of higher belief. There isn't much to measure.

Regardless, we are never going to bring forth for the sake of scientific measurement. Science is irrelevant in the real heaven. God has never needed science to bring forth. Scientific creationism is a partial-truth as taught by the so-called Fundamentalists.

All terms are contextual. Truth is contextual. Always listen, read, speak, and write, etc., with that in mind. Cite science, but cite it in context.

With that said, we state that homosexual activity is selfish. Consider the time, energy, and resources spent in combating these complications of the disease that is homosexuality that could be directed at diseases that require less intensive and less expensive treatments. Who is being deprived of health care due to the selfishness of homosexuality? Consider it. Look at the huge expense in fighting HIV/AIDS.

Homosexuals also experience major depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder at higher percentages than for heterosexuals. This is not due to rejection by the heterosexual community. Even in societies where homosexuality has been largely "accepted," the higher rates still apply.

Depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder all stem from abuse. We've written about it at length elsewhere. These symptoms cascade if left unchecked. The truth can check them. The truth can stop the abusers. The truth can keep people from passing on abuse. It can make them non-contagious. Homosexuals must stop beating around the bush. They must reflect. They must do real soul searching. They must stop rationalizing. It is doing no good whatsoever.

All these diseases can spread more easily when other temptations enter in, in this spiral downward. Drinking and drug use lowers inhibitions which allows evil to spring upon those who are already weakened by disease so-called physically and emotionally (the two are never truly distinct).

Until we started looking into this subject just for this article, we hadn't even heard of "circuit parties." These are sex parties. The original term is orgies.

For gay men, sex outside the primary relationship is ubiquitous even during the first year. Gay men reportedly have sex with someone other than their partner in 66 percent of relationships within the first year, rising to approximately 90 percent if the relationship endures over five years.1

As we've said before, anatomically, the homosexuals have no business doing what they are doing. Also, society is totally misleading the children that homosexuality is an acceptable alternative lifestyle. The governments, so-called mental-healthcare professionals, and churches are totally apostate that are saying that homosexuality isn't harmful, selfish, sinful thinking and behavior.

Homosexuality is definitely immoral (wrong), and no amount of obfuscation is going to alter that absolute, indisputable fact.

Again, we are dead set against coercive measures to cure homosexuality. The cure for homosexuality is repentance. It lies in seeing the light. It lies in understanding how selfishness is the root of all evil. Yes, the love of money is the root of all evil. The love of money is selfishness. Selfishness is more than that though. If you will notice though that the same kind of love that is the love of money is the love for all the other forms of evil. They all go hand-in-hand. They all make the other forms of evil possible. They facilitate each other.

You may wish to do an Internet search on "homosexual diseases." It will only scratch the surface. It won't get you to the level of the soul. You'll have to ask God directly whether or not homosexuality is wrong and why. If you really want to know, the Holy Spirit will inform you. Don't dismiss the sign. Follow it where it takes you. You'll get the answer, but you'll have more questions. Keep asking and following. It's the way through the strait gate onto the narrow way.

John Diggs, from whom came much consolidation of information in this article concerning the diseases stemming from homosexuality, says (and we paraphrase) that as a medical physician, it is his duty to inform people of health risks associated with various behaviors.

Well, as real Christians, we too have our duty.

Homosexuals have been saying that their behavior is not inherently immoral or wrong or bad or harmful, etc. That is patently wrong. They have caused the mass of society to focus upon the wrong points. They have worked at it to cause society to look at the issue as one of freedom and equal rights, etc. However, in doing so, the homosexuals have twisted all the definitions so that society has been going through a conditioning process, a process of hypnotic suggestions, selfishly to fear to evaluate homosexuality again, as it once did, in light of end results and the true meaning of the terms involved in the false debate.

Freedom to join the military to maim and murder for imperial ambitions of the megalomaniacs, kleptomaniacs, oligarchs, usurers, and dystopians, etc., is not freedom. It is further slavery to evil. Look at the militarists who say that it is good and right to allow the homosexuals to serve openly because the Empire needs more bodies as canon fodder. Wake up! What kind of argument is that in favor of anything? It is an evil argument put forth by evil minds with evil intentions.

Health and wholesomeness are one and the same. Immorality is not healthy in any sense of the word. Homosexuality is not healthy for the whole. It is not healthy for the whole of humanity. It is not healthy for the whole of the individual person's body. Homosexuality is no healthier to the whole than is environmental pollution.

Right now, the general world population is finally moving rapidly toward the realization that global warming caused by burning oil and other carbon fuels is unhealthy. This realization is causing people to change their minds when looking at filth-producing gasoline and diesel powered engines and other carbon burning equipment. This is a shift in the awareness of immorality. Such equipment is quickly becoming viewed as immoral. They are and have been.

The problem for those who knew this and did nothing, or little, concerns the power of the immoral system that now is being used by certain elements to foist off on society the lie that homosexuality is not immoral, wrong, unhealthy, dangerous, to be avoided, to be condemned, etc.

The system is the proverbial "city hall," and the saying is, "You can't fight city hall." Well, that isn't true, since the homosexuals have managed to fight city hall to the extent that we find ourselves having to re-explain the obvious that homosexuality is wrong and a plight, a disease state.

This "can't fight city hall" is a notion-type used selectively. Right now, the homosexuals imagine they are riding high on the tide of change that will sweep them way up the beachfront so they will become so firmly established that their behavior will be rooted in humanity such that rooting it out would be the death of the species in one way or another. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The people are waking up to all sorts of things. They are waking up to the sheer evil that is militarism. They are waking up to the fact that the imperial ambitions throughout history and right up to the present moment has meant that empires have lied and lied and lied to the people to dupe those people into the immorality, ill health, evil, etc., that is such self-centered imperialism. That same awakening is bound to reawaken the people to the wrong-headedness (the misdirection) that is homosexuality.

You will notice that decadence (immorality) always became magnified over time in each empire until the fall of each empire. That is because selfishness gives rise to all forms of evil. All human empires to date have been of, by, and for selfishness. Selfishness is doom.

Now, you will notice if you pay attention, that many of the arguments being used to further homosexuality attack God and favor militarism and hedonism and "science" (despite scientific evidence of the disease state itself) and humanism in general. You will also notice that underlying all of it is the point that always shows itself that the homosexuals are frantic to live in denial to the detriment of the whole of society.

They will always subtly slip in the point that righteousness is a concept that must undergo pejoration. Righteousness is boring. Righteousness is no fun. It is puritanical, Victorian, prudish, with these terms used in false connotations all of which came after the real meaning, the original meaning, and which pejoration was the work of those who have been despoiled and are contagious.

The abused go on to abuse unless and until they truly find righteousness. The disease state warps the mind, the very matter of the brain, into working for the virus. The virus turns the body to the evil, unclean, ends of the virus, which is devouring the spirit, the soul, and the light of truth that is the real life.

This process is a filtering, a shifting, of souls done by Satan by definition. Those who overcome will be healed. Those who do not, will not.

Also, as we've written elsewhere, it isn't relevant that human beings may or may not be born with a predilection or a hormonal imbalance or a genetic configuration for homosexual behavior. It also isn't relevant whether or not any of the lower forms of life manifest sexually confused behavior.

As for being born a certain way, plenty of babies are born diseased. What does humanity do about that? Compassionate humans attempt to cure the disease or to reduce symptoms.

Also, human beings aren't to ignore animal behavior, but humans are to lead the way to the higher states of consciousness for the righteous sake of all. We aren't to take the basest states as our template for Darwinian success. The most ferocious creatures that have ever existed on the earth are now extinct after all. They were not the fittest. Take a clue.

The homosexuals will say that it is arbitrary to identify homosexuality as a disease, that it is not reasoned, that there is no evidence, no justification, etc. We have shown but just some of the negative (unhealthy) symptoms of homosexuality. What more does one need to become satisfied that this is not the state or condition one wants for oneself and one's offspring?

In very fact, it is homosexuality that is impulsive. It is the homosexual who must apologize for caving into the temptation to do selfishness that is harmful to the whole.

As for the connotations of the terms "puritanical," "Victorian," and "prudish," it is true that there is a place where being tied up in knots is the wrong approach. The proper place is to be innocent while being above temptation. The naked child ought not to be a stimulant to some devouring spirit within. The naked child ought to be safe.

However, the mindset that argues for homosexuality heads in the direction where pedophilia is open for discussion to allow for the possibility that it is natural and harmless. This is the disease state working to devour. This is the serpent in the garden secretly drooling within behind a mask of intellectualism and other devices all designed to lure the children away from wholesomeness that is the real natural condition.

Let this insanity end of viewing homosexuality as moral, just as neoconservatism, false Zionism, neoliberalism, capitalism, and all the rest of the apostasy will end.

Also, let the selective arguments against God end. God is not the God portrayed by God's enemies who are those who work iniquity. God is love, as the Gospel of John so rightly states. God is the God of mercy and not sacrifice. God is the God of consistency and not hypocrisy, as Jesus showed so clearly and plainly that the hypocrites murdered him to silence him only proving Jesus's point. God is not Satan. It is time that the people stop saying sweet is sour and sour is sweet. It is time that the people wake up to the serpentine, libertine, dangers of the Satanic messages of greed, violence, contrivance, homosexuality and all the other manifestations of sexual confusion, and all the rest of what is bad for the soul.

The homosexual proselytizers and others either distort the meaning of God or deny God altogether. The only homosexuals who are at all turning in the right direction are those who are waking up to reality that they have been the opposite of righteous, the opposite of truthful, they have been duped, and they hate all of that about themselves and are eternally convicted to transform from producing bad fruit to producing good fruit only.

So, the US has nearly all of its supposed leaders saying that homosexuality is not immoral. They have been, or are being, seduced by the serpent from the beginning. They are being lead into, and are leading into, temptation and hell by evil spirits that are taking up residence within. What does this bode for America? If it continues, America will cave in just as every Empire before it. If however those who live within the boundaries called the United States of America turn in time and to a sufficient degree to the New Commandment, then the transformation will occur without souls of the people falling further but rather rising. In the history of the world, has this happened?

It has happened in microcosmic ways. Nineveh, the capital of the Empire of Assyria in present-day Iraq turned from utter destruction when it heeded the words of Jonah. Jonah's prophecy was "if." It was conditional. Jesus prophesied to Israel that Israel would not turn. It didn't, and it was destroyed. Jesus's prophecy was not conditional. It was foreordained. In truth, Nineveh was foreordained as well, but Jonah was not Jesus. He wasn't as great. He didn't know. Also, who saved and who destroyed.

God saved Nineveh. Satan destroyed Israel. This is a very difficult place in human conceptualization of God. This is the argument of arguments on earth and in the false heaven. This is the argument that is laid out in The Bible. This is where the relative spectrum meets the absolutes. It is unavoidable. God is perfect goodness. Satan falls into the absolute essence of evil by leaving even the slightest traces of evil. It is all or nothing in the end.

The enlightened human, the truly wise human, the human who has undergone a true revelation, had the truth revealed more so, knows that direction is everything. Jesus knew it. He taught it. Either one heads for that perfection or one is open to the bottomless pit swallowing up one. One heads for God and heaven, or one is headed for Satan and hell. There is no indefinite fence-sitting. There is no safe neutral position or place.

The direction of the US is toward being ripped apart. It is toward division along preexisting weaknesses and imperfections, fault lines. Remember, the so-called founders only went so far in their creation.

They only wanted to form a "more perfect" and not "a perfect" union. That is why Washington became a wealthy land baron with slaves while many of his fellow soldiers were left to live in abject poverty not even being given their promised pensions. The moral of the story is, don't fight for Satan or his Beast or his prophet or his whore, etc.

Division though is both good and bad. It is good to divide away evil. It is bad that there is any evil to be divided away. It is better and best that those who are infested with evil turn, repent, and convert to not be divided away but rather to magnify the good.

For that reason, the homosexuals and others who are sexually confused ought to turn, repent, and convert. The same holds for the greedy and the violent, many of who are one and the same as the homosexuals. It can be done. Thy will be done. Let God work within to purge and cleanse.

Some homosexuals will say that all these things don't speak to lesbianism though, per se. That is not true. Lesbianism runs a course that includes greater promiscuity and more frequent sex with bi-sexual men. The whole pool of these degenerate souls is full of the infection that is spread physically and spiritually and magnified by their behavior. It is degeneration. It is a fallen state, an inferior and (should be) undesirable moral state.

So, do you want the children exposed to this disease? We don't. We want the truth in this article to be told around the world. We want the children to be forewarned with the facts. Right now, many of them are experimenting with what will ruin them. Their inhibitions have been deliberately reduced by the satanic spirit, the unhealthy, tempting snake. The children are being told daily on TV and in the news even by the world's would-be leaders, the would-be presidents of the United States that it's okay, that homosexual behavior is okay. It is not okay. They are deceived and spreading the disease of lying.

This is the same disease that caused 9-11 and the Iraq War and now threatens to widen war throughout the Middle East and to engulf the world. If you don't look at the connections, you won't ever see them. You won't ever understand.

We don't want unrepentant homosexuals teaching our children that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. We don't want our children being told that smoking tobacco is good for them and not addictive or that there is no proof that greenhouse gases caused by greed are going to raise the temperature of the earth to hellish levels. We don't want our children exposed to Oprah Winfrey (deceived into rabid capitalism with a false face) and others telling the people that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. We don't want leaders such as US senator John Warner who has said that homosexuality is not immoral. These people are hiding their corruption as minions of Satan even as they expose it openly to those with the God-given ability to discern. We don't want churches that bless evil. We don't want priests and Episcopal Church bishops who live in sin.

The Holy Spirit is exposing all of this so that those who will, will see and know and understand the forces and powers that are at work and in opposition in the world and the false heaven.

You will note that the homosexual proselytizers don't take Jesus head on. They don't dare, because they would be silenced, confuted, and confounded. Look at all that is in this article. Is homosexuality a good or bad thing, plain and simple? Is it healthy or is it sick? Does it promote health or does it promote disease? Answer these questions honestly. They aren't rhetorical. Tell yourself whether it is good or bad.

Do you find yourself struggling with confusion? If it is bad, then all the recent direction is wrong. Yes! All the recent direction concerning opening the gates of hell and closing the gates of heaven that is opening up society to homosexual behavior is the wrong thing. The direction must be reversed.

Good riddance to homosexuality.

We don't want souls to die as they did in Sodom. We want them to turn all the way. However, we would rather souls die as they did in Sodom than for the disease to spread to all the children to be pulled down into Sodom. Either way, it would be death of the soul.

We call for turning while we know as Jesus said that evil must come but woe to him who brings it.

Don't get hung up on seeming paradoxes that don't really exist. Don't do evil. That's the law in the real heaven. That's God. Stop lying.


1 John R. Diggs, Jr., M.D. "The Health Risks of Gay Sex." Catholic Education Resource Center. 2002. Link. (last accessed: Sunday, March 18, 2007). Return to text body.

Published by Tom Usher

Employment: 2008 - present, website developer and writer. 2015 - present, insurance broker. Education: Arizona State University, Bachelor of Science in Political Science. City University of Seattle, graduate studies in Public Administration. Volunteerism: 2007 - present, president of the Real Liberal Christian Church and Christian Commons Project.


  1. What about the theory of homosexuality as a birth defect? This is my only problem with taking a harsh stance against homosexuality. I have only known a few homosexuals and those that I have known were born that way. Many have tried to be normal -- dating members of the opposite sex. But having known a couple of them since childhood, I can tell you that they were always what we called "sissy", at the time. Meaning they were boys who liked to play with girl's toys way more than the boy's toys.

    I have a hard time condemning people like this because I see it as a birth defect (the brain got wired wrong in utero) and would no more blame them for their sexual abnormality than I would a blame one born blind for not being able to see.

    I do agree that our current social climate which seeks to promote homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle is immoral. If there is a choice, then one can be held responsible for that choice. Encouraging young girls to simulate lesbian sex behavior to attract young men is deplorable. Encouraging kids to experiment with their sexuality is also abominable.

    But, I genuinely have a problem with condemning all homosexuals because I do believe some are just born that way. And it is hard for me to imagine that God could hold a birth defect against someone.

    I guess what I am saying is that I believe, as a Christian, I should fight forces that want to "normalize" homosexuality and make it nothing more than a different, yet acceptable, lifestyle. But I would also like to offer compassion and understanding to those who, through an accident of birth, ended up homosexual. I would like to see those people allowed to have loving, monogamous relationships. But, those who are bisexual or choose to be homosexual for whatever reason, their actions should be condemned and should be unacceptable.

  2. @Scarlett -

    Hello Scarlett,

    I apologize for how long it took to approve your comment. My web-hosting service or the Internet route to them was apparently experiencing problems up to just a few moments ago. I must go out now, so I won't be able to respond to your comment (in the detail it deserves) for a little while. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Thank you also for visiting the site, reading the post, and leaving your comment.

    Let me say briefly that your comment is thoughtful and sincere. I pondered the same for decades. When I return, I will attempt to explain my Christian position on the matter, as difficult as that position may be for some to believe.

    God bless,

    Tom Usher

  3. @Scarlett -

    Hello Again, Scarlett,

    First of all, you say you're a Christian. You believe you are a Christian. I don't doubt that you believe that. To be a Christian, I trust you agree that you must agree with Jesus.

    Now, if Jesus said fornication is a sin (which he did) and if married people at the time Jesus walked the Earth were only recognized as being male and female couples (which was the case), then you must acknowledge that Jesus was saying that homosexual sex was a sin. Fornication is sex out of wedlock.

    How can what was sin when Jesus walked the Earth and indicated was sin suddenly not be sin anymore? Was Jesus unaware of effeminate boys?

    There is though relative sin. Jesus made that clear when he said that Pontius Pilate didn't have the greater sin in Jesus's being condemned to the cross. There are other examples of the relativity of sin such as the number of stripes one will received depending upon how much one knew one was sinning. In other words, Jesus is saying that God knows about mitigating circumstances. What gets thrown into the Lake of Fire forever? Unmitigated evil as only God can define it gets that treatment. All others are turned loose of Satan's hold by God, whether Satan likes it or not.

    Now, the homosexuals are clamoring to be recognized as married every bit as much as male/female couples. Would that change everything vis-à-vis Jesus's position? No it wouldn't. It is sin not just because it's fornication. It is sin because it harms all who participate, willing or not. It is an act that harms. It is a selfish thing to harm others and the self for the sake of sexual stimulation, release, and fleeting satisfaction/gratification.

    As for being born a certain way, when someone is born with a genetic defect, humanity (in its best spirit) does what it can to alleviate the harmful symptoms and to affect a cure. It does not bless the disease. It blesses the person so that the person might be healed if... (Depends upon the individual, larger society, and God's plan and thresholds)

    If geneticists discover a biological marker for murderers, will we accept murder? Jesus said that we are not to resist evil. Jesus resisted temptation. Therefore, "resist" is contextual. This may seem like disjointed talk, but it isn't. I'm simply saying that all is not as it first appears.

    Men married to women are divorcing them to have sex with men in openly homosexual relationships. That's adultery at best. Is their infidelity sanctioned just because some homosexuals claim that homosexuality is not a choice?

    What in Christianity isn't ultimately a choice? There is a raging debate about sick people and whether their lack of faith is the cause of their continuing disease. Frankly, their diseases are humanities diseases.

    Personally, I have no doubt that the individual who can get himself or herself in the right spiritual position regarding God can do the "greater things" of which Jesus has spoken. I also believe that Jesus's power from God was diminished in areas where the general level of faith was low. The Gospels said how amazed Jesus was about it — about the lack of faith and lack of healing.

    Well, how much more does one person today have to overcome to be healed? The whole of humanity isn't making it easier. Just look at the "proud" Atheists thumping their chests.

    There is predisposition. There is, however, overcoming and changing. Is it human nature to murder? Should we just be resigned to wars? Is it human nature to be greedy? Should we just be resigned to the Wall Street sharks? Are people born pedophiles? What is a homosexual boy who just never stops wanting boys as he grows older? What is predisposition exactly in regards to the evil spirit? Is it generational punishment?

    The Bible speaks of two different Gods, at least regarding the ability of the people at the time to comprehend on account of the hardness of their hearts. Moses gave them one law, and Jesus gave them another. It doesn't mean that God suddenly came to understand more. It means Jesus was given to challenge the people to soften more.

    Are the homosexuals willing to soften enough to be healed of their desire that causes harm?

    What are we to do as individuals? Are we to aim as high as we can, or are we to give up?

    There is plenty more to say on this, but how much does anyone need to hear?

    As for being "born that way," no one knows that. People may say that there was never a time that they can remember this, that, or the other; but, that doesn't necessarily mean that something wasn't going on after conception or after birth. Even if there is a homosexual gene, it doesn't mean that it's a good lifestyle. Genetics at conception isn't the end-all-be-all. It's just a snapshot that the spirit can overcome. The spirit is over all matter. Humanity is just retarding it (spirit) for selfish reasons.

    There is no such thing as a homosexual who must have sex. No one has to harm anyone for sexual release. People just cave into that temptation and then make all manner of excuses not to get the claws of addiction out of their hearts.

    People can stop being greedy. They can stop being violent. They can give up pornography. They stop using tobacco. The list goes on and on until Christlikeness. If you don't believe that, how can you believe in Jesus? Are you going to fall for scientism?

    I want to say that I'm not condemning homosexuals. That's not my place. As Jesus said, who made me judge? I don't want to be condemned, so why would I condemn them? I've done plenty wrong in my life, and I make mistakes everyday. What standard can I meet? If I judge and condemn them to Hell, God's going to show me my hypocrisy for not living up wherever I'm not living up to the standard. That's why coercion is out. It's off the table. I only want the harm to stop. I want the "in utero" errors to stop and for those who suffer from them to be healed.

    I believe in the power of God. The trouble is, so many people don't that they are blocking the power. God won't heal those who don't believe. We're all interconnected and interdependent too to a degree. There is a point, though, at which there is separation, only most people give up before that happens. It's why Jesus says to persevere to the end. It separates the wheat from the chaff. I'm tired of being chaff. I want to have learned my lesson.

    As for the one born blind, remember that Jesus by God can heal those who are born blind. Jesus did that in fact as recorded in the Gospel. When Jesus and God did that, God wasn't holding the birth defect against the blind one. This point may be difficult to connect with how you believe you were making the analogy, but it is connected.

    Do you really believe in accidents of birth? I don't. I don't believe anything happens without a reason. I don't buy into "chaos" or "random" or "chance" as those of so-called science use the terms. Those are just terms used out of ignorance. I do know that Jesus use the term risk. Jesus though didn't claim to know everything. He isn't recorded anywhere that we have stating that God doesn't know everything, including the complete future. I believe God does know the complete future. I do not think that's irreconcilable with free will any more than I believe that waves and particles are impossible as the quantum physicists have apprehended them.

    You wrote in your comment the following:

    I would like to see those people allowed to have loving, monogamous relationships. But, those who are bisexual or choose to be homosexual for whatever reason, their actions should be condemned and should be unacceptable.

    How are you able to differentiate? If you allow for the one, how can you disallow the other? Also, how can you call a harmful relationship loving? I can't. I don't see Jesus doing it anywhere.

    God allowed Jesus to go to the cross. It pleased God. It displeased God.

    Well, it pleased God that Jesus was that loving of his friends. That was what was atoning. Jesus showed Satan wrong. Satan's the one who says people can't change — that they are all fit for the fire.

    May God bless the homosexuals to heal,

    Tom Usher

  4. @Scarlett -

    Here's an article that ties in with your comment:

    Albino Africans live in fear after witch-doctor butchery

    One rightly abhors what is being done to the albinos. At the same time, one rightly wants the recessive gene not to be passed on. Coercion against albinos though is not the answer.

    There are people who forgo having offspring for the unselfish reason that they don't want to take the risk of continuing disease.

    There's a spiritual place (a state of heart) though where God can help us all to overcome everything.

    God bless,

    Tom Usher

  5. At the end of the article 'There is no such thing as a conservative republican christian: Jesus was a small c-communist', you said "God does not like that we are not protecting the earth".

    In the article about homosexual diseases you bashed those who attempted to argue with "God doesn't like..."

    I do not disagree with the statment about envirmental stewardship, but I wanted to point out the accidental hypocracy so that you may fix it, or explain it.

    1. Ryan,

      Your comment isn't clear and/or you don't understand what constitutes hypocrisy. You are seeing something as hypocritical that is not.

      You said that I "bashed those who attempted to argue with 'God doesn't like...'." Where did I do this specifically? Why do you say "bashed" rather than "refuted"? Psychological, spiritual warfare — harmful

      I don't find "God doesn't like" in this post or its comments. To which arguments of those who stand against me are you referring? Please name the commentator and quote his or her words verbatim, and explain how what I've written is inconsistent with what I've written elsewhere. Please be specific. Quote what I've written that is inconsistent.

      There are those who say that "fornication" in the scripture attributed to Jesus does not refer to the concept of sex out of wedlock. They say that it is a misleading translation. They go on to say that the correct interpretation or translation means temple harlotry/idolatry.

      "For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders," (Mark 7:21 KJV)

      The New International Version (NIV) has translated it, based upon the words of a lesbian (closeted or not), as:
      "For from within, out of men's hearts, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery,"

      I am, by the way, not an adherent of the King James Only Movement. I am though also not an ecumenist/syncretist of the astrological New Age school as that movement is conceived in Theosophy where Lucifer and Satan and Jesus become one humanist god against Yah. I am not a Gnostic. I am not of the esoteric, Mystery religions. The theosophists had a little and dangerous "knowledge."

      Jesus preached openly; and while he did not condemn levels of righteousness lower than God's, he did not preach a hierarchy of ascended masters, a la Helena Blavatsky. When they tried to get him to, he refused to arrange the thrones. He left that to the spirit that is God, of which he was a rising part on his way to perfection with the one, real God.

      There are plenty of New Agers who refuse to accept Jesus as Jesus presented himself. They seek to superimpose doctrines that are inconsistent with Jesus's own recorded statements. They seek to exceed Jesus rather than to join him with God. They seek to dethrone Jesus as Christ with their Buddhist Maitreya. Jesus was not a Buddhist; otherwise, he would have said so. He would have spoken directly of Siddhartha Gautama such that it would have been recorded for us. Siddhartha Gautama did not believe in Yah; otherwise, he would have said so such that it would have been recorded for us.

      Self-licensing to iniquity has been worming its way into human hearts since the beginning.

      The syncretistic Episcopal Church has its openly adulterous, homosexual bishop that it celebrates rather than calling to repentance. That bishop should have repented or been dethroned and excommunicated.

      Those of so-called Protestant Higher Criticism often work not to discover further truths but rather to discover new ways of doing the same old thing that is casting lies as truths.

      Homosexuality came out of corruption. Rise above it. Be changed back or continue falling deeper into the realm of evil where the negative consequences become more and more unbearably corrupting.

      Porneia (transliterated Greek) is "fornications" in the verse above. There are those who want to divorce it from homosexuality. They want porneia limited to temple harlotry and specifically a narrow view of idolatry. Regardless, were that the correct interpretation (which it is not), it would not negate Jesus's admonition to you (to all) to be harmless. Ultimately, homosexuality is not harmless in any instance.

      The attempt is to render homosexuality as not being immoral ("sexual immorality"). They want it off the list of sexual immoral acts. It's the Old Serpent trying to slither his evil way in to Heaven.

      Furthermore, Jesus did not teach anyone that righteous behavior is to be confined to the Herod Temple or any other such mundane structure. The temple is within. God and Jesus dwell within. How could or can homosexual prostitution be unacceptable in the one temple (cleaned by Jesus) and not the other, also to be cleaned? Now, the homosexual apologists are struggling to get some qualifier accepted, hence their focus upon the one connotation of porneia. They want their one connotation to supplant the spectrum of meaning that prevailed at the time Jesus spoke on the issues. If they can reframe the scripture to limit it to the Herod Temple and only as an admonition against the most mundane sense of prostitution, they believe they will succeed in weaseling their way into Heaven in the highest.

      However, Jesus certainly went about healing people mentally, physically, and spiritually of all manner of confusion. That is most important for Christian understanding and positioning on this matter of homosexuality. The brain is flesh, and flesh can and does change. Therefore, regardless of whether or not someone's "wiring" is currently messed up, changes in the emotional state, changes in thoughts, will bring alteration of the flesh. Homosexual "wiring" is far from immutable.

      The idea that we resign ourselves to lesser states of behavior is un-Christian. Of course Jesus had compassion on those in the dark. Of course we are all less than perfected at this level. We are though not to hold out resignation to homosexual behavior or any lesser state, including blindness of the physical eyes or any other condition. It is the Satanic spirit that seeks to limit humanity, to drag it down, to hold it down.

      And he answered and said unto them, "Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female, And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh? Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder." They say unto him, Why did Moses then command to give a writing of divorcement, and to put her away? He saith unto them, "Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives: but from the beginning it was not so. And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery."
      (Matthew 19:4-9 KJVR)

      Jesus is calling humanity back to perfection. God made male and female to cleave to each other to become one flesh. He did not make males to cleave to males and then to call that marriage. Furthermore, it is specifically hardness of heart that "allows" for such corruption.

      Do not forget the following when you seek to condemn me before God:

        I advocate no coercion.
        I stand against human-on-human violence.
        I stand against cruelty of any kind, including against other creatures and beings. However, many people mistake truth-telling as cruel. Real truth-telling should never be received as cruel. The real truth is never harmful. Receiving truth as harm is the error of the receiver, not the transmitter or author. It is misdefining truth.
        I am not for secular laws for or against homosexuality.
        I am for uncoerced changes of heart that is having the commandments transmitted by Jesus written as the emotional foundation for all behavior.
        I am for informed decision making.

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