At least one-hundred fifty people have been left homeless after Israeli forces destroyed at least twenty homes belonging to Bedouin-Arab villagers this week. The residents had been living in the desert Bedouin villages of Atir and Um Heiran for more than fifty years. Israeli officials say they've been trespassing on state property that will be turned into towns for Israeli citizens.

They've been living there for fifty years, and along come some Jews who say, "Get out. We're going to live here, and you can't. Leave, or we'll beat you or even kill you." Now that's fascism. It is no better than Hitler's push for living space (Lebensraum) for Germans. What happens to these Jews? Nothing. Why? Well, because of what Hitler did, probably before most of them were even born. Why else doesn't anything happen to these Jews? Well, the Jews in general have focused upon being rich in mammon and in gaining political power in the Empire. So, the Empire has been guarantying that no one else may stand up to the little-bully nation springing up in the Middle East. Anyone standing up to the Jews in the Middle East will be beaten and even killed by the Empire, the superpower.

This is all going to backfire on the false Zionists, who don't even know the meaning of the word "Zion." It's going to backfire on the Empire too.

The Empire has been going about stirring up trouble to weaken others and to divide them. This will backfire. The nations of the world are going to become more and more upset at the Empire that includes the false Zionists, the neocons. Wrath will come as a result. Many will die, and the Empire, the biblical Beast, the selfish mammon lovers, will be greatly stressed, weakened, fall, and be crushed into dust.

Tom Usher

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