Sunday, April 08, 2007
US Culture of Violence

According to the Associated Press:

A 2006 report by the National Coalition for the Homeless found 142 attacks last year against homeless people, 20 of which resulted in death - a 65 percent increase from 2005, when 86 were violently assaulted, including 13 homicides.

By comparison, 60 such attacks were reported in 1999, the year the coalition - the only entity to gather such data - began to study the problem.

And these numbers are likely low because they only reflect the most egregious attacks reported in newspapers or by agencies that serve the homeless and some victims themselves, according to Michael Stoops, acting executive director of the Washington-based coalition.

The trend is particularly troubling, he says, because such attacks no longer occur just in major cities on the East and West Coasts, as was the case in the 1980s.

In its most recent study, "Hate, Violence, and Death on Main Street USA," the coalition documented attacks against the destitute in 62 communities last year alone, in 26 states. Since 1999, such violence has occurred in 44 states and Puerto Rico, and in 200 communities nationwide.

An overwhelming majority of the attackers - 88 percent - were 25 or younger; 95 percent were male. No less than 68 percent of those accused and convicted in attacks were between the ages of 13 and 19.1

This is all due to the Iraq War and all the violent video games and movies, etc. If the youth were taught peace, love, and truth, this stuff wouldn't be happening.

George W. Bush is largely to blame for increasing the culture of violence.

The US military dehumanizes the Iraqis and others it is fighting. That mentality spreads like the disease that it is. The youth in the US get the message.

People think that because someone is homeless that that person necessarily deserves it. They think that it is like karma. The spirits are against them so they're driven to homelessness. They are seen as lazy or defective, etc. Well, some homeless people are driven there by their own evil choices. Many of those though were encouraged by the greater society to make those bad choices. Many of them are veterans (exactly what many of the assailants could end up as). Many other homeless were simply the innocent victims of unscrupulous types.

We aren't saying that just because someone is homeless that that person has a good heart. We are saying though that Jesus said to return goodness for evil. He said to set the example that others ought to follow. The more people do that the better things will become in the here and now.

Of course there is a point at which even those of the homeless who are hardhearted are separated away for the sake of the whole.

For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath. (Matthew 13:12).

It is a question of the stubbornness of the heart. No one can force a homeless person to soften his or her heart. Most of the homeless though would love the opportunity to be lifted up. That's what the demon-thugs are ignoring or don't care about.

Of course, those kids doing the abusing have themselves been abused, misled by the liars. The whole world needs help and saving from the cycle of evil.

Monday, April 09, 2007
Bee Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)

Are genetically engineered crops responsible for this in any way? Have the organic farmers experienced this? Is global warming responsible? Is it a combination of factors? What's changed? What's the difference between those colonies that remain and those gone?

One thing is certain. It's payback. It's God's natural creation telling human beings that they (humans) are up to no good.

Bush/Cheney Duplicity: North Korea and Ethiopia

Bush rammed through sanctions on North Korea. Under the sanctions, no nation is to purchase arms from North Korea. However, Bush allowed Ethiopia to buy arms from North Korea. Bush used Ethiopia as a proxy to attack the sharia courts in Somalia. Part of the deal was to allow the "illegal" arms deal to go through.

If Bush can violate the law he pushed through, then anyone can. Any nation can ignore the UN sanctions against North Korea if the US can ignore them. That's the law. It's called equal protection under the law. It's called equal application of the law.

Of course, there is no law. The world is lawless. He who has the most guns and ammunition, etc., makes his own rules impulsively. The Bush administration makes the rules for everyone else. Those rules don't apply to the US, because no one can do anything about the US violating its own rules. The Bush administration says, "Make me." It's the tough-guy routine.

Well, if they don't repent, they're going to meet more than their match in hell.

Democrats Afraid to Take a Stand

Carl Levin, the chair of the US Senate Armed Forces Committee, made the following comment on ABC's "This Week" program:

...we're not going to cut off funding for the troops. We shouldn't cut off funding for the troops; but, what we should do, and we're going to do, is continue to press this president to put some pressure on the Iraqi leaders to reach a political settlement.

The Democrats in the US Congress are generally unwilling to vote to de-fund the Iraq War. They don't have the votes to override a Bush veto, so they claim they will continue voting to fund the war to "support the troops."

Carl Levin is absolutely wrong. The troops and the mission are two different things. The Democrats could easily vote to support and fund the troops while voting against supporting and funding the mission.

They could vote to supply the money to get the troops out of Iraq safely while voting against money to continue the occupation and aggression. If Bush were to veto that, then the continuation of the war would be his fault and the fault of those who sided with him.

Illegal Immigration

When it comes to illegal immigration, the "conservatives" in the US are all for legalism. They insist that to allow "illegals" amnesty would be to promote anarchy. However, those same self-styled conservatives rarely want to turn that same fervor for legality against Bush/Cheney and all its illegal operations.

Be consistent.

Many of the people who enter the US against US law are coming here from areas that have been exploited illegally and unethically by the powers that be in the US. Thomas Aquinas said that when someone is starving and a rich person won't share, the starving person isn't stealing when he takes from that stingy, uncompassionate rich person.

The Don Imus Controversy

Don Imus does a major radio and television program in the US. He made some comments using a blend of Southern-slaver and gangster-rap language about the women members of the Rutgers basketball team. He referred to them as "some nappy-headed hos." It means "some kinky-haired whores or prostitutes. His sideman called them "Jigaboos." That's considered a highly offensive racial slur.

Now there are protests, demonstrations, calls for his termination, and all manner of coverage.

Well, we know that Imus's comments offended people. However, is the standard going to be applied evenly? If Imus is to be terminated, then is everyone in the nation who says anything offensive to be terminated? If so, that would be consistent. Will every Black person who calls a woman a "ho" or calls another Black a "nigger" be terminated?

This isn't all Imus's fault. The gangster culture is to blame, and the whole culture of violence and greed and perversion is to blame.

Let's be clear here. There is the question of coercion. Those who are against Imus's language and who are also calling for him to be terminated are pressing for punishment against him. Are those same people going to apply that same standard to themselves? Are they going to be for their own punishment for every selfish emotion they have? If not, then calling for Imus's termination is an act of vengeance and retribution. It is unforgiving. It lacks mercy. It is not turning the other cheek. It is unchristian. It is antichrist.

Jesus said that if your brother apologizes, then accept his apology seven times seventy times. Imus has said he sees where his comments were not taken as he thought they would come across. He has apologized for not being able to put himself in the other person's shoes. Is Al Sharpton going to be Christian and forgive Don Imus, or is he going to press for Don Imus to be fired?

This is why real Christianity and worldly politics don't go together. Al Sharpton wants to be both a Christian minister and a mundane politician. It can't be done. The mundane political house is irreconcilably divided. He should see that. Jesse Jackson and Pat Robertson should also see it. Everyone needs to see it.

We must remember though that Jesus called people "vipers." "Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?" (Matthew 23:33). What are the false liberals going to claim about that? Will they say that were Jesus alive today that he should be sued for slander and defamation of character or hauled into criminal court for a hate crime using hate words? What's a viper? Jesus was defining the term. He's the one who was using it. A viper is one who does what those he was calling vipers were doing. How can that be illegal speech? It can not.

Rather than advocate for Imus to be terminated, advocate for the airwaves to be opened up to the voices that are not driven by greed, violence, and sexual perversion. Let them be opened up to the open, honest, and direct.

Of course, the women at Rutgers who are getting their tattoos to which Imus referred, they need to reevaluate the message they are sending out. Imus's statements were hard, but he was referring to the hardness (the hard look) of the basketball players. There needs to be a softening all the way around.

Jesus's statements were not hard however. They came out of a loving spirit of warning. They were taken wrong. Who's to judge otherwise, the mundane courts? Which judge or jury in this world is competent to sit in judgment of Jesus Christ? I know of none.

We don't listen to radio or watch TV, so we haven't seen much of this Don Imus person. Now that he's getting so much attention, his history of making deliberately exaggerated offensive comments is being published on the Internet.

It speaks volumes about the American people that Imus has had a following.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007
More than 1,000 Killed in Somalia

In Somalia, local clan leaders are reporting at least one thousand people were killed over four days of clashes with Ethiopian troops last month. The estimate could not be verified, but humanitarian groups have called the fighting the worst Somalia has seen in fifteen years.

What a sad thing this is just so the US Empire can attempt to dominate Africa to deny China and other nations from obtaining resources to make them rival superpowers. It is no way to handle the world.

Accused Cuban Airliner Bomber Granted Bail

New developments in the case of Luis Posada Carriles - the anti-Castro Cuban militant connected to the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed 73 people. A federal judge has ruled Posada can be set free on bail. Posada is being held not on terrorism charges but for naturalization fraud and making false statements. He snuck into the United States in 2005 and then lied about how he entered the country. The Bush administration has refused to extradite him to Venezuela or Cuba to stand trial for the airline bombing. Federal prosecutors are challenging the bail ruling. Posada's attorney says he expects to see him freed next week.

One person's terrorist is another person's covert operative.

CBS, MSNBC Suspend Imus for 2 Weeks

CBS Radio and MSNBC have announced they're temporarily suspending the syndicated radio program hosted by Don Imus. The suspension will take effect next Monday and last for two weeks. In response, Al Sharpton said civil-rights groups would not drop their demands for Imus's dismissal. Sharpton said, "We continue to be organizing and mobilizing and these two weeks and to meet with the heads of both stations to say why he can't come back. We also intend to deal with advertisers."

Al Sharpton is being vindictive. He holds himself out to be a minister of the Gospel. He isn't being Christlike here, not that that is ever an easy thing at which to be consistent.

New Bit on the Yellowcake Forgery

If you will recall, the CIA had managed to get the White House to remove the Yellowcake Forgery from a speech several months before Bush's January 2003 State of the Union Address. What we didn't know was that after that, the White House put into place a new policy where the White House would no longer have the CIA vet speeches.

There is only one reason that the White House would do that. It didn't want the CIA telling it that information that the White House was going to present to the world was not solid enough upon which to formulate policy.

The White House then inserted the Yellowcake Forgery in the State of the Union Address where it became the tipping point in swaying public opinion in favor of invading Iraq.

The White House and George W. Bush and Dick Cheney knew full well that the letter was considered by the CIA to be a forgery. However, Dick Cheney had a long history of disinformation dissemination for the sake of Empire. It has been common practice in both major US parties.

It is Machiavellianism: The political doctrine named after Machiavelli who denied that morality is relevant in politics. He advocated that pursuing and maintaining political power was all that matters and that the only way to do that is through cunning and deception. That's the doctrine of the neocons. That's the doctrine of all the highest placed politicians.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007
US Military Says Iran is Arming Iraqi Sunni Groups

Prove it.

The US military also accused Iran of training Iraqi resisters to the US occupation.

The US claims to have captured Iranian weapons amongst Sunnis.

That doesn't prove how the Sunnis obtained them even if they aren't weapons deliberately counterfeited by the US military. The Sunnis could have stolen them from Iranians. US covert operatives in Iran could have stolen them and then supplied Sunnis in a frame-up.

It must never be forgotten that the US is expert in false-flag operations. It is ruled by Machiavellians. Lying is their forte.

The Real Liberal Christian Church is so cynical about Satan that it isn't going to just accept anything that the worldly princes spew up.

We've already seen the stream of lies that led to the Iraq War. We aren't going to buy the lead-up to the attack on Iran.

Sick Surge

The US military "surge" is sick. The lives of Iraqis have not been improved at all by the US invasion. The whole is worse off.

The US should immediately reverse the recent changes to the oil laws of Iraq so that Iraqi oil once again is completely nationalized and then left to the Iraqis to decide what to do with it. It should call for a new constitution for Iraq starting with the original June 2005 draft of the Constitution of Iraq that the Iraqis had come up with before Paul Bremer totally changed it. That constitution should include conditional (reconciliation) amnesty for all Iraqis. The US should also start paying reparations. If the Iraqis want, those reparations should go to Iraqi-only contractors through the Iraqi government to rebuild Iraq. Finally, the US should get out of Iraq militarily.


Kyrgyzstan's president Kurmanbek Bakiyev was elected in relatively free and fair elections; however, his presidency has been marked by corruption and grabs for dictatorial-power consolidation that he was forced to reverse. The people are demonstrating for his removal. He has threatened to use force against the people. This is a tenuous situation. Bakiyev has offered to make changes to the constitution to reduce his power, but the people don't see that as enough. They don't trust him. They want him out.

Both the US and Russia have military bases in the country.

Global Warning Crisis

The problem of global warning is so serious that it requires action akin to multifold Manhattan Projects and multifold Marshall Plans all rolled into one. It is going to take total cooperation as opposed to any competition to solve the problem. It is a problem that is the direct consequence of shortsighted selfishness (there is no other kind). It requires farsighted unselfishness to put right.

Billions of people are going to be devastated by the results of selfishness. It is going to be the proof that real Christianity is the only way forward.

The Bush Administration Wants Increased Spying Rights

As if Bush/Cheney hasn't already done enough, they want to give telecommunications companies immunity from civil liability for cooperating in Bush's illegal surveillance program. Verizon and AT&T violated privacy laws by allowing the NSA into their computer traffic.

Monsanto GM Corn for Humans Causes Kidney and Liver Toxicity and Hormonal Changes in Animals

The Committee for Independent Research and Genetic Engineering at the University of Caen in France did a study that showed that Monsanto MON863 corn, artificially genetically modified and released for human consumption, caused problems in laboratory animals.

Why was it okayed for human consumption? Greed is the answer. Monsanto doesn't give a damn about your health. It wants money now!

They altered the corn to produce a pesticide.

Gore Unveils Live Earth Line-up

Former Vice President Al Gore (president Gore) has announced the lineup for his day of concerts to raise awareness on Global Warming. The July Seventh Live Earth concerts will be held in Johannesburg, London, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Sydney, and Tokyo. The U.S. concert will be held at Giants Stadium in New Jersey.

Gore said, "It will be the largest musical event that the planet Earth has ever had. And it is designed not just to be a one day, 24 hour event, which will in itself raise awareness, but it really is the kick-off of a three year mass-persuasion campaign that will give individuals all over the world the information necessary to be a part of the solution to the climate crisis."

More Imus

The Rutgers women's basketball team held a news conference at which the following question was posed:

Hi, I'm Jack Ellery, WCTC Radio in New Jersey. So much of our culture ... demeans women, in particular black women. And I refer to rap music, "Comedy Central," so forth and so on. Do you have any comments about some of the despicable lyrics of rap music and what goes on, on "Comedy Central" and in other aspects of our society?

That is in line with what we've been saying. Gangster rap should never have been accepted by the Black youth. It was diametrically opposed to everything good that had been developing in music in the 1960's and 70's. The antiwar movement, with its emphasis upon peace and love and fundamental fairness, was trampled upon by the culture of violent gangs.

It is a good thing that the women basketball players at Rutgers have now spoken out against the hatred of women that is endemic in the culture of violence. Of course, greed and sexual depravity also go hand-in-hand in that culture.

We must overcome as the human race. That's why we are here. That's why we exist.

We look for Don Imus to repent. If he does in earnest, he will be forgiven. He's already forgiven on a certain level, because everyone who really knows, knows that he spoke in true ignorance. We know he was led astray. Will he come back? Will he hear the voice of God calling him to righteousness? That's what matters.

Venezuelan Graduates Medical Doctors

1,013 Venezuelans graduated yesterday (April 10) with degrees in General Integral Medicine. The program is modeled after the Cuban-developed system of preventative healthcare. The graduates will serve in community clinics where they are qualified to treat over 80% of health problems. Venezuela is in the process of training specialists as well.

Healthcare in Venezuela is free. Medical degrees are also becoming free. The nation will provide training, materials, housing, food, and uniforms free of charge.

This is better than the American system of training and providing doctors and healthcare services to the general population. There is no doubt about it.

Right now, there are some twenty thousand Cubans in Venezuela working in the community clinics and healthcare. Venezuela is helping Cuba with its energy needs.

The greedy capitalists in the US hate it, because they can't get rich off the pain and suffering of people they would be otherwise exploiting.

Thursday, April 12, 2007
US Can't Secure the Green Zone in Iraq

A suicide bomber blew up some of a building in the Green Zone killing a member of the Iraqi Parliament and injuring several others.

The only solution is for people to turn to peace. No matter how it may look in the short run, the US military always only makes things worse.

Schwarzenegger the Environmentalist?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is trying to remake the image of environmentalism into other than it can ever be. He put down the "tree huggers." He claims that guilty feelings don't do any good. He's totally wrong.

Those so-called "tree huggers" are the only reason there is any hope for the environmental changes needed to correct the current imperial system of pollution. If it hadn't been for the tree huggers, there would have been no stopping the clear cutters. Does Arnold think about what the world would be like if the clear cutters had gone unchallenged from back when the first tree huggers showed up until now? They would have devoured all the forests. They still want to. That's what Satan is: The devouring spirit.

Also, a guilty conscience is the only thing that ever gets anyone to do the right thing for the right reason. Arnold is talking about doing some of the right things but for the wrong reasons. He's talking about doing them so he can win politically.

A good working conscience is a Godsend. It is God working inside a person's very soul.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a package. He packages himself to sell himself. He uses all the tricks he perfected in his bodybuilding career to win.

Now he's likening environmentalism to what constitutes narcissism. He wants it to be "sexy."

Environmentalism runs on unselfishness. It's not an ego trip. It's not flash or razzle-dazzle. It isn't tinsel. It isn't contrivance. It isn't pumping steroids. It isn't winning a body-building contest or a governorship in the worldly world.

Arnold needs to read and absorb the Gospel of John. If he would then dedicate himself to that message, he'd be a real winner.

Paul Wolfowitz's Girlfriend Scandal

Wolfowitz became the head of the World Bank. There was a conflict of interest. Paul Wolfowitz's girlfriend, Shaha Ali Riza, was transferred from the World Bank to the US State Department. Well, his lover was given a raise by the World Bank and she went on collecting her World Bank salary while she was working at the US State Department under Dick Cheney's daughter, Elizabeth Cheney.

Apparently, continuing to collect a World Bank salary while over at the State Department is legal. However, Mr. Wolfowitz was directly involved in lobbying for Riza's sizable raise. He also didn't consult the people he should have and also seems to many to have worked to cover up his involvement in the raise.

Does this tell you anything about the neocon, false-Zionist mentality?

Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea

Casual sex, multiple partners, and careless use of antibiotics are spreading gonorrhea that is becoming resistant to drugs. Homosexuals greatly increased the spread in the US.

John Pilger Writes Against Imperialism

Whether it is treasurer Gordon Brown, the paymaster of the Iraq bloodbath, or John Reid, who sent British troops to pointless deaths in Afghanistan, or any of the others who sat through cabinet meetings knowing that Blair and his acolytes were lying through their teeth, only mutual distrust separates them now. They knew about Blair's plotting with Bush. They knew about the fake 45-minute "warning." They knew about the fitting up of Iran as the next "enemy."

Declared Brown to the Daily Mail: "The days of Britain having to apologize for its colonial history are over. We should celebrate much of our past rather than apologize for it." [Sounds like the WWII Japanese worshipping war-criminal ancestors at Shinto Shrines] In Late Victorian Holocausts, the historian Mike Davis documents that as many as 21 million Indians [India] died unnecessarily in famines criminally imposed by British colonial policies. Moreover, since the formal demise of that glorious imperium, declassified files make it clear that British governments have borne "significant responsibility" for the direct or indirect deaths of between 8.6 million and 13.5 million people throughout the world from military interventions and at the hands of regimes strongly supported by Britain.


Until recently, the British were unaware that their government was one of the world's most consistent abusers of human rights and backers of state terrorism. Few Britons knew that the Muslim Brotherhood, the forerunner of al-Qaeda, was sponsored by British intelligence as a means of systematically destroying secular Arab nationalism, or that MI6 recruited young British Muslims in the 1980s as part of a $4bn Anglo-American-backed jihad against the Soviet Union known as "Operation Cyclone." In 2001, few Britons knew that 3,000 innocent Afghan civilians were bombed to death as revenge for the attacks of 11 September. No Afghans brought down the twin towers. Thanks to Bush and Blair, awareness in Britain and all over the world has risen as never before. When homegrown terrorists struck London in July 2005, few doubted that the attack on Iraq had provoked the atrocity and that the bombs which killed 52 Londoners were, in effect, Blair's bombs.

John isn't there yet with the people who believe 7/7 was an Empire false-flag operation to some degree, just as was 9/11. We covered the subject in Supplement: There Is No Such Thing as a Conservative-Republican Christian: Jesus is a small-c communist.

24 Killed in Algeria Bombing

In Algeria, at least twenty-four people were killed in a bombing attack on a government building. It was the worst attack on the capital Algiers in a decade. The group Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb claimed responsibility.

Add this to the deaths in Chad and Sudan and the threats between Turkey and Kurdistan and one sees the war widening.

Who's behind it? Who's behind al Qaeda? Who stands to benefit by the widening war?

MSNBC Drops Imus Over Rutgers Remarks

The television network MSNBC has responded to the growing public and advertising pressure over the radio host Don Imus's recent remarks about the Rutgers women's basketball team. MSNBC will no longer simulcast Imus's syndicated radio program "Imus in the Morning." MSNBC had initially announced Imus would be suspended for two weeks. The move came amidst increasing pressure from civil-rights groups and declining support from advertisers. Companies including Staples, Procter & Gamble, Sprint, and General Motors had all pulled their ads from Imus's MSNBC broadcast. CBS Radio has also suspended Imus for two weeks. Protests are scheduled for today to pressure CBS to drop Imus permanently.

Now, will this standard be applied across-the-board? Also, was Imus disingenuous in his apology?

Friday, April 13, 2007
Nancy Pelosi Really Has Them Worried

We don't agree with all of Nancy Pelosi's politics, of course. However, it is sticking out as a sore thumb how many males are threatened by the fact that Nancy Pelosi is a female. They are attacking her as much over her sex as over her views.

If a male Democrat had gone to Syria to meet with president Bashir Assad, we wouldn't be hearing about his maleness. If Condi Rice had gone to Syria to meet with Assad, we wouldn't be hearing about her femaleness.

They have targeted Nancy Pelosi for being a Democrat and they are using her sex as the supposed weak spot.

Women aren't inherently weak. There are women who are much stronger than most men are. We aren't speaking here about physical muscle, although there are plenty of very strong women in that sense too. We're speaking here about emotional strength and moral strength.

Pelosi's recent trip to Syria and her meeting with Assad was frankly a peacemaker's move. Blessed are the peacemakers. Now, she isn't consistent, since she has also given recent speeches in which she makes clear that she is no pacifist. Nevertheless, she gets credit for speaking with Assad.

Jesus spoke with the enemy to reach and to turn the enemy. Yes, Jesus would say get thee behind me. He would though first talk. Bush/Cheney has refused to first even talk. Also, Jesus would always listen to the repentant. No one in Bush/Cheney, or Israel's prime minister Ehud Olmert's crowd, has listened or talked. They aren't peacemakers. They aren't blessed or a blessing upon humanity.

Of course also, whatever Pelosi did or said for the sake of the Israelis being held by the Arabs must be viewed from the Arab's perspective as well as the Israelis'. The Israelis are holding thousands of Arabs. The Arabs have many unaddressed grievances against Jews there.

Pelosi was working both sides of the street on her trip. She was doing things that would appeal to both Jewish and Islamic so-called moderates around the world. It wasn't without a great deal of a type of calculation.

Growing Food in Bad Weather

How are we going to grow food in unstable whether? As the climate changes and becomes more violent, it's going to become necessary to grow food indoors under controlled and protected conditions.

Which makes more sense, eliminating and reversing the industrial causes of global climate change or spending huge effort to create an indoor world?

The greedy are dragging society's feet on making the right moves to eliminate and reverse the industrial causes of global climate change.

The Church will have to act accordingly.

The Attack on the Petrodollar Will Lead to Attack

The US dollar has been the petrodollar. Iran is leading the charge away from the US Dollar as the world's oil currency. This is a direct attack on US economic global imperialism.

The rich, of course, will diversify their currency holdings. They will buy the bonds of nations other than the US.

This trend will increase the talk behind closed doors for attacking Iran. Any new regime in Iran would be forced by the US to reverse the decision to trade oil in other than the US dollar. That would help to prop up the US dollar. That is seen as necessary to continue financing US deficit spending.

CBS Radio Cancels Don Imus over Racial Slurs

On Thursday, CBS announced it would no longer carry Imus's syndicated radio broadcast following his racial slurs about the Rutgers' women's basketball team. Hours after the CBS announcement, Imus and the Rutgers' women's basketball team met at the governor's mansion in New Jersey. Rutgers coach C. Vivian Stringer said they had a productive dialogue but did not say if the team had forgiven Imus for his racist remarks.

There is now much talk about going after other "conservative" show hosts. The problem here is who will decide what is all right for people to say in public. Many homosexuals for instance want to ban anybody from being allowed to say that homosexuality is wrong. Well, many heterosexuals want to return to the ban on homosexuals saying that homosexuality is right.

The RLCC is opposed to coercion. We want the truth out so that souls may decide and be separated by God accordingly.

Imus Gone for the Bottom Line

It was the advertisers who were pressured to back away from the Imus show that caused the broadcasters to fire him.

Too bad the hardness of the show wasn't enough long ago to cause them to tell him that his "shock jock" format isn't right, isn't wanted, and won't be financed.

It has been really sad to watch and listen to the Joe Pyne syndrome spread across America. It's one of the reasons we don't watch TV or listen to the radio anymore. We select from the Internet now-not that that's good enough.

Oxfam: Boycott on Palestinians Leading to "Devastating" Crisis

In the Occupied Territories, the aid group Oxfam is warning the international boycott of the Palestinian government is leading to a "devastating" humanitarian crisis. Donors including the U.S., European Union and Canada stopped funding one year ago after Palestinians elected Hamas to lead parliament. Poverty has increased thirty percent. The number living on less than fifty-cents a day has doubled to over one million. Nearly half of Palestinians in the territories do not have enough food to meet their needs. Oxfam's international director Jeremy Hobbs said, "International aid should be provided impartially on the basis of need, not as a political tool to change the policies of a government."

This boycott plays right into the hands of false Zionists stealing more Palestinian land. It's that simple.

Palestine is becoming more and more as a WWII concentration camp.

RNC Lost 4 Years of Rove E-mails

Back in the United States, new details are emerging in the growing controversy over the White House's claim to have lost dozens of e-mails sought in the Congressional investigation into the firing of eight U.S. attorneys. The Washington Post is reporting a Republican National Committee lawyer now says the RNC is missing at least four years' worth of e-mails from senior presidential adviser Karl Rove. Democrats have accused Rove and other aides of improperly using their private RNC e-mail accounts to avoid leaving a paper trail in the attorney firings. On Thursday, Senate Judiciary chair Patrick Leahy blasted the White House claim to have lost the e-mails.

Patrick Leahy said, "They say they have not been preserved. I don't believe that! Those e-mails are there; they just don't want to produce them. We'll subpoena them if necessary. You can't erase e-mails, not today. They've gone through too many servers. That's like saying the dog ate my homework."

This is how the government always operates. It covers up things and claims they were destroyed or lost or some other excuse. It's planned. It's why Nixon erased some of his tapes. It's why Tony Blair held casual, off-the-record, meetings. It's why Bush-43 has blocked access to Bush-41's presidential archives.

Saturday, April 14, 2007
Suicide Bombings in Algeria and Morocco

Suicide bombings are on the rise in Northern Africa. The war is spreading. The Mujahideen are attracting many young people to self-sacrifice to harm non-Islamic interests.

US Carbon Dioxide Emissions Up 18 Percent Since 1990

U.S. Public Interest Research Group is supporting legislation to cut such emissions down to 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050. Bernie Sanders is the lead sponsor in the US Senate.

Why not eliminate all emissions from oil and coal? If we wanted to, we could do it. All we have to do is decide and then do it. We could do it without anyone suffering economically.

Scott Ritter on the Jewish Lobby

For decades AIPAC has operated in the shadows of American foreign policy decision-making, exerting its influence on elected officials away from the public scrutiny of the very constituents who elected those officials to begin with. It is impossible to hold someone accountable for actions that are kept secret, and as such AIPAC's ability to secretly influence American foreign and national security policies represents a flagrant insult and threat to the very essence of American democracy. I am not advocating the dissolution of AIPAC. However, I am demanding that AIPAC be treated as any other representative of a foreign nation is treated. It should have to register as an agent of a foreign power so that the totality of its interactions with American officials can become a part of the public record. We require this of all other nations, including our good friends the British.

To state that AIPAC, and by extension Israel, is above the law in this regard is to acknowledge the reality that American national sovereignty no longer matters when it comes to the state of Israel. ... So if we are to continue to permit AIPAC to operate as an undeclared agent of a foreign nation, and to influence American foreign and national security policymaking at the expense of our Constitution, then we should acknowledge our true status as nothing more than a colony of Israel, pull down the Stars and Stripes and raise the Star of David over our nation's capitol. While representing the final act of submission, it would also be the first truly honest act that occurred in Washington, D.C., in many years.2

Torturers Are Enemies of God

God hates the torturers. Torture is completely unrighteous. It is completely antichrist. Torturers are unworthy. The official government of the United States is engaging in torture. Those conducting that torture are refusing to come under the law. They are spitting in the face of the US Congress (the people's supposed elected representatives).

Torture is something that we of the Baby Boom generation were taught to loathe, and correctly so. We were taught that the Nazis tortured, experimented upon, and exterminated people in the concentration camps. After the war, when a whole generation was being raised on WWII propaganda full of praises for the American way, it was raised to believe that those who were doing the exterminating and torturing were the ones who were fit for extermination. It's why America went to war, or so we were spoon fed. America was better we were led to believe, because America didn't torture, it didn't experiment, it killed and will fight again, those who do.

Well, now we have a president who hasn't even hidden the fact that all of that has been turned into a huge exposed lie.

So, why are Nazi, fascist, false-Jewish, false-Christian, false-Zionist neocons running the US? Why haven't they been pulled from their offices? Why haven't they been arrested, tried, and sentenced, since that's the mundane law?

The simple answer is that way too many Americans are Fascists at heart. The simple answer is the leadership is comprised of a bunch of cowards. That's what we were raised to call bullies. It's how we were made to get our consciences working.

What's brave is what Jesus did. He had the courage to refuse the prince of darkness.

None of the unrepentant torturers or members of the military has shown the courage Jesus showed in refusing the prince of darkness.

US Refuses to Reciprocate Iranian Release

Now that the Iranians have released the fifteen Brits, one can compare that against the US refusal to release the five Iranians it's holding in Iraq. It's called hypocrisy.

James Petras on False-Zionism's Dominance of America

For the first time in the history of world empires, a tiny ethnic-religious minority, representing less than 2% of the population is able to shape US policy in the Middle East to serve the colonial interests of a foreign country (Israel), which represents less than 1% of the population of the Middle East. The Zionist power configuration in the US with several hundred thousand fanatical activists, throughout the country, can mobilize close to 98% of the US Congress on any legislation favoring Israel, even when their approval prejudices major US oil multinationals. AIPAC (the America-Israel Political Affairs Committee) with one hundred thousand members and 100 full time agents writes over 100 pieces of Congressional legislation affecting US trade, military aid and sanctions policies favoring Israel every year. In March 2007, the leaders of both political parties, Congress and the Senate and over 50% of all members of the Congress attended and pledged allegiance to the state of Israel at the most recent AIPAC convention in Washington. This was despite the fact that two leaders of AIPAC are currently on trial for spying for Israel and face twenty years in prison!

The Zionist power configuration (ZPC) includes far more than the AIPAC 'lobby'. In the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, Zionists controlled the Vice President's office including convicted felon Irving 'Scooter' Libby, the Pentagon and its 'intelligence' operations (Wolfowitz, Feith and Shumsky) and held strategic positions in the White House and National Security Council (Frum - author of Bush's 'Axis of Evil' speech, Abrams - pardoned felon from Iran Contra scandal, now in charge of Middle East policy, and Ari Fleischer - President Bush's spokesman). Zionists dominate the editorial and opinion pages of the major newspapers (Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and New York Times), major television networks and Hollywood. Hundreds of regional state and local Jewish federations intervene to prevent any criticism of Israel, attacking any critics, meetings, theatrical or cinema productions - successfully forcing cancelations.

The Zionist power structure has been the leading force pushing US war plans and sanctions against Iran. They backed Bush's invasion of Iraq. The ZPC secured US backing for Israel's bloody attack on Lebanon weakening US puppet ruler Prime Minister Fouad Siniora. The ZPC authored and secured Congressional legislation blocking any contact with the Palestinian unity government. They successfully lined up US congressional support for Israel's starvation blockade of Palestine over the last 20 months. The scope and depth of Zionist power over US Middle East policy goes far beyond influencing 'public opinion' - it penetrates key institutions, designs and enforces policy implementation and promotes wars, which benefit Israel.

In a word, the Zionist Power Configuration's primary loyalty is to the state of Israel and its policy is designed to colonize the US Congress on behalf and benefit of the 'mother country', Israel.

The Zionists have 30 congress-people and 13 senators and lead some of the key committees in Congress. The head of the key Democratic Party Caucus is Rahm Emmanuel [sic; meant Emanuel], a former member of the Israeli Defense Forces. Emmanuel [sic] was instrumental in having the Democratic Party majority in Congress eliminate a key clause in a war appropriation bill which would have prevented Bush from going to war with Iran without consulting Congress. The ZPC has secured the absolute, unconditional support of all presidential candidates for Israel and its promotion of a 'war option' against Iran. The Zionist Power Configuration succeeded in driving the US to war with Iraq but it has not been able to prevent the great majority of Americans (including American Jews) from turning against the war. The Zionist Power Configuration following the line from Israel has now made US sanctions and war with Iran its top priority. Having accomplished their goal of destroying Iraq, the ZPC are downplaying their support for the Bush regime's policies in Iraq, to focus all their efforts on pushing the US to secure UN Security Council approval for harsh economic sanctions on Iran. The Israeli-Zionists policy of escalating sanctions have succeeded as they openly declare in their publications. Their overwhelming effectiveness in deciding US-Iran policy has even led their Israeli mentors to urge words of caution against overplaying their power.

The Zionist Power configuration's blatant and open dominance of US Middle East policy have for the first time provoked widespread opposition among patriotic nationalists among US military officials and conservatives, as well as a growing number of academics and even among a tiny group of Jewish millionaires (Soros) and intellectuals. For the first time major debate has opened up regarding whether Israel is a 'strategic asset' or 'strategic liability' to US imperial interests. The opposition to the ZPC includes both pro-empire and anti-imperialist individuals. The pro-empire critics of Israel argue that Israel has taken over $110 billion dollars in outright grants and loans and they have privileged access to US weapons technology and compete with the US arms industry. They argue that Israeli colonial oppression in Palestine creates tensions and conflicts prejudicial to the US oil industry. They argue that the Zionist-backed Israeli war policies in the Middle East undermine the economic expansion of US financial and oil interest allied with conservative Arab 'oil states'.

The anti-empire opponents to Zionist control of US Middle East policy argue that the invasion of Iraq led to the killing and wounding of millions of Iraqis, the killing and wounding of tens of thousands of US soldiers, has cost over $500 billion USD and has led to the destruction of US constitutional protections of civil rights. They call for the immediate withdrawal of US troops and demand the denuclearization of the Middle East, starting with Israel.

As the Zionists lead Congress by the nose toward another major war with Iran (the 'military option'), they have to face growing resistance worldwide. Iranian allies in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq and throughout the Middle East can attack and destroy the most important oil installations in the world - Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States - and the world's most important oil tanker routes (Hormuz Straits). The ZPC's fanatical extremism in support of Israel is evident in their willingness to risk a world war and world depression in defense of Tel Aviv's ambitions to rule the Middle East and destroy its key adversary, Iran, a country of 80 million people.

The struggle against the ZPC in the US is the key to peace in the Middle East, the key to stopping the US from pressuring the Security Council, NATO and the Middle Eastern countries from committing collective suicide. Unfortunately, the US left, especially the Zionist-influenced peace movement refuses to face this reality. This leaves only one road to changing US war policy in the Middle East - outside resistance. Only mass resistance in the Middle East and elsewhere can impost heavy costs on the US economy and military, which force the American people to counter the ZPC. Only when the costs of the Zionist-influenced Middle East wars have devastated the US can we expect a major popular backlash against the Zionist power structure's stranglehold over Congress. Only then can we hope for the beginning of a US military withdrawal from the Middle East.


Because of Israeli-Zionist power over US political institutions, the US can only pursue policies, which further Israeli strategic interests in the Middle East. The asymmetry of power in Israel-US relations is evident in the costs and benefits of economic, military, political and diplomatic relations. The US pays 'tribute' of over $3 billion USD a year (mostly in outright grants) to Israel, a country with a per capita annual income of $25,000 (as of 2006), higher than 25% of the US population! Israel receives free entry to US markets, unhindered and unlimited immigration to the US, tax exemptions on the purchase of Israel bonds, the most advanced US military technology which allows Israel to successfully 'out compete' the US military industrial complex in major arms markets such as billion dollar sales to India, Africa and in the US! Israel runs a massive 100,000-member Zionist lobby influencing US policy: Washington does not have a single pro-US lobbyist in Israel.3


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