In Iraq, at least seventeen people were killed and more than sixty wounded in a suicide truck-bombing in the northern town of Sulaiman Bek. The town mayor was among the dead. Meanwhile, the Pentagon has announced the death of fourteen US troops. Most were killed in roadside bombings around Baghdad. The Pentagon continues to accuse Iran of supplying the bombs.

Major General Rick Lynch said, "There has not been a change. It is still a relatively steady state. That flow from Iran into Iraq is still happening, and now we have insurgents on the ground. That gives us latitude to connect operations that we could not connect before, because we did not have the forces available."

Part of the process of the Big Lie, as most people know, is to repeat the lie over and over and over.

The US has no proof that Iran is supplying bombs to those in Iraq. The neocons are manufacturing a pretext for attacking Iran. We know that the Empire has done false-flag operations in Iraq. The British were caught red handed and were broken out of an Iraqi jail by the Empire.

It is common knowledge, or ought to be, that the US engages in all sorts of clandestine operations around the world designed to further the Empire by any means. Ethics and morality and Christianity don't factor into the emotions of those ordering these operations. Money factors in. With money, they buy power and control for ego sake.

It's the satanic spirit manifest.

Tom Usher

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