The Bush administration has rejected lawmakers demands to hand over documents related to the firing of nine US attorneys. On Thursday, White House counsel Fred Fielding told Congress, the President would invoke executive privilege to deny access to documents from former presidential counsel Harriet Miers and former political director Sara Taylor. Fielding also said neither Miers nor Taylor would testify at hearings next month, as called for under their subpoenas. The rebuke could set off a new Congressional showdown, including efforts to cite the White House for contempt. Senate Judiciary Chair Patrick Leahy said the White House is practicing "Nixonian stonewalling."

Comment June 29: There is something called executive privilege. It is real, in the mundane sense. However, the Congress has the mundane duty to oversee the executive to make sure it, the executive, is faithfully executing the laws {passed by the legislature and not vetoed or pocket vetoed by the executive and as interpreted by the US Supreme Court, if one subscribes to the concept of judicial review under Marbury v. Madison (1803)}.

(The recent presidential signing statements actually test judicial review as a legitimate aspect of the checks and balances theory of governing.)

Some of the questions are, may the executive rightfully invoke executive privilege to hide illegality on the part of the executive and if not, who will hold the executive to account and how, since the executive is the law-enforcement branch.

You see here how the US Constitution is a document of faith in the impossible. It is sustained solely by coercion while also being based solely on agreement or taken on faith. These concepts are in opposition to each other; hence, the US Constitution is inherently hypocritical and abysmally inferior to the real law that is the New Commandment.

This is why the real Church is the real state. There is no such inherent hypocrisy built into it. This is why real-Church members cannot operate within the worldly, false-hearted system but rather ought to only work to divert the flow of mundane wealth to remaking the world into the real Christian commons.

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