Sunday, March 25, 2007
Tactical Nuclear Weapons: Pandora's Box

The people of the military-industrial Empire worship Satan by mistaking Satan for God or by disbelieving or ignoring God altogether.

The rich were advised to set up foundations such as the Rockefeller, the Carnegie, and the Ford. There are numerous others. We've written about them elsewhere. These foundations supplied so-called intellectuals with the patronage to allow them to further that system. The worldly wealthy patrons (those privately wealthy in mammon) fund those projects that facilitate their wealth. Those projects are then necessarily in opposition to the message of Christ.

The rich have set up the Pentagon to protect and advance the rich against fundamental fairness. The Pentagon developed and used atomic bombs. They have developed hydrogen warheads. They have developed tactical nuclear weapons.

The foundations and the Pentagon have worked both together (and sometimes at odds) in their competition for the favoritism of the rich. It is a divided house. It is not of one mind. It is not the oneness of Godliness.

The Rand Corporation is a project started by the US Air Force that was largely funded and staffed by the foundations. The Rand Corporation and this whole system are based upon the premise that human nature is inherently evil. It is the Calvinist doctrine of the total depravity of man. It denies Christ as a man who was not depraved. It is the excuse to remain evil.

The Rand Corporation then employed spiritually sick souls who coldheartedly set about conjuring up scientific and technological ways to manipulate and control the enemies they created in their minds and hearts. Now the same spirit is at work concerning a new generation of nuclear weapons.

At the very moment that Iran is being persecuted for daring to venture into the nuclear energy field, the US/Global oligarchs are patronizing those who are lowering the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons. By doing this, the Empire is stimulating the weapons race.

There is an arms race. It never stopped. Measure versus counter-measure is the process. It is the disease invading the body and the bodies immune system responding. It is the body preemptively but blindly attacking to stimulate fear and aggression for evil ends.

You see, the rich and those they are patronizing are right about human nature, their own. They look into the mirror and see someone untrustworthy. They translate that image onto everyone else. Therefore, they are the enemy to whom Jesus referred. They are the enemy sowing the evil seed that grows into choking thorn bushes that kills the good-food crops. What must happen?

The whole system must fall. The sick must be told what is at the root of their disease so that they may have a fair (clear and plain) opportunity to gain health (wholesomeness and trustworthiness).

The Real Liberal Christian Church is about separating out the vileness and churlishness from the heart of the whole of humanity. That's where the real God is.

The real God isn't the one whispering in the ear that you can selfishly have it all, the whole world, just fight, maim, torture, murder, lie, cheat, steal, pollute, terrorize, etc., to get it. That spirit is Satan trying to imagine his way into taking God's place.

Jesus said no to that spirit. That's why you have to love him. He's your favorite brother for only the right reasons. Think about it. Then remember that he said, do as I have done. Become as I showed you. Then realize that you'll be his favorite sibling. Then realize that when there are many of you, you'll all be favorite siblings, all impeccably trustworthy, all having overcome the falsehood that is the premise that human nature is inherently evil.

Humans are misled. Humans can be redirected to the righteous direction. That's the truth.

European Union Not Fifty Years Old

The mainstream news continues to state that the European Union is fifty years old. It is not. The EU was founded in 1992. This is 2007. That's not fifty years. The European Economic Community (the Common Market) is fifty years old. It is not the same thing as the EU.

Condi Rice's Hypocritical Statements about Egypt

Egypt is about to vote on a change to its constitution that would allow sweeping police-state powers. Condi Rice was in Egypt and said she was disappointed that Egypt is not in the lead in the Middle East in moving toward openness, pluralism, and democracy. She says this as the US becomes a more closed and undemocratic nation under the administration for which she is the secretary of state.

The pharaoh hates the Muslim Brotherhood out of which came al Qaeda's number two, Ayman al Zawahiri, who was the head of Egyptian Islamic Jihad before he merged it into al Qaeda. It is true that al Qaeda and like groups seek to destroy all that is not Islam as they define Islam.

Hosni Mubarak is the present-day pharaoh of Egypt who is against sharia. Therefore, he is instituting harsher law to keep down the ability of those in favor of sharia. He is granting himself the right George W. Bush has granted himself, namely to refer anyone he deems to be a terrorist threat to a military tribunal. This is the example Bush has set for the leaders of other nations. Now, the US has no moral authority to rebuke Mubarak.

Mubarak is setting up his son to succeed him. It's a dynasty in the making. To qualify as a future candidate for president, the candidate must be a high leader in a party with at least three percent of the seats in parliament. Also, Mubarak is banning all political parties and activity based on religion.

Why does Mubarak feel he isn't going to suffer at the hand of the US in doing these things? Hamas was duly elected in Palestine, and look at the reception it received.

The neocons wanted to bring democracy to the Middle East they said, but democracy will vote in sharia. The neocons don't want sharia. They didn't know what they were doing. They still don't. They never will.

Hosni Mubarak will also assign himself the authority to disband parliament on a whim.

What does Condi Rice say? She can't stand consistently with democracy. Democracy doesn't work with an undemocratic majority. When the people don't vote for the golden rule in their hearts but vote in other than the golden rule, it isn't democracy. It's demonocracy.

Mubarak is removing all references to socialism in the constitution as well. This means that he is moving the country further away from all giving and sharing with all. He is elevating selfishness and greed. He is further hardening the nation.

Now, sin is unrighteousness. Righteousness is the law. The law is God. The issue is what is unrighteous versus righteous. The issue is what is ultimate.

The Real Liberal Christian Church knows that what is the most unselfish is the most righteous. God is the most unselfish being in existence. It must be understood that this is circularly understood. Those who close themselves off in a different loop are spiraling downward into darkness.

Jesus didn't take for himself the falsehood of breaking the law, which real law is not hypocritical. He fulfilled the law. He told Satan how Satan was wrong. Satan knew and knows Jesus was and is right; yet, Satan remains ignorant by taking for himself the falsehood of breaking the law of unselfishness (unselfishness in ends and means as the same things).

Condi Rice, Hosni Mubarak, and Ayman al Zawahiri are each wrong.

Remember, Mohammed was plagued by doubt as to whether or not he had been possessed by an evil jinni. Why? Jesus suffered no such doubts about himself. The truth is that Mohammed listened to that inner, egotistical voice Mohammed used to rationalize war, the selfish take things, and they misuse females. He was conflicted. He put forth some good things. Consequently he was confused by his own inability to sort out the truth from the half-truths.

We wish to say here that the Muslims are necessarily a spiritual people. Spirituality is a good thing provided the spirit-filled are filled with the spirit of peace who is the God of Jesus Christ (the God of mercy) and not filled with the god of falsehood (the god of false sacrifice and human warfare).

Peace is beautiful. Many are called. Few are chosen. Few there be who find it. They express their objections in abusive (untrue) language. They scold, scorn, and scoff, but who told them they were naked?

Zawahiri doesn't want to hear it, because he doesn't want to have to live up to the higher standard of Jesus Christ. Zawahiri hates the truth and the oneness with righteousness to which we all must aspire or die into complete lawlessness. That is the law. The consequence of misrule is breach of the peace. It is the law by the lesser gods, the demons, those who set themselves up as God without God.

The Pope Is Wrong on Population Growth

Pope Benedict doesn't understand the strain on the land, on the earth, of all the people in Europe and elsewhere. He is calling for Europeans to have more children. That's backward. It is bad stewardship.

Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska on Impeachment

Chuck Hagel has uttered the word "impeachment" about Bush/Cheney and the Iraq War. That will unleash the Democrats to discuss it openly now. Hagel knows that. If Bush attacks Iran without indisputable overwhelming evidence of an unprovoked Iranian attack on the US, impeachment will be moved front and center.

Did the British Set Up Iran?

According to the Iranians, the British military was in Iranian waters. Iran reacted by taking fifteen British sailors and marines. Did the British push it so that the incident could be added to the pretext for attacking Iran?

If so, why did the Iranians fall for it? Well, did they fall for anything? If Iran hadn't interdicted, they would have been waiving their claim to possession of the waters. More importantly, are the British people going to condemn the Iranians or the misguided policies of the Blair government and of Bush, etc.?

This war is very unpopular now even in the US. The wider it gets, the more unpopular it will become. The blame is going to rest with those who pushed the hardest for war. The Iranians know that.

The UN is going along somewhat with the US to give the US and Israel the rope they need to hang themselves. Also, Iran isn't popular. It isn't popular, because sharia isn't popular outside Islam. In fact, outside Islam, sharia is hated and rightly so.

Many in the world see both the US and Iran as evil influences in the world right now. Many would be glad if both (and Israel) and other sharia and dictatorial governments would come crashing down.

They don't want harm to the innocent, but they want an end to the brutality all the way around.

Now, the US has been grabbing people all over the world and rendering them for torture and indefinite and false imprisonment. They've grabbed Iranians in Iraq. They've been running clandestine operations in Iran. Bombs have gone off killing people in Iran. They've been fomenting unrest within Iran by making promises and telling lies as always. Iranian planes have gone down mysteriously killing high-level military officials. Iranians have gone missing overseas. The US has been threatening Iran for many years now with attacks more savage than the "Shock and Awe" bombing of Baghdad. So, what is Iran thinking about doing with the fifteen Brits? What would the US do right now with fifteen Iranians found stopping traffic in US waters?

New York Police Department Infiltrated Peaceful Protest Groups

It has been uncovered that the New York police department sent "R-N-C Intelligence Squad" undercover officers to spy on protest groups at the 2004 Republican National Convention. Police secretly attended meetings of political groups in at least 15 states and Europe. They spied on groups without probable cause. During the convention, many demonstrators were harassed and illegally arrested and detained in unsafe, toxic surroundings.

The police claim they were just preparing for the crowd. They claim they were just gauging. They also claim that they did prevent property damage and other illegal activities.

However, concerning known peaceful groups, why the secret approach? Why didn't they simply phone them or write to them openly with questions and comments about the upcoming convention protests and demonstrations?

The secret way is not the right way to approach the law-abiding. The secret approach is itself not law-abiding. It is a violation of the social contract of consent. The people don't consent to the total invasion of privacy by untrustworthy souls. Many so-called law-enforcers have abused the privilege. They have proven themselves untrustworthy. They are in league with torturers and others who believe that human life in a "state of nature" is "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short." They don't believe as Jesus that there was a time when it wasn't so—that human nature contains the opposite of that brutish spirit. Jesus proved it by his own life. He was not a brute.

Homo sapiens sapiens (which we are) means to be wise. It is wise to rise above brutality. It is wise to overcome it. It is wise to become further enlightened. It is wise to evolve and metamorphose (to become truly born again as spirit endowed with the Holy Spirit).

Monday, March 26, 2007
Right of Return

The Palestinians and the Saudis are holding out for the Palestinians right to return to the territory that is now "Israel." Israel has its own demands we've mentioned before: Renounce violence, recognize Israel's right to exist as a state, and accept all the agreements negotiated by the previous Palestinian government/leadership.

The Palestinians are holding out for UN Resolution 242 also, which requires Israel to return to pre-'67-War boundaries (return to behind the Green Line).

Where is this going? Well, Israel would quickly become a Jewish-minority state. Then, as a democracy, the Arabs could vote themselves into the top leadership. What can the Israelis do?

They can negotiate a permanent majority for political purposes. However, what kind of democracy would that be? What is the solution?

The issue is religious. It always has been. The tenets of Islam and the tenets of Judaism are untenable.

Islam is a new law, and those professing Judaism versus Christianity rejected Jesus's teaching that expounded upon and fulfilled the law. The real law is peace. The opposite of peace is lawlessness. The solution is obvious: Real Christianity.

Pakistan and the CIA

Exactly when the CIA is fed up with Musharraf, the Pakistani supreme court chief declares that Musharraf can't be both the president and the army chief of staff. Musharraf had his people remove the chief justice. The Pakistanis have been demonstrating against Musharraf ever since.

Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif have been planning for a long time to return to Pakistan. Do you think the whole thing has been orchestrated by the shadowy global oligarchs? Will Bhutto agree to fight the fundamentalist Muslims? Has she already made that pledge to the CIA?

With Pakistan in the hands of someone who will not have as part of her coalition any of the jihadists or Mujahideen, the Empire would be in a better geopolitical position to squeeze Islam across the Middle East.

Egypt is cracking down on the Muslims.

The US is active all over the Middle East and Africa against Islam as never before. Islam truly is the new Communism. Everything that the US threw at the Soviets it is now unleashing against Islam.

Either Islam becomes something else, as with what happened with those who turned to false Christianity, or Islam will be beaten down into dust. There will be secular, pseudo democracies in the Middle East or there will be secular dictatorships or there will be pseudo Islamic dictatorships friendly to the American Empire. Sharia though is not going to be tolerated by the capitalist oligarchs. The Saudis know this. That's why they have backed off Wahhabism. The capitalists can't profit enough off it.

Hosni Mubarak in Egypt knows this. That's why he's undoing the socialism in the Egyptian constitution. He wants the backing of the Empire. He's getting it for a while.

US Senator Jim Webb: Concealed Weapon

Jim Webb carries a concealed handgun.

He doesn't want the US to attack Iran without specific Congressional authorization. He believes that the authorization Congress gave Bush regarding going after those who perpetrated 9-11 is not sufficient legally to allow Bush/Cheney to attack Iran. Webb wants to be sure that there is real provocation by Iran or any other nation before the US attacks.

It should be made clear to the antiwar crowd that Webb is no pacifist. The gun toting demonstrates that.

United Nations Security Council (UNSC): Sanctions Against Iran Illegal

It is actually illegal for the Security Council to be imposing sanctions against Iran. Iran has a legal right to develop nuclear energy (not that we're for that, we aren't). Under international law, Iran is completely within its rights. The US and Israel have no mundanely legal right to be insisting that Iran can never have its own, independent nuclear energy system. Attacking Iran for doing something that is completely legal would constitute a war crime. Anyone ordering such an attack would be guilty of that war crime. Anyone caring out that order would be likewise guilty. That would be prima facie. There would be no need to prove anything in any court.

We are not for the Iranian leadership enforcing sharia on the Iranian people. We are also not for George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and all the neocons and false Zionists attacking Iran. It doesn't make any difference to which party they belong. All the Democrats who are hammering their political campaign messages against Iran obtaining their own nuclear energy under the mundane law are just as hypocritical and wrong as Bush/Cheney.

Did the British Set Up Iran?, continued

The Iraqi military commander of the country's territorial waters cast doubt on claims the Britons were in Iraqi waters.

"We were informed by Iraqi fishermen after they had returned from sea that there were British gunboats in an area that is out of Iraqi control," Brig. Gen. Hakim Jassim told AP Television News in the southern city of Basra.1

May one assume that the Iraqi military commander of the country's territorial waters would be serving at the pleasure of the US. What follow-up has been done on this?

Regardless, the mainstream media in the US is too owned and operated by imperialists. It would be a simple matter to hear out the Iranians and to show their evidence versus that of the British.

A huge mistake would be to simply take the word of the British or the US. Both have been shown to lie and lie in taking the world to war.

Iraqi Death Toll

British government officials have backed the methods used by scientists who concluded that more than 600,000 Iraqis have been killed since the invasion, the BBC reported yesterday.

The Government publicly rejected the findings, published in The Lancet in October. But the BBC said documents obtained under freedom of information legislation showed advisers concluded that the much-criticised study had used sound methods.

The study, conducted by researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and the Al Mustansiriya University in Baghdad, estimated that 655,000 more Iraqis had died since March 2003 than one would expect without the war. The study estimated that 601,027 of those deaths were from violence.

The researchers, reflecting the inherent uncertainties in such extrapolations, said they were 95 per cent certain that the real number of deaths lay somewhere between 392,979 and 942,636.

The conclusion, based on interviews and not a body count, was disputed by some experts, and rejected by the US and British governments. But the chief scientific adviser to the Ministry of Defence, Roy Anderson, described the methods used in the study as "robust" and "close to best practice". Another official said it was "a tried and tested way of measuring mortality in conflict zones".2

Some people cite the UN figures at around sixty thousand. However, that figure comes from mainstream news reports of deaths. We all know that the mainstream media is not out and about in Iraq's killing zones. They are afraid of being kidnapped. The UN figures are much lower than the real death toll.

CIA Leaks Negative Info on Rightwing Columbia

The CIA has given out information that the head of Columbia's army has been dealing directly with militia's and drug traffickers that the US has labeled terrorists. What's going on?

Is the Empire deliberately throwing the fear into Uribe, the president of Columbia? What's going on behind the scenes? Is this part of a plan by Bush/Cheney to get Uribe to agree to something? Look at what's happening to Musharraf in Pakistan. Or, are there some elements left within the CIA out to embarrass Bush or play to the incoming Democrats?


The mad dash to get in on the housing bubble, all the bad loans, all the speculators flipping houses driving up prices, destroys people for greed.

People fed off each other's misery. The Church wants to end that cycle. It will start patiently, but the movement will grow. People need to be able to get out from under the system of greed (selfishness). Cooperation rather than competition is the way forward.

Scientist Creates Sheep Fifteen Percent Human?

A scientist has been injecting adult human cells into sheep fetuses. The result is sheep with organs that are fifteen percent human cells. The idea is to make organs for human transplant.

What is happening to species? These scientists claim that trial and error over millions of years have fitted species to the environment. Now they are bypassing all of that "fitting." Just gambling that what they are rushing will be just fine. However, the history of humanity shows that rushing for gain (and there is money involved in all this science) results in worsening. Some things seem better, but in the long run, it would have been better to approach everything more thoughtfully, more unselfishly (actually completely unselfishly).

Ex-Interior Dept Official Pleads Guilty in Abramoff Probe

President Bush's former Deputy Secretary of the Interior, Steven Griles, has pleaded guilty to lying about his relationship with Republican Jack Abramoff. Griles is the highest-ranking Bush administration official convicted in the Abramoff lobbying scandal. Abramoff's clients paid more than $500,000 to a non-profit environmental group run by Griles' girlfriend, Italia Federici, who was a former aide to then-Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton. Griles could have faced up to a five year prison term but federal prosecutors said they will only recommend a 10-month sentence. Meanwhile federal prosecutors are recommending Jack Abramoff's prison sentence be reduced. He is scheduled for release in 2011 but prosecutors are pushing for an earlier release because he is cooperating with investigators.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Taliban insist upon no schooling for females, full body covering for females, no TV, no movies, no music. For the men, they must grow their beards. Everyone must observe sharia. Everyone must worship as proscribed. They want nothing to do with Western "modern" ideas. Where does the Taliban leave off and al Qaeda begin?

Well, al Qaeda is globalist in outlook. They want to rule the world. The Taliban is interested in their local area. If they can gain control locally and be left alone by Westerners, they don't care to attempt to spread their beliefs worldwide.

Mitt Romney

Romney's message is self. He is giving a ten-percent commission to college students who raise campaign funds for him. American power and control runs on money. Capitalism is competition to grab for self first and foremost. Why vote for Romney? What's in it for you? That's the message of the American system. Those who want to think about what's in it for the poor and persecuted, etcetera, just cannot fix that inherently flawed system. They need a new, undivided house (real Christianity).

San Francisco Plastic Bags

The Board of Supervisors of San Francisco is outlawing non-biodegradable plastic checkout bags at large supermarkets and large chain pharmacies. It's a good thing for stores to supply bags that are environmentally safer. It's too bad the city government has to force them to do the right thing. That's what's wrong across-the-board.

The message of Jesus is that everyone ought to freely choose righteousness. Then there would be no evil. There would be no coercion.

What Court Will Hear War Crimes Cases and Have Enforcement Power?

The neocons have acted with seeming impunity. Brutishness (selfishness) has made their evil off-limits: Untouchable. The system is rigged. However, by working outside that system that system can and will be displaced completely in humanity.

A US District judge threw out a lawsuit against former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld brought on behalf of nine former prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan. The prisoners were brutally mistreated and tortured. Their treatment was completely illegal. Yet, according to the US federal court, they have no recourse in the American legal system against the man at the top who sent memos encouraging harsher torture.

The judge doesn't want the military to have to first consider the legality of its actions.

The Pentagon is allowed to operate in a lawless fashion. That's hell.

Lists of People Denied Services

Concerning these watch lists put out by the government, either the government opens them so people with the same or similar names, etc., may pursue methods of improving the system or the lists must be completely scrapped. That's the mundanely commonsensible approach. Why should the databases be so weak that cross-referencing wouldn't immediately clear innocent people to board planes or be approved for credit and the like?

Well, the lists have been left largely the way they are on purpose to discourage people of Middle Eastern descent from desiring to come to the US or to remain here.

David Hicks

David Hicks has been called the Aussie Taliban. He had been held for five years without charges by the US. He was captured in Afghanistan with the Taliban. Two of his lawyers were banned from the military tribunal. Hicks entered a guilty plea for providing material support for terrorism.

With the rules of the court being so injudicious, how is anyone to know how the case would have gone had the rules been fairer?

He was denied proper representation.

We aren't saying he's innocent. His judgment was very faulty in joining in jihad. Nevertheless, the US military tribunal is faulty also.

Thursday, March 29, 2007
Pakistani Female Madrassa Students Coerce Resentment

Some thirty girls from an Islamic school in Pakistan apparently kidnapped four other females and two police drivers. They reportedly beat the others and threatened the mother if she didn't confess to running a house of prostitution, which she denies.

She did read the prepared "confession" but later said she did that under duress—no doubt.

The Muslims from the school said they had won a victory over "liberals."

Well, they did nothing of the kind. They don't even know what a liberal is. If it weren't for liberals, they'd all be dead already losing any opportunity for turning to the real God, the God of Jesus Christ (as Jesus showed God).

This goes to show the extreme error that is sharia. This type of so-called law is not written in the hearts of the people. It is whipped into them thereby hardening their hearts. It is why the Middle East is plagued by violence.

Oh, there are those who will say that the violence has been forced upon them from outside; however, the Islamic Empire was built upon violence, which only engendered violence.

The only way to peace is through peace. There is no way to peace through war or arming. It is weakness not strength.

It also shows why US torture to obtain confessions is backward. The US has become a backward nation. It is resorting to cruel and usual punishment that the neocons are attempting to make usual. They aren't right in their heads or with God.

When they stand before the final court, they will rue their failure to accept the light that is truth. They will be judged how they judged.

What is John Yoo doing still being a law professor at the University of California, Berkeley, for instance? John Yoo knows nothing of the law. He is lawless. He is an outlaw. He said that the president under certain circumstances could legally order the testicles of a young child be crushed in front of his parents.

It speaks volumes about the University of California, Berkeley, and the American society in general that John Yoo can show his face or speak publicly on any subject in any way other than to thoroughly repent.

This is not libel. Neither is it malicious. It is true and a call for John Yoo and the College of Law at the University of California, Berkeley, and all others to turn to God.

God is the law. Peace is the law. Break the peace, and you break the real law.

What the Neocons Want Regarding Detention

The neocons want potential adversaries to fear being tortured and locked up without charges, etc. It is important to the neocons to throw this fear into others. It is not important to them that innocent people will be swept up in the dragnet. This is why they are devils. God's real angels of light always spare the innocent. Sparing the innocent is important to them. Punishment is devil's work.

Sparing the rod doesn't spoil the child. Sparing love spoils the child. Hardheartedness spoils humanity.

Russians Torturing Too

Human Rights Watch has reported that Russian prisoners released from Guantánamo Bay were sent to Russia by the US where some of them faced torture worse than that received in Guantánamo Bay.

This is all in violation of The Convention against Torture.

US Marines and Tattoos: Hypocrisy

The Marine Corps has gone to great length to describe new regulations concerning which tattoos are and are not acceptable. They teach killing but think some tattoos are inconsistent with discipline. Well, the Marine Corps wants to fool the people into falsely imagining that it stands for something other than death.

Apparently, all of the US military branches don't allow sexist, vulgar, gang-related, or extremist tattoos. That's so hypocritical. They teach sexism. They use vulgarities in blue streaks. They are the most highly discipline "gang" in the world. They also hold to the extreme view that war is good.

Castro Issues Statement Consistent with Formal Church Views on Biofuels

The Real Liberal Christian Church has spoken out against biofuels. Now Castro has done the same. He agrees that using farm land to grow fuel is a disgusting proposition when there are starving people in the world.

This is why, despite Castro's other failings, his heart is still in a better place than the likes of George W. Bush and Bush's ilk.

Burger King Humane?

Burger King has announced that it will stop buying from producers who keep their pigs and chickens in tightly confined cages and pens. They aren't yet going to move to range-fed animals. Nor are they going to go vegetarian. Well, plants are alive too.

The question isn't one of life surrendering for life. The question is moving in the most unselfish direction. Jesus ate with the Apostles even after the resurrection. However, after the translation, the body is different. The spirit doesn't require that type of bread to live (exist). Truthfully, we are all spirit now if we will but believe it.

As Jesus made clear though, doubt entering in diminishes the real bread. That's why in the current climate bringing forth heaven on earth is so difficult.

Human Beings Eating Themselves Out of House and Home

Human beings have eaten down the large sharks. Those large sharks were eating smaller sharks and rays. Those smaller sharks and rays have now been left to multiply. They in turn are over eating their food source that is shell fish and other species lower on the food chain. This disrupts the whole ecosystem. The main problem is human overpopulation due to unbridled lust. The problem is directly tied in with all the food choices of human beings. Everything is part of the ecosystem. Humans are so impactful though that the entire system is sent wildly out of balance. That's why the climate is acting so dramatically. It reflects our emotional state. That state is selfishness by and large. If we don't change it, humanity will cease in the mundane.


He is pro nuclear power plants. He is pro ethanol fuel from corn. His home state of Illinois has huge corporate interest tied to ethanol. Obama invariably votes with them. He voted against 30% usury caps on credit cards. Through his leadership PAC, he funded Joe Lieberman's campaign for the Senate over Lieberman's Democratic challenger. He is against a timetable for withdrawing from Iraq.

He's a corporate man.

Dianne Feinstein

Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat of California resigned her position with the Senate Military Construction Appropriations Subcommittee. A report came out about all the money that her husband made on military contracts while she was a voting member of the committee. She had not recused herself from voting even though she had a clear conflict of interest. Her family earned tens of millions of dollars as a result.

It must be noted that Feinstein has not been antiwar. She is a false Zionist war-profiteer.

Attack on Iran

Iran is selling oil to China in Euros. The US economy can't stand this. Venezuela is selling much more oil to China. The US oil industry and Empire can't stand this. Russia isn't knuckling under either.

The Iranian nuclear industry is just a pretext for attacking Iran for reasons of oil and its impact upon the global economic-military dominance of the oligarchs using the US.

Friday, March 30, 2007—Saturday, March 31, 2007
CIA Torturer's Claims

The CIA's spokesman Mark Mansfield said Friday that the CIA's torturing of prisoners was "producing vital information that has helped disrupt plots and save lives." Their torturing of prisoners has caused the deaths of countless souls. That's because, it has engendered animosity in many Muslims who would otherwise not have turned further to the dark side in the bitter spirit of vengeance.

We openly rebuke the CIA and all who use and support torture. The standard must be no torture.

The path to peace lies only through the golden rule and Good Samaritanism.

US Culture of Cruelty Turning Out Wicked Children

Florida has seen a rash of youths attacking homeless people. Children as young as 10 have been caught hitting old men with concrete blocks. What is this all about? It's the culture of violence. The children have been subjected to, and exposed to, abuse and now they are abusing. The Wars are only making matters worse. It is utter hypocrisy to expect children to behave well while the military-industrial Empire is turning out killers, torturers, and their weapons.

Bush's Anti-environmentalism Loses in US Federal Court

Back in 2005, we wrote about how the Bush administration was trying to change things to allow the federal government to turn over management of the national forests to the state governors and logging, mining, and other capitalist interests. Well, the environmentalist took the administration to court and won.

Wildlife, clean water, and public participation in decision-making must be protected the federal court said. That's far better godly stewardship than what the Bush/Cheney interests planned. It is just too bad that good stewardship must be coerced into place. It is too bad that Bush doesn't have the law of God written on his heart.

Naked, Chocolate, Sculpture of Crucified Jesus: What does it mean?

Art is expression. What was the artist saying when he created a sculpture of Jesus crucified, naked, and made of dark chocolate? Does it draw people to the real message of Jesus Christ, or does it repel the righteous? So-called conservative Christians were very outspoken against showing the sculpture. They called for a boycott of the showing. Where does unselfishness lie?

Haaretz Says False Zionists Employed Nazi War Criminals

An article in Haaretz (Israeli newspaper) has outlined how the false Zionist movement used former Nazi war criminals to spy on Arabs.3 The Zionists also aided Nazis in going to South America. In addition, the Zionists used money counterfeited by the Nazis to fund Zionist terrorism in Palestine and elsewhere.

Is that hypocrisy? Well, it is consistent with liars and terrorists.

The world must repent.

World Economic Forum, Networked Readiness Index, US Seventh

The US is ranked seventh in the world in terms of employing technology in development. Is this good or bad? Well, it depends upon whether or not the technology being measured is being employed in unselfish ways or not.

Considering the fact that measurements used placed the Nordic countries in the top ten leads one to assume that unselfishness is a major factor. The Scandinavian countries have been the recent leaders of the world in sharing the wealth. They are, however, under terrible pressure by the forces of greed to back off on that sharing approach.

They have been falling to the lies that there are not ways to yet better share. In other words, the liars have been saying that since things aren't yet perfect, it must be because there is too much sharing. Of course, the real answer is that because things aren't yet perfect, there is not enough perfect sharing.

George Galloway

The Respect Party's leader, British member of Parliament, George Galloway, has written the following:

...if there is an attack on Iran, we will need civil disobedience in every community, walkouts in every school, protests and strikes in every workplace.

If George Bush bombs Iran, we should bring this country to a standstill.

Well, civil disobedience means what? It means refusing to obey the law in order to bring law. What is the law that one is being asked to disobey? If it is the new commandment, then reject the call. If it is the golden rule, then reject the call.

Don't turn to the lawlessness of Satan in an attempt to bring down Satan. It won't work, ever! Turn to the law of God to raise up the real law. That is the only right path.

It is never against the law to keep the one and only real law.

New Mexico Attorney Fired Following Rove Complaint

Former chief of staff to attorney general Alberto Gonzales, Kyle Sampson, gave new details on the firing of New Mexico U.S. attorney David Iglesias. He said Iglesisas was added to the dismissal list only after presidential adviser Karl Rove complained about his handling of voter fraud cases.

Giuliani Acknowledges Hearing of Kerik Mob Ties

The New York Times is reporting former New York mayor and Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani has given grand jury testimony that differs from what he previously said about his knowledge of former police commissioner Bernard Kerik. Giuliani claimed he had no knowledge of Kerik's links to a company accused of mob ties when Giualiani supported his bid for police commissioner and later as head of homeland security. But in the newly-revealed testimony, Giuliani said his former chief investigator told him he had briefed Giuliani on some aspects of the case. Giuliani says he does not remember the briefing but is not disputing his investigator's recollection. Kerik pleaded guilty last year to letting the company conduct more than one hundred thousand dollars in free renovations to his Bronx apartment.

Church Milestone

Today, Saturday, March 31, 2007, marks the first day that the Church has been up and running on the Internet with the ability to interact with visitors.

We have yet to publicize the site, but we are officially published.


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