In the city of Mosul, an Iraqi journalist was killed on Sunday as the country marked Iraqi Journalists Day, a day set aside to acknowledge the media workers killed during the war. Zeena Shakir Mahmoud was shot to death on her way home from work. She was a Sunni Arab but wrote about women's affairs for a Kurdish newspaper. Earlier today another Iraqi journalist, Rahim al Maliki, died in a suicide bombing that killed 12 people. Al Maliki was an anchor on Iraqiya state television. According to Reporters Without Borders, 184 journalists and media assistants have been killed since the US invasion.

Who's behind this War on Journalists? Shutting up, intimidating, murdering journalist could serve the evil purposes of many sides in this Iraq War.

There has also been a war on so-called intellectuals. That too could serve the evil purposes of many sides in this Iraq War.

Tom Usher

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