Monday, April 16, 2007

Abstinence-only sex education is muddled on the false spectrum. This educational program has been put forth with a great deal of unacceptable baggage in the view of opponents. It has been championed by self-styled conservatives, and as such, is automatically a target of false liberals.

The argument for abstinence-only as put forth by those self-styled conservatives is not put within a consistent context. Those "conservatives" also often favor war for instance. The two streams are divergent in divine reality.

The opponents take the opposite positions of the same issues and are therefore trying to swim in two streams at the same time that are headed in opposite directions.

Those opponents say abstinence-only doesn't work. Well, within the whole context of society where the pressure is against righteousness, of course it doesn't work across-the-board. The point is not to throw away abstinence-only. The point is to be completely consistent into eternity and infinity. The point is to get rid of all the temptation to do unrighteousness remembering that coercion is falling short.

Caving into excess lust is falling into hell. It is why the world is full of the evil that it is.

The covetousness of the worldly imperium is the prime example. The false teachings of certain religions that say kill for religion is another part of that imperial arrogance.

The opposite of caving into that excess and misdirected lust is fasting from it and then abstaining altogether forever. This is the course of the Real Liberal Christian Church.

We are not stopping the streams with coercion. We are re-channeling the waters so that the whole flow will end up in the right direction.

As for sex education, per se, officially offering alternative behaviors is to officially sanction those behaviors. It is to teach them. It is to say on a certain level that it is expected. Low expectations are a barrier to righteousness. They are barriers to enlightenment and revelation.

Both ends of the false spectrum fall back on low expectations in order to continue the error that is the worldly way denounced by Jesus Christ.

The "conservatives" say that human nature is thus-and-so and cannot be changed to giving and sharing all in absolute non-violence and purity. In taking that position, they cannot eat of the real bread and they stand in the way of others who could and world. They insist upon using coercion to the extreme to further their nationalistic roots, in which case they are attempting to take heaven by force. They are trying to force peace, which cannot be done in the end.

The "liberals" want greater sharing regardless of nationality, but they confuse peace with just a different version of coercion. They want the state to regulate behavior but never brutally. They too are trying to take heaven by coercive means.

The end result, however, of both approaches ("conservative" and "liberal") is hell on earth.

Hell is error. It is falsehood. It is unreal (real being the perfect goodness that ought to be everyone's definition of God).

Of course all people should abstain from casual sex. Of course they should have sex only with their mate for life and only for procreation. Society ought to make that possible across-the-board.

The most important way to do that is by turning down the temperature of lust. That means completely changing marketing and advertising and so-called entertainment away from promoting promiscuity.

Each heart must choose this path by his or her freewill acceptance of the truth of what is good and right. Each must do so for the sake of the whole, of all others. Anything less in spirit is misleading.

Ecuador to Have New Constitution

President Rafael Correa's referendum for a constitutional convention (assembly) to change the fundamentals of Ecuadorian law is passing by a wide margin. The people of Ecuador want participatory democracy and not rule by the oligarchs.

Russia's Weakness: Beating Demonstrators

It is weak to beat peacefully assembled demonstrators who are calling for the peaceful change of government.

Vladimir Putin shouldn't stoop to such tactics.

If Russia is ever going to be a real world leader it will have to lead in the direction of respecting people's right to peaceably assemble and demonstrate for the redress of grievances.

Putin should listen to and address openly, honestly, and directly the legitimate concerns of the protestors.

The recent beatings of demonstrators in Moscow and St. Petersburg is heading the nation in the wrong direction.

Putin should take a chapter from Hugo Chavez's book. Chavez has never ordered or allowed the beating of anyone who disagrees with his policies.

9/11 Advance Warning

Why is the mainstream media, starting in France, now stating that the US had only vague warnings about 9/11? The truth is that the US had some very specific information. The Associated Press, however, has published an article emphasizing that there was no specific information.

We know that that article is wrong. The warnings from many nations included New York, airline hijackings, attacks on buildings with planes, and the time frame being soon (that was in 2001), among other specifics.

There is no doubt that a blind eye was deliberately turned to the information for the sake of gaining a pretext to launch into the very wars we had since 9/11. We also know that there were many double agents in operation to make things happen.

It was a false-flag operation in that sense.

It has never been a question of whether or not it was a false-flag operation or an inside job. It has only been a matter of the degree.

Holocaust Remembrance Day

The 27th day of the month of Nisan was yesterday. They say that eleven million lost their lives in Nazi concentration camps, extermination camps, death camps, as they are called. It is said that six million of those eleven million were of Jewish extraction to varying degrees. These numbers have been chiseled in granite by the false Zionists. The numbers are the subject of investigation by both serious researches and racists alike.

The Eleven or whatever the number is should not be mentioned without the six is the thrust of many Jews. We understand that. Should the six be mentioned without the eleven then?

Well, there are many other questions that should be raised as well. Should the six be mentioned outside the context of what has been going on, and continues to go on, with the false Zionists in Palestine? How can one mourn Jews and not mourn Palestinians today? How can one denounce Nazis and not denounce false Zionists?

How easily the abused become abusers. How easily Gaza has become a kind of concentration camp.

Virginia Tech Massacre

There are 33 confirmed dead from a shooting spree apparently by a lone gunman. The News will be full of this story. We won't cover the details here.

The thing to think about is how the culture of violence in general is contributing to these sorts of events. They fed upon each other. They ramp each other up.

We see the little kids playing out violent fantasies that would never enter their minds were it not for the culture inundating them with the ideas.

Get rid of it. Get rid of the violent messages that surround us.

There will be many university students who get guns now to have in their dorm rooms even though that's against the rules. There will be calls for more surveillance cameras. There will be many other security measures suggested. Easy access to dormitories and class buildings will be questioned. Gun-control legislation will get a boost.

We're headed toward Big Brother, because people haven't been willing to overcome.

Torture, Secrecy, and the Bush Administration

Scott Horton has given a speech, reproduced in Harpers Magazine, that does an excellent job of laying out the history behind American's once revulsion toward torture. .

He doesn't come right out saying it, but the president (Bush) is King Charles. The US is not a representative, participatory, republican democracy. It is a term-monarchy (hardly constitutional) masquerading as a government of, by, and for the people. So, who is freeborn?

We have written before about the Star Chamber and that that is what is going on now on account of Bush/Cheney. Bush and Cheney, et al., are enemies of due process.

Study: 70% of Baghdad Children Suffering Trauma

A new study from Iraq's health ministry has found close to seventy percent of Baghdad school children are showing symptoms of trauma-related stress. The symptoms include stuttering and bed-wetting.

The International Committee of the Red Cross reported last week many Iraqi children are forced to pass dead bodies on the street as they walk to school.

This makes the false Zionists happy. They wish those children were lying there dead too.

Venezuela Pays off World Bank-IMF Debt

Venezuela has announced it has paid off its remaining debt to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What will happen once Robert Mugabe is out of power in Zimbabwe? He started land reform. However, he's been heavily criticized in the US and UK for not using the expertise of the Whites in helping to farm the land. He's also been heavily criticized for what is reported as brutal treatment of those indigenous people who disagree with some of his policies.

If these criticisms are proper, what is the plan for after he's gone? Are the US and UK really interested in the welfare of Black Africans or are they interested in furthering the globalization scheme under neo-liberal economics? Are they more interested in grabbing the profits from further raping the land?

The only reason to replace Mugabe is to have some better people in charge. Better means people who will definitely put the interests of all the people first and only. There is no reason to replace Mugabe with a puppet to the White global oligarchs.

Mass Killing Analysis

Now that the killer at Virginia Tech has been identified, the news coverage is full of so-called expert statements by professors of this, that, and the other. They are telling us that all mass killers blame other people and never accept blame for their own failures.

Well, that's wishful thinking on the part of the so-called experts. The truth is that the failures go all the way around. There is no way that society isn't to share the blame for all the mass-killers. Of course the individual killers are failing. Of course they are wrong to cave into murder. Of course it cannot be excused or defended. However, devils are made by the devil.

Just trying to put all the blame on those who become frustrated and screwed up in this worldly world ruled by devils is a way for others to avoid doing the changing they too ought to be doing. It's a way of avoiding the implications and required action to solve the problems.

Look at it this way. Many people are simply saying that if you fail, it's your own fault. However, what does it take to succeed? How is success defined? In this world, success is defined as mammon. What does it take to succeed in gaining personal mammon? It takes evil. It takes selfishness, which is exactly what pushes mass-killers over the edge.

Look at this. The killer at Virginia Tech murdered many fewer people than the bombers in the US Shock and Awe campaign against Baghdad.

How do we expect the world to every be straight if the powers that be (those who the sheep choose to follow) send out such mixed signals?

Hypocrisy is what is breeding mass-killers. Selfishness is what is breeding mass-killers.

They are talking about him suffering from Schizophrenia. We wrote years ago now about how Schizophrenia is the result of abuse where the term "abuse" is understood as being selfishness.

The very same solution for global warming (cooperation rather than competition) is the same thing that will solve the sickness of the soul that leads to mass murder.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Baghdad Car Bombings

Five car bombs killed at least 172 people and injured more than 220 in Baghdad.

Bible Publishers Murdered in Turkey

They were tied to chairs and had their throats slit. The Muslims don't like it when people distribute Bibles or proselytize for Jesus Christ. They aren't confident in Islam. Why should they be? It's weak.

Virginia Tech Killer, Now it Comes Out

Cho was 23. He had written violent plays and stories dealing with revenge for sexual molestation and pedophilia. He had been abused. The disease, the contagion got him and wouldn't let go. He didn't receive the compassion from others that he needed to heal.

He talked of hating the rich too.

What did he turn to? He turned to severe violence.

There you have it: Greed, violence, and sexual depravity all rolled into one darkened soul. This is why we each must turn from these three things. They are utter selfishness. They are the disease. They come from hell and make the earth a hellish place.

Their opposite (freely giving and sharing, peace, and sexual purity) come from heaven and will make the earth a heavenly place.

John Edward's $400 Hair Cuts

Edwards had two $400 hair styling appointments in less than one month this year. It isn't a good sign. We aren't talking about two free hair cuts by someone who normally charges $400 per hair cut.

The Democrats don't like hearing about it from the Republicans. Well, the Republicans will be embarrassed soon enough again. How many Republican billionaires spend that much on hair cuts for their dogs?

Dog and Cat Food Toxic and Recalled

Now that so much dog and cat pet food has recently been recalled, it is a good time for people to consider that once their current pet dies that they consider not replacing it with a new pet but rather giving the money to obtain arable land to feed hungry and starving people. That's the plan of the Real Liberal Christian Church.

People shouldn't treat animals better than they treat people. They should treat both well.

There is of course a place for working animals treated as well as well-treated pets.

It is obscene, however, what some people spend towards pets in the face of so much human poverty in the world. People treat their dog and cats better than they treat their brothers and sisters.

US Marines Accused of Murdering More Civilians

It has come out that March 4, 2007, in Afghanistan, a US Marine platoon allegedly decided to shoot indiscriminately at civilians after a suicide car bomb struck their convoy. The report doesn't specify the time between the bombing and the shootings. They murdered twelve and injured thirty-five more. One of the dead was a one-year-old baby.

Who Stripped Jim Webb's Iran Clause?

Senator Jim Webb had introduced legislation that George W. Bush may not attack Iran without specific Congressional authorization. Webb's legislation would have made it clear that the authorization to use force against those who committed 9/11 was limited. Who killed that legislation?

AIPAC (The Jewish Lobby) did. Rahm Emanuel did. The Democratic Leadership Council did. The closet neocons in the Democratic Party did.

A Good Education Won't Stop Outsourcing to Overseas

Many people continue to say that getting a good education is the key to success; however, as we've seen, many people with good educations are severely underemployed and subjected to many career changes through a working lifetime.

The trend in the US is to ship jobs overseas to where the wages and salaries may be much lower while the price of the same goods and services often stay the same so that the owners rake in huge profit margins at the expense of everyone else and the environment.

Just getting a good education anymore is not going to be a lock on a so-called good job. Now people must begin to envision a world where they must be concerned about being at the whim of the greediest of capitalists who will only turn to regulation when it suits them. They have very short vision. They do not see the benefit in benefiting others. They are too myopic to see the quality-of-life impact of their blindness.

Tommy Thompson: Earning Money is "Part of the Jewish Tradition"

Republican presidential candidate Tommy Thompson apologized to the Jewish community on Monday after stating that earning money is "part of the Jewish tradition." Thompson made the remark during a speech before the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism. After being made aware that his remarks were problematic, Thompson returned to the podium and said:

I didn't in any means want to infer or imply anything about Jews and finances and things. What I was referring to ladies and gentlemen is the accomplishments of the Jewish religion and the Jewish people. You have been outstanding business people, and I compliment you for that.

Tommy Thompson is the former governor of Wisconsin and served as the secretary of health and human services under President Bush-43.

The fear to offend here is the fear of losing financing. It is the fear of truth.

We don't want to lump all Hebrews together. Many have nothing to do with the historical international bankers and war-profiteers. Also, those of the Hebrews who are of the historical international bankers and war-profiteers don't hold a monopoly on greed or corruption.

New Postal Rates Threaten Future of Small Magazines

The US Postal Service is in the process of implementing new postage rates for magazines in a move that could put many independent and small publications out of business. According to the advocacy group Free Press, the rate change was proposed by Time Warner and was developed with no public involvement or Congressional oversight. Postal rates for smaller periodicals could increase by as much as 30 percent while some of the largest circulation magazines will face hikes of less than 10 percent.

That doesn't sound fair, does it.

Free Press founder Robert McChesney says the new postal rates could make it almost impossible to launch a new magazine, unless it is spawned by a huge conglomerate.

That's the whole point behind the move. The rich get richer and keep anyone from entering.

Free Press is calling for a congressional hearing on the changes. .

Most Online Radio Stations Face Bankruptcy Under New Rules

Online radio stations have been dealt a major setback. Last month, the Copyright Royalty Board decided to implement a new system to determine how royalties will be paid for music played online. Analysts predict the royalty increase will bankrupt 85 percent of online broadcasters. The board's decision was opposed by many small internet broadcasters, as well as National Public Radio and Yahoo. On Monday, the Copyright Royalty Board denied a request to reconsider the royalty hike. The board also declined to postpone the May 15 deadline to collect monthly payments under the new rules.

Up until now small broadcasters have been allowed to pay about 12 percent of their revenues. Now the royalties are to be calculated at a per-song, per-hour rate. To fight the rate increase, a group of webcasters, musicians, and independent record labels have formed the SaveNetRadio Coalition.

Again, the rich get richer and keep anyone from entering or they throw them out if they came in when a territory is young. The Internet as a business model is maturing. The mom and pop businesses will be driven out just as on Main Street, just as with the small family farm.

The greedy have to monopolize and consolidate. They can't stand sharing. They are slave masters at heart: Feudalists.

Thursday, April 19, 2007
Bush/Cheney Protecting Terrorist Posada Carriles

Havana, Apr 16 (Prensa Latina) On Monday personalities of the world demand US President George W. Bush try international terrorist Posada Carriles for the crimes he really committed or agreed [sic] on his extradition to Venezuela.

Intellectuals Condemn US Protection of Posada

The pronouncement was written by the Argentinean Adolfo Perez Esquivel, US citizens Noam Chomsky, Alice Walker, Cindy Sheehan and Danny Glover, Brazilians Oscar Niemeyer and Frei Betto, the Uruguayan Eduardo Galeano and the French-Spanish Manu Chao, among other personalities.

Prensa Latina prints below the whole text of the call of the Network in Defense of Humanity: "Posada Carriles must be tried for his crimes" While in the name of the struggle against terrorism hundreds of thousand of persons have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and others who have been arbitrarily arrested are tortured in Abu Ghraib in Guantanamo, the US government protects the most famous terrorist of the western hemisphere, trying to deceive public opinion with many pseudo-legal manoeuvres and refusing to charge him for his real crimes.

Luis Posada Carriles was accused and had an unfinished trial in Venezuela for a 1976 attack against a civil plane where 73 people died. After he escaped from Venezuelan prisons in 1982 he worked for the CIA service in the well-known Iran-contra operation and the genocidal operation Condor. In 1977 he prepared a series of terrorist attacks on Havana hotels and in 2000 he planned to kill President Fidel Castro in Panama University and so on.

In March 2004 Posada Carriles illegally entered the United States and only after reiterated denunciations of his illegal presence there, the George W. Bush government arrested him and charged him for immigration crimes, without referring to terrorism.

US authorities have shown double standard in their war on terrorism, in which they torture, kidnap and bomb.

The signatories demand the US government fulfill its international obligations, charge Posada Carriles for all his crimes or accept the Venezuela request of extradition.1

The Real Liberal Christian Church (RLCC) realizes how difficult people find it to overcome the urge to punish and coerce. We know that people fear a world without punishment and coercion. We know also though that a world in which no one is punishing but rather warning out of love is a world in which there would be no evil of selfishness. All problems would lift from humanity. The issue here in the quoted article above concerns the inconsistency of the self-authorized power elites.

On one hand, George W. Bush nearly pounds his fist on the speaker's podium about terrorists and taking the war to them. On the other hand, he is allowing a known terrorist to escape the law just because that terrorist is his terrorist (or the capitalist's terrorist). This is what many people in the world find utterly hypocritical. It is.

However, hypocrisy goes much deeper. It is actually hypocritical to want no harm and then to do harm, which includes punishment rather than love.

Punishment is not the solution. Love is the solution.

Neocons Turning Up the Heat on Sudan

The US is saying that the Sudanese have been painting military equipment the color of UN equipment (white) so that they can get close to their enemies before those enemies become frightened enough to run off, etc.

This charge has been being made for some time by peace activists in the area.

The Chinese don't want to take any economic-sanctions actions against Sudan. They want peacekeepers installed. China is a major trading partner with Sudan.

Kyrgyzstan Following Authoritarian Examples

Violent protest erupted in Kyrgyzstan. Police moved in. The violent ruin it for the peaceful.

How can anyone be sure about who is and who isn't an agent provocateur? Infiltrating peaceful groups and then starting trouble to set up a pretext for using violence against the peaceful is one of the dark arts that have been perfected over the centuries. The US is especially adept at this evil art.

US Supreme Court Ruled Upholding Partial-Birth Abortion Ban

We've dealt at some length about the issue of abortion. We won't restate it here. The important issue concerns consistency. If the US Supreme Court holds against such abortions, then does it apply the same logic to all other issues? Do those against this ruling also demonstrate consistency?

The answer is that they don't demonstrate consistency on either side.

The ultimate law is the perfect law. That is the divine. It is the real. The divine is the golden rule, the new commandment, the first and second great commandments in spirit and in letter. Ultimately, it requires one to be the least, the servant of all, as Jesus Christ explained. Then and only then will all be first also. Then and only then will peace reign supreme.

We don't find this one and only real law being applied in the worldly system that falls woefully short.

We need a world where the so-called excuses used in an attempt to justify abortion have been addressed. We must address rape, incest, and the life and health of the mother. We must address the societal issues of poverty and of excess sexual lust. We need to get at the root cause of all evil: Selfishness. If we will go at that head on, we will create a good existence. God will be on our side, because we will be doing what the real God really wants.

Greed Comes Back to Haunt Yahoo in China

Yahoo wanted to do business in China. There were and are millions of dollars to be made competing there. To be allowed to do business there, China made certain demands. One was that Yahoo reveal the identity of people using Yahoo in ways critical of the Chinese government. Yahoo complied for the sake of opening the market. China arrested and tortured those they deemed enemies of the state. Now Yahoo is being sued for its actions.

Was it worth it to Yahoo? It shouldn't be. It shouldn't have been. They should have told China "No." They would have been asked to leave China. Yahoo's competitors also should have said "No."

Only when people put the interests of others first and foremost will everyone be treated correctly.

Declassified Documents Show US Military Committed Atrocities in Korea

Some of the reported mass killings:


A declassified U.S. Navy document confirms that on Sept. 1, 1950, the destroyer USS DeHaven, at the Army's request, opened fire on a refugee encampment on a beach near the southern South Korean port of Pohang. Survivors say 100 to 200 refugees - mostly women and children - were killed.


On Aug. 10, 1950, survivors say, U.S. troops and aircraft fired on villagers who had sought shelter from fighting in a large family shrine in Kokan-ri in southernmost South Korea. They say 83 were killed, including many children. Declassified documents show that commanders of the U.S. 25th Infantry Division, operating in that area, had issued orders two weeks earlier to shoot civilians found in the war zone.


As many as 300 refugees were killed, many suffocated, on Jan. 20, 1951, when U.S. warplanes dropped apparent napalm firebombs at the entrance to a cavern where the South Koreans were sheltering 90 miles southeast of Seoul, survivors say. An observer plane had flown overhead beforehand. Declassified documents show U.S. pilots were sometimes directed to attack large civilian groups on suspicion they harbored infiltrators.


Also in January 1951, south of Seoul, U.S. warplanes killed 300 South Korean refugees as they jammed into a storehouse at the village of Doon-po, survivors say. They say the planes attacked without warning after the refugees set a fire outside to keep warm.


In another napalm attack that month, U.S. warplanes struck Sansong village, 125 miles southeast of Seoul, killing 34 villagers, a declassified U.S. military document said. It quoted U.S. officials saying Sansong villagers had helped North Korean troops, who kept supplies there, but it also reported "no enemy casualties" in the strike. Survivors denied they had aided the enemy and said they had no warning to evacuate.2

US Economic News

The US dollar continues tumbling. Real Estate foreclosures continue rising. The government looks to bailout some of the mortgage bust. The US stock market sets a record. The threats of wars all over the place continue, especially against Iran. How can all of these things be reconciled?

Money is become borderless. The rich are investing wherever. The economy for ultra-rich investors is truly becoming global.

Over one million US households have a net worth (excluding home equity) of more than five million US dollars.

Hedge funds, mutual funds, leveraged buyouts, real estate investments, banking, and company ownership is all happening cross-border now for the billionaires.

This is why jobs are moving from the US to the rest of the world. It has been going on now for decades. It has been planned by the ultra-rich for centuries. It's imperialism that just continues changing its clothes according to the season.

Republican Voter Oppression

...administration's policies were intended to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of poor and minority voters who tend to support Democrats....

On virtually every significant decision affecting election balloting since 2001, the division's Voting Rights Section [of the US Justice Department] has come down on the side of Republicans, notably in Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Washington and other states where recent elections have been decided by narrow margins.3

The Republicans will do everything they can to keep the poor from having a say.

Immigrants Planned Big Rallies in US for May 1st (May Day)

May Day is a socialist Labor Day. The immigrants are protesting economic and political oppression regardless of national borders. They believe that the right to make a living supersedes any nation's immigration law.

We disagree with both sides, but believe that by far the greater sin lies with the power elite, hoarding capitalists who exploit workers around the world and devastate the environment.

Friday, April 20, 2007
US Building Walls in Baghdad

The US military is engaged in building a physical wall/barrier around a Sunni neighborhood in Baghdad. They say that wall will be about three miles long and some twelve feet high. The only way in or out, accept for over or under the wall or breaking holes in it, will be at gated checkpoints manned by the military or police.

That wall is just another symbol of the arrogance of George W. Bush.

Seal Hunters

Why are commercial seal hunters' boats stuck in thick ice off the eastern coast of Canada? Is it just a coincidence that commercial seal hunters club baby seals to death? They don't always do a quick job of it either. Sometimes, they shove a hook into the baby and then just move on to the next baby leaving the one behind alive and severely suffering.

We don't want to see anyone freeze or starve or otherwise suffer stuck in boats in thick ice. At the same time, it's time for these people to find a different livelihood.

Britney Spears

Britney is only twenty-five. However, she's reportedly spending $130,000 on a quick body makeover.

Chile Wasting Money

Chile shouldn't be buying eight F-16 fighter jets. Chile should be spending that money on social services for the poor.

Australia in Climate Denial

Australia is suffering its worst drought on record. Yet, Australia and the US are the only two developed/industrialized countries that refused to sign onto the Kyoto Protocol. Both countries said Kyoto would cost jobs and economic growth. Well, the drought is savaging jobs and cutting growth in Australia. Farmers are giving up and committing suicide in droves.

The so-called conservative government of Australia suddenly seems to be waking up. That's because the whole population of the earth is seeing with its own eyes the problems being caused by the misled leaders who have led the way to selfish pollution and now want to own the weather, as if they could possibly know how to make it balance. The last thing they are is ecologists.

America: The Third World Country

For the 2004 tax-year, it was reported by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that some 60 million Americans lived on an average of less than $7 per day. Some had more, but many had less down to zero. Circumstances haven't improved since 2004. Considering the cost of living in the US, these people are living at or below the level of people in the poorest countries living on less than $2 a day. 25 million Americans depend on emergency-food aid. Why does this condition exist?

The richest people in the US have gotten considerably richer while the rest have stood still or actually slid backwards. Tax cuts for the rich have done it. Rising top-executive salaries have done it. Lowering wages and shipping jobs overseas have done it. Greed has done it. Lust has done it. Evil has done it. Evil people, people with hardened hearts, selfish hearts, have done it.

Bloggers to Have to Register as Lobbyists

There is legislation floating in the US House (Congress) that would require any blogger or newsletter or the like with over 500 readers to register with the federal government as a lobbyist and report regularly to Congress. What kind of nonsense is that?

Blogging and such is free speech. It is freedom of the press. It is a constitutionally protected right that cannot be taken away if someone doesn't register. The right trumps all attempts to suppress it.

Of course we are talking about free political speech here. We aren't saying that freedom of speech means freedom literally to yell "fire" in a crowded theater when there is no fire.

Now, the argument in favor of this legislation is that registration requires disclosure of the source of funds to operate the publication.

Well, is this legislation going to be consistent so that all funding for everything is disclosed?

The assumption here is that conservative Republicans hide who is behind many publications. Well, that's true. They do. In ferreting out who is behind publications that attempt politically to sway the public, what about the privacy of the pamphleteers? Many people have written anonymously to avoid persecution and silencing, so that the truth could be published and not die.

The legislation also seems to be aimed at publications that encourage people to contact legislators (to lobby them); hence the lobbying nature of the bill that is being developed behind closed doors.

So, as soon as you have 500 readers and you say contact your federal senators and congress members, you've crossed the line becoming an official lobbyist required to register and to report your source or sources of funds. However, those private citizens you've encouraged to lobby Congress are doing so unprofessionally. They are doing so as direct voters and constituents, not as people paid to in turn buy off elected officials.

This legislation is largely thanks to the likes of Jack Abramoff and Karl Rove. What they did in elbowing out the Democratic lobbyists has caused those Democrats to now be working on ways to never let that kind use their corporate networks to trick people into going along with legislation damaging to the grassroots.

Is this pro or anti grassroots?

We subscribe to speaking out publicly without hiding our identity. It's what Jesus did.

Virginia Tech Gunman Managed to Buy Guns Despite Mental Illness

The Associated Press is reporting the gunman, Cho Seung-Hui, should not have been able to purchase the guns he used in the massacre. Federal regulations bar the sale of guns to individuals who have been "adjudicated mentally defective." In 2005, a judge ruled Cho "presents an imminent danger to himself as a result of mental illness." The ruling came after two female students accused Cho of stalking them. It appears the judge's ruling was never conveyed to federal authorities. This allowed Cho to pass the instant background check needed to buy the weapons. Virginia State Police maintains the sale was legal under state law.

Terrorist Luis Posada Carriles Released From US Jail

Luis Posada Carriles has been released from jail. Posada is the anti-Castro Cuban terrorist in the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner murdering 73. He is a former CIA operative who has worked for years to bring down the Cuban government. He has been detained in the US on immigration charges. He snuck into the US in 2005. Posada will go on trial in May on immigration fraud charges.

On Thursday, Venezuela accused Washington of being an "accomplice" of terrorism by allowing Posada to be released from jail and for refusing to extradite him to Venezuela or Cuba.

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez had this to say.

Of course all of Venezuela will raise its indignant voice over the protection that the imperialist government of the United States continues to give to the father of all the terrorists of all time on the American continent; the murderer Luis Posada Carriles. We demand that they extradite to Venezuela this terrorist and murderer, instead of continuing to protect him as they are protecting him. And now they are practically in the process of liberating him.

US OK's New Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia

On Thursday, while president Bush said he was worried a nuclear arms race could begin in the Middle East, defense secretary Robert Gates was in Saudi Arabia. He announced that Washington has decided to sell satellite-guided bombs to the Saudis despite opposition from Israel.

Selling weapons is a major profit center for the US. The Israelis do it too. They even sell to the enemies of the US.

Saturday, April 21, 2007
Cloned-Food Labeling Bill

90 percent of cloned animals die sooner than non-cloned animals. There is something wrong with them that they die early. It's a sign. Yet, the FDA and various mainstream food-industry people want to okay cloned-animal products in food sold in regular grocery stores in the US, and they don't want to have to disclose cloned ingredients on food labels.

Well, there is federal and state legislation being putting forth that will require it.

Consider the sheer greed that motivates industries to rush things into the human food supply. It is a shame that people are so hardhearted and lacking in the ability to anticipate the suffering they will cause to all, including to themselves and their own immediate family members if they live long enough.

It is too bad that so-called conservatives only get it when it happens to them or to those closest to them that they care about the most.

What the real Christian message is, is to anticipate constantly with every emotion. This is the only way that people will be reconditioned to doing righteousness.

Dumping clone-animal products into the food supply is a totally unrighteous act. Those who are advocating it are advocating unrighteousness. They are advocating evil.

Oh, there's a place where controlling the very matter of existence can be done, but human beings are rushing to assume godlike abilities while human beings are still very much demonic, in the dark, short sighted, and all the rest of the bad.

Some people think that it is geniuses who are working on cloning. Well, they are geniuses only if the context doesn't include moral intelligence. What do they know if they don't control themselves?

This is not to say that there aren't "scientists" who don't advocate for caution and who are not in it for the "good" they imagine they can help bring to ease the suffering of this world. It is to say that there are many who don't care about caution and who aren't in it for goodness' sake. Those later ones are the tools of the unbridled capitalists who are definitely destroying and devouring the earth, which of course is the definition of Satan.

Capture CO2 from the General Air

...in order to capture all of humanity's emissions, an area the size of Arizona would have to be planted with some 250,000 of his proposed devices. Each would capture 90,000 tons of CO2 yearly.4

That's what an article from The Christian Science Monitor says about devices being developed by Global Research Technologies. Global Research Technologies has made a smaller working version of the ones used to calculate scrubbing the world's atmosphere of all CO2 emitted since the beginning of the industrial revolution. They further calculate that it would cost about 25 cents per gallon of gas in the US to pay for it all.

Where's the bill in Congress to build the fields of these scrubbers or to scatter 250,000 about the earth or whatever would be best? That would get the debate going. That would get the ball rolling.

Each is apparently 300 feet tall. That's a major piece of equipment. The captured carbon also needs to be stored after sequestering. The proposal is to put it under ground chemically converting it. Well, that's where it came from (coal and crude oil).

The problem with so many things is the lack of decisiveness.

The first company that should be funding Global Research Technologies type research and development is ExxonMobil. ExxonMobil should contract for these devices as a pilot to demonstrate their effectiveness and cost.

Naturally, while something such as this project is going forth, many other things could and should be done that would probably reduce the number and size of the devices ultimately needed to deal with the issue.

The point though is that there are things that can be done and done immediately. The only thing holding things back is selfishness (greed and hoarding) by the ultra-rich. They are just shooting themselves in the foot though, since global warming is going to ruin their lives as well.


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