Three members of Iraq Veterans Against the War were arrested Saturday after they tried to meet with active-duty soldiers at the base at Ft. Benning, Georgia.

According to the group, Liam Madden and Nathan Lewis were arrested after being told they could not wear political t-shirts. The two were wearing shirts reading "Iraq Veterans Against the War." Fellow veteran Adam Kokesh was then arrested despite changing into a plain shirt. The veterans have been ordered to appear in court later this month to face trespassing charges. The arrests came just days after the three were detained in a similar incident at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

Comment July 3rd: Were they trespassing in the legal sense? Did they sneak onto the base? What is a "political t-shirt?" All articles of clothing make a political statement. They all make a statement about order and governing. Where is the line intended by the US military? Is the military able to state it unambiguously? They don't know and can't say. Their superiors (finally the top oligarch) just want subservient, compliant, robotic, highly trained, indefatigable killers on the cheap.

Tom Usher

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