The former Army General who led the Pentagon's first investigation into the abuses at Abu Ghraib has revealed that he was forced to retire, because his report was too critical of the US military. In his first interview since then, Major General Antonio Taguba told investigative journalist Seymour Hersh that former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld misled Congress about the Abu Ghraib investigation, minimizing how much he knew about the abuse and torture. Taguba also said the military has unpublished photographs and videos that show the abuse and torture was even worse than previously disclosed. Taguba said he saw a video of a male American soldier in uniform sodomizing a female detainee. Taguba said he was blocked from investigating who ordered the torture at Abu Ghraib. He said, "These M.P. troops were not that creative. Somebody was giving them guidance, but I was legally prevented from further investigation into higher authority. I was limited to a box."

So, Taguba was forced to retire, because he was too honest for the neocons running the Empire. Now, Taguba is saying that Rumsfeld misled Congress. What are they going to do? The whole world knows that the neocons sent out the signal to torture. It's unmistakable. Blocking Taguba from further investigating was mundanely illegal wasn't it? No one can hide illegalities behind the claim of national security or state secrets or methods and sources, etc., can they? If they can, they can cover up anything.

While they're looking into this, they could also look into what happened to the 3-plus trillion US dollars missing from the Pentagon budget on the neocons' watch.

Right now, the neocons use the darkest methods while telling the people that they (the neocons) are protecting them and protecting the higher standards in this world. Meanwhile, the power elite enjoy their private, special privileges and advantages at the direct expense of the poor and workers of the world.

It is all fake. The system is a phony. The bankers, international financiers, corporatists, and capitalist-globalists control the mainstream (for-cost) flow of information. They want to shut down the freer flow of information on the Internet. They already have capitalists as gatekeepers on the search engines and directories. Even the so-called open directories and wikis are financially backed by big, capitalist money that will pull the plug if those directories and wikis don't filter, control, and couch anti-imperialist information. They let through just enough to appease while maintaining control.

Does this sit well with you? Are you glad to be able to wink and nod that you know the perception management is being handled by the likes of Donald Rumsfeld? Are you a willing dupe? Are you just interested in staying on the so-called right side of the powers that be? If so, you're living selfishly and just for now, which according to Jesus is spiritually dead already. Can you wake up from out of the trance you're in? Can you shake off the spell you're under? Can you overcome? Will you turn, repent, and atone rather than continue heading down the wide path to hell? Will you help bring forth the kingdom of heaven on earth or will you remain selfish?

We aren't about punishing Donald Rumsfeld or any of the others. What we are about is getting the word out so that people will change their hearts and minds.

What happened at Abu Ghraib should tell everyone what the root of the US Military and Empire is. It's evil. The more militaristic and imperialistic, the greater the evil. The more peaceful and giving and sharing, the greater the righteousness.

The Holy Spirit outed what happened at Abu Ghraib. It did that so that Americans and the world would have a stark and unmistakable choice to make. Those who side with torture, how will they escape damnation? Those who abhor torture and do not partake and speak out against it in consistency, how will they not end up in heaven?

Tom Usher

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