The US Supreme Court ruled that the federal government may avoid its responsibility to protect species under the Endangered Species Act by handing off authority to the states.

This is just anti-environmentalism. The law requires the federal government to protect species. Handing off authority isn't mundanely legal. The judges are just bought off by the oligarchs who want their reward here and now and don't give a tinker's damn about posterity or their brothers and sisters really.

This is the exact opposite of the golden rule.

Some will ask what do species have to do with human brothers and sisters. Well, they took canaries down into the mines to warn of deadly gas build-up, didn't they. If the other species keep disappearing, how long do you figure humanity has? They don't call it the "web of life" for nothing. The ecological system is a balancing act. Humanity so far requires life in general to survive. Humans aren't so far advanced that they can live without a natural ecosystem.

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