Sunday, April 01, 2007
US National Political Campaign Fundraising Undemocratic

Many of the people running for the presidency of the US are saying that they are not going to use public campaign financing. That is a change. Nearly all campaigns had been using public financing since changes went into effect after the Watergate Scandal and Vietnam War, etc.

These current candidates don't want to be limited in spending to gain the presidency. This doesn't bode well for the nation or the world.

What it means is that the rich will have more say in who is elected, as if they don't already. It means the greater say they already have will be simply increased. That means that the say of the middle, lower, and destitute classes will be that much less.

Of course, no one should be fooled into imagining that the rich have not been running things all along. They have been.

The US form of democracy is in name only. Never once in the history of the US have the people been given a voice in the root formulation of the form of government. Those who led the nation into a revolutionary war (revolt) against the British crown did so for the sakes of their own private estates and not for the benefit of the general population of those in the Americas.

As for this turn in campaign financing, what it means is that those who are backed by the mass media will receive even more of the money than they would otherwise. Since the mass media is highly consolidated now and their news divisions are far from as independent as they once were, the campaigns will voice what the corporations want to hear. Therefore, the corporations are simply consolidating more power to themselves through this process of changing how campaigns have been recently financed.

What is a Church member to do?

Well, members of the Real Liberal Christian Church are to know that the current system or establishment is impossible. Members are to focus with a single vision upon bringing forth the only proper alternative to that current, doomed system. Rather than pumping money into the campaigns of office holders and would-be officer holders in that system, members will fund the Church. The Church, of course, is its members.

The Church will be the collective effort to bring forth what Jesus Christ and God will smile upon through the Holy Spirit and in the manifestation of each such member.

The US government is and has not been bringing forth, nor will it bring forth. It isn't possible. It is the old wineskin that cannot hold the new wine.


For Christian followers of Polycarp (the Johnnine versus Pauline), Passover starts today at sunset. See our separate article on, "Passover," today, April 1, 2007.

Monday, April 02, 2007
Certain Dirt Lifts Mood and Health

Scientists say Mycobacterium vaccae stimulates the immune system and activates the brain to produce the mood enhancing chemical seratonin. How does this factor in with work in the soil? Consider that organic farmers work in and around these microbes. It is beneficial to overall health and wellbeing. The idea of having Church members working on Christian commune farms is good for all concerned.

This doesn't mean that washing is bad. There is a place for working with the earth, and there's a place for washing in the waters of the earth.

Must Britain's ministry of defence and MI6 intelligence Hang With Chemical Ali?

In late 1990, I discovered four British technicians in Baghdad who told me they had been "seconded" to Iraq by Britain's ministry of defence and MI6 intelligence to make chemical and biological weapons, including anthrax, Q-fever and plague, at a secret laboratory at Salman Pak.1

We knew about the US and Britain and others supplying Saddam's regime with materials, equipment, and training in biological and chemical weapons. We hadn't heard before that Britain had actually been in Iraq manufacturing illegal biological weapons for Saddam Hussein. Now you know more of why they tried him in a kangaroo court and hanged him to shut him up. Now you know more of why they allowed all the looting of the secret documents about the West's direct hand in the war crimes of Saddam.

John McCain Wishful Thinking or Lying?

The following video segment shows presidential hopeful US senator John McCain making ridiculous statements about the so-called US-military surge (escalation) making progress in clearing and holding areas of Baghdad so that Americans can simply walk down the streets in safety.

He's selling militarism. Who's buying it? We aren't.

Let's put it in proper perspective. He was walking in Baghdad, but he had a hundred heavily armed American troops around him, three Blackhawk helicopters and two gun ships overhead, he was wearing a bullet-proof vest, and his visit to the particular market wasn't first publicized.

David Hicks

Hicks made a deal for his release from five years in US military detention without trial. He agreed to be gagged. He can't talk about what happened to him.

Now, one thing is for sure. No one would learn anything secret about US methods of torture. Everything has already been outed. They just don't want him on TV. With a gag on him, he won't be a "good" interview. Therefore, the idea on the part of the Empire is that the story will die down long before it would have otherwise. If he violates the deal, Australia is still in the Empire's fold.

Rich Get Richer

The top ten percent of the wealthy in the US now have a share in the national income not seen since before the stock market crash of 1929. Hoovervilles are not far behind in times such as these. See our separate article, "US Economy," today, April 7, 2007.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Joshua Wolf Released

Joshua Wolf, 24, had filmed a protest in San Francisco where a police officer had his skull fractured. The Grand Jury wanted Wolf's film. Wolf was filming in the capacity of a journalist. He stood on "freedom of the press" and refused to turn over the rest of his film. He was thrown into jail for 226 days for that. Where does one draw the line?

The house is divided. Mundane law-enforcement is loaded with types who relish abusing antiwar protestors and anti-globalization (anti-laissez faire Capitalism) anarchists. Joshua Wolf didn't trust the "authorities" not to abuse innocent protestors. He also didn't want to set a legal precedent that journalists are an arm of the government, since he sees journalism as a buffer against bad government.

He finally turned over the film though to get out of jail. He said all along that there is nothing on it incriminating about anyone. However, the police will use every means at their disposal to identify and investigate those on the film.

The system is coercive. That's where we come down on this.

We also rebuke those who fractured the officer's head. We rebuke those officers who infringe upon the right of the people to protest against what they see as bad government.

Who has the greater sin? Well, why knowingly sin at all?

Bush Wants 15 British Sailors as Pretext

Bush won't release 5 Iranians for the 15 British sailors. 5 Iranians were seized in Iraq (they were there legally) by the US military. The US military was trying to seize two high-ranking Iranian security members but missed them.

Bush has been talking tough about the 15 British sailors. He really wants things to get hot over the issue. He'd love an excuse to bomb Iran.

FBI and D.C. Police Have Been Exposed Violating Legal-Protesters' Civil Rights

In April 2002, 20 protesters were arrested in Washington D.C. by the FBI and Washington D.C. for entering a parking garage to retrieve food from their legally parked vehicles. Leading up to the arrests, the police and FBI asked the protesters about their political and religious beliefs. Those two areas have nothing to do with investigating whether or not someone is unlawfully trespassing. The protesters sued. The FBI and police denied what had happened. The FBI denied having been there. However, internal police department documents ended up proving otherwise. In other words, the police and FBI had lied through their teeth about having overstepped. They never had probable cause and were simply intimidating the protesters.

Pharmaceutical Take-Back Locations in Drugstores and Police Stations

Chemicals from birth control pills, antidepressants, painkillers, and other drugs are showing up in increasing numbers in waterways and groundwater. People are worried, because inter-sex fish have been found in the Potomac River. These are male fish with eggs. Therefore, it is a good idea that people not dispose of drugs down the drain or in the toilet. It is a good idea for drugstores to take unused drugs just as auto-part stores take old car batteries and used oil.

Supreme Court Rules Carbon Dioxide an Air Pollutant

The EPA can regulate carbon dioxide as an air pollutant under the Clean Air Act. The Bush administration didn't want that ruling. Excess carbon dioxide from burning carbon fuels, such as gasoline, is a greenhouse gas contributing to the warming of the atmosphere.

US Launches Campaign to Destabilize Syria

The Bush administration has launched a campaign to isolate and embarrass Syrian President Bashar Assad. Some officials fear the campaign is aimed at destabilizing Syria. In recent weeks the US State Department has issued a series of rhetorical broadsides against Syria. One official said, "It's the new Cuba. No language is too tough." The campaign is centered on the parliamentary elections scheduled for April 22. The US is also covertly funding election monitors inside and outside Syria.

Bush/Cheney continues blaming Syria for things it cannot prove against Syria. It continues speaking about Syria as if Bush/Cheney had already proven the allegations, which Syria denies.

400 Killed in Somalia; Deadliest Fighting in 15 Years

In Somalia, nearly 400 people have been killed since Thursday in what has been described as the worst fighting in the capital of Mogadishu in 15 years. Most of the fighting has been between US-backed Ethiopian troops and Somali fighters allied to the Somali Council of Islamic Courts. The UN is estimating more than 47,000 people have fled Mogadishu since March 21.

This is the Bush policy at work. Bush/Cheney is walking all over the dead bodies of the poor in the US administration's work on behalf of the global corporate oligarchy. It's disgusting.

City of Seattle Agrees to Pay WTO Protesters $1 Million

The city of Seattle has agreed to pay $1 million to protesters arrested during the World Trade Organization demonstrations seven years ago. The money will be split by 160 protesters who were arrested in the city's Westlake Park on December 1, 1999. In addition the city agreed to seal the arrest records of the protesters. Attorney Tyler Weaver said, "I am hopeful that this case will send a message not only to the City of Seattle but to cities around the country that mass arrests of peaceful, law-abiding protesters will not and cannot be tolerated."

Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Iran Releases British

Now that the fifteen British are on the way home, what's the Bush/Cheney administration going to do, bomb Iran? To think that the Iranians didn't torture the British, who's acting the more so-called civilized?

All the while, the US accuses Iran in Iraq and the CIA and US special ops work with anyone and everyone (war lords, drug dealers, it doesn't matter) to destabilize Iran from within and without.

The US is doing this all over the world against numerous countries.

US Secret Interrogations in Africa

According to the Associated Press, hundreds, including women and children, have been taken from Somalia and Kenya to Ethiopia where they are held in prison without legal rights and where the US CIA and FBI interrogate them.

In order to avoid US Congressional oversight, the US has proxies hold the prisoners and much funding is done through shell organizations and fronts and with slush funds from illegal activities.

US Attorney Fired After Failing to Indict ACORN for Voter Fraud

There are new developments in the scandal over the Bush administration's firing of eight US attorneys. One of the dismissed prosecutors has revealed that he was pressured by Republican officials to target the advocacy group ACORN for voter fraud. ACORN was working on a voter-registration drive in low-income and largely minority neighborhoods in New Mexico. David Iglesias told Newsweek that he found no case worth bringing against ACORN. That apparently did not please the White House. Last week Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' ex-chief of staff D. Kyle Sampson testified that during the run-up to the mid-term election White House adviser Karl Rove complained that Iglesias and two other US attorneys had not done enough to prosecute so-called voter fraud.

The Republicans under Karl Rove have engaged in the worst election fraud. All Rove wanted was to try to make it look as if the Democrats were just as bad.

Poll: Americans Least Concerned About Global Warming

A new international poll by the BBC has found that more than two-thirds of the world's people are worried about global warming. Americans were found to be among the least anxious about climate change even though the United States is the top source of greenhouse gases. The poll found 57 percent of Americans are concerned over global warming. The BBC found Brazilians and South Africans are the most concerned.

Well, those Americans don't want to give up their driving for the sake of others. That would be contrary to everything that made America the Empire.

Federal Judge OK's Marine's Conscientious Objector Status

In California, a federal judge has backed a Marine's effort to be discharged from the military as a conscientious objector. Last year 23-year-old lance corporal Robert Zabala of San Jose filed for objector status saying he was particularly appalled by the Marines' attempts to desensitize new recruits to violence. The Marines originally turned down his application for conscientious objector status.

The Marines hate this. It means that more Marines could convert to real Christianity and pacifism right in the middle of the war and right on the frontline. They should to save their souls.

Friday, April 06, 2007
Real Liberal Christian Church News Item

We've been working on the backend of the website, so we haven't been keeping up with as much news, per se. Bear with us.

Of course, this "Week in Review" format isn't intended yet to be a full-blown wire service. That kind of coverage will come with our Internet community. Eventually, we should have plenty of news from real Christians around the world. First things first, however.

Before we can build a portal/community, we need to breakeven financially. That's why we've been working on the method for people who want to bring forth the Christian Commons to donate to the great cause and movement online.

Once the donation process is up and running in a couple of days, we'll turn our attention to some affiliate work and appropriate advertising revenue. From there, we'll publicize the site and start working on developing a community to replace the entire site.

We'll need to generate traffic to the site and hold members' interest so we may create an office and have some staff and volunteers to grow the Church. Then it will be on to saving for land where we'll raise row after row of fruits and vegetables and other food to feed the real Christian members on our communes and to feed the poor and oppressed.

Help us make it happen! If we don't do it, who will?


Other News


The British are still defiant about having been in Iraqi waters.


Ukraine is still in the midst of a "Constitutional Crisis." It was a dictatorship. Then the leader of the revolution was poisoned by, most people think, former KGB members acting in an official capacity for the Kremlin. They face Russia ire over cozying up to the US and EU with NATO, etc. The Russians put on the pressure over natural gas prices to Ukraine. It's too bad they all can't be good neighbors.


Of course there were more bombings in Iraq. That's daily. In Basra, they are echoing the Bush/Cheney line by saying that the bombs were Iranian-made devices. They don't know that, but they always say it as if it's been proven.

East Timor:

Poor little East Timor that has been bullied by Indonesia (and Australia) for decades, will it have a peaceful election?

Solomon Islands:

The tsunami that hit the Solomon Islands is a reminder that the Earth is connected to all the emotional agitation. The whole of creation is. The sooner human beings start acting as a whole accordingly, the better.

Mogadishu, Somalia:

What's been going on in Mogadishu, Somalia is just appalling. It's all about money and power for those in control of the US military. Africa has oil and oil runs the war-profits machine.

Sri Lanka:

Why aren't there any peace negotiations concerning Sri Lanka? People become hardened when no one will address their grievances.


Israel committed another air strike against Palestinians in Gaza. Does it matter to those Israelis whether or not they've killed innocent people?


A Pakistani Islamic Cleric is threatening suicide attacks in the capital of Pakistan if Pakistan doesn't come under sharia. They want to take a hardline against what they see as immorality. It is true that "Western" culture breeds moral decay. That's obvious. However, Islam (violence) is not the solution.

It wasn't violence that caused Jesus's flesh to reanimate. It was peace and love. That's the truth. It was violence that crucified him.


There was another suicide car bombing in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Was it a Muslim who killed Muslims?


The UN has issued a report saying that the poor will suffer due to global warming more than the rich will. Money can't insulate the rich from everything though. They'll find that out soon enough.


First we had the heads of the youth facility in Texas molesting detained boys. Now it comes out that a San Mateo County, California, man, a child psychiatrist, was allegedly molesting troubled boys for decades. On top of the Roman Catholic pedophile scandals, the worldly system just isn't good enough to protect children from this selfish disease. No doubt, the perpetrators were themselves abused as children. The cycle must stop. The homosexuals are pushing the line. How many of them are defending pederasty and pedophilia? Heterosexuals must stop kowtowing to perversion. They must stand up against it in no uncertain terms. It is sick. It is contributing to the illness of the planet. It is not okay. It is unacceptable behavior.

Defense Department's Inspector General Concludes Feith Cooked Intelligence

Douglas Feith claims that he didn't fabricate intelligence in the lead-up to the US invasion of Iraq in March 2003. However, the inspector general's exhaustive investigation concludes that Feith deliberately ignored the CIA and the Pentagon's own intelligent agency when they said that Saddam Hussein had no link to Osama bin Laden, that Iraq had no link to al Qaeda.

Meanwhile, Dick Cheney still goes about lying that there was a link. He is an expert at practicing the Big Lie to the end. He believes that if he says it enough, the people will believe it. Cheney has lost all credibility.

Of course, we've known since before the Iraq War that Bush/Cheney was made up of blatant, unrepentant liars.

Everyone knows that Bush wanted to attack Iraq and that everything his administration was doing was just creating a front behind which the greedy could try to hide. The front is completely transparent. How long will the people stand for it?

The neocons put Feith in place and gave him his marching orders, just as they tried to give the terrorism czar, Richard Clarke. Remember the note written back to Clarke, "Wrong answer... Do it again."

12 Anti-Sweatshop Students Arrested at University of Michigan

Twelve students have been arrested at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor while conducting a sit-in at the office of the school's president. The students said the school has failed to follow its own policies to crack down on companies that use sweatshop labor to manufacture school apparel.

10 Anti-War Protesters in Vermont Arrested at Leahy's Office

In Vermont, police arrested 10 anti-war protesters on Tuesday, April 3, 2007, for refusing to leave senator Patrick Leahy's Burlington office. The protesters were calling on Leahy to cut off funding for the war in Iraq. Over 300 peace activists have now been arrested across the country for taking part in sit-ins at the offices of lawmakers as part of the "Occupation Project," which began in February 2007.

We don't agree with this "civil disobedience." The laws against trespass and occupation have a spiritual intention as well. This "civil disobedience" is not harmless. It is coercive. It is force. It's pressure, threats, and intimidation to dominate, restrain, and control. It is also largely ignored by the mainstream media. The people don't think deeply enough about the entire implications of their actions.

Number of Iraqis Detained by US Skyrocketing

The Christian Science Monitor is reporting the number of Iraqis being detained by the United States is skyrocketing. Under the new Baghdad security plan, the US is apprehending thousands of Iraqis. Before the beginning of the so-called "surge," the US was holding 13,000 Iraqis. Now 18,000 Iraqis are being held. Army general David Petraeus is making plans to be able to hold up to 40,000 Iraqis in coming months. The US plans to hold many of these detainees indefinitely. To help staff the expanding jails, the Pentagon announced on Monday the deployment of more than 2,000 additional US military police to Iraq.

This "surge" is a terrible idea in the long string of ideas of the neocons all of which ideas are inherently terrible.

The idea of clearing and holding neighborhoods under US occupation or a US puppet dictatorship that will last is ridiculous. It is just engendering animosity. Of course, that's the evil plan to, among other evil aspects, generate war-profits for the ultra-rich.

Florida to Restore Voting Rights for Some Felons

Officials in Florida have voted to make it possible for some felons in the state to regain their voting and other civil rights after completing their sentences. Over 950,000 residents of Florida have been denied the right to vote because of felony convictions. The American Civil Liberties Union criticized the state for failing to automatically restore the voting rights of all felons. People who previously completed sentences will have to apply on their own. The ACLU said the new rules are needlessly complex and will only confuse and deter potential applicants.

Now, if the system were focused entirely upon rehabilitation rather than any punishment, the rehabilitated would be completely reintegrated into society with full rights and benefits. That's the forgiveness of God.

AP Fires Correspondent Covering Oaxaca, Mexico Uprising

The Associated Press has reportedly fired a Mexican correspondent named Rebeca Romero due to her pro-Mexican government bias in her coverage of last year's populist uprising in Oaxaca. This is according to a report on the website Narco News. In January, Narco News revealed that Romero had violated the AP's code of ethics by accepting payments from the Oaxacan state government for advertisements on her personal website. Before her stint at the Associated Press, Romero had worked as a press secretary for the Mexican federal attorney general. For much of the conflict in Oaxaca, US newspapers relied solely on Associated Press articles written by Romero. A review of Romero's coverage by Narco News showed a consistent pattern of sensationalizing protester violence while sanitizing state violence through misreporting. It has been alleged that Romero never published an article that attempted to explain the protesters' motivations.

Miami Theater Cancels Play: "My Name is Rachel Corrie"

A play featuring the writings of the late American peace activist Rachel Corrie has been silenced for the third time in just over a year. The Mosaic Theatre in Miami has announced it has cancelled "My Name is Rachel Corrie" after protests from some of the theater's subscribers and outside individuals. Corrie was the 23-year-old American activist who was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza in March 2003. Last year, both the New York Theatre Workshop and the Canadian theatre company CanStage pulled productions of the play.

This is caving into racist pressure from false Zionists.

Alan Dershowitz Admits Lobbying Against Tenure for Norman Finkelstein

One of academia's most prominent critics of Israel, Norman Finkelstein, is facing an uphill battle to receive tenure at Depaul University where he has taught for six years. His tenure has been approved at the departmental and college level, but the dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has opposed it. A final decision is expected to be made by May. Finkelstein has accused Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz of being responsible for leading the effort to deny him tenure. In an interview with the Harvard Crimson, Dershowitz admitted that he had sent a letter to DePaul faculty members lobbying against Finkelstein's tenure.

Norman Finkelstein works hard to be scrupulously honest in his historical and current analyses of the current state of Israel. Alan Dershowitz, on the other hand, advocates torture and is a major, rude excuser of all things false-Zionist.

Robert Daniels Sick, Innocent Maricopa County, Arizona Inmate

Robert Daniels has an as-yet incurable strain of tuberculosis. Under a court order, Maricopa County, Arizona has been holding him in a medical-isolation prison cell since July 2006 even though he was never charged with a crime, never tried, and not convicted.

Now, what makes this story awful is that Robert has no hot water, no mirror, no phone, no TV, no radio, no computer, no ability to turn out the lights at night, no normal-sized windows on the outside world, and is not allowed outside visitors. He's been completely cut off from the world outside. He is being treated exactly as a convicted-criminal inmate by the county Sheriff's Department.

This is disgusting. The Sheriff's Department knows Robert is not a criminal, yet they are treating him in this manner. That treatment is criminal. Those at the top are responsible and should be held to account.

Just when Robert needs the most compassionate concern and care, he is treated as a criminal fit for punishment. What kind of world are we living in? Whom are we choosing to follow as our leaders?

Robert Daniels says he understands fully that county health authorities are concerned not to allow his TB to spread to any other people. He is not unwilling to cooperate in taking all reasonable steps to accomplish that. He is willing to use a mask and to do other things to avoid spreading the strain. The county locked him up for not following doctor's orders to wear a mask in public. However, Robert says he didn't understand since when he was in Russia where they knew he had the disease they had not required him to wear a mask. He seems to be suggesting that he took the doctor's orders as overkill and just a suggestion. Did they do a good job of explaining the mandatory aspect? Did they warn him that he could face immediate lock-up if he didn't adhere to the rules?

It must be pointed out that TB is not highly contagious even in the strain Robert has. People with weakened immune systems though are susceptible.

At the very least, any involuntary-quarantine facility ought to be as comfortable and interactive as possible.

The very kind of unmerciful treatment Robert has been receiving is exactly the reason that this strain of TB even exists.


1 Eric Margolis. "West has bloodied hands." Toronto Sun. December 19, 2004. Link. (last accessed: Monday, April 02, 2007). Return to text body.

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