US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has announced he will not re-nominate General Peter Pace to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. When Peter Pace steps down at the end of September, he will become the shortest-serving Chairman since General Maxwell Taylor in 1964 during the early years of the Vietnam War. Gates predicted a re-confirmation hearing for Pace before Congress would have been contentious.

Robert Gates said, "I am no stranger to contentious confirmations, and I do not shrink from them. However, I have decided that at this moment in our history, our men and women in uniform and General Pace himself would not be well served by a divisive ordeal in selecting the next Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff."

Robert Gates has nominated Navy Admiral Michael Mullen to be the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Mullen has predicted the war on terror will go on for a generation. He said earlier this year, "The enemy now is basically evil and fundamentally hates everything we are - the democratic principles for which we stand.... This war is going to go on for a long time. It's a generational war." Mullen's nomination comes as the Washington Post reports the US military is envisioning keeping a force of over 40,000 troops in Iraq for years, if not decades, to come. In recent weeks, Bush administration officials have said the US might maintain a military presence in Iraq as it has in South Korea, where it has kept troops since the end of the Korean War 54 years ago.

Obviously, the fact that Pace didn't fall into line when it came time to say that the top clerics in Iran ordered Iran to supply weapons and technology, etc., to Iraqis, including Sunnis, caused the neocons and Jewish Lobby to turn up the heat to get him out. In addition, as we have seen, there is a concerted effort afoot to end don't-ask-don't-tell and to openly recruit and promote homosexuals in the US military. Pace is opposed to that, so the homosexuals, and especially neocon homosexuals, pushed hard to get him out.

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