Sunday, March 18, 2007
Israel, Fatah, and Hamas

So, Israel is refusing to negotiate with the new unity government of Palestine which is the governmental coalition of the two political parties Fatah and Hamas. Israel was trying to cozy up to Fatah to get Fatah to reject Hamas. However, the Palestinians have more loyalty to each other than they have to Israel. Fatah may be secular, but Fatah sees Israel as the occupier and the people who coveted, and with the aid of the UK and US and others, then stole Palestinian lands through acts of aggression.

The false Zionists had no business or right going back into Palestine with a mind to doing what they have done. The fact that they whine about the "holocaust," as if it's the only one in history and as if they were the only nation that died by the millions in WWII, makes it double evil. The hypocrisy of their false Zionism couldn't be more blatant.

The false Zionists worship Satan, and those in the US who support that worship Satan too.

Shame on those in the US calling themselves Christians who side with false Zionists against Palestinian Christians. They are shelling out tens of millions of dollars to the false Jews while they let Christian brothers and sisters in Palestine be treated like dogs by those false Jews, false Zionists, neocon serpents. Also, this by no means excuses how they have treated the Muslims.

Israel has also openly vowed to steal tax revenues of the Palestinians.

70 Percent of Republican Primary Voters Feel Invading Iraq Was Right

Seventy percent of Republican primary voters are for Satan. The invasion of Iraq was based completely on falsehoods start to finish, and these people can't bring themselves to say it. It's a sin. It's a mortal sin. It is death to the soul.

George W. Bush and his crew didn't tell any truths. They fabricated across-the-board. It was sheer imperialism for global money, power, and control.

The only reason seventy percent of Republican primary voters still say invading Iraq was right is because they are greedy, violent, and depraved. They are hardhearted: Selfish. They are antichrist.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Cave In

About Peter Pace's comments on homosexuality, these two candidates gave answers based on public opinion polls. First Clinton said she wouldn't answer while Obama was avoiding the subject.

Bill Clinton had favored homosexuals being open about it in the military. He didn't get his way. Hillary favors that still and so does Barack.

With sufficient political pressure by homosexuals, both candidates caved in.

Both said Pace was wrong and that homosexuality is not immoral. So, Clinton and Obama are saying that God is wrong.

Blaming Everybody But the Masses

Bush/Cheney and the neocons and false Zionists are vipers, no doubt; however, the people get the leaders they deserve. If the people wouldn't have had their hearts hardened, Bush/Cheney never would have been elected. The whole corrupt system embodied in the US Constitution would never have been enacted.

The people are to blame just as their chosen leaders are to blame. Without the people, the leaders couldn't lead in the wrong direction.

If the people don't like the direction and don't like the leaders way, then the people need to stop being evil.

Monday, March 19, 2007
Guantánamo Bay Confessions

How can anyone trust anything coming out of Guantánamo Bay military tribunals? Those being supposedly tried have no right to an attorney. They have no right to see the alleged evidence against them. They have no right to call witnesses or to engage in discovery or to cross examine or to be faced by their accusers and on and on. In other words, they have no legal rights whatsoever. The tribunal proceedings are closed to the press and the public. Also, Guantánamo Bay detainees have been held for many years and have been subjected to torture to obtain so-called confessions.

Let's put it this way, the US military tribunals are worth less than any tribunals held by the Nazi Gestapo. They aren't worth anything. We don't trust anything coming out of them. We don't trust those who are conducting them or those who are above them in the chain of command up to and including the certifiable pathological liars Bush and Cheney.

The trials being conducted are a farce conducted by a farce. The US military is a farce. The US Empire is a farce. The military-industrial Empire is reprehensible. We denounce it emphatically and openly.

This is freedom of speech and freedom of the press in action. We defy the Empire and the emperor, George W. Bush, and all the emperors and empresses who come after him.

Attorney General Caught Lying

Everyone knows now that the claim that the US attorneys were sacked for poor performance and that the White House had little involvement was a flat out lie by the pathological liars who infest the White House.

Emails and testimony to date show the White House was using the Justice Department for purely political maneuvering. The Republicans were putting pressure on Democratic attorneys to go after Democrats leading up to the elections. Also, some of the attorneys who were fired, despite their high performance ratings, were going after corrupt Republicans. That's not to say that the Democrats are paragons of virtue mind you.

Iraq: Why Stay Where You're Not Wanted?

About 78 per cent of Iraqis opposed the presence of coalition forces.

Judge Blocks Escort Client-List

A federal judge issued a restraining order against an escort service owner from releasing the names and other information about her customers. The clients are referred to as "upscale." It would prove very embarrassing to those customers who number some ten thousand. The judge's rationale is that releasing the names might be a way of intimidating potential witnesses against the escort service. One can be sure that the rich and powerful who are on the list were making various phones to their lawyers who then called in some favors in the system. Was the judge leaned on? Considering all the known corruption in the system, unless the judge has a reputation for being incorruptible and easily angered at any attempts to sway the court by unethical or illegal tactics, investigative journalism would suggest digging further.

The trouble with that is that where are the investigative journalists with the clout to find out? The mainstream media is now completely controlled by the very rich and famous whom a judge would be willing to protect. After all, what judge today has anything to fear from being corrupt so long as the judge is corrupted by the very system that owns the media?

Capitalism has brought us all to this situation. It is inherently corrupt and corrupting.

Climate Change and Global Warming

Just because there has been climate change in the past such as ice ages before human industrialization could account for such changes does not mean that burn carbon fuels isn't shortsighted and isn't warming the atmosphere.

Right now, whenever a news report or so-called study is released, it behooves everyone to withhold judgment until it is determined who paid for it. The oil industry is not funding the truth. They are funding their own greed.

Look, after Katrina and when the Indian tribes of the Northern Great Plains ran out of heating energy, the call went out to the major oil companies to share some of their record profits. There was only one oil company operating in the US that truly stepped up: Citgo. Citgo is owned and operated by the Venezuelan people. Think about that when you read about how global warming from carbon fuels and especially oil is claimed not to be responsible for global warming or that if there is global warming, not to worry that it will be a runaway process.

If you learn anything, learn this. You cannot trust the rich to tell the truth. No one gets rich in the worldly sense by telling the truth. If you want to be rich in the worldly sense, you must lie or suppress the truth.

Look, being rich in the worldly sense is inherently false-hearted. No soft-hearted, honest person can be rich in this worldly world. They couldn't stand it. They couldn't sleep with such pent-up wealth while others starved.

What the naysayers are failing to grasp is the population. In times gone by, there were ice ages. However, the relative population was miniscule compared to now. Now we are talking about having to feed and clothe and shelter billions. Climate shifts have a much more dramatic impact.

Also, it is sheer lunacy to think that all the burning hasn't done anything in the loop that is the planetary ecosystem.

Why do people insist upon imagining that they can be just as selfish and greedy as they want with impunity from the natural system?

ExxonMobil is pulling out all the stops to hypnotize the people into just allowing ExxonMobil to continue on making it billions (more than any other corporation on earth).

If you want to believe the Beast, it will just see you in hell for being so hard- cold- and small-hearted.

The people who are funding the naysayers are the same people who designed the US energy policy and who backed Bush/Cheney to go to Iraq to steal "the prize" that is control of Iraqi's oil. They control the flow, so they control the world's price and hence increase their own profits and reserve supplies under Iraq. This was all planned by Cheney and his oil-industry team long before 9-11.

Are you really going to be so dull as to trust what their "scientists" have sold out to say?

We've already seen how ExxonMobil has paid a handful of nearly inactive scientists to go about spreading disinformation about global warming. We've written about it. There are documentaries that show it first hand. The so-called scientists are caught lying through their teeth claiming they were ignorant about their funding source (Exxon). We explained that it was the same old stuff the Tobacco Institute pulled over the dangers of smoking. They claimed then that there was no proven link between tobacco and cancer. They claim now that there is no proven link between oil and global warming.

We remember the people in the Bush/Cheney administration directing an oil-industry minion to falsify scientific reports about global warming. We remember the attempts to censor NASA scientists.

Drastic shifts in weather patterns change where rain and snow falls and where snow and ice melt— That means where rivers flow or don't. Huge populations will have to shift with the shifts in weather patterns. All the infrastructure will have to shift about very more rapidly in response to faster shifting weather patterns.

This is all the result of the spirit of selfishness that is not thoughtful enough about everything other than immediate self. It's capitalistic antichrist. It doesn't see that it is best off when everything else is best off.

We aren't saying that humanity won't adapt. There will be a human remnant that will have adapted and will have returned to the good going forward to the better. We aren't saying that warming will bring nothing but evil. On the whole though, the selfishness leading to the warming will be a negative consequence for souls. On account of falling to the temptation of selfishness, souls will be lost that would not otherwise have been lost. We aren't saying that the earth will not move toward greater relative stability after the current warming influence tapers off. Global warming alone isn't going to be the end of time. Global warming isn't happening in a vacuum. All the other effects of selfishness are manifesting along with warming. We are saying that going at life as if the immediate is all that matters is going to be the cause of the end of time. Time will run out for souls that cling to such evil.

Global warming is global warning. It is a sign. It is an omen. It portends evil more than good even though the good will come through it with more evil having fallen away. This is no paradox. Reconcile it.

US Responsibility for Iraq Violence

The US has used every trick in its book to get the region inflamed. However, the people of Iraq did not have to oblige. Muslims did not have to kill Muslims. The US has been evil. However, the violence of Iraqi against Iraqi and Arab against Arab and Muslim against Muslim and Muslim against anyone is also evil. There is no excusing anyone, American or Muslim.

The US has created death squads, but why did anyone joined? The Iraqis know that the British and the Americans were running around blowing things up making it look as if Sunnis were attacking Shiites and vice versa. Why then is there any sectarian fighting? Why aren't all the Sunnis and Shiites united against the US occupiers?

There is definitely propaganda at work on all sides. The US is masterful at propaganda. No matter how many times the American people find out that its government is feces, the American people always wink after awhile. They want to be fooled.

The story that the US is in Iraq for noble purposes is, and always has been, of course, total feces. However, the idea that the Iraqis have always been sweetness and light is likewise feces.

All sides need to face up to the fact that each has been full of it. Unless and until that happens, there will only be hell to pay.

This is going to catch up with America. You can be sure of it.

Back and forth, back and forth, comparing whose evil is the lesser or the greater. Meanwhile, there is a pox upon all your houses. Repent.

Only 10 Per Cent of Americans Think Iran Requires Military Action

That's from a New York Times/CBS News poll. The figure is despite the fact that there are more Jews in the US than there are in Israel. We raise Jewishness here, because the hawks among the Jews are the ones screaming for the US to attack Iran and the sooner the better. In fact, forty percent of all the Jews in the world live in the US. They make up about 2% of the US population. Even with such a small percentage, they have some 13 senators (more than ten percent) and 30 representatives in Congress. That's hugely disproportionate representation when viewed by ethnicity. It has everything to do with money that comes of ethnic-oriented networking centered on money.

Of course, we've pointed out that the majority of Jews in the US (some 70%) now believe that the Iraq War was a bad idea. You wouldn't know it though by the mainstream media.

The hawks, the false Zionists, get the huge bulk of the coverage. The sane Jews are censored by the mainstream.

Anyway, what will happen to the Republican Party and the Jewish Lobby and Likudnics if Bush/Cheney attacks Iran on an obviously false pretext? It will doom them and rightly so.

Some G. W. Bush Reading

A History of the English-Speaking Peoples Since 1900, by Andrew Roberts

From Publishers Weekly

The English-speaking nations—America, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the West Indies—are a "decent, honest, generous, fair-minded and self-sacrificing imperium" and "the last, best hope for Mankind," argues this jingoistic peroration. Roberts (Napoleon and Wellington) treats them as a political-cultural unity, thriving on respect for law and property, laissez-faire capitalism and the Protestant ethic, and standing together against Nazism, communism and Islamic terrorism. (Ireland is the black sheep—backward, unruly, pro-fascist and Catholic.) His rambling, disjointed survey celebrates their achievements in science, technology, sports and Big Macs, but the book is mainly an apologia for an allegedly benign Anglo-American imperialism. The author defends virtually every 20th-century British or American military adventure, from the conquest of the Philippines to the Vietnam War, finishing with a lengthy justification of the invasion of Iraq; his villains are domestic critics and leftist intellectuals whom he calls "appeasers" and who sap the English-speaking peoples' resolve by propagandizing for totalitarianism (also Mel Gibson, whose anti-British movies sabotage English-speaking peoples' solidarity). Roberts writes in a bluff, Tory style, mixing bombast with jocular Briticisms like a running leitmotif of whimsical geopolitical wagers placed at London clubs. Lively but unsystematic, sometimes insightful but always one-sided, this is less a history than a chest-thumping conservative polemic.

America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It, by Mark Steyn

Supreme Command: Soldiers, Statesmen, and Leadership in Wartime, by Eliot Cohen

From Publishers Weekly

Abraham Lincoln, Georges Clemenceau, Winston Churchill and David Ben Gurion what made them great wartime heads of state, according to Eliot A. Cohen (Military Misfortunes), a professor of strategic studies at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, is that they were able to finesse a relationship with their military leaders that kept the balance of power squarely in (their own) civilian hands. In his lucid study, Supreme Command: Soldiers, Statesmen and Leadership in Wartime, Cohen looks closely at the strategies of the four premiers and addresses broader questions about the tension between politicians and generals in a wartime democracy.

This is the same Eliot Cohen who was recently named counselor of the US State Department. The book is from an obvious war-monger.

The Case for Democracy: The Power of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny and Terror, by Natan Sharansky

From Publishers Weekly

Drawing on his autobiography—from Soviet refusenik to Israeli cabinet minister - Sharansky distinguishes between "fear" and "free" societies. He spends a significant amount of time taking on conservative "realists" who prize stability in international relations, as well as liberals who he says fail to distinguish between flawed democracies that struggle to implement human rights and authoritarian or totalitarian states that flout human rights as a matter of course. Sharansky criticizes those who argue that democracy is culturally contingent and therefore unsuited for Muslim societies. Turning to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he mentions documented Israeli human rights abuses, but places the bulk of the blame for the conflict on the dictatorial systems prevalent in Arab societies. He also weighs in on the vexing subject of how to distinguish legitimate criticism of Israel from the "new anti-Semitism." Such criticism must pass the "3D" test of "[no] demonization, double standards, or delegitimation." Sharansky does not grapple deeply with the current situation in Iraq, but his opinions throughout, honed through years in a Soviet prison and in the corridors of power, feel earned.

False Zionism is demonic, and its state is illegitimate. That's not anti-Semitic. Truth loving Jews know it. The current state of Israel isn't the only illegitimate state, however. Every state built upon stealing the inheritance of others is inherently illegitimate. Every such state must repent and atone or be judged accordingly.

Imperial Grunts: The American Military on the Ground, by Robert Kaplan


It is the dawn of the 21st century, and the United States has appropriated the entire Earth. So journalist Robert Kaplan writes in his paean to the American fighting man and woman, Imperial Grunts. The U.S. has quietly—with little public debate—forged an empire that is "ready to flood the most obscure areas of it with troops at a moment's notice," writes Kaplan, a correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly magazine who has written 10 earlier books on foreign affairs and travel, including the acclaimed Balkan Ghosts. Imperial Grunts is Kaplan's account of his travels to the frontiers of the U.S. imperium. From the dustbowl of northern Yemen to the coca fields of Colombia and the insurgent hotbed of Fallujah, Kaplan takes readers to the war-torn edges of the U.S. empire and visits with front-line grunts who guard it and try to expand its reach.

"Welcome to Injun Country," is the catchphrase Kaplan hears from all the U.S. soldiers, marines, airmen, and sailors we meet. In the view of American troops, they are taming an "unruly" frontier in the tradition of General George Custer. We all know what happened to Custer and, later, to the Native Americans whom the 7th Cavalry was sent out to pacify. But far from criticizing that mission or finding in the analogy any cautionary lesson, Kaplan is an enthusiastic cheerleader for what he baldly calls "American imperialism." He sees it as "humanitarian" and "righteous" and seems to never meet a Green Beret or marine he does not idolize. To Kaplan, U.S. imperialism is unquestionably selfless and heroic, trying only to bring a little taste of freedom to the huddled masses of the world. Imperial Grunts works well as a travelogue but fails to provide deeper insights—or opposing views—about the complex and fascinating places he explores. —Alex Roslin

From Publishers Weekly

America is no less an imperial power than Britain and Rome in their times, claims veteran journalist Kaplan (Balkan Ghosts, etc.)—one that is backed by the same sort of enforcers. To illustrate, he travels to seven nations and describes how American troops are, if not ruling the world, working to persuade it to follow our lead. The author joins elite units (generally marines or special forces) sent to shore up friendly governments, win people's hearts, train security forces and defeat terrorism—an increasingly vague term that includes narco-guerrillas, local warlords, unruly tribes and criminal gangs. Living among working soldiers, Kaplan makes no secret of his admiration for their camaraderie, practicality and rational if politically incorrect views. All roll their eyes when our leaders proclaim that defeating terrorism requires democratic governments; according to Kaplan, they believe this is nonsense in Colombia, Kenya, Yemen and the Philippines—all democracies. Forbidden to fight in these countries, Americans are building infrastructure and gathering intelligence as they instruct local units, hoping American-trained leaders will eventually rise to positions of authority. Military buffs will prefer the chapters on Iraq and Afghanistan, where the soldiers are slugging it out. Stabilizing all these nations may take decades, these men and women say—except in Iraq, where it may take longer.

This is sick. This author is not only not ashamed that the US is the biblical Beast, he loves it. He is covering for Satan. This is utterly antichrist. It is encouraging the US to be as apostate as possible. This is what George W. Bush reads and loves. He's no Christian. Jesus hates this book.

All these books are neocon. They all reinforce exactly what Bush wants people simplistically to imagine he is doing. They are all antichristian.

Conyers Questions Gonzales Role in Squashing Wiretap Probe

House Judiciary Committee chairman John Conyers has sent Alberto Gonzales a letter in response to allegations that Gonzales may have advised President Bush to shut down an investigation into the administration's domestic wiretapping surveillance program because of his role in the program. Conyers wrote, "It would be an extraordinary abuse of authority if you advised the President on this matter after learning that your own conduct was to be investigated." Conyers wrote his article following the publication of an article on the issue by Murray Waas in the National Journal.

War Profiteering

The Iraq War is now four years old. Weapons contractor Lockheed Martin's stock price has increased 116%. Boeing's has increased 224%. This is obscene. It is unconscionable.

Israel Failed to Divide the Palestinians

Israel has been trying desperately to get the Palestinians to fight each other. The US and Israel had been attempting to get Fatah to agree to be armed by the US and Israel to use those arms against Hamas. Fatah and Hamas though finalized their agreement to a unity government. The attempts by Israel to get the Palestinians to engage in a civil war failed. It is the same thing that the US has tried and succeeded in doing in Iraq and the same thing they have been trying to do but have failed to do in Lebanon.

Divide and conquer is the plan. Are the Arabs wise to it? The whole planet must become wise to it.

While the Palestinians engaged in one of the most open, free, and fair elections in the world, the US and Israel didn't like the democratic choice of the Palestinians. Therefore, they have squeezed the Palestinians. They have done this through destroying their infrastructure and by attacking and assassinating leaders and by otherwise egging on Hamas, who had been remaining non-violent until Israel aggression finally elicited a violent response, exactly the excuse Israel wanted for its propaganda that always fails to give the background information concerning Palestinian actions.

Israel has always done its best to avoid keeping agreements while Israel stole more and more land from the Palestinian people. Israel never intended to keep any agreement with the Palestinians. They lied and are still lying. It is just as the Americans did with the American Indians: Broke every treaty.

Israel has done everything but practice the Golden Rule. In fact, if others were to do to Israel what Israel is doing to others, Israel would be all but wiped out. That's the truth.

Where's the Two-Way Street on Palestine?

The neocons say Palestine must renounce violence, accept Israel's right to exist, and abide by previous agreements with Israel and others.

Well, why is there not a simultaneous requirement that Israel renounce violence, accept Palestine's right to exist as a full nation-state, and abide by all agreements with Palestine and others? Why the double standard?

The answer is simple. Israel would have to pull back all the way to the pre-1967 War borders. All their "settlements" and checkpoints within the occupied territories and all their walls and restricted roads and all their water theft would have to stop. What covetous people are going to agree to that and actually do it?

Their hearts are hardened. What happens to the hardhearted is going to happen to them.

The Palestinians are still maintaining the right of resistance "in all forms" to Israeli occupation. The Palestinians say that the occupation is against international law. They are right about that. People who are occupied illegally by a foreign power have the mundane right to self-defense and to use violent means against the occupiers including blowing them up in suicide attacks.

Of course as real Christians, we say that the divine law tells the Palestinians to turn to the message of Jesus, becoming total pacifists. Then they would win.

Clash of Cultures: Islamic Veiling

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. That's the old saying. However, pluralism moved the Anglo-Saxons in America to move in the direction of being the only dominant ethnic group in any country that ended up conforming to the culture of others. In other words, when in America, do as you did when you weren't. This was in reaction to the practices of slavery and assimilation, etc., which were so cruel and evil. However, taken to the extreme and that well-intentioned pluralism becomes the open flood gate for everything that is cruel and evil in other cultures. What to do?

Is it right to coerce (force) Muslim females to unveil against the practice of their religion? The US claims that everyone has the right to the free exercise of his or her religion. Does that allow for a religion to do as much evil as possible?

Real Christianity says speak the truth, warn, turn the other cheek, and be separated from evil by not engaging in it. That of course requires absolute knowledge of God.

The house is divided. It shall not stand. Islam and Christianity are incompatible. Muslims and Christians will not end up together in the same mansion in heaven.

There is no required veiling of females in Christianity. Where there is no evil, all are safe where there isn't as much as a fig leaf for covering.

Egypt Further Entrenching Dictatorship

The Egyptian Constitution is being altered to ban political activity based on religion.

Well, Christians are not involved in worldly governments.

Furthermore, there is no way to ban political activity based on religion. There is no way to separate out political activity from beingness. Just existing is political. It is a state. It is a condition. It is a structure. It is an organization. It is governance.

The Egyptian president is supposedly to have the right to dissolve the Egyptian parliament.

This is designed to keep the Muslim Brotherhood from exercising democratically. Ironically, the Muslim Brotherhood wants democratic rights so that it may come to power to abolish those democratic rights.

The Muslim Brotherhood wants coercive sharia throughout the world. It is evil. We don't want to live under the teachings and life example of Mohammed. It isn't good. We want to live under the teachings and life example of Jesus Christ. We don't want Mohammed's wars. We reject Mohammed as our shepherd. He led souls down the wrong path.

The Muslim Brotherhood are assassins. They will murder to get they're obviously evil way. They worship Satan who has tricked them into thinking they are worshipping God. Even Mohammed admitted that he wasn't sure whether or not he was demon possessed. Well, we are sure he was demon possessed.

They do use terrorism in the strictest divine sense of the term. They threaten people with violence if those people won't cave into Islam. That's gangsterism no better than what the Empire practices.

Fighting the Muslim Brotherhood with violence is also part of worshipping Satan. Violence is worshipping Satan.

MoveOn Criticized For Backing Additional War Funding

On Monday the liberal advocacy group MoveOn.org publicly endorsed the Democratic House leadership's bill to approve $100 billion in additional funding for the war. On Thursday, the House is scheduled to vote on the bill that would fund the war for another year on the condition that American troops begin to withdraw by next March. Eli Pariser of MoveOn said, "While this measure doesn't go far enough, they know the choice is a war without end or a safe and responsible end to the war. This measure is an important step in the right direction." Several prominent anti-war advocates have criticized MoveOn for refusing to support the Iraq amendment from Congressional Progressive Caucus leaders Barbara Lee, Lynn Woolsey and Maxine Waters, which calls for "a fully funded, and systematic, withdrawal of U.S. soldiers and military contractors from Iraq" by the end of 2007.

Either you are for war or against it. If you are against it, you don't fund it, period.

Ex-Iraqi Weightlifter Regrets Toppling Saddam Statue

As Iraqis mark the fourth anniversary of the U.S. invasion, an unlikely critic of the occupation has emerged. Four years ago, images of a prize-winning Iraqi weightlifter named Kadhim al-Jubouri were broadcast around the world. He was videotaped using a sledgehammer to bring down a statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad's Firdous Square. Now al-Jubouri says he regrets his actions. In an interview with the Guardian newspaper he said, "The Americans are worse than the dictatorship. Every day is worse than the previous day." He said Saddam Hussein was like Stalin but the occupation is proving to be worse.

Pentagon Considers Placing Cameras Inside Recruiting Stations

The Boston Globe is reporting the Pentagon is considering installing surveillance cameras in military recruiting stations across the country. The military is also considering a ban on recruiters meeting alone with prospective recruits of the opposite sex. The actions are being taken to address a rise in misconduct allegations against military recruiters — including sexual assaults of female prospects and bending the rules to meet quotas.

This is no answer. The answer is to entirely demilitarize.

Colombia Might Seek Extradition of Chiquita Officials

The banana company Chiquita (formerly the infamous United Fruit Company) admitted in US federal court on Monday that for years it paid right-wing paramilitaries in Colombia to protect its banana-growing operation. As part of a deal, Chiquita agreed to pay a $25 million fine under the condition that it does not have to identify several senior executives who approved the illegal protection payments. Prosecutors said the Cincinnati-based company paid about $1.7 million to the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, which is considered a terrorist organization by the U.S. government. Chiquita also made payments to the right-wing National Liberation Army and the left-wing group FARC. Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has said he supports requesting the extradition of Chiquita executives involved in the payoffs. Colombia officials are also investigating reports that Chiquita directly helped arm paramilitary groups. In 2001 a Chiquita-owned ship was reportedly used in Colombia to unload 3,000 Kalashnikov rifles and more than 2.5 million bullets.

"As part of a deal, Chiquita agreed to pay a $25 million fine under the condition that it does not have to identify several senior executives who approved the illegal protection payments" What good does a plea bargain do? This "deal" is a deal the devil is making with himself.

Identify the senior executives who approved the illegal protection payments. Let them repent and atone. To hide them the way this is going down is to allow them to continue in their careers of crime. The US administration is protecting them, shielding them so that the scandal will not standout in stark contrast for the people to see the evil not to do or condone or tolerate in their own hearts.

Private Armies

The privatization of the military is the slippery slope. These private armies threaten to get completely out of control. A head of one of these private armies is going to be tempted to take power by violent force.

The American people are warned to turn around from this capitalization of the military. These privatized armies are worse than what Eisenhower envisioned as the threat at the time that he labeled the military-industrial complex.

Corporations such as Blackwater ought not to exist. They are a grave danger to the people. Blackwater in particular is headed up by one, Erik Prince, a Calvinist Dominionist, very antichrist, highly violent, and demonstrably greedy.

Old Picture of Israel Versus the Real Picture

The old picture was that, in 1948, after 30 years of British rule in Palestine, the Jewish Nation of the Zionist Movement was ready to accept an international offer of peace with the local people of Palestine. And therefore when the United Nations offered to divide Palestine into two states, the Zionist movement said yes, the Arab world and the Palestinians said no; as a result the Arab world went to war in order to destroy the state of Israel, called upon the Palestinian people to leave, to make way for the invading Arab armies; the Jewish leaders asked the Palestinians not to leave, but they left; and as a result the Palestinian refugee problem was created. Israel miraculously won the war, and became a fact. And ever since then the Arab world, and the Palestinians, have not ceased to want to destroy the Jewish state.


Another mythology was that a major invasion took place in '48, a very strong Arab contingent went into Palestine and a very small Jewish army fought against it. It was a kind of David and Goliath mythology, the Jews being the David, the Arab armies being the Goliath, and again it must be a miracle if David wins against the Goliath.


First of all, we found out that the Zionist leadership, the Israeli leadership, regardless of the peace plans of the United Nations, contemplated long before 1948 the dispossession of the Palestinians, the expulsion of the Palestinians.


Another point that we discovered is that we checked the military balance on the ground, and we found that this description of an Arab Goliath and a Jewish David also does not stand with the facts. The Arab world talked a lot, still does today, but doesn't do much when it comes to the Palestine question. And therefore they sent a very limited number of soldiers into Israel, and basically for most of the time, the Jewish army had the upper hand in terms of the numbers of soldiers, the level of equipment, and the training experience.1

Historians were not "able" to come out with this information until the Israeli government opened up the archives. "30 years for political matters, and 50 years for military matters" is how long they wait to allow people to see even a little bit of the truth. Let that sink in before you just rush on. Think about it. The truth is so damning that they cannot allow it out for 30 and 50 years. Some of it they never let out willingly. The same applies in the US, where George W. Bush sealed up his father's presidential materials beyond the legal limit just to protect his father and other Republican evil-doers from prosecution whether in the courts of law or public opinion.

So this is why people question The Bible, the biblical account in terms of literal history, verbatim history. Jews are liars. Not all Jews are lairs all the time. Some Jews are liars all the time though. This is true in varying degrees of every ethnic group. However, The Bible is the word of God. Well, so it is; however, does it expose liars amongst the Jews? Yes it does. So this is circular proof that The Bible cannot be trusted. No. It is the opposite. The Bible is as the Jews being on the couch. It is revealing. It is a psychological, hesitating, split-personality, confession. It is a plea for help. It is a state of confusion and frustration. It is the best and the worst in the same people and in individual persons.

What is righteousness? What is forgivable?

Look, everyone knows that the Jews in Israel range from the biggest liars on the planet to real souls who really will end up getting out since they cannot partake of the evil any longer. We all know that there was never a time when all the descendants of Jacob were good: Never! The same goes for all nations. Only God in heaven is good. Everything the Jews have handed down as history must be taken with a grain of salt except that the truth comes through whether or not the liars want it to or not. This is the most remarkable thing about life. As bad as this life is, and it is awful, the truth peeks through for those who give a damn.

That's why scripture is real even though those who worked it really weren't always genuine. Their true natures peeked through. They couldn't prevent it—try as they did.

You see, God is what we say God is. If we make God out to be mean, then that's what we'll get. God fits us. Do we really change God? Yes and no. It's all contextual. It's all relative compared with what is truly absolute.

The greedy, capitalist, war-mongering, polluting, biblical literalists will be up in arms about this; but, what do they know? If God is love and Christ said turn the other cheek, what do they know? They know nothing.

So if Jews lie, which they do, and John was a Jew, which he was, then when he said God is love, couldn't he have been lying? You know, the interesting thing about that question is that those who ask it already know the answer that it is really true that God is love. They just run from the obvious, because they can't imagine themselves ever able to live up to the implications.

That's what is wrong with the world. Everyone wants "scientific" proof, even though they would never be satisfied. They just refuse to see the truth peeking out.

Look, science is a frame of mind. It is a self-fulfilling mindset. Limit yourself to science, and that's exactly what you are: Limited. Magic isn't it either, because it doesn't have a clue as to whom to credit for making things happen. Oh, some will credit Satan for magic, and they are right to a point (within their context).

The final source of all is God. God is where we need to head: God, not as in the god of the Fundamentalist and Literalists but the real God: The God of peace. The Fundamentalists and the Literalists don't worship the God of peace. They worship the god of war and money and, for many (secretly they imagine), the god of sexual depravity.

Realize this: Theodor Herzl and David Ben-Gurion were not good enough. George W. Bush isn't good enough. We pull them from the throne saying, "Get out of there. You're not good enough." We put Jesus there. He's good enough. We can trust him. He's not a liar. When he doesn't know something, he says so. He lets us know what he's been told about God. He does so without making up a bunch of dung.

We like Jesus's heaven. We love Jesus's heaven. We can't stand George W. Bush's heaven. Yet, we want George to turn. We want everyone to turn. Will they all someday turn, given eternity? What will be left in hell?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Robert Mugabe

The US has called for the dictator Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to be overthrown in a coup.

Mugabe once seemed promising. He turned out to be terrible for the common people. His actions have been unconscionable. Just because he helped overturn a racist regime doesn't mean he's a good guy. The Whites in Zimbabwe could have helped had they been moved spiritually, but Mugabe's spirit crushes the poor.

Writs of Habeas Corpus

There is no law that can nullify anyone's inherent right to a writ of habeas corpus. No one on the planet may be held without benefit of the determination by an impartial and legitimate court that due process of the principles of fundamental fairness have been observed. Deliberate wrongful incarceration is reprehensible. Avoiding providing fair hearings concerning the disposition of any being held is likewise reprehensible.

It is bad enough that anyone is being held anywhere. The suspension of habeas corpus by Bush/Cheney is a crime. There was never even a seemingly mundane justification. It is beyond understandable under any circumstances.

National Security Letters

We don't recognize national security letters. They are null and void. The US Constitution specifies subpoenas. It doesn't allow for these national security letters. No one needs to honor one of these things. Everyone may reject them out of hand. No one needs to be afraid by the gag aspect of one of these national security letters. The US Supreme Court cannot make these national security letters stick. Any US Supreme Court that rules that these national security letters are constitutional renders itself null and void. It would be unconstitutional in the extreme. The government would no longer exist even as a facade. A full-blown revolution would have transpired. Government by the consent of the governed (the only legitimizing criterion under a real democracy) would have ceased to exist. The natural law would then allow the people to set up a new government over the objections of the tyrants.

Many people believe that that state already exists.

The real Christian correct position is that the only real government is the real kingdom of righteousness within.

Bush Refuses to Let Officials Testify Under Oath

On Tuesday President Bush vowed to fight Congressional efforts to subpoena presidential advisor Karl Rove, former White House counsel Harriet Miers and other White House officials. He is also attempting to insist upon closed-door committee hearings and even without a transcript. He thinks it's the 9-11 Commission he can bully. It isn't.

This is setting up a contest of wills between Bush and Congress. It has all the earmarks of the Nixon attempts at the imperial presidency. Nixon lost and so will Bush.

So far, Bush has employed his personally typical arrogant style over the matter. He has thrown down the gauntlet at senator Patrick Leahy for example.

We've heard Bush and we've heard Leahy. Frankly, in a head-to-head contest with Leahy, Bush will lose.

Bush is trying to protect Rove. He was able to do that before the 2006 elections. He was able to do that concerning the Plame affair. He isn't going to be able to do it with Patrick Leahy. Rove is going to be brought down several notches whether Bush likes it or not.

The architect's house is crashing in on him. It's prophetic. How else could it be?

If Bush keeps it up, he's going to find himself facing impeachment. The Democrats know how to build up cover too. The difference here though is that the Democrats don't have to manufacture evidence. Impeachment and removal from office won't be over this issue though.

Bush has the "legal" right to fire any US attorney he wants to. They are employees at-will. He doesn't need cause to terminate any of them. They are all political appointees.

Impeachment will be over the cover-up of 9/11, the lies leading up to the Iraq War, the illegal surveillance within the US, the illegal detentions within the US, the illegal and extraordinary renditions from US soil, the torture by the US military and others under US contract and ordered from the White House with the president's full knowledge and consent, and on and on.

Impeachment is the only avenue open to the Congress. If they won't impeach Bush, Bush will continue doing whatever he wants with impunity.

Does the mundane law apply to the head of the mundane Empire? Bush has rejected every effort to get him to correct his course. The house is greatly further damaged by his horrendously hardhearted misguidance. Does the body have the right, the duty, to cast him out just as the Church may cast out unrepentant heathens and publicans?

If Bush wants to repent, it's there open to him before it becomes too late for him.

Casting out isn't punishment by the way. It is saving souls who do repent from those who don't. It isn't violent. It isn't casting stones. No one in the Church wishes ill on Bush. We want Bush to be blessed with wisdom, but we can't force it into him. He has to receive it willingly, desirously. That's the way it is.

Tony Snow Once Criticized Clinton for Exerting Executive Privilege

Meanwhile the White House is also being questioned about its claims that it has the executive privilege to bar presidential advisers from testifying before Congress. Nearly 10 years ago White House Press Secretary Tony Snow publicly criticized President Clinton for resisting efforts to have his aides testify about Monica Lewinsky. At the time Snow wrote: "Taken to its logical extreme, that position would make it impossible for citizens to hold a chief executive accountable for anything. He would have a constitutional right to cover up."

Congressional Study Finds Firings of Attorneys

The Bush administration pushed out almost as many U.S. Attorneys in December as had been let go over the past 25 years.

Thursday, March 22, 2007
Al Gore Testimony to US Congress

The testimony of Al Gore to the US Congress demonstrated the lineup of the forces of immediate, personal selfishness and greed versus good stewardship, long-term solutions, and sharing.

The Republican leaders in the Senate and House committees lined up with the polluters. They will die and want theirs now. They want theirs now regardless of the pain and suffering it will cause those who remain or are even yet to come into this world. They are selfish and disingenuous. They are bought off by the spirits of selfish greed that have been working to ruin everything since the beginning.

Al Gore is not a saint, but concerning this issue of human carbon-burning pollution, he is on the right, moral, spiritual side.

This whole issue points out the incorrectness of the capitalistic markets being the automatic best method for regulating society. Those markets are driven by market advertising that strives to curtail thinking about eternal consequences and rather promotes thoughtless, instantaneous, hedonistic, materialistic, gratification no matter the negative consequences in the end.

This is the debate of debates. The selfish calculators are wrong, always have been, and always will be. Their system is collapsing. It will fall completely. Satan loses. This world converts en masse. The spirit will manifest in a way that will be unmistakable and undeniable to everyone.

"The planet has a fever. If your baby has a fever, you go to the doctor. If your doctor says you need to intervene here, you don't say, well, I read a science fiction novel that tells me it's not a problem. If the cribs on fire, you don't speculate that the baby is flame retardant. You take action. The planet has a fever."


"There have been times in the past when our nation has been called upon to rise above partisanship, above political calculations, above the pressures which have always been present for two and a quarter centuries from special interests of this, that, or the other kind and reach across the isle and do what history is calling upon all of us Americans to do. America is the natural leader of the world, and our world faces a true planetary emergency."

To Episcopalians

To all those Episcopalians who find that they cannot accept the Episcopal Church's policy of blessing homosexuality and of having homosexual clergy but who are pacifistic, giving and sharing, and believe in good shepherding and stewarding, etc., as we believe, we would welcome you into our Church. The Real Liberal Christian Church wants to bring forth. It wants to feed the lambs and sheep of God. It wants to live the golden rule. It wants to evangelize, which includes warning against temptation and falling. Please read our theological positions, and do more than just consider us. Join the cause. It's ground floor resting on the undivided foundation laid by Jesus Christ. Let us raise up the real indivisible house.

Brain Damage and Killing

A group of Christians were taken. Two of them were separated from the group. One of those two was told that if he would kill the other one, then the group would be spared. If he weren't willing to kill that one, then the group would be killed immediately. He refused to kill. The group was killed. All the Christians ended up in heaven together with God. Those who set up the test (the temptation) and who killed the group ended up in hell.

That's a parable.

Scientists are saying that damage to the brain region known as the ventromedial prefrontal cortex increases the likelihood that someone will be willing to sacrifice others for the sake of yet others. Those without the damage, with their ventromedial prefrontal cortex (part of the forebrain right behind the forehead part of the skull) intact, are more likely not to engage in killing regardless of the magnitude of the death that would result. In other words, they are less likely to take lives to supposedly save lives.

Real Christianity flows with the undamaged. The real life is eternal. It is directly pacifistic under all circumstances.

There is no such thing as a just war of human against human. In fact, the less killing (of anything) the better. The less we kill, the less any unclean spirit will manifest disease. We are attacked, because we attack. In fact, there is no killing whatsoever in heaven. How do we get there from here?

It is important to understand that this is a situation for both individuals and the collective. Moses sensed this. Jesus knew it clearly. Perfect unity of spirit is required to be in the highest heaven with God.

Understand that abuse causes damage. Then the damaged cause abuse unless they are helped to overcome.

The Iraq War was started by the damaged. George W. Bush is damaged (broken). All the neocons are brain damaged. Everyone is brain damaged to a degree. The narrow way of Jesus is restorative. That's what this life is all about. It is our opportunity to have served out our family's evil punishment and our individual evil punishment and to overcome for righteousness' sake.

We are interconnected, interdependent, and separable all at once. We are flesh and spirit at the same time.

Now, many people just do as they are told. They are paid money. They want the money for selfish reasons. They will put getting that money above other considerations. They allow personal fleshly survival to trump their self-sacrificing for righteousness. They will even die for evil as part of the deal (the gamble) that they may survive to enjoy the money. They do fall for all of this while simultaneously falling for the idea that they are also being self-sacrificial for some higher calling. It is all very warped.

Well, people want to be told what to do. They want authority figures to lead them. Therefore, we say that God is the authority figure and that God is telling them to disregard the voices of evil telling them to torture, maim, kill, destroy, and all the rest. Under no circumstances are they to be willing to kill. They are ordered to refuse any order to kill or torture or the like. God is ordering them to reject all orders issued by Satan.

Is it that simple? Is it that clear and plain? Yes.

Pentagon Looks to Send More Arms to Middle Eastern Nations

The Boston Globe is reporting the State Department and the Pentagon are quietly seeking congressional approval for significant new military sales to US allies in the Persian Gulf region. The move is seen as part of a broader U.S. strategy to contain Iranian influence by strengthening Iran's neighbors. The arm sales could spark concerns that further military buildup in the region would bring Washington closer to a confrontation with Iran. The Bush administration is reportedly considering sales of sophisticated air and missile defense systems, advanced early warning radar aircraft that could detect low-flying missiles, and light coastal combat ships that could sweep the Gulf for mines and help gather underwater intelligence. All of the nations that might receive the new arms are Sunni-ruled countries. They include Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Oman.

This is just more of the same divide-and-conquer strategy of the neocons. The top bankers in the world love to stir up trouble so they can fund all the military build up and swoop in after the devastation to gain more control and more profits from rebuilding, etc. It is the sick game from the beginning.

Pentagon: Reports of Sexual Assault in Military Up 24%

The Pentagon has announced that reports of sexual assaults involving members of the US military increased by 24 percent over the last year. There were nearly 3,000 reports of alleged sexual assault cases involving members of the armed forces. 2006 marked the first year that victims were allowed to report assaults confidentially.

This is what we've been saying all along. Violence and sexual depravity and other selfishness all go together. They are different symptoms of the same underlying disease: Evil.

US Gives Pakistani Government Sophisticated Spy Technology

The Bush administration has been providing the Pakistani intelligence agency (ISI) with sophisticated new spy technology to trace mobile phones, bug houses and telephone calls, and monitor large volumes of email traffic. The Bush administration gave Pakistan the technology ostensibly to help track members of al Qaeda, but Pakistan has also used the technology to track political dissidents. Since 9/11, hundreds of Pakistanis with no ties to al Qaeda have disappeared after being seized by the ISI. One former CIA official said the Pakistani government now has the ability to drive vans down streets monitoring phone conversations taking place in every house they pass.

This is the same ISI that wired money to Atta right before 9-11. This is the same ISI that was full of al Qaeda and Taliban that was allowed to exit Afghanistan and was airlifted by the US military out of Afghanistan where they had been fighting against the CIA and US military in the supposed hunt for al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.

Conservatives Form Campaign to Protect Civil Liberties

A coalition of prominent conservative writers and former government officials have launch a new campaign to restore checks and balances and to protect civil liberties Founding members of the American Freedom Agenda include former Republican Georgia Congressman Bob Barr, who led the effort to impeach President Clinton, David Keene of the American Conservative Union, constitutional scholar Bruce Fein, and the writer and conservative direct mail pioneer Richard Viguerie. They are also calling for Congress to restore habeas corpus, end torture and extraordinary rendition, narrow the President's authority to designate "enemy combatants," prevent unconstitutional domestic spying and protect journalists from prosecution under the Espionage Act.

These are Libertarian-leaning conservatives. They are not false-Zionist neocons. These people are sticking with a Lockean/Hobbesian blend that was prevalent in forming the US. Lockeanism is not conducive to the current Jewish hyper-nationalism in Israel.

Some people will hide in among these Libertarians now that the writing is on the wall that the neocons are going to fall way down.

This movement is not good enough though. Only real liberalism (Christianity) is good enough.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Before the US convinced the Ethiopian dictator to invade Somalia, Somalia was being ruled under sharia. Sharia is harsh. It is seen as necessary for hardhearted people to keep them from oppressing others. However, being harsh, sharia itself is oppressive. The treatment of females under sharia is particularly oppressive. Mohammed's legal system made it all but impossible for a female to seek and obtain redress for rape for instance. This aspect of sharia stems directly from Mohammed's personal immoral (ungodly) judgment's regarding human sexuality.

However, since the US began once again to be militarily involved in Somalia, the bare order that was being kept under sharia has been replaced by even greater disorder. Such has been the case in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, and elsewhere. Wherever the neocon ideology is brought to bear, that trend of greater disorder necessarily follows.

If the neocons attack Iran or Venezuela, greater disorder and economic oppression will follow as surely as night follows day.

There are essentially two approaches to this situation. One way is to become absolutely ruthless. In other words, US forces would have to clamp down in real police-state fashion. That way is not the way of the oligarchs of course, because it does not facilitate war-profiteering. The other way, which is the right way, is peacefully to explain things to win over the people. That's the hearts-and-minds approach. The neocons and oligarchs don't want that either. The oligarchs again don't recognize the profit-potential in that approach. Ego has everything to do with that failure of vision. They lack what has been termed "the vision thing." The neocons don't mind the hearts-and-minds approach just so long as the people end up brainwashed into submissiveness to neocon-parasite rule.

The other so-called conservatives, the Libertarians, don't want to believe the inherent goodness of human nature. They want to mistrust everyone. They don't really see themselves as potentially impeccably trustworthy, so therefore, no one else is or can be trusted to reach that point. Well, who is God if not perfectly trustworthy? Do they really think Jesus would have stolen from them?

Sure, people will say that other people aren't God or Jesus. That's true; however, Jesus said to people to become as he is. That's what real Christianity is all about. We aren't saying were perfect. We are saying that there is a way to get there. That way is following Jesus's example and doing what he said to do. One has to trust in the path that it leads to the destination if one stays on it or gets back on if one strays.

Naysayers are the leaven in the crowd. They are the ones who stymie the provisioning of God to the people. They are the ones who are unworthy to receive the rewards of righteousness, righteousness necessarily including belief in God no matter what happens to this transitory flesh.

7-7 Arrests

The most important words to come out of London concerning the recent arrests reportedly related to the 7-7 attacks in London are as follows:

Security sources expressed caution and said that because the arrests had been "pre-emptive" and triggered by the need to prevent the men going abroad - where they would be out of reach of the British authorities - it was uncertain whether it would ultimately be possible to produce enough legally admissible evidence to charge them.2

Now that's a police state in action. In our book, if there isn't enough evidence to charge someone, then there isn't enough evidence to arrest someone. In other words, if it turns out that these people who were arrested are not finally charged with crimes, then the arrests constitute criminal false arrests. Those who undertook the arrests, under the mundane law, ought to be charged with false arrest.

As always, we must make clear that the Church isn't advocating such false-arrest charges. Clearly and plainly, we are calling attention to the utter hypocrisy of the dark system now ruling this world. It is from that dark system Jesus came to save the world. He came to shine the spotlight into the activities being conducted in that darkness and to light up the whole world so the people will see what is really happening.

Now, these arrests in London must be viewed within the context of the cover-up that has occurred concerning the events of 7-7. You may read about that cover-up on our site. Just do a site search on "7-7" to find out more. Don't forget that the same government that has refused to expose the corruption surrounding the Saudi arms deals is the government that has made these arrests. To perpetuate their scheme, they need to frame "bad guys." This is the same government that has its special forces running around Iraq blowing up things and people and making it look as if Iraq's have done it. Can you trust anything coming out of such an extension of the evil Empire? Of course you can't.

The thing is that the tactics work. The Arabs and Muslims are duped (mundanely understandable) by the Anglo-Saxons and Jews into attacking each other or into attacking the Empire.

What is really important to know though is that Jesus wasn't duped. To follow Jesus and to be Christlike is the best way to avoid being duped. Fighting the way Mohammed fought is losing.

Jesus fought and won. He fought by harming no one. He was sane. You see, if everyone fights evil by doing no harm, there will be no harm. There will be no evil. The only thing that has ever prevented this is choice—the wrong choice. Make the right choice, and be part of the solution.

Taliban/Italian Hostage Deal

The Italians made a deal with the Taliban to free an Italian journalist. The Italians did a prison swap: Five Taliban for one Italian. The Jews do it all the time with the Arabs (Palestinians and Lebanese). Ronald Reagan did the arms for hostage deal with ayatollah Khomeini of Iran. Yet, the US neocons are whining about the Italians. It's hypocrisy as always.

Ronald Reagan sold arms to Iran. Iran released hostages in Lebanon. Of course while he was doing that, Reagan was lying through his teeth to the American people and to the rest of the world that his kind never negotiates with "terrorists." That's the legacy the "conservatives" are scrambling back to now that the shine is off George W. Bush.

Reagan used the money from the arms sales to fund the Nicaraguan Contras (the former dictator's national guard). Reagan did it that way to circumvent the Boland Amendment that was against US funding of any death squad in Central America.

If you are young, welcome to reality. The Empire and the false-conservatives and false-liberals (such as Carter and Clinton) have been up to no-good all along. George W. Bush didn't invent being Satan.

In case you don't understand the reference to Jimmy Carter, as much as he put "human rights" on the radar screen of the US, he did back the dictator of Iran (for the sake of US access to Middle Eastern oil).

As for Clinton, he presided over the neoliberal undercutting of the grassroots around the world. Clinton is not, and never has been, a real liberal. He was not bountiful or munificent. His sexual-related character flaws also became all too apparent as well.

We don't judge these souls or condemn them. We call for universal repentance. All have sinned. Every truly selfish emotion (any emotion that is not only conducive to perfection) is a sin to a degree.

What does the Financial Times say is Romano Prodi's (Italy's prime minister) problem? Among other things, he has "pacifists" in his government.3 Think about that. The mainstream thinks pacifism is a "problem." Peaceful people are not, and never have been, the problem. Un-peaceful people are, and always have been, the problem.

French Release UFO Files

The French government has done the right thing by releasing its heretofore secret files on the subject of UFO's. The US and the other nations of the world should do the same.

This aids in the exposure of the lying spirit that has been ruling this world.

There is absolutely no national security gained or protected by keeping such information secret.

This is also helpful in lifting the stigma that has been deliberately attached to ufologists by the Empire's psy-ops crowd at the Pentagon.

Of course, our readers will see that France called a while back for the US to open up its files. The French government knows that the US is hiding information that no other nation has. The Russians undoubtedly have deep files as well.

We've written about how the US would hate for the people of the world to know for a fact that there are extraterrestrials visiting our planet. It would completely negate the military-industrial Empire especially if the stories are true that such extraterrestrials have demonstrated to the US military the extraterrestrials' ability to render the most advanced US weapons useless in a flash.

If they have done that, what threat is there? What reason is there for pouring trillions of dollars down the drain? All the resources and all the human energy represented by those trillions could have been directed toward the application of the golden rule.

Regardless of whether or not there has ever been such a demonstration, the world still ought not to be engaged in weapons manufacturing.

And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. (Isaiah 2:4).

We are the strong. The armed are the weak: Weak of heart, mind, and soul. Our strength is in God.

The Episcopal Church Fall Continues

The Episcopal Church's bishops have said, "one of the worst tendencies of our Western culture...is to break relationships when we find them difficult instead of doing the hard work necessary to repair them and be instruments of reconciliation." They further said, "all God's children, including gay and lesbian persons, are full and equal participants in the life of Christ's Church." The presiding bishop (high priest) of the Episcopalians, Katharine Jefferts Schori, said, "These issues are not going to go away," she said of the sexuality debate. "In large part it's been this church's gift to keep the conversation going. I think it's a part of us, however much some of us would prefer that we not have to do it. It's God's gift to us."

Well, attempting to reconcile the irreconcilable is the antichrist's error. The house is divided. Jesus came to separate out the iniquitous. Homosexuality is iniquitous. That behavior has no place in the body. It is unwholesome (unhealthy) behavior. The Episcopalians who have been clamoring out front for homosexuality are simply self-authorizing their iniquitous desires. There is a very deep evil in that church. It is deeply infested with the very unclean spirits Jesus worked to drive out of the temple.

That church is hell bent against repentance. It will fall all the way.

Also, there is absolutely nothing liberal about the Episcopal Church. "The vile person shall be no more called liberal...." (Isaiah 32:5). "For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the LORD, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail." (Isaiah 32:6).

Homosexuality brings disease of body, mind, and soul. It is vile. It is a disgusting practice. It is men having promiscuous sex with excrement. How can anyone in his or her right mind defend that?

If you are behaving that way, stop immediately, and don't ever do it again. Go and sin no more!

Predatory Lending

Is there any other kind? It's a matter of degree.

Many people made fortunes in the mortgage business over the last several years. They collected their cut from deals made possible by artificially low interest rates and adjustable interest rates extended to borrowers with insufficient income to cover inevitable rising interest rates. The increase in sales blew up real estate prices into what is called a bubble. Now that millions of people are unable to make the payments that have gone up as interest rates have gone up, there is going to be much real estate on the market. Supply is going to outstrip demand. Prices will come down as sellers compete to attract buyers back into the market. However, the regulations for borrowing are going to be tightened up. This means that higher down payments and higher relative incomes and better credit histories will be required. This means that the rich will be able to afford to buy up real estate at depressed rates and then to rent it out to those who won't be able to qualify as buyers.

This was the plan all along.

What's More Important: Pornography or Children?

What is more important, protecting children from depravity or the "right" of adults to look at depravity? This question is why the house that is called The United States of America is broken. The US court has ruled that the "right" of adults to look at depravity is more important than protecting the innocent from it.

Under real Christianity, there is no coercing purity while there is no right to pornography.

Here is how it works in the Church. If you want to be a member and to be and remain with the faithful, you won't partake of pornography. If you partake of pornography, you'll be required to leave. It doesn't matter how bad it is outside the Church (the body, the whole). You won't be sent out as a punishment inflicted upon you by the Church. You'll be cast out to protect the innocent from you, from your unwillingness to overcome your addiction through your own love of God, through your putting the welfare of the children above your selfish, evil, twisted pleasure.

That's the nature of salvation. Every behavior isn't welcome in heaven. It wouldn't be heaven.

Do you want to be free of pornography? I do.

Scientists Give Human Color Vision Gene to Mice

Mice can see in color, but it is limited. Genetic engineers have installed the human gene for human full-spectrum-color vision in mice.

Now, that may seem harmless enough to some. To others, it may portend the Frankenstein monster by a quantum leap into an as of yet unimaginable nightmare.

Humans have been breeding animals for characteristics for thousands of years. What is new is that humans aren't limited anymore to directing mating of traits with traits. Humans are creating traits bypassing species safeguards.

Is this troubling? Well, consider all the trouble humans have caused with all the technology and science they've already employed. "Fools rush in" is the applicable saying here.

The lust for whatever (money, power, control, recognition, perverse self-satisfaction, etc.) overrides cautionary wisdom.

Where are these scientists taking humanity? Is their selfishness going to get them and others (the innocent) into inextricable trouble? What does the historical pattern of behavior and consequences tell us?

The only solution is enlightenment. What is it? Enlightenment is not science, per se. It is not technology, per se. It is to not do things until one is sure one is worthy (trustworthy). Can scientists be trusted not to make huge mistakes?

There is evidence that going down the wrong road (employing or manifesting the wrong spirit) ends in a type of extinction.

There is only one path to all that the scientists dream of, and it doesn't lie down the road of science. In fact, that path precludes bringing the real dream to fruition.

We are not mere matter-machines. We are also able to be spirit manifest, which spirit can transcend that matter and the mundane rules of that matter. Absolutely no selfish force will get one there. Unselfish progress is the only way to avoid extinction into hell.

Contemplate that expression: "extinction into hell." It may sound contradictory; however, if you will learn the semantics involved in the language of the revelation, the expression will be meaning-filled to you.

Senator Lindsey Graham on Torture

...Graham said, with a twinkle in his eye, that "Americans don't mind torture, they really don't." Then he smiled broadly, almost gleefully, and said that the US had used certain interrogation techniques on "Shaikh Mohammed, one of the "high value" targets," techniques that "you really don't want to know about, but they got really good results."4

"Americans don't mind torture, they really don't." Sick "Americans don't mind torture." Healthy Americans hate it with a passion that runs so deep and so strong that the Holy Spirit is moved by that disgust.

Lindsey Graham is a dangerous person to be in a high place. He's a very confused person. He isn't stable.

Bill Moyers

When powerful interests shower Washington with millions in campaign contributions, they often get what they want. But it is ordinary citizens and firms that pay the price and most of them never see it coming. This is what happens if you don't contribute to their campaigns or spend generously on lobbying. You pick up a disproportionate share of America's tax bill. You pay higher prices for a broad range of products from peanuts to prescriptions. You pay taxes that others in a similar situation have been excused from paying. You're compelled to abide by laws while others are granted immunity from them. You must pay debts that you incur while others do not. You're barred from writing off on your tax returns some of the money spent on necessities while others deduct the cost of their entertainment. You must run your business by one set of rules, while the government creates another set for your competitors. In contrast, the fortunate few who contribute to the right politicians and hire the right lobbyists enjoy all the benefits of their special status. Make a bad business deal; the government bails them out. If they want to hire workers at below market wages, the government provides the means to do so. If they want more time to pay their debts, the government gives them an extension. If they want immunity from certain laws, the government gives it. If they want to ignore rules their competition must comply with, the government gives its approval. If they want to kill legislation that is intended for the public, it gets killed.

I'm not quoting from Karl Marx's Das Kapital or Mao's Little Red Book. I'm quoting Time Magazine.


The great abolitionist Frederick Douglass said that "if there is no struggle, there is no progress." Those who profess freedom, yet fail to act - they are "men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning, they want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters... power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them."

What America needs is a broad bi-partisan movement for democracy. It's happened before: In 1800, with the Jeffersonian Democrats; in 1860, with Radical Republicans; in 1892, with the Populists; in 1912, with Bull Moose Progressives; in 1932, with the New Deal; in l964, with Civil Rights activists - each moment a breaking point after long, hard struggles, each with small beginnings in transcendent faith.5

Bill Moyers gives a good speech, but he's wrong. He's not wrong about everything. He's just better then most at making half-truths somewhat rousing.

Bill quotes Woodrow Wilson as if Wilson wasn't a knowing and willing tool of the elite. Wilson was a racist who took America into WWI and sold the country down the river with the Federal Reserve Act and the federal income tax. He allowed the nation to be taken to the cleaners. He's not alone in this of course. We don't say these things to lower Wilson in hell. We say these things to tell people that Wilson's talk and actions weren't even remotely good enough.

Bill quotes Frederick Douglass, but he also quotes Jesus Christ. Douglass said, as Moyers quotes above, "Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them." To what did Jesus submit? It was imposed upon him, but he chose it in faith in God, in faith in righteousness not to fight power with anything more than words of truth. Even when he went into the temple with the cords in his hand, he didn't use them on the people. He drove out the animals that were there to be sacrificed for nothing. Was he angry? Yes. Did he call the vipers "vipers?" Yes. Did he join the system to change it from within? Absolutely he did not. That's were Bill misses it.

Bill Moyers is right to point out all the injustices. He is wrong though to call for embracing homosexuality. He is wrong to hint at syncretism. He is wrong to want to put the people through the same wasted cycle of a so-called "broad bi-partisan movement for democracy."

This house cannot stand. As a professing Christian, we ask Bill to re-read the Gospels he seems to want to love. We ask him to see that Jesus was saying that this house cannot and will stand, that we need a new wineskin to hold the real spirit that has never been allowed to come forth because we've always tried to contain it in the old wineskin designed by the very elitists Moyers seems to get confused with Christian saints.

Thomas Jefferson was as wrong as wrong can be. He was every bit as hypocritical as the Pharisees were. He loathed God and the real Jesus, whom he attempted to strip of all spiritual power.

The system is rigged for the usurers. The temple is no place for the money changers. The temple is within. It is wherever a Christian walks. The whole earth is no place for the money changers. The house isn't big enough for the enemy spirits to agree to disagree and to be the loyal opposition to each other. It's a farce and always has been.

Real Christians must bring forth the Christian commons. They must use no violence in displacing evil. They must be outside the worldly corrupt system even while they fear not to go into the heart of it to speak the truth and to suffer persecution in the name of God and Jesus.

Bill Moyers is just moving enough to mislead the youth.

He wants to be right, but he isn't yet. We'd like him to join the Real Liberal Christians if he is given it by the Holy Spirit.

Ecuador Closer to New Constitution

The fascists in Ecuador have lost the battle. There will be a constituent assembly to write a new constitution. The people, the grassroots, are going to break the power of the oligarchs in Ecuador. They are going to have a participatory democracy.

It may not be Christianity, but it's better than neocon/neolib/libertarian capitalism.

US Spending Most Since WWII

Adjusted for inflation, the US is spending more on the military than at any time since WWII. How many times over could the US have feed all the starving of the planet? Would that have gained more terrorist attacks on the US or would it have won the hearts and minds of people?

Why is George W. Bush in charge? Why are false conservatives in charge? Why are false liberals running against them and being considered?

Will It Be Revolution, Military Coup, or Impeachment?

The heat and volume is turning up. It is obvious in the writings in the alternative press. There are people who are right on the edge of calling for violent revolution. There are people who are wondering whether, and really when, the US military will turn around on the so-called civilian leadership to say you're under arrest for violating the US Constitution. There are perhaps two hundred million Americans who would not be dismayed if the House were to begin impeachment proceedings against both Bush and Cheney but would rather welcome it.

If the US attacks Iran, things may end up snapping in the US in a way that has not been seen since the Civil War.

Army Admits It has Undercounted Number of AWOL Soldiers

The Army has admitted it has been undercounting the number of soldiers going AWOL. Up until yesterday the Army had been claiming about 2,300 soldiers had deserted last year. But the actual number is nearly 3,200. The number of soldiers gone AWOL last year jumped by 27 percent over 2005. The new figures were released two days after National Public Radio revealed that the Army had been inaccurately reporting desertion figures. Overall the Army estimates about 22,500 soldiers have deserted since fiscal year 2000. The actual number is even higher because the Army's date does not reflect deserters from the National Guard or the Reserves.


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