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The Church would like to sign up for "Green Up Seattle." Right now, we are technically residential customers. We'd like to sign up for 100% new, renewable energy. That would mean that all of our electricity would come strictly from renewable sources. Right now, the percentage is high, since Seattle's total percentage from renewables is comparatively high.

Our situation won't allow us to do this though without help from environmentally conscientious donors. We can't afford the additional $120 per year.

If you'd like to help the Church use 100% new, renewable energy, please Donate

As for this method on the part of the City of Seattle (Seattle City Light), it isn't the best way to bring forth alternative, new, clean, renewable energy sources. Charging a premium to environmentally conscientious souls is unnecessary in a natural, mundane monopoly that is this utility company. The regulating government could simply mandate the alternative, new, clean, renewable energy sources and increase rates across-the-board accordingly to pay to bring those sources online, which would save right from the start. The investment would start amortizing itself immediately. When one factors in all the societal costs of using polluting and (for all practical purposes) nonrenewable sources, it would amortize itself completely in the not too distant future.

The way they are doing it now, the environmentally conscientious, no matter how impoverished, are subsidizing even the wealthiest polluters. Those wealthiest polluters are responsible for having brought humanity to the current situation of dangerous climate alteration. Even in the mundane system of justice, those polluters are responsible and accountable for their actions and inactions.

Nevertheless, on the divine level, environmentally conscientious souls will sacrifice for righteousness' sake. Good stewardship is righteous. Every little bit helps.

However, this doesn't mean that the system can be fixed from within. The very reason why the utility isn't already there is because there are those who refuse to listen to reason. At best, they have to be coerced into going along with the right thing. That fact of coercion immediately identifies the house as divided and on a path to falling.

It is our understanding that the utility has a program for wealthier users to subsidize impoverished customers. That's a good thing in the relative sense. That's the spirit in some within the system trying to bring forth, but it isn't good enough to overcome. That's the point.

The system doesn't have within it the path to overcome. It isn't about overcoming. That's not its single vision. It's not its focus or aim. That's why the Church has always been meant to be the new wineskin that is to say a new system that is really returning to the original (God).

Thank you for your continuing support. Together, we will bring forth.

Update: We made the switch in June 2007. We are now using 100% windpower.

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