A federal appeals court in New York will hear oral arguments today in a lawsuit filed by Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange. The lawsuit accuses over 35 chemical companies, including Monsanto and Dow Chemical, of knowingly providing the US government with a poisonous agent that was then sprayed indiscriminately on millions of civilians during the Vietnam War. The Vietnamese Red Cross estimates 150,000 children have been born with birth defects since 1975 because of Agent Orange. US veterans, including David Cline of Veterans for Peace, have backed the lawsuit.

David Cline said, "If you want to end a war, you have to help the victims. And the veterans seek justice. And the Vietnamese people are standing up for their rights. And as American veterans, we are supporting and want to see that all victims are given some amount of justice."

Vietnam's President Nguyen Minh Triet is expected to raise the issue with Bush on Friday when Triet becomes the first Vietnamese head of state to visit Washington since the end of the Vietnam War.

They shouldn't have to sue to get the help they need from the US government: The American people.

The Vietnam War was a fake and a phony. The large-c, totalitarian, Communist dominos didn't fall with the American pullout from Vietnam. All the deaths were in vain. The capitalists sent millions to their deaths for the selfish sake of gaining even larger, personal, private estates.

In addition, the killing fields in Cambodia wouldn't have happened if the US had aided Ho Chi Minh, a US ally in WWII, rather than fighting against his egalitarianism. Ho Chi Minh was not a Stalinist-type, and the US government knew it. Rather than help the poor of Vietnam, the US attempted to prop up a puppet dictator, as usual. The whole region was thrown into greater chaos by the US.

When John Kennedy started the process of getting out, they assassinated him for the sake of their war profits, for the sake of the military-industrial complex and Empire.

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